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Nations and Colonies; with an Account of their Banks and Paper Currencies. By P.
Kelly, LL. D. 2 vol. 4to. 41 45

Reflections on the Nature and Extent of the Licence Trade. 28 6d
Commerce as it Was, Is, and Might Be, 3s

An Enquiry into the State of our Commercial Relations with the Northern Powers, Ss 6d

Remarks on the Danger attendant on Convoys; with a Proposition for the better protection of Commerce from Sea-risk and Capture. By Richard Hall Gower. 1s

DRAMA. Hamlet Travestie, in three Acts, with Annotations by Dr Johnson and George Stee. vens Esq. and other Commentators. 58

The Dramatic Works of George Lillo, with Memoirs of the Author. By Thomas Davies, vol. royal 18mo. 128

The Dramatic Works of John Ford, (now collected and published together for the first time), with an Introduction and explanatory Notes. By Henry Weber, Esq. 2 vol. 8vo. 11 10s; large paper, 21 2s

Mary's Bower, or the Castle on the Glen; a pastoral Drama of five Acts; founded on a real Event in Scotland about the end of the 15th Century. Royal 8vo. 55. · Lost and Found ; a Comedy. By R. Master, Esq. 2s 6d

The Doubtful Son. By W. Dimond, Esq. 2s 6d

The Dramatic Censor ; or, Critical and Biographical Illustrations of the Stage, &c. By J. M, Williams, LL. D. No. 1 to 4. 28

The Bee Hive; a musical Farce. 28

The Adventures of Ulysses, or the Return to Ithaca ; a classical Drama from Homer. By Mr James Mendham, junior. 2s 6d.

Blue Beard, or Female Curiosity; a dramatic Romance. By George Colman, Esq. Is 6d

Ourselves, a Comedy. By Miss Chamber. 2s 6d
The Knight of Snowdoun, a musical Drama. By Thomas Morton, Esq. 2s 6d
The Gazette Extraordinary; a Comedy, in Five Acts. By Mr Holman. 2s 6d

The Dramatic Works of Ben Jonsou and Beaumont and Fletcher; the first printed from the Text, and with the Notes of Peter Whalley; the latter from the text, and with the notes of George Colman, Esq. 4 vol. royal 8vo, 5l; or 4to, 71

The Trial by Jury; a Farce, in Two Acts. By Theodore Edward Hook, Esq. 28

Three plays with a Preface, including Dramatic Observations of the late LieutenantGeneral Burgoyne. By W. Hayley, Esq. 8vo. 9s

Any Thing New; a Musical Farce, in Two Acts. By J. Pocock, Esq. 25
The Boarding-House ; or, Five Hours at Brighton. By S. Beasley, junior, Esq. 2s

One o'Clock; or, the Knight and the Wood Demon; a grand Musical Romance, in Three Acts. By M. G. Lewis. 23 6d

Darkness Visible. By Theodore Hook. 2s


Moral Truths, and Studies in Natural History. By Mr Cockle. 78
The History and Adventures of Little Henry, exemplified in a Series of Figures. Es

A Defence of Mr Joseph Luncaster and the Royal British System of Education; or, half an hour's Conversation between Lady Lætitia Liberal and her old Waiting. woman Mrs Prudence Paradise, on the Subject of “ A Dialogue between a Master and an Apprentice, occasioned by Lectures on Education delivered by Mr Lancaster in Bath, in the Month of February 1810:” to which is prefixed, Mr Whitchurch's Poetical Epistle to Mr Joseph Lancaster. 18

A New Introduction to Reading, adapted to Children from Six to Twelve years of Age. By die Rev. G. Davies, A. M. 25

A Treatise on Mechanics, principally designed for the Use of Schools and public Seminaries, illustrated by a great number of Examples. By W. Marrat. 8vo. 16s

A Practical Treatise on the Use of the Globes, illustrated with an extensive and select Variety of Questions for the Use of Schools. By W. Thackwray. Ss

Pocock's patent Geographical Slates, to save Time and Labour in communicating to the Geographical Student a knowledge of Maps; and to remove those Difficulties which attend the usual Process of drawing projectile Lines. 5s 6d

The Female Speaker ; or, Miscellaneous Pieces in Prose and Verse, selected from the best Writers, and adapted to the use of young Women. By Anna Lætitia Bar. bauld. 12mo. 58

Les Soirées d'Hiver. Par J. B. Depping. 3 vol. 12mo. 125

Literary Information, consisting of instructive Anecdotes, Explanations, and Deriva tions. By Isabella Kelly. 12mo. 48

The Universal Preceptor ; or, Grammar of Arts, Sciences, and general Knowledge, practically adapted to the Use of all Schools and Students, and serving as a universal Text-book. By the Rev. D. Blair, Author of the Class-book, &c. &c. 48 bound

Exercises in the Spanish Language, adapted to the Commercial and Military Spanish Grammar. By J. E. Mordente. 58

On National Education. By George Ensor, Esq. 8vo. 98

The Rudiments of English Grammar elucidated, or a Guide to Parsing; in which the Principles of Grammar are unfolded to the Understanding, and the Exercise of Parsing is rendered Methodical and Easy. By B. H. Smart, Private Teacher. 12mo Ss 6d bds.

