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Frederick Prince of Wales shall have No. I.

full power and authority, in the name

and on the behalf of his majesty, and An Act to provide for the Administra. under the stile and title of “ Regent tion of the Roval Authority and of the united kingdom of Great Bri. for the Care of His Majesty's Roy.

tain and Ireland,” to exercise and adal Person, during the Continuance minister the royal power and authority of his Majesty's Illness ; and for to the crown of the united kingdom of the Resumption of the Exercise of Great Britain and Ireland belonging, the Royal Authority by His Ma

and to use, execute, and perform all jesty.

authorities, prerogatives, acts of go

vernment and administration of the WHEREAS by reason of the severe same, which lawfully belong to the indisposition with which it hath plea- king of the said united kingdom to sed God to afflict the king's most ex. use, execute, and perform ; subject to cellent majesty, the personal exercise such limitations, exceptions, regulaof the royal authority by his majesty tions, and restrictions, as are herein. is for the present so far interrupted, after specified and contained ; and all that it becomes necessary to make pro. and every act and acts which shall be vision for assisting his majesty in the done by the said Regent, in the name administration and exercise of the roy- and on the behalf of his majesty, by al authority, and also for the care of virtue and in pursuance of this act, his royal person during the continuance and according to the powers and auof his inajesty's indisposition, and for thorities hereby vested in him, shall the resumption of the exercise of roy- have the same force and effect to all al authority by his majesty : Be it intents and purposes as the like acts therefore enacted by the king's most would have if done by his majesty himexcellent majesty, by and with the ad. self, and shall to all intents and pur. vice and consent of the lords spiritual poses be full and sufficient warrant to and temporal, and commons, in this all persons acting under the authority present parliament assembled, and by thereof; and all persons shall yield the authority of the same, That his obedience thereto, and carry the same Royal Highness George Augustus into effect, in the same manner and for the same purposes as the same persons aforesaid, or in the care of his majes. ought to yield obedience to and carry ty's royal person, by virtue and in pure into effect the like acts done by his suance, of this act, shall, if done after majesty himself; any law, course of such declaration of his majesty's royal office, or other matter or thing to the will and pleasure, be thenceforth valid contrary notwithstanding.

or effectual. II. And be it further enacted, That IV. Provided always, and be it furas to all authorities given and appoint. ther enacted, That all persons holding ments made in the name and in the be- any offices or places, or pensions, duhalf of his majesty, and all other acts, ring his majesty's pleasure, at the time matters, and things usually done under of such declaration, under any appoint. the authority of the royal sign manual, ment or authority of the Regent, or the signature of the Regent in the form her majesty, under the provisions of following, that is to say, “ George this act, shall continue to hold the same, P. R," or in cases where the royal and to use, exercise, and enjoy all the signature has usually been affixed in powers, authorities, privileges, and emoinitials only, then in the form “G. P. luments thereof, notwithstanding such R.," shall be as valid and effectual, declaration of the resumption of the and have the same force and effect as royal authority by his majesty, unless his majesty's royal sign manual, and and until his majesty shall declare his shall be deemed and taken to be to all royal will and pleasure to the contrary; intents and purposes his majesty's royal and all orders, acts of government, or sign manual, and be obeyed as such. administration of his majesty's royal

III. And be it further enacted, authority, made, issued, or done by That when his majesty shall by the the said Regent, before such declarablessing of God be restored to such tion, shall be and remain in full force a state of health as to be capable of re- and effect, until the same shall be counsuming the personal exercise of his termanded by his majesty. royal authority, and shall have decla- V. Provided also, and be it further red his royal will and pleasure there. enacted, That no acts of regal power, upon, as herein-after provided, all and prerogative, government, or adminisevery the powers and authorities, gi- tration of government, of what kind ven by this act, for the exercise and or nature soever, which might lawfully administration of his royal power and be done or executed by the king's authority, or for the using, executing, most excellent majesty, personally exand performing the authorities, pre- ercising his royal authority, shall, durogatives, acts of government, and ad- ring the continuance of the regency by ministration of the same, which belong this act established, be valid and efto the king of the united kingdom of fectual, unless done and executed in Great Britain and Ireland to use, exe- the name and on the behalf of his macute, and perform, or for the care of jesty, by the authority of the said Rehis majesty's royal person, shall cease gent, according to the provisions of and determine ; and no act, matter or this act, and subject to the limitations, thing, which, under this act, and pre- exceptions, regulations, and restric vious to such declaration might be tions herein-after contained. done in the administration of his ma- VI. And be it further enacted, That jesty's royal power and authority, or the said Regent, before he shall act or in the using, exercising, or performing enter upon his said office of regent, any such authorities, prerogatives, acts shall take the following oaths : : of government, or administration as “ I do sincerely promise and swear,

