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and in the usual and accustomed man. applied, under the immediate direction ner.

- and authority of his majesty ; and such XXVII. And be it further enact. persons, so appointed as aforesaid, ed, That the lord high treasurer or shall, before any such money shall be lords commissioners of his majesty's issued to him after the passing of this treasury for the time being shall di. act, take an oath before some one of rect, and they are hereby required an- her majesty's council ( which oath each nually to direct the sum of 60,0001. to of her majesty's said council is hereby be issued out of the monies in the ci- authorised to administer) that he will vil list revenues to the keeper of his faithfully apply and will justly account majesty's privy purse for the time ben to her majesty for the faithful applicaing, in' like manner, and at such times tion of such sums of money so issued and in such proportions as has hereto. to him as aforesaid ; and such persons fore been usual and accustomed in re- so appointed as aforesaid shall from spect to the issue of the sum of time to time, within one month after 60,0001, as aforesaid ; and that the the receipt of every such sum as afore, said keeper of his majesty's privy purse said, render to her majesty a just and shall, and he is hereby authorised and true account of the application there. directed, during the continuance of his of: Provided also, that the remainder majesty's indisposition, out of the mo. of the aforesaid sum of 60,0001, shall nie's só issued to him, to make such be invested by the said keeper of his payments, and issue and apply such majesty's privy purse in some of the sums (not exceeding the sum of 15,4611, public funds, or government securities, in the whole in the year,) to such per- in the name of the keeper of his ma. sons, in such proportions, and at such jesty's privy purse for the time being, times, for such purposes, and on such in trust for his majesty; and that the accounts and in such manner as he hath next surplus of the revenues of the heretofore usually paid, issued, and ap- duchy and county Palatine of Lancasplied the same by the authority and ter shall be from time to time paid un. direction of his majesty ; and the said der the order of the chancellor and keeper of his majesty's privy purse council of the said duchy, into the shall, and he is hereby authorised and hands of the keeper of his majesty's directed to issue and pay to such per- privy purse, whose receipt shall be a sons as her majesty may think proper sufficient discharge for the same, and to appoint for this purpose, out of shall by him be invested in some of the such 60.0001. as aforesaid, such sums public funds or government securities, of money, (not exceeding 42151. in in manner aforesaid ; and that the goeach quarter of the year in the whole, vernor and company of the bank of the first payment whereof shall be England shall place the said several made for the current quarter as soon sums on an account to be raised in the as may be after the passing of this act) books of the said governor and com as her majesty shall, by any order or pany, intituled, “ The Account of the orders in writing made for that pur. Keeper of his Majesty's Privy Purse;"? pose, direct, to be by such persons so and that upon the death or resignation to be appointed as aforesaid paid and of the present and every other keeper applied in such sums and proportions, of his majesty's privy purse hereafter and to such persons and for such pur to be appointed, all and every the said poses, and upon such accounts, and in stock or stocks and sum or sums of guch manner, as the same have been money arising from the dividends which heretofore accustomed to be paid and shall accrue thereon, shall immediately

vest in the successor of the present or reign of his present majesty, intituled, any future keeper of his majesty's “ An act concerning the Disposition privy purse respectively ; and the of certain real and personal Property keeper of his majesty's privy purse for of his Majesty, his Heirs and Succesthe time being is hereby required to sors, and also the real and personal lay out and invest the dividends so ac- Property of her Majesty, and of the cruing as aforesaid from time to time, Queen Consort for the Time being :" in the purchase of other stocks and se- and whereas it is necessary that provicurities on the like account, and that sion should be made for the care of the keeper of his majesty's privy purse the real and personal estate and profor the time being shall from time to perty of his majesty, during his indistime execute declarations of trust of all position, and for the preservation theresuch funds and securities, declaring that of for the use and future disposal of the same are held in trust for his ma- his majesty ; be it therefore enacted, jesty, by instruments to be executed That all persons having the care or under his hand and seal, to be deposit. management of his majesty's real or ed with her majesty.

personal estate or property, or any XXVIII. Provided always, and be part thereof, now vested in any trusit enacted, That the said keeper of his tees for the use of his majesty, shall majesty's privy purse, and such person be and are hereby made and declared so to be appointed as last aforesaid by to be subject to the controul, order, her majesty, shall on or before the first direction, appointment, and removal day of January, 1812, and on or before of the several and respective trustees the first day of January in every suc- of the real and personal estate and proceeding year during the continuance perty of which they are respectively of the act, respectively take an oath in the care and management; and before the barons of the court of Ex- shall from time to time, and whenever chequer, or one of them, in the form required so to do, account to the refollowing:

spective trustees of the several and re“ I, A. B. do swear, That accord. spective parts of the real and personal ing to the best of my knowledge, be- estate and property of which they so lief, or information, no part of the have the care and management, for all money which has been issued to me the rents, issues, profits, dividends, in. for the service of his majesty's privy terests, and sums of money, arising or purse, by virtue of an act intituled, accruing therefrom respectively; and An Act [here insert the title of this shall apply, pay over, lay out, invest, act,] between the first day of January, or otherwise dispose of the same, for

and the first the use of his majesty, in such manner day of January

as shall be from time to time ordered has been applied directly or indirectly and directed by such trustees respecfor the benefit, use, or behoof of any tively, and as to such trustees shall apmember of the House of Commons, pear most adviseable and beneficial for or, so far as I am concerned, applica- the care and improvements of such real ble, directly or indirectly, to the pur- and personal estate and property, and pose of supporting or procuring an in the preservation thereof, for his maa terest in any place returning members jesty's use and future disposal ; and all to parliament.

the real and personal estate and proper“ So help me God.” ty of his majesty, in relation to which XXIX. And whereas an act passed no disposition shall have been made by in the 39th and 40th years of the bis majesty before bis illness, and which

shall not now be vested in any trustee was vested, before the passing of this or trustees for his majesty's use, shall act, or in whom the same is vested by immediately from and after the passing the provisions of this act, shall hold all of this act vest in the queen's most ex. such estates and property for the use cellent majesty, his royal highness the and benefit of his majesty, and preserve regent, and the keeper of his majesty's the produce thereof, and of all rents, privy purse for the time being, as trus issues, profits, dividends, interest, and tees thereof, for the use of his majesty, sums of money, arising and accruing and for the protection and care thereof therefrom, for his majesty's use and during his majesty's illness, and pre- benefit, and for the future disposal of servation thereof for his majesty's use his majesty, in case no disposition shall and future disposal ; and her said ma- have been made thereof by his majesty jesty, and his said royal highness the before his illness; and all such real regent, and the keeper of his majesty's and personal estate and property, and privy purse, may appoint a secretary rent, issues, profits, produce, dividends, and such other persons as may appear interest, and sums of money aforesaid, to them to be necessary for the ma- arising and accruing therefrom, where nagement of and keeping the accounts of no disposition shall have been made of the said trust, with such salaries to by his majesty before his illness, shall, be paid out of the proceeds of the trust if no disposition thereof shall hereafter property, as may appear to the said be made by his majesty, go and be distrustees to be proper; and all persons posed of according to law : provided in the care or management of any real always, that nothing in this act con. or personal estate or property, so vest- tained shall be construed to invalidate, ed in such trustees as last aforesaid, or in any manner to affect any dispo. under this act, shall in like manner as sition which shall have been made, or a foresaid be subject to the order, con- which shall hereafter be made, by his troui, direction, appointment, or re- majesty, by deed, will, or otherwise, moval of such trustees as last aforesaid, of any such property or proceeds there. and shall account to such trustees in of as aforesaid, either before or after like manner as is herein before directed, his majesty's illness, which should have in relation to such real and personal been, or would be a good and valid estate and property as was vested in disposition of such property, if this trustees before the passing of this act; act had not passed. and shall in like manner as aforesaid, XXX. And whereas his majesty apply, pay over, lay out, invest, or hath been accustomed from time to otherwise dispose of the rents, issues, time, by the advice and on the recom. profits, dividends, interests, and sums mendation of the commissioners of the of money, arising or accruing there. treasury, to make grants out of the from respectively, according to the or. droits of the crown and of the admi. der and direction of such trustees as rality to persons concerned or interest. aforesaid : provided always, That alled in the capture of any vessels and dividends arising from any public funds cargoes, or other property, condemn. or securities shall be from time to time ed to or becoming vested in his ma. invested and laid out in the purchase jesty, as droits of the crown or of the of other like funds or public securities, admiralty, or to persons praying for unless any other order or direction relief as of his majesty's bounty in any shall be given by the trustees thereof cases of damage or injury sustained by respectively; and all trustees in whom them on account of or in any manner any real or personal estate or property connected with any capture or price, or occasioned by any engagement with called into activity otherwise than by ships of the enemy; be it therefore the adjudication of the estates of the enacted, That the said regent shall have realm.. full power and authority, by the ad. Those who have maintained a righe vice and on the recommendation of the in the two houses, have admitted the commissioners of the treasury for the expediency of conferring the appointtime being, or any three or more of ment on his Royal Highness the Prince them, out of the droits of the crown of Wales. or the droits of the admiralty, or any Finally, those who deny any posis part or parts thereof, from time to tive legal right, either in the prince time to make any such grants to per- to assume, or the estates to confer the sons concerned or interested in the cap. exercise of the royal authority, do ture of any vessels or cargoes, or other nevertheless approve of the estates ofproperty, which have been or may ferings and of the prince accepting, hereafter be condemned to or become the office of regent on the present mevested in his majesty as droits of his lancholy occasion. crown or of the admiralty, or to any To select, therefore, topics of disperson or persons praying for relief in agreement among men who are disany cases of damage or injury sustain- posed to concur in the practical coned by or on account of any matter or clusion of supplying the defect in the thing arising out of or in any manner exercise of the royal functions, ly a connected with capture or prize, or regent, in the person of his Royal occasioned by any engagement with Highness the Prince of Wales, seemships or vessels of the enemy, in such ed to us repugnant to the maxims manner as his majesty hath heretofore of prudence, and directly at variance by the advice of the said commissioners with those examples of moderation and been accustomed to make any grants temper, which, at remoter periods of of the same.