The Universal Preceptor, or Grammar of Arts, Sciences, and general Knowledge, with Engravings. By the Rev. David Blair, Author of the Class book, &c. 4s 6d

Six hundred Queries to the above. 1s

The Tutor's Key; being Answers to the Queries to the above, and to the Questions in Goldsmith's Grammar of Geography, and the Grammar of Chemistry. 38

Models of Juvenile Letters, on familiar and every-day Subjects, in English, French, and Italian, with numerous Topics for Exercise. By the Rev. D. Blair. 3s 6d

Eastern Tales, or Moral Allegories, illustrative of the Manners and Customs of Oriental Nations, and designed for the Instruction and Amusement of Youth, 12mo. 5s

A Grammar of the Arabic Language, in which the Rules are illustrated by Authorities from the best Writers; principally adapted for the Service of the Hon. East India Company. By John Richardson, Esq. F. S. A. 4to. 189 - The New Pocket Encyclopædia, or Elements of useful Knowledge, methodically ar. ranged; designed for the higher Classes in Schools, and for young Persons in general. By J. Millard. 12mo. 88

Dix's Juvenile Atlas, containing Forty-four Maps, with plain Directions for copying them ; designed for Junior Classes. 4to. 10s 6d; or full coloured, 145

The young Scholar's New Guide to Arithmetic. By J. Burnes. 12mo. 2s.

Exercises on the different Parts of Speech of the Spanish Language; in Three Parts. By T. G. Ferand. 5s 6d

Cosha; or, Dictionary of the Sanscrit Language. By Amera Senha. By H. T. Colebrooke Esq. 4to. 51 5s

A Treatise concerning the Permutations of Letters in the Arabic Language. Translated from the Persian, by R. Tytler. M. D. 163

The Tutor's Key to the 3000 Questions contained in the Universal Preceptor, the Grammars of Geography and Chemistry, Brown's Questions on the New Testament, and Adair's Questions on Goldsmith's History of England. 3s 6d

Barrow's 500 Questions on the New Testament, for the Use of all Schools in which the Christian Religion is taught. 1s

Adair's 500 Questions on Goldsmith's History of England, for the Use of Schools. Is

A new Elementary Grammar of the English Language. By J. Fenwick, 12mo. 43 6d

An Analysis of a new System of General Education, in which the Lancastrian Principles are discussed and enlarged, in a Project for the Erection of a grand Public Academy at Glasgow. 8vo. 10s 6d half-bound

A Guide to Trade ; or, a new Exercise Book, for the Use of Schools. By J. Mercator. 12mo. 2s

The Universal Piece Writer; the Reader and Reciter. A Collection of detached Moral Sentences, in Prose and Verse, designed for weekly or occasional Specimens of Penmanship, in the four hands usually practised in Schools. By J. Blake. 8vo. 78

A Grammar of the Persian Language, comprising a Portion of the Elements of Ara. bic Inflexion, together with some Observations on the Structure of both; considered with reference to the Principles of general Grammar. By M. Lumsden, L. L. D. % vol. foolscap folio. 4l 4s sewed


A Topographical Dictionary of the Dominion of Wales. By N. Carlisle. 4to 31 3s

The Beauties of England and Wales; or, Original Delineations, topographical, his. torical, and descriptive, of each County. In 11 vol. demy 8vo. 121; royal, 191 4s

Sketches, civil and military, of the Island of Java and its intermediate Dependencies, including particular and interesting Details of Batavia ; taken from Voyages between 1768 and 1810. By a Dutch Admiral and French General. Svo


An historical Account of the antient Culdees of Iona, and their Settlements in Scotland, England, and Ireland. By John Jamieson, D. D. F. R. S. & F. A. S. E. 4to. 11 ils 7d

The Chronicles of Enguerrond de Monstrelet. Translated by Thomas Johnes, Esq. 12 vol. 8vo, with a 4to. vol. of Plates. 71 48 bds.

