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privy seal, for the issue of certain majesty's royal sign manual;” countersums of money for the service of signed by three lords of the treasury: the navy and army.

This docquet is compared with the GEO. HARRISON. : docquet to the king's bill aforemen

tioned ; and the clerk of the privy Whitehall Treasury Chambers, Jan. seal in waiting writes at the end of it 4, 1811.

46 Examined ;" signing his 'name.

Upon this being returned, signed by · Privy Seal Office, 4th Jan. 1811. three lords of the treasury, the letters

SIR,—In pursuance of your request, of privy seal are compared with the by command of the lords commission- signet transcript, and, being likewise ers of his majesty's treasury, that we signed by the said clerk, are laid be. should state, in writing, the reason fore the lord keeper, in order that the which induced us to acquaint the lord privy seal may be affixed thereto. keeper of the privy seal, that we could Our objection to signing the letters not execute the command to prepare of privy seal, therefore, was, that we letters to pass the privy seal, for the conceived it would be departing from issue of certain sums of money for the the official line of our duty, and acting navy and army, we have no difficulty contrary to the express letter and spiin complying with your request. rit of our oath, if we signed these let.

The course of official routine, be. ters of privy seal prior to the usual fore we present the letters of privy seal docquet being returned to the office to the lord keeper, is as follows: countersigned by three lords of the - A warrant signed by the king, and treasury. We considered this of the countersigned by three lords of the greater importance, as we have always treasury, is directed to the clerk of the conceived the docquet to be a certifisignet, ordering him to prepare a bill cate, under the hands of their lordfor the royal signature, to cause let. ships, that the royal signature had acters of privy seal to pass. The clerk tually been affixed. of the signet then prepares a transcript Moreover, as the lord keeper always of this bill, which being signed with retains the signet, and docquet, as his his name, as examined, after having vouchers for affixing the seal ; and his majesty's signet affixed to it, is di. the entry of the docquet is the only rected to the lord keeper of the privy record remaining in the office. seal. Upon receiving this, the clerk The tenor of the oath is as follows: of the privy seal has a transcript of it You shall be true to our sovereign prepared ; but previous to examining lord the king, his heirs and successors, it, it is customary for him to send a kings and queens of the united kingdocquet, which in point of fact is a doms of Great Britain and Ireland, copy of the docquet subjoined to the and them faithfully serve to the best bill, which is prepared by the clerk of of your power, as one of their clerks the signet for the royal signature. in the office of privy seal ; and during This docquet commences with the the time you shall continue in the words following:

same, you shall not prefer nor colour. :“ His majesty's warrant for issuing, ably present to the keeper of the privy &c. &c.”—and terminates, “ subscri- seal or commissioners for the execution bed for Mr -,* by warrant under his of the office of keeper of the privy seal

* The clerk of the Signet.

for the time being, any manner of thing powers of the crown by the two houses to pass the seal, but such only as you of parliament, during any suspension shall have sufficient warrant for, by of the personal exercise of the royal writing or by mouth granted or given authority. by the king's majesty, or some of his 2. Because this unprecedented and highness's council in the court of re. unconstitutional measure might have quests.--You shall not disclose any of been avoided without injury to the his majesty's causes to you command public service, by resorting (as was ed to be kept secret, until such time as suggested in debate) to the mode of publication be thereof made.--And proceeding sanctioned by our ancestors you shall not seek to break any order in 1668, namely, an address to his royal used for the attendance of the clerks highness the Prince of Wales, to take of the said office, or by colour thereof upon him the civil and military admitake any profits growing by the seal nistration of affairs, and the disposal of of the said office, and thereby defraud the public revenue, until the means of them of the whole due or any parcel supplying the defect in the exercise of thereof.

the royal authority should be finally ..“ So help you God, and by the holy adjusted. evangelists."

Cambridge Holland (Signed) By the clerk. York

Lauderdale This day of in the


Keith year of the reign of king George


Albemarle i , the said * hath taken the Sussex

Erskine oath above expressed, and subscribed Gloucester Dundas his name before met keeper Cholmondeley Darlington. of the privy seal; and hath also taken Spencer

Dawnay the oaths appointed by an act of par Rosslyn

Hastings liament, entitled, “ An act for abro. Ponsonby Say and Sele. gating the oaths of supremacy and al Seaforth legiance, and appointing other oaths.” His royal highness the duke of y (Signed) I

Cumberland intended to have signed > We have the honour to be, &c. the protest, but came a minute or two

John LARPENT. too late.

