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of the proper entry having been made, the enemy, has confirmed the alliance and the third of which shall be forth- by new ties of affection, and cannot with transmitted to the original bank fail to inspire additional zeal and ani. of England in London, in order to be mation in the maintenance of the comby them filed and daily transmitted to mon cause. the Tower of London, for safe custo. His Royal Highness especially comdy, after such last-mentioned triplicate mands us to declare his cordial concurshall have been duly recorded in the rence in the measure which you have books at the bank of England itself, adopted for improving the internal se. and that every transfer be made in like curity and military resources of the manner.

United Kingdom. 14. “ That, as under proper regu- . For these important purposes you lations in detail, such book entries and have wisely provided, by establishing a such book transfers cannot ever be system for the annual supply of the forged, it would be highly expedient regular army, and for the interchange that the law should authorise legal of the militias of Great Britain and tenders to be made, by tendering such Ireland ; and his Royal Highness has a book transfer as aforesaid of the sum the satisfaction of informing you, that due in such form and manner as shall the voluntary zeal which has already hereafter be prescribed by law." been manifested upon this occasion has

enabled him to give immediate operation to an arrangement by which the

union and mutual interests of Great Speech of the Prince Regent by Com- Britain and Ireland may be more ef. mission on proroguing Parliament, fectually cemented and improved. July 24.

Gentlemen of the House of Com

mons, My Lords and Gentlemen,

His Royal Highness commands us His Royal Highness the Prince Re to thank you, in the name and on bea gent, acting in the name and on the half of his majesty, for the liberal supbehalf of his Majesty, has commanded plies which you have furnished for us to signify to you the satisfaction every branch of the public service. with which he finds himself enabled to His Royal Highness has seen with relieve you from your attendance in pleasure the readiness with which you parliament, after the long and labori- have applied the separate means of ous duties of the session. We are par. Great Britain to the financial relief of ticularly directed to express his appro- Ireland at the present moment, and debation of the wisdom and firmness rives much satisfaction from perceiving which you have manifested in enabling that you have been able to accomplish his Royal Highness to continue the this object with so little additional exertions of this country in the cause burthen upon the resources of this part of our allies, and to prosecute the war of the united kingdom. The manner with increased activity and vigour. in which you have taken into consider

Your determined perseverance in a ation the condition of the Irish revesystem of liberal aid to the brave and nue has met with his Royal Highloyal nations of the peninsula has pro. ness's approbation; and his Royal gressively augmented their means and Highness commands us to add, that he spirit of resistance ; while the humane looks with confidence to the advantage attention which you have paid to the which may be derived from the atten. sufferings of the inhabitants of Portu. tion' of parliament having been given gal, under the unexampled cruelty of to this important subject.

My Lords and Gentlemen, Highness the Prince Regent, in the His Royal Highness commands us name and on behalf of his Majesty, to congratulate you upon the reduc- prorogue this parliament to Thursday tion of the island of Mauritius. This the 22d day of August next, to be last and most important colony of then here holden ; and this parliament France has been obtained with incon is accordingly prorogued to Thursday siderable loss, and its acquisition must the 22d day of August next.' materially contribute to the security of the British commerce and possessions His Majesty's Health. in that quarter of the world.

The successes which have crowned The following is the official report of his Majesty's arms during the present the state of his majesty's health on campaign, under the distinguished com Saturday the 6th of July, as premand of Lieutenant-General Lord Vis sented to the privy council by the count Wellington, are most important queen's council. . to the interests, and glorious to the

Windsor, July 6. character of the country. His Royal We the under-written, members of Highness warmly participates in all the council appointed to assist her ma. the sentiments which have been excited jesty in the execution of the trusts by those successes, and concurs in the committed to her majesty, by virtue just applause which you have bestowed of the statute, passed in the 51st year upon the skill, prudence, and intrepi- of his majesty's reign, intituled, " An dity so conspicuously displayed in ob- act to provide for the administration taining them.

of the royal authority, and for the care It affords the greatest satisfaction to 'of his majesty's royal person, during his Royal Highness to reflect, that, the continuance of his majesty's ill. should it please Divine Providence to ness, and for the resumption of the restore his Majesty to the ardent pray. exercise of the royal authority by ers and wishes of his Royal Highness his majesty," having duly met tó. and of his Majesty's people, his Royal gether, on the 6th day of July, 1811, Highness will be enabled to lay before at the Queen's Lodge, near to Windhis Majesty, in the history of these sor Castle, and having called before great achievements of the British arms us, and examined upon oath, the phy. throughout a series of systematie ope- sicians and other persons attendant rations, so satisfactory a proof that the upon his majesty, and having ascertain. national interests and the glory of the ed the state of his majesty's health by British name have been successfully all such other ways and means as apmaintained, while his Royal Highness peared to us to be necessary for that has conducted the government of the purpose, do hereby declare and certify, united kingdom.