The Chronicle of the Kings of Britain, translated from the Welsh Copy attributed to Tysillo. By Peter Roberts, M. A. 4to. 21 2s Large paper, 31 38

The New Chronicles of England and France. By Robert Fabyan. Named by himself the Concordance of Histories. Reprinted from Pynson's Edition of 1516 and 1559; the First Part collected with the edition of 1533 and 1559, and the Second with a Manuscript of the Author's own time, as well as the subsequent Editions, including the different Continuations, with a biographicaland literary Preface by Henry Ellis. 4to. 31 3s

History of the Reformation in Scotland; with an introductory Book, and an Appendix. By George Cook, D. D. Minister of Lawrence-kirk. S vol. 8vo. 11 11s 6d

The Chronicle of the Kings of Britain. Translated from the Welch Copy attributed to Tysilto, and illustrated with copious Notes, and original Dissertations on various Subjects. By Peter Roberts, A. M. 4to. 21 2s; large paper, 31 3s

The new Chronology, or Historian's Pocket Companion, from the earliest Period to the present Time. Compiled by Thomas Tegg. 5s 6d

The Asiatic Annual Register; or, a View of the History of Hindoostan, and of the Politics, Commerce, and Literature of Asia, for the year 1808. Vol. X. 11 1s

Sketch of the political History of India, from the Introduction of Mr Pitt's Bill in 1784, to the present Day. By John Malcolm, Lieutenant-Colonel in the East India Company's Madras Army, Resident at Mysore, and late Envoy to the Court of Persia. Royal 8vo. 188

The History of Cambria. By Humfrey Lloyd, Gent. Corrected, augmented, and continued, by David Powell. Royal 4to

The Annual Register, vol. II. for 1809. Svo. 168

History of Scotland, during the Reign of Robert I., surnamed the Bruce. By Robert Kerr, F. R. S. 2 vol. 8vo. il. 6s

Introduction to the History of the Revolutions in Spain, By Alvaro Florez Estrada,

attorney-General of the Province of Asturias. Translated from the Author's Manuscripts, by William Burdon. 53

Hunter's History of London and its Environs. Parts 8, 9, 10. 10s 6d each to Subscribers ; 218 to Nonsubscribers.

A Chronological Abridgement of the History of Great Britian. By Ant. Fr. Bertrand de Moleville, late Minister in France under the Reign of Louis XVI. Vol. I. and II. 11 48 · The Second Part of the History of Ancient Wiltshire, comprehending the Stations of Wily and Amesbury. By Sir Richard Colt Hoare, Bart. 41 4s small, and 6l 65 Jarge paper.

A History of the Roman Government, till the Usurpation of Augustus Cæsar. By Alexander Brodie. 128

A Vindication of Mr Fox’s History of the early Part of the Reign of James the Socond. By S. Heywood. 4to. 368

A Christian's Survey of all the primary Events and Periods of the World, from the commencement of History to the conclusion of Prophecy. Foolscap 8vo. 7s 6d

The New Annual Register for 1810. 8vo. Il

The Asiatic Annual Register, or a View of the History of Hindoostan, and of the Politics, Commerce, and Literature, of Asia. Vol. XI. For the year 1800, 8vo. 218

History of the Worthies of England endeavoured. By F. Fuller, D.D. New Edition. 2 vol. 4to. 51 5s

Patriarchal Times, or the Land of Canaan; a Figurative History, in Seven Books. By Miss O'Keefe. 2 vol. 103

Historical Account of the Reign of George III. By W. Ticken. is 6d

Pastime of the People, or Chronicles of divers Realms, and most especially the Realm of England. By J. Rastile. New Edition. 4to. 21 28 • An Essay towards attaining a true idea of the Character and Reign of King Charles the First, and the Causes of the Civil War. By M. Towgood. 12mo. 38 6d

Historical Enquiries, concerning Forests and Forest Laws; with Topographical remarks upon the Ancient and Modern State of the New Forest, in the County of Southampton. By Percival Lewis, Esq. F. A. S.; with a Map and Plate. 4to. il lis 6d

A New Analysis of Chronology. By W. Hales, D. D. Vol. II. 4to. 41 45


Bibliotheca Legum; or, Complete Catalogue of the Common and Statute Law Books of the United Kingdom, with their Dates and Prices. By John Clark., 98

A Trearise on the Statute of Limitations. By William Ballantine, Esq. of the Inner Temple. 'The Law of Principal and Accessary. By U.O. Dedy, Esq. Barrister at Law. 4s 6d

Report of the Trial of the Rev. Robert Bingham, Curate of Maresfield, Sussex; on Charges of writing a threatening Letter, and setting Fire to his House. 1s 6d

Report of the Proceedings on an Information by his Majesty's Attorney General, against John Hunt and Leigh Hunt, Proprietors of the Examiner, for publishing an Article on Military Punishment. 28 6d

