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the behalf of his majesty to give the and the same are hereby vested in the royal assent to any bill or bills in par. queen's most excellent majesty, during liament for repealing, changing, or in the continuance of his majesty's indisany respect varying the order and position ; and that the sole direction course of succession to the crown of of his majesty's household, except the this realm, as the same stands now es. lord chamberlain of his majesty's house. tablished by an act passed in the 12th hold, the captain of the yeomen of his year of the reign of King William the majesty's guard, and the captain of the Third, intituled, “ An Act for the honourable band of gentlemen pensionfurther Limitation of the Crown, and ers, shall be and is hereby vested in better securing the Rights and Liber. her majesty; and her said majesty shall ties of the Subject ;' or to any act have the full and sole power and aufor repealing or altering the act made thority, by any instrument or instru. in the 13th year of the reign of King ments in writing, signed and sealed by Charles the Second, intituled, “ An her majesty, to nominate and appoint, Act for the Uniformity of Public in case of any vacancies arising by rePrayers and Administration of Sacra- signation or death, all the officers and ments, and other Rites and Ceremo persons belonging co his majesty's nies, and for establishing, the form of household, in the respective departmaking, ordaining, and consecrating ments thereof, whose appointment, no. Bishops, Priests, and Deacons in the mination, or removal have heretofore Church of England:” or the act of the been made by his majesty ; except the 5th year of the reign of Queen Anne, lord chamberlain of his majesty's house. made in Scotland, intituled, “ An Act hold, and the gentlemen and grooms for securing the Protestant Religion and of his majesty's bedchamber, his maPresbyterian Church Government." jesty'sequerries, the captain of the yeo.

XII. Provided also, and be it enact- men of his majesty's guard, and of the ed, That if his said Royal Highness honourable band of gentlemen pensionGeorge Augustus Frederick Prince of ers ; and the nomination and appointWales shall not continue to be resident ment by her majesty, in manner and in the united kingdom of Great Bri. form aforesaid, shall be valid and effectain and Ireland, or shall at any time tual to all intents and purposes, as if marry a papist, then and in either of the same had been made or done by such cases, all the powers and autho. his majesty in the accustomed manner; rities vested in his said royal highness and the several persons so appointed, by this act, shall cease and determine. shall be entitled to the like precedence,

XIII. And whereas it is expedient privileges, salaries, wages, profits, and that the care of his majesty's royal all other emoluments, as the several person should be committed to the persons now holding and enjoying the queen's most excellent majesty, toge same offices are respectively entitled ther with the sole direction of such to: Provided always, That the power portion of his majesty's household as and authority given by this act to her shall be deemed requisite and suitable majesty to nominate and appoint such for the due attendance on his majesty's persons of his majesty's household as sacred person, and the maintenance of are not herein before excepted, shall his royal dignity; Be it therefore en- continue in force until the said Ist day acted, That the care of his majesty's of February, or the expiration of such sacred person, and the disposing, or- six weeks as aforesaid, and no longer : dering, and managing of all matters Provided also, That her said majesty and things relating thereto, shall be, shall not have any power or authority




to remove any officer in any depart. Aylesford, John Lord Eldon, Edward ment of his majesty's household, by Lord Ellenborough, and the Right this act made subject to the nomina. Honourable Sir William Grant; which tion or appointment of her majesty, council shall from time to time meet as who shall have been nominated and ap. her majesty shall be pleased to direct, pointed by his majesty: Provided also, and shall also have power to meet in That until the expiration of such pe- manner by this act directed ; and if it riod as aforesaid, no appointment shall should happen that any of them the be made to the office of lord chamber. said Charles Lord Archbishop of Canlain of his majesty's household, now terbury, Edward Lord Archbishop of vacant, but that all the duties of the York, James Duke of Montrose, said office shall be performed by the George Earl of Winchelsea and Note vice-chamberlain ; and that during tingham, Heneage Earl of Aylesford, such period as aforesaid, no person John Lord Eldon, Edward Lord El. holding the office of gentleman or lenborough, or the Right Honourable groom of his majesty's bed-chamber, Sir William Grant, should depart this or being one of his majesty's equerries, life, or by instrument in writing com: shall be subject to be removed ; and municated to her majesty, signify their no vacancy which shall arise by death intention to decline to act, then and in or resignation of any of the grooms or such case it shall be lawful for the gentlemen of his majesty's bed-cham- queen's most excellent majesty, from ber, or of his majesty's equerries, shall time to time, by an instrument in wri. be supplied or filled up, or any ap. ting, signed and sealed by her majesty, pointment or nomination made to sup. revocable at her will and pleasure, to ply any such vacancy.