John Jas. LARPENT. George Harrison, Esq. &c. &c.

[blocks in formation]


resumption of the exercise of the portation of sugar from Great Bri.

royal authority by his Majesty. tain ; and for suspending the coun2. For continuing to his Majesty cer. tervailing duties and bounties on su.

tain duties on malt, sugar, tobacco, gar, when the duties imposed by an and snuff, in Great Britain ; and on act of the 49th year of his present pensions, offices, and personal estates Majesty shall be suspended ; and for in England; for the service of the continuing so much of an act of the year 1811.

27th year of his present Majesty as 3. For raising the sum of 10,500,0001. allows a bounty upon double-refined

by exchequer bills, for the service of sugar exported, until the 25th day

Great Britain for the year 1811. of March, 1813, and so much of the Help For raising the sum of 1,500,0001. same act as allows a bounty on raw

by exchequer bills, for the service sugar exported, until the 25th day

of Great Britain for the year 1811. of March, 1812. 5. For raising the sum of one million 14. To continue several laws relating by treasury bills for the service of to the granting a bounty upon cerIreland for the year 1811.'.

tain species of British and Irish li. 6. For taking an account of the po. nens exported from Great Britain,

pulation of Great Britain, and of and taking off the duties on the im.

the increase or diminution thereof. portation of foreign raw linen yarns 7. To amend two Acts of the 13th made of Alax into Great Britain, un.

and 32d years of his present Majes. til the 25th day of March, 1821 ; ty, relating to the wages of persons to the prohibiting the exportation

employed in the silk manufacture. from and permitting the importation 8. For punishing mutiny and deser. into Great Britain of corn, and for

tion; and for the better payment of allowing the importation of other the army and their quarters.

articles of provision without pay9. For the regulation of his Majesty's ment of duty during the continuance

royal marine forces while on shore. of the war, and until six months af. 10. To continue until the 25th of ter the ratification of a definitive March, 1833, certain Acts of the treaty of peace; and to the perparliament of Ireland, so far as the mitting the importation of tobacco same relate to the improvement of into Great Britain from any place the city of Dublin, by making wide whatever, until the 25th day of and convenient passages through the March, 1812. same.

15. For enabling his Majesty to di. 11. To continue until the 25th day of rect the issue of exchequer bills to

March, 1832, certain Acts of the a limited amount, for the purposes parliament of Ireland, so far as the and in manner therein mentioned. same relate to the duty on coals im. 16. For granting annuities to discharge ported into the harbours of Dublin, certain exchequer bills. . and to the regulating the coal trade 17. To render valid certain acts done thereof.

for completing the regular militia, 12. To continue until the 25th day of and to indemnify the persons con.

March, 1812, an act for regulating cerned therein. the drawbacks and bounties on the 18. To indemnify such persons in the

exportation of sugar from Ireland. United Kingdom as have omitted to 13. For further continuing until the qualify themselves for offices and em

25th day of March, 1812, certain ployments, and for extending the bounties and drawbacks on the ex times limited for those purposes ree

spectively, until the 25th day of moving theirvessels out of the stream, March, 1812 ; and to permit such except to the lawful quays in the persons in Great Britain as have port of London, before the goods omitted to make and file affidavits are discharged or their vessels are of the execution of indentures of cleared by the proper officers inclerks to attornies and solicitors, to wards or outwards, so far as relates make and file the same on or before, to any ship or vessel entered inwards

the first day of Hilary term, 1812. or outwards from or to any port in 19. To continue until the 25th day of Ireland. March, 1812, an Act of the 45th 25. For further continuing, until the year of his present Majesty, for ap 25th day of July, 1813, an Act pointing commissioners to enquire made in the 33d year of his present into the public expenditure and the Majesty, for rendering the payment conduct of the public business in the of creditors more equal and expedie military departments therein men. tious in Scotland. tioned, and to extend the same to 26. For raising the sum of 4,981,3001. public works executed by the office by way of annuities. of works and others.