A Practical Treatise on the Powers and Duties of Juries, and on the Criminal Laws of England. By Sir Richard Phillips. 8s

· Reports of Cases argued and adjudged before the Commissioners of Prize Causes, also in Appeal before the Privy Coureil. By Thomas Harman Acton, Esq. Part II. 78 6d

A Digest of the Bankrupt Laws, with a Collection of the Statutes and Cases on that Subject. By Basil Montague, of Gray's Inn, Esq. Barrister. 4 vol. royal 810, 8! 75 6d

Lord Erskine's Speeches when at the Bar. 4 vol. 8vo. 11 178 6d; royal, 21 98

Report of the Cause between Hugh Dogherty, Esq. plaintiff, and P. W. Wyatt, Esq. defendant, for Crim. Con. Taken in short-hand by Mr Farquharson. 2s 60. .

The Judgment pronounced by Sir William Scott, on the 13th of July, 1810, in a Suit instituted by E. L. Loveden, Esq. M. P. for a Divorce. By Mr Gurney. 5$.

An Analysis of Blackstone's Commentaries. By Baron Field, Student of the Inner Temple. 8vo. 8s

The Code Napoleon. Verbally translated from the French, by Bryan Barrett, of Gray's Inn. 2 vol. 8vo. 11 12s

Apractical Treatise on Pleading in Assumpsit. By E. Lawes, Esq. of the Inner, Temple, Barrister of Law. Royal 8vo. Il 11s 6d

A Dictionary of the Practice in Civil Actions in the Courts of King's Bench and Common Pleas; together with practical Directions and Forms, distinctly arranged under each Head. By Thomas Lee, of Gray's Inn. 218 boards.

The Speech of W. Frankland, Esq. in the House of Commons, on the several Bills for making Alterations in the Criminal Law. 3s .

Doubts upon the Reasoning of Dr Paley, relative to, and observ. on the Crim. Law. By R. G. Arrowsmith. As

The Debates, during the last Session of Parliament, upon the Bills for abolishing the Punishment of Death for Stealing to the Amount of 40s in a Dwelling-house; for Stealing to the Amount of 5s privately in a Shop, and for Stealing on Navigable Rivers; with the Debates on the Erection of Penitentiary Houses. By B. Montague, Esq. 58

The Maltster's Guide ; containing the Substance of the several Excise Laws and Regulations to which Maltsters are subject. 6s

The Rules and Orders of the Courts of King's Bench and Common Pleas, from Trinity Term, 2d James I. 1604, to Hilary Term, 51st Geo. III. 1811, inclusive. Collect. ed and arranged by R. Peacock, of Gray's Inn. 75 6d

An Essay on Aquatic Rights, or the Law relative to Fishing, and the Property of Soil produced by Alluvion, &c. By II. Shultes. 5s 6d

A Treatise on the Bankrupt Laws, containing the Determinations in the Courts of Law and Equity, down to the present Period, and the Statutes and Orders in Bankruptcy. By Francis Whitmarsh, Esq. 8vo.

An Analysis of Blackstone's Commentaries on the Laws of England, in a Series of); Questions to which the Student is to frame his own Answers, by reading that Work. By Baron Field, of the Inner Temple, Student-at-Law. 8vo. 8s

The Statutes of the Realm, printed by Command of his Majesty, in pursuance of an Address of the House of Commons, from original Records and authentic Manuscripts. Vol. I. 101 10s

A new Edition of Vattel's Law of Nations. 189

The Trials of the Rev. R. Bingham, Curate of Maresfield, Sussex, on a Charge of sending an Incendiary Letter, and setting Fire to his Dwelling House; taken in shorthand by Mr Adams, by order of the Directors of the Union Fire Office. 8vo. 5s

A Narrative of the Circumstances which caused and attended the Trial of the Rev. R. Bingham, B. A. Written by himself. 45

A View of the Jurisprudence of the Isle of Man, with the History of its Ancient Constitution, Legislative Government, and extraordinary Privileges; together with the Practice of the Courts, &c. By J. Johnson, Esq. 10s 6d

A Treatise on various Branches of the Criminal Law of Scotland. By J. Burnet, Esq, Advocate. One vol. 4to; price 31 3s in boards..

A full Report of the Cases, the King v. De Yonge, and the King v. Wright; and · of the Arguments of the Counsel, with the Judgment delivered thereon. By J. King,

105 od Scotland. By J. Burnet,

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A Narrative of the Minutes of the Evidence respecting the Claim to the Berkeley Peerage, as taken before the Committee of Privileges in 1811. 8vo. 98


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