nominate and appoint some one person, XIV. Provided always, and be it being or having been a member of his further enacted, That it shall not be majesty's most honourable privy counlawful for any officer in his majesty's cil, to be a member of the said coun. household who is by this act put un- cil, to advise and assist her majesty as der the direction of her majesty, to aforesaid, in the room and place of make an appointment to any office to each and every of the said councillors, which such officer may have the power so departing this life, or declining to of appointment for any longer period act as aforesaid ; which nomination than during his majesty's pleasure and appointment shall be fortbwith

XV. And whereas the execution of certified by an instrument in writing, the weighty and arduous trusts by this signed and sealed by her majesty, to act committed to the queen's most ex- the lords of his majesty's most honour. cellent majesty, may require the assist. able privy council, and shall be enterance of a council, with whom her ma. ed in the books of the said privy coun. jesty may consult and advise ; Be it cil. therefore enacted, That in order to as. XVI. And be it further enacted, sist and advise her said most excellent That each and every member of her majesty, in the several matters afore. majesty's council, shall within the space said, there shall be, during the conti- of, five days after his appointment by nuance of his majesty's illness, a coun- virtue of this act, or by virtue of her ma: cil, consisting of Charles Lord Arch. jesty's nomination and appointment in bishop of Canterbury, Edward Lord manner aforesaid, take an oath before Archbishop of York, James Duke of the lord high chancellor or keeper of the Montrose, George Earl of Winchelsea great seal, or commissioners for keeping, and Nottingham, Heneage Earl of the great seal of Great Britain, or the


lord president of his majesty's privy jesty in the execution of the trusts council, or the chief justice of the court committed to her majesty by this act, of King's Bench, for the time being re. shall, in case such trusts shall then be spectively, or either of them, who are in force, meet on some day in the first hereby severally and respectively requi- week in April, 1811, and some day in red and empowered to administer the the first week of every third month same, when required so to do by any per. thereafter ; and shall, whilst the said son so appointed a memberof her majes, trusts shall continue in force, at every ty's council as aforesaid ; and the per- such meeting declare the state of his son administering such oath, shall give majesty's health at the time of each of to the member of her majesty's coun- such meetings respectively, and shall cil taking the same, a certificate of the forthwith transmit a copy of such des same having been so taken, signed with claration to the president of his majeshis hand; which certificate shall be ty's most honourable privy council, or, forthwith transmitted to his majesty's in his absence, to one of his majesty's privy council, and entered in the books principal secretaries of state, who shall of the said privy council ; and such thereupon cause the same to be insertoath shall be in the form following: ed in the books of the privy council. (that is to say,)

XIX. And whereas it is necessary "I, A. B. do solemnly promise and that effectual provision should be made swear, That I will truly and faithful that his majesty may resume the perly counsel and advise the queen's most sonal exercise of his royal authority, excellent majesty, according to the best as soon as his majesty is restored to of my judgment, in all matters and such a state of health as to be capable things relating to the trusts commit. of resuming the same ; Be it therefore ted to her majesty, touching the care enacted, That when it shall appear to of his majesty's royal person, and the her majesty the queen, and to any four resumption of the personal exercise of or more of the council appointed by the royal authority by his majesty," this act to assist her majesty in the exe.

XVII. And be it further enacted, cution of the trust committed to her That her majesty's council, or any majesty by this act, assembled at any three or more of them, shall have meeting held in pursuance of her mapower and authority at all times, when jesty's royal will and pleasure signifi, they shall judge it necessary, to meet, ed for that purpose, or assembled unand call before them, and to examine der the direction of this act, or in purapon oath, the physicians and all other suance of his majesty's royal will and persons attendant on his majesty, du- pleasure signified to her majesty and ring the continuance of his illness, her council for that purpose, which touching the state of his majesty's council of her majesty is hereby requihealth ; and all matters relating there. red to assemble in the presence of her to; (which oath any member of the majesty, upon his majesty's royal will said council is hereby authorised and and pleasure being signified for that empowered to administer ;) and to as. purpose, that his majesty is restored certain the state of his majesty's health, to such a state of health as to be capaby all such other ways and means as ble of resuming the personal exercise shall appear to them to be necessary of the royal authority, it shall and for that purpose.

may be lawful for her said majesty, XVIII. And be it further enacted, by the advice of any four or more of That three or more of the members of her said council, to notify the same by the council appointed to assist her ma. an instrument under hermajesty's hand, and signed also by the said four or such persons so assembled shall be and more of her majesty's said council, be deemed a privy council for the pur. and addressed to the lord president of pose herein after mentioned, his majesty's most honourable privy XXI. And be it further enacted, council for the time being, or, in his That if his majesty by the advice of absence, to one of his majesty's prin- the six or more of such privy council cipal secretaries of state ; and the said so assembled, shall signify his royal lord president or secretary of state pleasure to resume the personal exershall and is hereby required, on the cise of his royal authority, and to isreceipt thereof, to communicate the sue a proclamation declaring the same, same to the said Regent, and to sum. such proclamation shall be issued ac. mon forthwith a privy council, and the cordingly, countersigned by the said members of his majesty's most honour. six or more of the said privy council, able privy council are hereby required and all the powers and authorities to assemble in consequence of such given by this act shall from henceforth summons; and the said lord president, cease and determine, and the personal or, in his absence, the said secretary exercise of the royalauthority by his maof state, is required, in the presence of jesty shall be and be deemed to be resumany six or more privy counsellors so ed by his majesty, and shall be exercised assembled, to cause the said instrument by his majesty, to all intents and pur. to be entered on the books of the said poses, as if this act had never been made. privy council.