that the state of his majesty's health at the time of this our meeting, is not

such as to enable his majesty to resume Then acommission for proroguing the the personal exercise of his royal funcparliament was read. After which the tions. Lord-Chancellor said,

That his majesty's bodily health is My Lords and Gentlemen, but little disordered. By virtue of the commission under That, in consequence of an accesthe great seal, to us and other lords di. sion of mental disorder, subsequent to rected, and now read, we do, in obe. our report of the 6th April last, a dience to the commands of his Royal change took place in the system of

management which had been previous persons elected or in any other manly adopted for his majesty's cure. ner constituted or appointed to repreHis majesty's mental health is repre- sent, or assuming or exercising a right sented to us by all the physicians as or authority to represent, the people certainly improved since the 6th of of this realm, or any number or deApril. We are unable, however, to scription of the people of the same, or ascertain what would be the effects of the people of any province, county, an immediate recurrence to any system city, town, or other district within the of management, which should admit same, under pretence of petitioning for, of as free an approach to his majesty's or in any other manner procuring an presence as was allowed in a former alteration of matters established by period of his majesty's indisposition. law, in church or state, save and except

Some of his majesty's physicians do the knights, citizens, and burgesses not entertain hopes of his majesty's elected to serve in the parliament thererecovery quite so confident as those of, and save and except the houses of which they had expressed on the 6th convocation duly summoned by the of April. The persuasion of others king's will, are unlawful assemblies ; of his majesty's physicians, that his ma- and that it shall and may be lawful for jesty will completely recover, is not any mayor, sheriff, justice of the peace, diminished and they all appear to or other peace officer, and they are agree, that there is a considerable pro- hereby respectively authorized and rebability of his majesty's final recovery; quired within his and their respective and that neither his majesty's bodily jurisdictions, to disperse all such unhealth, nor his present symptoms, nor lawful assemblies, and if resisted, to the effect which the disease has yet enter into the same, and to apprehend produced upon his majesty's faculties, all persons offending in that behalf.' afford any reason for thinking that his And it is further enacted, . That if majesty will not ultimately recover any person shall give or publish, or (Signed)

cause or procure to be given or pub. C. Cantuar

W. Grant lished, any written or other notice of E. Ebor Montrose

election to be holden, or of any manEldon

Winchelsea ner of appointment of any person or Ellenborough. Aylesford. persons, to be the representative or re

presentatives, delegate or delegates, or

to act by any other name or description By the Lord Lieutenant and Council whatever, as representative or repre. of Ireland.

sentatives, delegate or delegates, of the A PROCLAMATION.

inhabitants, or of any description of

the inhabitants of any province, counRICHMOND, &c.

ty, city, town, or other district within Whereas, by an act made in the par- this kingdom, at any such assembly; liament of Ireland, in the thirty-third or if any person shall attend and vote year of his present majesty's reign, in- at such election or appointment of such zituled, “ An act to prevent the elec- representatives or delegates, or other tion or appointment of unlawful as- persons to act as such, every person semblies, under pretence of preparing who shall be guilty of any of the said or presenting public petitions or other offences, respectively being thereof addresses to his majesty or the parlia. convicted by due course of law, shall ment," it is enacted, . That all assem- be deemed guilty of an high misde. blies, committees, or other bodies of meanour.

And whereas at a meeting or assem- furtherance of those resolutions, by bly of persons held in the city of Dub- taking a part in the election or aplin on the 9th day of July instant, and pointment of delegates or representastyling themselves “ A Meeting of the tives for such proposed assembly or Catholics of Ireland,” certain resolu- committee ; and that the persons so tions, amongst others, were entered in- elected or delegated, or to be so electto, and have since been published, of ed or delegated, may be disposed to the tenour following :

meet and form such assembly or com.“ Resolved, That a committee of ca- mittee as aforesaid. tholics be therefore appointed, and re- And whereas such an assembly as quested to cause proper petitions to be is by these resolutions proposed to be forthwith framed for the repeal of the convened, is not only in direct violation penal laws, and to procure signatures of the provisions of the statute aforethereto in all parts of Ireland, and to said, and an unlawful assembly, but take measures for bringing such peti- tends directly to endanger the peace tions under the serious consideration of and tranquillity of the state. the legislature within the first month N ow we, the Lord-lieutenant, by of the ensuing sessions of parliament and with the advice of the privy coun.

