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$1. For abolishing the duties of the 'raised for the service of Great Bri.

prizage and butlerage of wines in tain, for the year 1811, upon the Ireland.

duties granted to his majesty during 52. For explaining and amending an the continuance of the present war,

act passed in the last session of pare and for certain periods after the ratiliament, for consolidating the duties fication of a definite treaty of peace. of customs for the Isle of Man, and 62. To permit rum and other spirits, for placing the same under the ma the produce of the British colonies nagement of the commissioners of in the West Indies, to be imported customs in England.

into Nova Scotia, and New Bruns53. For raising the sum of six millions, wick, and the islands of Cape Bre. by exchequer bills for the service of ton, Prince Edward, and Newfound.

Great Britain, for the year 1811. land, from the island of Bermuda. 54. For raising the sum of 1,500,0001. 63. To authorize the punishment, by

by exchequer bills, for the service confinement and hard labour, of per

of Great Britain for the year 1811. son's in Ireland liable to transporta. 55. For abolishing the superannuation tion; and to repeal so much of a

fund in the department of the cus former act as relates to that subject, toms, and for transferring the same 64. To enable the East India com. to the head of consolidated customs, pany to raise a further sum of moand for authorizing the payment of ney upon bond, instead of increasing all retired allowances on that depart. their capital stock; and to alter

ment out of consolidated customs. and amend an act, passed in the 47tha 56. To grant additional duties of ex year of his present majesty, relative

cise on tobacco manufactured in Ire. thereto. land.

65. To explain and amend an act, 57. To amend an act made in the 47th passed in the 39th year of his pre.

year of his present majesty's reign, sent majesty's reign, intituled, “ An for encouraging the export of salted Act for the more effectual suppresbeef and pork from Ireland.

sion of societies established for sedi58. To allow the free importation be. tious and treasonable purposes, and

tween Great Britain and Ireland of for better preventing treasonable home-made chocolate ; to prohibit and seditious practices so far as rethe importation of foreign chocolate spects certain penalties on printers into Ireland so long as the same and publishers.” shall be prohibited in Great Britain ; 66. To amend and render more effecand to grant certain duties on cocoa tual several acts for promoting the nuts imported into Ireland.

trade of Dublin, by rendering its 59. For granting to his majesty addi port and harbour more commodious;

tional duties of excise on wash and and for erecting, repairing, and other liquors used in the distillation maintaining light-houses round the of spirits ; and on foreign spirits coast of Ireland, and to raise a fund imported.

for defraying the charge thereof. 60. To repeal the duties of stamps on 67. For repealing the duties or cus.

hats made in Ireland, and on licen- toms now payable on the importa. ces to persons to manufacture hats, tion of hides in the hair, and grantor to utter or vend hats in Ireland, ing new duties in lieu thereof. and all regulations for securing the 68. For charging an additional duty said duties.

on verdigrease imported. 61. For charging the sum of 7,500,0001. 69. For repealing the duty on the ma:


terials used in making flint and phial Great Britain ; and for facilitating glass; and for granting, until the the recovery of the said duties. 1st day of August, 1812, other du. 77. To amend the laws for regulating ties in lieu thereof, and for conti- the election, in Ireland, of members nuing and amending an act passed to serve in parliament. in the 49th year of his majesty's 78. To make provision in certain cases reign, intituled, “ An Act for re- for the wives and families of serjeants, pealing the duties on the materials corporals, drummers, and privates, used in making spread window glass, serving in the militia of Ireland. and crown glass, and for granting 79. To amend an act of the 48th year other duties in lieu thereof; and for of his present majesty, for the betthe better collection of the said due ter care and maintenance of luna. ties."

tics, being paupers or criminals in 70. For repealing the hat duty in England. Great Britain.

80. To render valid certain indentures 71. For the abolition and regulation for the binding of parish apprentices.

of certain offices in the customs. 81. To continue until the 1st day of 72. For granting exemptions in cer. August, 1812, certain acts for ap

tain cases from the payment of du. pointing commissioners to enquire . ties charged in respect of servants, into the fees, gratuities, perquisites

carriages, horses, and dogs, kept in and emoluments, received in several Great Britain and Ireland respece public offices in Ireland ; to exatively.

mine into abuses which may exist in 73. For the better security of his ma the same, and into the mode of re.

jesty's naval arsenals in the river ceiving, collecting, issuing, and acMedway, and Portsmouth and Ha counting for public money in Ire. moaze harbours, and of his majesty's land. ships and vessels lying at and resort. 82. For establishing regulations reing to the same.

specting rock salt delivered to the 74. For authorizing the sale of prize refineries ; for granting relief for salt

goods lodged in warehouses after a lost at sea by shipwreck or capture; certain period.

