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potentiary to his Catholic Majesty Ferdi- Dr Baillie, one of his Majesty's Physinand VII. Charles Vaughan, Esq. Secre- cians extraordinary. tary to the Embassy.

Rev. John Cole, D.D. Rector of ExeCharles Stuart, George Cockburn, and ter College, Vice Chancellor of Oxford. John Philip Morier, Esqrs. Commissioners Rev. Tho. Browne, D.D. Master of in Spanish America. Rich. Belgrave Hopp- Christ's College, Vice Chancellor of Camner, Esq. Secretary.

bridge. Thomas Sydenham, Esq. Minister Pleni- Rev. Thomas Elrington, D.D. Provost potentiary to the Portuguese Government, of Trinity College, Dublin. during the absence of Charles Stuart, Esq. Rev. George Doyly, D. D. Christian

Lieut.-General Robert Brownrigg, Go Advocate in the University of Cambridge. vernor and Commander in Chief of the Rev. John Russel, M. X. Head Master British Settlement in Ceylon.

of Charter House School. J. C. Herries, Esq. Commissary in chief. Lord A. Hamilton, Lord Rector of

Burnet Bruce, Esq. one of the Four Glasgow University, Commissioners at Edinburgh.

Adam Gillies, Esq. one of the Judges of John Drinkwater, Esq. a Comptroller of the Court of Session in Scotland. Army Accounts.

DECEMBER.--His Royal Highness Wil. Duke of Norfolk, High Steward of Glou- liam Henry, Duke of Clarence, Admiral of cester,

the Fleet. Lord Somers, Recorder of Gloucester. Right Hon. Spencer Perceval, Right

R. Thornton, Esq. M. P. Marshal of Hon. W. W. Pole, Hon. W. Broderick, the Admiralty.

Snowden Barne, Esq. Hon. B. Paget, and Right Hon. Chas. Hope, Lord President R. Wellesley, Esq. Commissioners of the of the College of Justice in Scotland. Treasury.

Right Hon. David Boyle, Lord Justice. Duke of Devonshire, High Steward of Clerk in Scotland

Derby. Anthony St John Baker, Esq. Secretary Dr Arnold, Advocate to the Admiralty. of Legation in America.

William Petrie, Esq. Governor of Prince NOVEMBER.-- Alex. Frazer Tytler, of of Wales's Island. Woodhouselee, Esq. one of the Lords of Rev. Wm. Jackson, D.D. Canon of Justiciary in Scotland.'

Christ Church, Bishop of Oxford. Sir H. Halford, Bart. one of the Physi- Rev. John Leslie, D.D. Dean of Cork, cians in ordinary to his Majesty.

Bishop of Dromore.


FOR 1811.

· AGRICULTURE. The Farmer's Magazine, a Periodical Work, exclusively devoted to Agriculture and Rural Affairs. Nos. 44, 45, 46, and 47. 3$ each

Treatise on Rural Affairs; being the Substance of the article “ Agriculture,” originally published in the Edinburgh Encyclopædia, with Improvements and Additions. - By Robert Brown, Farmer at Markle, near Haddington. Illustrated with numerous Engravings. 2 vol. 8vo. 11 5s boards

A History of British Implements and Machinery applicable to Agriculture, with Observations on their Improvement. By W. Lester. 4to. 11 11s 6d

General View of the Agriculture of Durham. By J. Bailey. 8vo. 145 . . General View of the Agriculture of Wiltshire. By T. Davis. Svo. 9s ·

General View of the Agriculture of Cambridgeshire. By the Rev. W. Gooch. 8vo. 9s

Letters and Papers on Agriculture, selected from the Correspondence of the Bath and West of England Society. Vol. XII. 8vo. 9s ,

General View of the Agriculture of Huntingdonshire." By R. Parkinson. 8vo. 98 General View of the Agriculture of Worcestershire. 8vo. 103. ad

General View of the Agriculture of Aberdeenshire. By G. Skene Keith, D. D. II. lustrated with Engravings. 8vo. 15s