27. To explain and amend two acts 20. To allow a certain proportion of of the 50th and 51st years of his

the militia of Great Britain to en. present Majesty, for continuing cerlist annually into the regular forces ; tain duties on malt, sugar, tobacco, and to provide for the gradual re and snuff, and other purposes men. duction of the said militia.

tioned in the said Acts. 21. To explain and amend an Act, 28. For increasing the rates of sub

passed in the 50th year of his Ma- sistence to be paid to inn-keepers jesty's reign, intituled, “ An Act and others on quartering soldiers. to direct that accounts of increase 29. For continuing, until the 1st day and diminution of public salaries, of August, 1813, two acts of the pensions, and allowances, shall be 45th and 50th years of his present annually laid before parliament; and Majesty, allowing the bringing of to regulate and controul the grant. coals, culm, and cinders to London ing and pay of such salaries, pen and Westminster, by inland naviga. sions, and allowances ;" so far as tion. respects the grant of pensions or al. 30. To amend the several acts for ena, lowances by his Majesty to persons bling his Majesty to accept the serwho previously to the passing of the vices of volunteers from the militia said Act had served the crown in fo- of Ireland. reign courts.

31. To continue, during the present 22. For raising the sum of 2,500,0001. war, and until the expiration of six

by way of annuities and treasury calendar months after the ratifica· bills for the service of Ireland. tion of a definitive treaty of peace, 23. For rendering more effectual an and amend an act made in the 48th

Act made in the 47th year of his year of his present Majesty, for Majesty's reign, intituled, “ An granting an additional duty on cop.

Act for the abolition of the slave per imported into Great Britain. - trade.”

32. For the better securing exciseable 24. To repeal so much of an Act of goods, on board vessels, in the port

the 19th year of his present Majes of Bristol. ty, as prevents masters of ships re- 33. For repealing so much of two acts VOL. IV. PART II.

of the 14th and 25th years of his the excess of the duties to whick present Majesty as relates to wea. they were liable in consequence of

ving blue stripes in British calicoes. the expiration of an Act passed in 84. For continuing the premiums al. the 48th year of his present Majesty,

lowed to ships employed in the above the duties imposed by the said southern whale fishery.

Act. 35. To secure to the bank of Ireland, 43. For altering the time at which the

the re-payment of all monies advan additional duties of customs imposed ced by them for the purposes and in by an Act of the last session of par. the manner therein mentioned.

liament on certain species of wood 36. To facilitate the execution of jus. were to have taken place; and for · tice within the Cinque Ports.

granting a drawback upon deals 37. Further to prevent the marriage and timber used in the mines of tin, of lunatics.

copper, and lead, in the counties of 38. To protect masters against em Cornwall and Devon.

bezzlements by their clerks and ser. 44. For imposing an additional duty vants, in Ireland.

on linen imported into Great Britain 39. To repeal so much of an act, pass. during the continuance of the pre

ed in the parliament of Ireland in sent war, and for six months after the 3d year of the reign of his pre- the ratification of a definite treaty seht Majesty, intituled, “ An act for of peace. the better regulation of the linen and 45. For taking away the public use hemp manufactures," as takes away of certain ships rooms in the town of the benefit of clergy from felons con. Saint John, in the island of Newvicted of stealing cloth from bleach foundland ; and for instituting suring grounds; and for more effectual rogate courts on the coast of Laly preventing such felonies.

brador, and in certain islands adja40. To explain and amend an act of cent thereto.

the last session of parliament, for 46. To authorize the officers of the repealing certain parts of several customs to act for the superintend. acts relating to the limiting the num. ant of quarantine and his assistant. ber of persons to be carried by stage 47. For carrying into effect the pro. coaches in Ireland.

visions of a treaty of amity, com41. To repeal so much of an act, pass merce and navigation, concluded be

ed in the 18th year of the reign of tween his majesty and his royal highKing George 2d., intituled, “ An ness the prince regent of Portugal. act for the more effectually prevent 48. To permit rum and other spirits, ing the stealing of linen, fustian, and the produce of the British colonies cotton goods and wares, in buildings, in the West Indies, to be imported fields, grounds, and other places used into Lower Canada from Nova for printing, whitening, bleaching, Scotia and New Brunswick, and or drying the same," as takes away.. the islands of Cape Breton, Prince the benefit of clergy from persons Edward, and Newfoundland. stealing cloth in places therein men- 49. For raising the sum of 12 millions tioned; and for more effectually pre by way of annuities. venting such felonies.

50. To allow a greater number of 18. To empower the lords commis sheep to be carried from England to

sioners of the treasury to exonerate the Isle of Man than are now pere distillers of spirits from sugar, from mitted by law.

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