and for reviving, amending, and con75. For making further provision for tinuing, until the 25th day of March,

the payment of salaries and other 1815, so much of an act of the 41st charges in the office of the commis year of his present majesty as allows sioners for the affairs of India ; and the use of salt, duty free, for curing for enabling the East India com fish in bulk or in barrels. pany to restore to the service of the 83. For allowing the late drawback said company, military officers re- of duty paid on coals used in certain moved therefrom by sentences of mines and smelting mills in Devoncourts martial ; and to authorize ; shire, as is now allowed in the coun: the said company, in cases of unfore- ty of Cornwall. seen emergency, to take up ships by 84. To explain an act passed in the private contract.

22d year of his present majesty, for 76. For letting to farm the duties on better securing the freedom of elec

horses hired by the mile or stage, to tion of members to serve in parliabe used in travelling, and on horses ment, by disabling certain officers hired for a less period of time than employed in the collection or ma28 days, for drawing carriages used nagemement of his majesty's revein travelling post or otherwise, in nues from giving their votes at such

elections, so far as relates to coal meters and corn meters of the city

of London. 85. To enable the commissioners of

his majesty's treasury to issue ex. chequer bills, on the credit of such aids or supplies as have been or shall be granted by parliament for the service of Great Britain for the year

1811. 86. To continue, until the 5th day of

July, 1812, and to amend several acts for granting certain rates and duties, and for allowing certain drawbacks and bounties on goods, wares, and merchandise imported

into and exported from Ireland ; and · to grant to his majesty, until the

5th day of July, 1812, certain new and additional duties on the importation of certain goods, wares, and

merchandise into and from Ireland. 87. For allowing the manufacture and

use of a liquor prepared from sugar for colouring porter, and for indem. nifying persons who have manufac

tured or used such colouring. 88. For raising the sum of 200,000l. by treasury bills, for the service of

Ireland for the year 1811. . 89. To increase the salary of the lord

lieutenant of Ireland. 90. For defraying, until the 25th day

of March, 1812, the charge of the pay and clothing of the militia of Ireland ; and for making allowances in certain cases to subaltern officers

of the militia during peace. 91. For discharging certain arrears of

quit, crown, and composition rents, which have been growing due in

Ireland. 92. To repeal certain parts of several

acts of the parliament of Ireland, relating to the tolls on stage coaches, carrying above a certain number of passengers, and to make other pro.

visions in lieu thereof. 93. For granting additional duties of

customs on fir timber, of certain di.

mensions, of the growth of Norway,

imported into Great Britain.. 94. To continue, until the 29th day

of July, 1813, an act of the last session of parliament, intituled, “ An Act to extend and amend the term and provisions of an act of the 39th and 40th year of his present majesty, for the better preservation of timber in the New Forest ; and for ascertaining the boundaries of the said Forest, and the lands of the

crown within the same.” 95. To explain and amend certain

laws respecting the duties on estates and goods sold by auction ; the al. lowing dealers to roast their own coffee on certain conditions ; and to the water-mark of the year on paper

intended for exportation. 96. To extend the powers vested in

the commissioners of the customs of restoring vessels and goods seized to seizures made by virtue of any acts relating to the department of the

customs. 97. To regulate the trade between

places in Europe, south of Cape Finisterre, and certain ports in the Bri

tish colonies in North America. 98. To indemnify such persons in the

United Kingdom as have omitted to give securities and to register me. morials thereof, under an act of the last session of parliament, and for extending the times limited for those purposes respectively, until two months after the commencement

of the next session of parliament. 99. For removing doubts as to the re.

gistering of certain property purchased or sold under the land tax redemption act, in right of which persons may claim to vote at elections of members to serve in parlia. ment. 100. To amend an act passed in the

38th year of his present majesty's reign, intituled, “ An Act to regu. late the trial of causes, indictments,


and other proceedings which arise the 39th and 40th years of his prewithin the counties of certain cities sent majesty, as grants certain-al. and towns corporate within this lowances to adjutants and serjeant, kingdom.”

majors of the militia of England, 101. For amending an act of the 48th disembodied under an act of the

year of his present majesty, for re same session of parliament. gulating the British white herring 109. For making allowances in cer.

tain cases to subaltern officers of the 102. To extend the provisions of an militia in Great Britain, while dis

act passed in the 49th year of his embodied. present majesty, for discharging 110. To prevent the counterfeiting of from the claims of the crown certain silver pieces denominated tokens, inreal and personal estates belonging tended to be issued and circulated to General De Lancy, late barrack by the governor and company of the

master general, and vested in trus Bank of England, for the respec. · tees for sale ; and also for vesting tive sums of five shillings and six

and settling certain lands heretofore pence, three shillings, and one shilcontracted to be purchased by the ling and sixpence, and to prevent said General De Lancy in trustees, the bringing into the kingdom or to be sold for payment of a debt uttering any such counterfeit pieces due to the crown, and for other pur or tokens. poses relative thereto.