A Treatise on the Breeding of Swine, and curing of Bacon; with Hints on Agricultural Subjects. By Robert Henderson, Farmer at Broomhill, near Annan. Two Plates. 8vo. 58

Designs for laying out Farms and Farm-Buildings in the Scotch Style, adapted to England. By J. C. Loudon. 4to. 31 3s

Agricultural Mechanism ; or, a Display of the several Properties and Powers of the Vehicles, Implements, and Machinery connected with Husbandry ; together with a great variety of Improvements and Inventions never before offered to the Public; whereby numerous inconveniences may be obviated, and defects corrected. The whole familiarly arranged, and illustrated by Twenty Copperplates. Dedicated to the Bath and West of England Society. By Captain Thomas Williamson, Honorary Member.

An Historical and descriptive Account of the four Species of Peruvian Sheep. By W. Walton. 8vo. 88

On the name and Origin of the Merino Breed of Sheep. 28

Report upon the Farm of T. Greg, Esq. at Coles, Hertfordshire. 28 · The Economy of the Barn; or, a Dialogue between a Farmer and an Economist, on the Separation and Preservation of Corn. By.W. Lester. 4to. 11 18

ANTIQUITIES. Britton's“ Architectural Antiquities,” No. XXIII. formnig the Fifth Number of Vol


ARTS (FINE.) A Portrait of her Royal Highness the late Princess Amelia, 5s-Proofs, 10s 6d British Gallery of Engravings, No. VII. 21. 2s. Large paper, 31. 13s. 6d. The Antiquarian and Topographical Cabinet, Vol. VIII. 15s Large paper, il 45 An engraved Portrait of William Shakespear at the age of Thirty-three, from an Original lately discovered. 10s 6d-Proofs il 1s

British Gallery of Portraits, No. V. Atlas 4to. Il 58 Large paper, 1l 16s

The Thames; or, Graphic Illustrations of the Seats, Villas, Buildings, and Scenery, of that River. No. XII.-Imperial 8vo. 45 6d

A Description of the Antient Toracottas in the British Museum. By Taylor Combe, Esq., with 41 Plates, engraved after the Drawings of Will. Alexander, Esq. Royal 8vo, 11 ils 6d ; Elephant, 21 12s 6d

A Picturesque Voyage to India, by the way of China. By Thomas Daniel, R. A; and William Daniel, A. R. A. Folio, with 50 Engravings. 121

The British Gallery of Portraits, No. VI. Atlas 4to. il 5s ; large paper, 1l 165

A View of the New Bridge, now building over the Thames, at Vauxhall, as it will appear when completed. Drawn and engraved by William Daniel, A. R. A. 21 12s 6d

A Letter to Martin Archer Shee, Esq. R. A. detailing a Plan for the more certain Improvement of the Arts of Painting, Sculpture, and Architecture. By Philotechnes. Ss

A Series of progressive Lessons on the Art of Painting in Water Colours. il is

Chalcographia, or the Art of imitating Chalk, Black-lead Pencil, and Pen and Ink Drawings. By J. Hassel. 4to. 155

Architectural Antiquities of Wales. By C. Norris, Esq. No. III. * Fine Arts of the English School. By John Britton, Esq. No. III. Il 18; large paper, il 16s

Architectural Antiquities of Great Britain. By John Britton, Esq. No, XXIII. 10s 6d; large paper, 16s

Inducements to promote the Fine Arts in Great Britain. By J. Cranch. 4to

Treatise on the Ecclesiastical Architecture of England. By John Milner, D. D. F. S. A. Royal 8vo. 15s

British Gallery of Engravings, Nos. 7 & 8. Superroyal Folio, 21 2s; Proofs, si 18s 6d each. Momorandum of the Earl of Elgin's Pursuits in Greece. 68

A Series of Progressive Lessons, intended to elucidate the Art of Painting in Watercolours. 213

A practical Essay on the Art of Flower-painting, in all its branches, with critical and biographical Accounts of Flower-painters. By John Cart Burgess. , 75