“ Resolved, That said committee do cil of Ireland, being determined, as far consist of the catholic peers and their as in us lies, to enforce the due obser. eldest sons, the catholic baronets, the vance of the laws of this realm, and prelates of the catholic church in Ire- being anxious to prevent the mischiefs land, and also ten persons to be ap- which the violation of those laws, and pointed by the catholics in each coun. particularly of the statute herein be. ty of Ireland, the survivors of the de- fore mentioned, must occasion, do, by legates of 1793 to constitute an inte. this our proclamation, command all gral part of that number, and also of his Majesty's loving subjects of this tive persons to be appointed by the ca. part of the United Kingdom, that tholic inhabitants of each parish in they do abstain from all acts and proDublin.

. ceedings whatsoever contrary to the .“ Resolved, That the appointment provisions of the aforesaid statute. of the said persons be made forthwith. “And wedo hereby further call upon

66 Resolved, That it be recommend- and require all justices of the peace, mayed to such committee to resort to all ors, sheriffs, bailiffs, and other peace legal and constitutional means of main- officers in this part of the United taining a cordial communication of sen- Kingdom, that they do proceed in due timent and co-operation of conduct course of law to apprehend and hold amongst the catholics of Ireland, and to bail all persons against whom inforgenerally of promoting the favourable mation on oath shall have been obtain reception of their petition.

ed of having given or published, or . • Resolved, That until the new caused to be given or published, any committee shall be appointed, the ma- written or other notice of elections to nagement of catholic affairs shall be be holden, or of any manner of apconfided to the catholic peers, baro- pointment of any representative or de nets, and survivors of the delegates of legate for any such assembly as is 1793."

herein before-mentioned, or of having · And whereas there is reason to ap-' yoted, or in any other manner acted, prehend, that some of his Majesty's or who shall be found actually voting, subjects may have already acted, and or in any other manner acting, in the that others may be misled to act in election or appointment of such dele. gates or representatives, that the per. solution of the houses of lords and son or persons so offending may be commons, that “ his majesty is preprosecuted according to law; and in vented by his present indisposition from case an assembly of such delegates coming to his parliament, and from ator representatives shall hereafter at- tending to public business, and that tempt to meet in defiance of the law, the personal exercise of the royal au. and notwithstanding this our procla- thority by his majesty is thereby for mation, that they shall proceed to dis- the present interrupted :" and whereas perse the same as an unlawful assembly, it is indispensably necessary for his mapursuant to the directions of the afore. jesty's service, that the sums granted said statute.”

as aforesaid should be issued and apGiven at the Council Chamber in plied for the purposes authorized by Dublin, the 30th day of July, 1811. the said act; and that for the urgent

MANNERS, E. and pressing demands of the navy it is
WESTMEATH. necessary, in order to prevent the ma.

nifest and serious injury which the ERNE.

public service would sustain if such isCHARLES KILDARE. sue of money were not made, that the CASTLE COOTE. sum of 500,0001. should be forthwith DE BLAQUIERE.. issued for the service of the navy : FRANKFORT. And whereas, during the continuance W. W. POLE. of his majesty's indisposition, and pre. D. LATOUCHE. vious to any authority being obtained S. HAMILTON. by act of parliament to authorize the WM. SAURIN. signature of his majesty's name or the P. DUIGENAN. application of his privy seal, the ordi

nary and accustomed mode of issuing Correspondence between the Lords of money out of the exchequer cannot

his Majesty's Treasury, and the Au- be pursued : and whereas, by the said ditor of the Exchequer, respecting recited act certain sums therein menthe Issue of Money for the Service tioned are directed to be issued and apof the Army and Navy.

plied for and towards making good No. I.-Warrant-500,0001.-Bank the supply granted to his majesty ; and

of England ; on account of the trea, the commissioners of his majesty's treasurer of the navy.

sury, now or for the time being, or any After our hearty commendations : three or more of them, or the high trea

Whereas, by an act passed in the surer for the time being, are or is there. last session of parliament, intituled, by, or by other acts therein recited, “ An act for granting to his Majesty authorized and empowered to issue and certain sums of money.out of the con- apply the same accordingly: These solidated fund of Great Britain, and are therefore, under the particular exifor applying certain monies therein gency of the case, to pray and require mentioned, for the service of the year you to draw an order for paying un1810, and for further appropriating der the governor and company of the the supplies granted in this session of bank of England, upon account of the parliament," the sum of 19,237,9341. Right Honourable George Rose, trea 5s. lld. was granted to his majesty,, surer of his majesty's navy, or of the for and towards the naval services treasurer thereof for the time being, therein more particularly mentioned : any sum or sums of money not exceed and whereas it appears by a joint re- ing in the whole the sum of five hun

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