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Leyden, Dr John, memoirs of, Is, xli. Opera-house, robberies at, II, 103

Verses to the memory of, xci
Liniers, General, history of, 1, 997. 'Death,

Literary fund, anniversary of, II, 90 Pårliament, session of, opened by commis.
Liverpool, Lord, speech on the conduct of sion, 12th February, 1, 40

the magistrates of Nevis in witnessing Patents, list of, II, 354
Huggins's cruelty, I, 197

Pedestrian feat, II, 56
Lyall's, trial of, II, 4

Pedrazuela, an'actor of Madrid, singular

'account of his atrocities, 1, 361. Hang-

ed by order of General Castanos, ib.

Perceval, Mr, how esteemed when he
M'Arra, James, tried for the murder of came into power, I, 31. Speech on the
his brother, II, 22

réappointment of the Duke of York, 66.
Maplestrom, account of its increase, II, 79 Letter to the Regent, II, 253 .
Martinique, disturbances there, I, 193 Phenomenon, extraordinary, at Plymouth,
Marmont disperses his army after having II, 113

raised the siege of Badajoz, I, 285 Pickpockets, account of, II, 217
Marriages, &c. II, xciv

Plymouth, court martial there, on the mu-
Massena, his retreat from Portugal, I, 254. tineers of the Diana and Growler, UI,

Recommences offensive operations a. 212. Their execution, 216
gainst the allies, 278

Pole's, Mr W., circular letter, debates on,
M-Cues tried for murder, II, 69

M'Carthy, Felix, Esq., death of, II, 98 Pomone frigate, loss of, II, 179
Melville, Lord, death of, II, 114

Portugal, situation of, 1, 244
Mermaid, account of one, II, 189

Portugueze, money voted in parliament for
Militias, interchange of, debates on, I, 64 their relief, 1, 268
Milton, Lord, speech against the re-ap- Premiums given by the Board of Trustees

pointment of the Duke of York, 1, 65 for Scottish manufactures, II, 56
Mina, Espoz y, the Guerilla chief, transac- Privy council office broken open, II, 178

tions, I, 345. His danger and escape, 353 Prince of Wales packet, loss of, II, 191
Minotaur, loss of, II, 1. Particulars re- Principal appointments and promotions,
specting, 67

II, xcix
* Mock parson, account of, II, 145 167 Protests on the act to provide for the ad-
Murder, an atrocious, II, 199. Horrid ministration of the royal authority, II,

murder of the Marr family, 206, &c. 249
Of the Williamsops, 219, &c. Account Projects and useful inventions, II, 856
of one in France, II, 17

Public Accounts of Great Britain, &c., I,
Myers, Sir William, gallant death of, at Al 496, &c.
buhera, I, 282

Pulteney, Sir James, accident to, II, 81.

Death of, 87

Puppet Show, a poem, II, Ixxxvi

Purcell, Mr, gallant conduct of, in resist-
Navy, British, state of, II, 80

ing robbers, II, 57, 156
Nelson, Lord, account of the statue erect-

ed in Guildhall to his memory, II, 88
New publications, II, ciji
Nottingham, disturbances at, II, 49. Digo Queensberry, Duke of, particulars of his
contents there, II, 195

will, II, 19. Action of legatees against
his executors, 133


Oakey, Tryce, reprieved at the gallows, II,

O'Connor, Roger, trial of, for assaulting

Henry Ogle, II, 52

Radical reforiners, meeting of at Free-

mascn's Tavern, I, 169 .
Regimental schools, bill respecting, II, 194

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Regency, proceedings in the House of The atrocious conduct of Suchet's army

Commons concerning, I, 1. In the there, 306
Lords' House, 13

Tarifa, account of, I, 338. Siege of, 339, Regency bill, debates on, I, 2, &c.

Gallant defence of, 340 Regent, installation of, I, 27. Qualifica. Tarleton, General, defends Sir John Moore, tion of, II, 26. Speech of, 294

and ascribes his misfortunes to ministry, Reille, a French general, his base conduct I, 51. Accuses Lord Wellington of I, 355

sundry errors, 52 Robbery, extraordinary one, II, 180 Thames, covered with floating masses of Roberts, tried for escaping from the House ice, JI, 6 . of Correction, II, 164

Trinidad, motion to introduce the British Rogers, Mr, death of by a bull, II, 59 laws there, I, 200 Rome, King of, (son to Buonaparte) born, Turkish Ambassador, funeral of, II, 67

1, 214. Proceedings thereon, 215 Tyrannicide, discussions on, in the House Romilly's, Sir S., projected alterations on of Commons, I, 225

the criminal law, I, 151 Rose, Mr, speech on the state of the navy, 1, 74 S.

Valencia, taken by the French, I, 326

Venus, Hottentot, baptized, II, 217 Saldanha frigate, particulars of the loss of, Volcano in the sea, account of, II, 59 II, 206

Volunteering from the militia, II, 92
Satellite, loss of, II, 1

Useful Inventions, II, 356
Scotticisms, list of, II, Ixix
Sicily, state of, I, 422. Intrigues of the

court, 424. Character of the king and
queen, 425. Discontent of the people, Walsh, Mr, guilty of breach of trust, II,
ib. A conspiracy discovered, 436. 212. His examination, 214

Change in the government effected, 437 Wardle, Colonel, advocates the cause of Somerville, Lord, account of his show of a militia corporal in the House of Comcattle at Smithfield, II, 50

mons, I, 59 Sonnet to the River E ***, II, Ixxxviii Wellington, Lord, able conduct in pursuit to * * *

II, Ixix of the French in their retreat through to the same,

Portugal, I, 258. His representation of on the Departure of Autumn, xc the conduct of the Portugueze, I, 267, Soult, Marshal, account of his military Blockades Ciudad Rodrigo, 329. Ga. character, I, 387

zette account of his movements at Villa Spain, affairs of, 1, 360, &c.

Seca, and Louzao, 454. Victory of Spanish America, state of, 1, 367. Errors Fuentes de Honor, 464

of the mother-country in regard to their Wellesley, Hon. Henry, note to Don Eusettlements there, 373, &c.

sebio Azara, II, 342. His reply, 343 State Papers, British, II, 237, &c. French, Whitbread, Mr, speech on the Regency &c. 315, &c.

bill, I. I Stocks, prices of, for each month, I, 494 Windham, review of his life and genius, Strangford, Lord, letter to the junta at II, i

Buenos Ayres, II, 324. Their reply, Wylde, Mr, murdered by a highwayman, 326

II. 176 Suchet, General, besieges Tarragona, I,

303. Detestable conduct there, 306.

Defeats Blake at Murviedro, 323 Swindlers, gang of, described, II, 198 York, Duke of, reappointed commander

in chief, I, 65. Debates on his reappointment, 67, &c.

Tarragona, taken by the French, I, 305.


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