Antiquarian and Topographical Cabinet. Vol. IX. 15s. Large paper, 11 4s
The Historic Gallery of Portraits and Paintings. Vol. VII. 8vo, 11 4s; 4to, el 5s

A Series of Views of Picturesque and Romantic Scenery in Madeira, the Cape of Good Hope, Timor, China, Prince of Wales's Island, Bombay, Mahratta Country, St Helena, and Jamaica. Engraved by Heath, Woolnoth, and Cook, from drawings made in those Countries by William Westall. Part I. 10s 60 ; Proofs, 15s

The Fine Arts of the British School. By J. Britton, F. S. A. No. IV.

A Biographical Illustration of the Encyclopædia Britannica. No. I. Containing 45 Portraits in outline. To be completed in 20 numbers. Royal 4to, 4s; Medium 4to. Se

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Versailles, Paris, and St Dennis; or, a Series of Views, from Drawings made on the spot, illustrative of the Capital of France. By J. C. Nattes. Folio. 101 10s

Londina Illustrata, No. X.


A Botanical Calendar; exhibiting, at one View, the generic and specific Name, the Class, Order, Habitat, of all the British Plants. By the Rev. W. Phelps. 10s 6d Large paper, il 28

The First Principles of Geometry and Trigonometry, treated in a plain and familiar manner, and illustrated with Figures, Diagrams, and References to well-known Objects, for the Use of young Persons. By I. Marsh, Esq. 58

The Principles of Fluxions, designed for the Use of Students in the University. By William Dealtry, M. A. Royal 8vo. 14s boards.

Evening Amusements for the Year 1811; being the Eighth of the Series of Volumes for the Improvement of Students in Astronomy. By W. Frend, Esq. 38 · The Cambridge Problems; being a Collection of the printed Questions proposed to the Candidates for the Degree of Bachelor of Arts, at the general Examinations, from the year 1801 to the year 1810 inclusive, with a Preface. By a Graduate of the Unia versity. Os

An Essay, demonstrating the practicability and Advantage of the Discovery of the Longitude at Sea, by Solar Observation of the First Meridian. By Q. Adams. 53. · Rees's Cyclopedia, Vol. XVI. Part II.

Three Lectures on Engraving, delivered at the Surrey Institution in 1809. By the late Robert Mitchell Meadows. 8vo, 6s

A Portraiture of the Heavens, constructed for the Use of Students in Astronomy, By the Rev. F. Wollaston, f. R. S. On ten Folio Plates. 218

Beauties of Occult Science, investigated according to the Doctrine of Ptolemy, and System of Argol. Os boards.

The Third Volume of a Course of Mathematics. Composed for the use of the Royal Military Academy, by order of his Lordship the Master General of the Ordnance. By Charles Hutton, LL. D. F. R. S. late Professor of Mathematics in the Royal Military Academy. 8vo. 12s bound.

Plans and Views of buildings, executed in England and Scotland, in the Castellated and other Styles. By R. Lugar, architect. Elegantly Engraved in Aquatinta, on 32 plates, royal 4to. 21 2s boards.


· A Sketch of the Life and Character of her Royal Highness the Princess Amelia. By Honoria Scott. 28 6d

The Literary Life and Select Works of Benjamin Stillingfleet. By the Rev. Willam Coxe, M. A. F. R. S. F. A. S. 3 vol. 8vo. 21 2s

Memoirs of the Political and Private Life of James Caulfield, Earl of Charlemont. By Francis Hardy, Esq. 4to. Il 11s 6d Large Paper, 21 12s 6d

'Memoirs of the Lifē, Writings, and Correspondence of William Smellie, F. R. S. & F. A. S. late Printer in Edinburgh, &c. By Robert Kerr, F. R. S. & F. A. S. 2 vol. 8vo. 11 7s boards.