XXII. And be it further enacted, XX. And be it further enacted, That if his Royal Highness George That, if at any time after the said in. Augustus Frederick Prince of Wales strument under the hand of her majes- shall depart this life during the contity, and of four or more of her said nuance of the regency by this act council, shall have been received and established, or cease to be regent un. entered as aforesaid, his majesty shall der any of the provisions thereof, the think proper, by an instrument under lords of his majesty's most honourable his sign manual, to require the lord privy council shall forthwith cause a president of his majesty's most honour- proclamation to be issued, in his maable privy council for the time being, jesty's name, under the great seal of or, in his absence, one of his majesty's the united kingdom of Great Britain principal secretaries of state, to sum- and Ireland, declaring the same : And mon a council in his majesty's presence, if her majesty the queen shall depart consisting of any number of persons this life during the time that the care not less than nine, whom his majesty of his majesty's royal person shall be shall name, and who shall be or shall committed to her majesty according have been members of his majesty's to the provisions of this act, the regent most honourable council, not being shall forthwith order and direct a promembers of her majesty's council, the clamation, under the great seal of the said lord president or secretary of state united kingdom of Great Britain and shall and he is hereby required to sum- Ireland, to be issued and published, mon such persons accordingly; and declaring the same : And in case the as well the said lord president or se- parliament in being at the time of the cretary of state, as the other persons issuing of any proclamation declaring 80 summoned, shall and they are here. the death of the regent or of her man by required to attend at the time and jesty, or at the time of the issuing of place appointed by his majesty ; and any proclamation for the resumption

of the personal exercise of the royal vided nevertheless, that in such case, authority by his majesty, shall then be nothing in this act contained shall exseparated, by any adjournment or pro. tend or be construed to extend to emrogation, such parliament shall forth. power the regent, or the said council, with meet and sit.

to nominate, appoint, or remove any XXIII. Provided always, and be it of the officers or persons of his majesfurther enacted, That in case any such ty's household, by this act made subproclamation as aforesaid shall issue in ject to the nomination, appointment, any or either of such cases as aforesaid, or removal of her majesty, until due at any time subsequent to the dissolu- provision shall have been made by partion or expiration of a parliament, and liament in that behalf. before the day appointed by any writs XXV. And be it further enacted, of summons then issued for assembling That if any person, being a member a new parliament, then and in such of the House of Commons, shall accases the last preceeding parliament cept of any office of profit from the shall immediately convene and sit at crown, by the nomination and appointWestminster, and be a parliament to ment of the regent in the name and on continue during the space of six behalf of his majesty, or of her majesmonths and no longer, to all intents ty the queen during the continuance and purposes, as if the same parliament of the regency hereby established, the had not been dissolved or expired, but election of such member shall be and subject to be sooner prorogued or dis- is hereby declared to be void, and his solved: Provided also, that if any such warrant shall issue for a new election, proclamation as aforesaid shall issue in in the form and like manner as if such any or either of such cases as aforesaid member had been appointed to such upon or at any time after the day ap. office by his majesty. pointed by any writs of summons then XXVI. And be it further enacted, issued for calling and assembling a new That all letters patent, letters of privy parliament, and before such new par. seal, and of other lawful authorities of liament shall have met and sat as a par- what nature or kind soever, then grantliament, such new parliament shall im- ed or issued by his majesty, by reason mediately after such proclamation con- whereof sums of money have been isvene and sit at Westminster, and be sued, or payments of any sums have and be deemed to be a parliament in been directed to be made applicable to being to all intents and purposes un- the use of the queen's civil governder the provisions of this act.

ment, or for the use of any of the XXIV. And be it also enacted, branches of his majesty's royal family; That in case of the death of her ma- the same are hereby enacted to conti. jesty the queen, the care of his majes, nue and remain in full force respecty's royal person, and all and every tively during the continuance of the the powers and authorities in and by regency, and that warrants be grantthis act vested in her majesty touching ed by the lord high treasurer, or the care of his majesty's royal person, lords commissioners of the treasury, and the disposing, ordering, and ma- for the payment of the several sums naging all matters and things relating therein respectively contained ; which thereto, shall be and the same are here- warrants the said lord high treasurer, or by vested in her majesty's council, un- lords commissioners of the treasury, til due provision shall have been made are hereby respectively required to isin relation thereto by parliament: Pro- sue, at the usual and accustomed times,

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