111. For permitting Sir William 103. To authorize the allowing offi. Bishop and George Bishop to con

cers to retire on half-pay or other tinue, until the 5th day of July, allowances, under certain restric- 1813, the manufacture of Maidstone tions.

Geneva; for charging the same with 104. For extending and amending the certain duties; and for rectifying a

regulations now in force, relative to mistake in an act of this session, for .. the payment to the royal hospital at empowering the lords commissione

Chelsea, of the forfeited and un ers of the treasury to exonerate dis

claimed shares of army prize money. tillers of spirits from sugar from the 105. To enable persons to bequeath excess of duties therein mentioned.

lands and tenements to the commis- 112. For enabling his majesty to raise sioners for the government of the the sum of three millions for the ser. Royal Naval Asylum, and to autho. vice of Great Britain. rize the said commissioners to hold 113. For granting to his majesty a the same for the benefit of the said sum of money to be raised by lotte. Asylum ; and for amending an actries. made in the 47th year of his present 114. To permit the services of the re

majesty, relating to the said asylum. giment of the miners of Cornwall 106. For enabling the wives and fa- and Devon to be extended to Ire.

milies of soldiers embarked for fo. land. · reign service, to return to their 115. For amending the act 23d homes.

George 3d, to promote the build. 197. For defraying the charge of the ing, repairing, or otherwise provi

pay and clothing of the militia and ding the churches and chapels, and local militia in Great Britain for the of houses for the residence of mi. year 1811.

nisters, and the providing of church. 108. To revive and continue, until the yards and glebes.

25th day of March, 1812, and 116. To enable his majesty to grant a amend so much of an act, made in piece of ground within the Tower of London, to be used as an addi. examine into the nature and extent tional burial ground for persons of the several bogs in Ireland, and dying within the said Tower.


the practicability of draining and 117. For granting to his majesty cer cultivating them, and the best means

tain sums of money out of the con- of effecting the same. solidated fund of Great Britain, and 123. For the relief of certain insolvent for applying certain monies therein debtors in Ireland. mentioned, for the service of the 124. Further to extend and render year 1811, and for further appro. more effectual certain provisions of priating the supplies granted in this an act passed in the 6th year of the session of parliament.

reign of his late majesty King 118. To permit the interchange of George the 1st, intituled, “ An

the British and Irish militias re- Act to prevent frivolous and vexa-- spectively.

tious arrests ;” and of an act passed 119. For repealing two acts made in in the 5th year of the reign of his

the 120 and 47th years of his pre majesty King George the 2d, to ex. sent majesty, for the more effectual plain, amend, and render more effecadministration of the office of a jus. tual the said former act ; and of tice of the peace, in such parts of two acts passed in the 18th and the counties of Middlesex and Sur. . 430 years of the reign of his present rey as lie in or near the metropolis, majesty, extending the provisions of and for the more effectual preven. the said former acts. tion of felonies ; and for making 125. For the relief of certain insolvent other provisions in lieu thereof; to debtors in England. continue in force until the 1st day 126. To extend an act made in the of June, 1813, and from thence un 18th year of his late majesty King til the expiration of six weeks from George the 2d, to explain and amend

the commencement of the then next the laws touching the elections of • session of parliament.

knights of the shire to serve in par120. To amend an act of the 47th liament for England, respecting the

year of his present majesty, for expences of hustings and poll-clerks, more efectually preventing the steal. so far as regards the city of Westing of deer.

minster. 121. To suspend the payment of all 127. For making more effectual pro

drawbacks on spirits made or distilvision for preventing the current led in Great Britain or Ireland, and gold coin of the realm from being exported from either country to the paid or accepted for a greater va, other respectively; and to suspend lue than the current value of such the importation into Great Britain coin ; for preventing any note or bill of any spirits made or distilled in of the governor and company of the Ireland, except such as shall have Bank of England from being recei, been warehoused according to law; ved for any smaller sum than the sum and for regulating the exportation therein specified; and for stayingpro. of home-made spirits from Great ceedings upon any distress by tender Britain to Ireland and from Ireland of such notes. to Great Britain, until three months 128. To explain an act passed in this after the commencement of the next present session of parliament, inti. session of parliament.

tuled “ An Act to permit the inter, 122. To continue, until the 1st of change of the British and Irish ni.

January, 1813, an act for appoint- litias respectively.” ing commissioners to enquire and

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