The Life of Arthur Murphy, Esq. By Jesse Foot, Esq. 4to, 21 2s; large paper, sl 38

The Life of Sir Michael Forster, Knight, some time one of the Judges of the Court of King's Bench, and Recorder of Bristol. By his Nephew, the late Michael Dodson, Esq. Barrister. 48

Memoirs of the principal Events in the Life of H. Taylor of North Shields. 8vo. 5s

Life of William Waynflete, Bishop of Winchester, Lord High Chancellor to Henry Yi, and Founder of Magdalen College, Oxford. By the late Rev. Richard Chandler, D. D., formerly fellow of that College, and Author of Travels in Asia Minor, &c. Royal 8vo. 18s

An Introduction to the Memoirs of Prince Eugene of Savoy; containing private Anecdotes of the Prince's Family, and other celebrated Characters of his time; with Notes, Historical, Biographical, Military, &c. &c. 8vo. 3s 6d

The Life of the Right Rev. Beilby Porteus, D. D. late Lord Bishop of London. By the Rev. Robert Hodgson, A. M. F. R. S. 8vo. 78 _Memoirs of the latter Years of the Life of the late Right Hon. C. J. Fox. By J. B. Trotter, Esq. his Private Secretary. 8vo. 148

Histoire des Femmes Françoise les plus celebres, et de leur Influence sur la Litterature Françoise. Par Mad. de Genlis. 2 vol. 12mo. 10s.

The Life of Sir R. Whittington, Knt. four times Lord Mayor of London. By the Author of the Life of George Barnwell. Foolscap 8vo. 33

Memoirs of Mrs Surabell, late Wells, of the Theatres Royal, Drury-Lane, CoventGarden, and Hay-market. Written by herself. S vol. 12mo il 1s

The Lives of the Twelve Cæsars. By Eliza Rogers. With an Atlas, containing Ten Maps (seven finely coloured.) 5 vol. 8vo. 3l 18s 6d


Catalogue General, Methodique et Raisonné, des Livres François, Latins, Italiens, Espagnols, Portugais, &c. qui se trouvent chez B. Dulau et Co., Soho Square, avec des Notes Bibliographiques, et les vrais Noms des principaux Anonymes et Pseudonymes. Ss

BOTANY. Hortus Cantabrigiensis; or, a Catalogue of Plants Indigenous and Exotic. By James Donn, Curator. Sixth Edition. 12mo, 8s


Æschyli Prometheus Vinctus. Ad Fidem Manuscriptorum emendavit, Notas et Glossarium a/ljecit, Carolus Jacobus Blomfield, A. B, Collegii SS. Trinitatis apud Cantabrigienses Socius. 6s

Aristophanis Comediæ. A. R. F. P. Brunck. 4 vol. 8vo. 21 12s 6d; royal paper 41 14s 68; 4to, 101 10s

Xenophontis quæ existunt opera, Græca et Latina, ex editionibus Schneideri et Zeunii, accedit Index Latinus. 10 vol. 12mo. 41 10s: or 10 vol. cr. 8vo. 71

Theocritus, Bion, Moschus et Tyriæus. Translated from the Greek, by the Rev. R. Polwhele. 2 vol. 8vo. 10s 6d.

Criseos Griesbachianæ in Novum Testamentum Synopsis. Edidit Josephus White, S. T. P. Lingg. Heb. et Arab. Prof, in Academia Oxoniensi, et Ædis Christi Canonicus. 8vo. 7s 6d

P. Virgilius Maro, in usum Scholarum. Ex Editione Chr. Gottl. Heynii. Excisis Disquisitionibus, Excursibus, et Notorunı iis, quæ Puerorum usibus minus accommodatæ videbantur. 8vo. 10s bound

Euripidis Orestes ad fidem Manuscriptorum emendata et brevibus notis emendationum potissimum rationes reddentibus instructa. In usum studiosæ juventutis. Edidit Ricardus Porson, A.M. Græcarum Literarum apud Cantabrigienses Professor. 8vo. 38 sewed


The universal Cambist and Commercial Instructor ; being a full and accurate Treatise on Exchange; including the Monies, Ccins, Weights and Measures of all trading

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