our history, as well as at the glorious

revolution of 1688, had been held out PROTESTS.

to us by the conciliatory policy and

wisdom of our ancestors. On the Rejection of the previous Ques 2. Because the agitation of the ques. - tion moved on the Second Resolve tion was calculated to produce delay; tion respecting the Regency. and delay in supplying the means of

exercising the royal authority, must : 1. Because it is always unwise, and either be injurious to the public seroften unsafe, to assert abstract prin- vice, or subversive of the constitution ciples, on the truth of which the pro. of this kingdom. For the functions ceeding proposed to be adopted does of the executive government cannot be not exclusively rest, and on the pre- discontinued during a period of ex. sent occasion, it seems peculiarly un. tensive war and great national embare necessary to exact a compliance with rassment, without injury to the public. speculative and questionable premises, welfare ; and the duties of the kingly

to establish a conclusion in which all office cannot, on the other hand, be * seem practically to concur.

discharged by those who usurp the • Those who have regarded the prince royal authority, unsanctioned by the · as having a right to assume the royal laws, the consent of the estates, or the

functions on the declared incapacity knowledge of their sovereign, withof his father, have always held that out imminent danger to the constitu. the exercise of that right could not be tion of the country.


Cumberland Holland

of fraud, as well as the assumption of Clarence

powers not vested by the law and con Kent Lauderdale

stitution of our country in the two Sussex Ponsonby

houses of parliament. Gloucester Bedford

4. Because, though we have heard Charlemont Albemarle

it argued in debate, that the mode as Granard Keith

proposed, of proceeding by bill, affordYarborough Upper Ossory ed stronger security for the concur. Erskine Hastings

rence of his Royal Highness the Prince Fitzwilliam Dundas

of Wales in such measures as the wisHereford Ailsa

dom of the two houses may recommend Thanet Spencer

for the care of his majesty's person, Donoughmore Norfolk

and for the reputation of the regent's Somerset

Say and Sele authority, we have hitherto learned Dutton Rosslyn

from no one, that there existed any Scarborough Grantley

circumstance in the station or characCholmondeley Hutchinson

ter of his Royal Highness the Prince Carlisle

Suffolk and of Wales, which could suggest the Stafford


propriety of desiring stronger secu. rity than our ancestors exacted from

the Prince of Orange, for his concur. On the Rejection of the Amendment to rence in such laws as they deemed nethe third Resolution.

cessary for the maintenance and safety

of the liberties of the people. 1. Because no objection has been 5. Because, if we were capable of urged to the amendment, which does entertaining the unfounded suspicion, not in greater force apply to the ori. that his Royal Highness the Prince of ginal resolution, and to every method Wales had an inclination to withhold that can be devised for supplying the his assent to such measures as the defect of the personal exercise of the two houses of parliament were dispo. royal authority in the present emer- sed to suggest, for the security of his gency.

majesty's person, or for the regulation 2. Because an address, such as is of the regent's authority, we should proposed in the amendment, is con- be of opinion, that his royal highness's formable to the practice of our ances. accepting the power of conducting the tors at the glorious æra of the revolu- government in consequence of an adtion, who, before they declared the dress, in which such regulations are throne to be vacant, requested the stated, would afford better security prince of Orange, by address, to con. than an act of parliament, which, if tinue to administer the government of passed in the manner proposed, must the country; and after declaring the at least appear to us of doubtful effect, vacancy of the throne, did, by decla- after the legislature has declared the act ration, proceed to an immediate revin enacting the attainder of the duke of val of the royal authority.

Norfolk to be void and null the com3. Because an address to his Royal mission under which it was passed not Highness the Prince of Wales is the having been signed by his majesty's most plain, direct, and, above all, ex. hand, or having the usual words indi. peditious method of supplying the de- cating the royal assent. fect in the exercise of the royal autho. Clarence

Norfolk, E. M. rity, and is free from all appearance Kent


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