That I will be faithful and bear true more effectual preserving the King's allegiance to his Majesty King George, Person and Government, by disabling

So help me God.” Papists from sitting in either House “ I do solemnly promise and swear, of Parliament ;" and shall produce a That I will truly and faithfully exe- certificate of his having received the cute the office of Regent of the united sacrament of the Lord's Supper in kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland, any of the royal chapels, signed by the according to an act of parliament passo person administering the same; which ed in the 51st year of the reign of his certificate shall be sufficient evidence Majesty King George the Third, in. of the said Regent's having received tituled, An act [here insert the title the sacrament, and such declaration of this act ; 7 and that I will adminis- and certificate shall respectively be ter, according to law, the power and registered in the books of the privy authority vested in me by virtue of the council. said act, and that I will in all things, . VIII. Provided always, and be it to the utmost of my power and abili enacted, That until after the 1st day ty, consult and maintain the safety, of February, 1812, if parliament shall honour, and dignity of his majesty be then assembled, and shall have been and the welfare of his people. in sitting for six weeks immediately pre

So help me God." vious to the said 1st day of February, « I do faithfully promise and swear, 1812, or if parliament shall be then asThat I shall inviolably maintain and sembled, but shall not have been so sit. preserve the settlement of the true ting for six weeks, then until the expiraprotestant religion with the govern- tion of six weeks after parliament shall ment, worship, discipline, rights, and have been so assembled and been sitting; privileges of the church of Scotland, or if parliament shall not then be asas established by the laws made there sembled, then until the expiration of in prosecution of the claim of right, six weeks after parliament shall have and particularly by an act, intituled, been assembled and sitting, next after “ An Act for securing the Protestant the said 1st day of February, 1812, the Religion, and Presbyterian Church Regent shall not have or exercise any Government," and by the acts passed power or authority to grant, in the in the parliament of both kingdoms name and on the behalf of his majesty, for union of the two kingdoms. any rank, title, or dignity of the peer

. So help me God.” age, by letters patent, writ of summons, Which oaths shall be taken before or any other manner whatever, or to his majesty's most honourable privy summon any person to the House of council; who are hereby required and Lords, by any title to which such per. empowered to administer the same, and son shall be the heir apparent, or to to enter the same in the books of the determine the abeysance of any rank, said privy council,

title or dignity of peerage, which now VII. And be it further enacted, is or hereafter shall be in abeysance, That the said Regent shall, at the time in favour of the coheirs thereof, by of his taking such oaths as aforesaid, writ of summons or otherwise. and before the members of the privy IX. Provided also, and be it further council administering the same, make, enacted, That the said Regent shall subscribe, and audibly repeat the dem not, until after the said 1st day of Fe. claration mentioned in an act made in bruary, 1812, or the expiration of such the 30th year of King Charles the six weeks as aforesaid, have power or Second, intituled, “ An Act for the authority to grant, in the name or on

the behalf of his majesty, any office or sent majesty, intituled, “ An Act for employment whatever, in reversion, or increasing the Salaries of the Chief to grant for any longer term than du. and other Judges of the Courts of ring his majesty's pleasure, any office, King's Bench and Common Pleas, and employment, salary, or pension what of the Chief Baron and other Barons ever, except such offices and employe of the Court of Exchequer in this ments in possession for the term of the Kingdom ;” or to prevent or restrain natural life, or during the good beha, the granting of any pensions out of the viour of the grantee or grantees there. revenues of the British territories in of respectively, as by law must be so the East Indies, under the provisions granted : Provided always, that no. of any act or acts of parliament now thing herein contained shall in any in force, to such persons as may have manner affect or extend to prevent or held the office of chief justice or other restrain the granting of any pensions judge in the supreme courts of judicaunder the provisions of an act passed ture at Fort William in Bengal and at in the 39th year of the reign of his Madras, and the office of recorder of present majesty, intituled, “ An Act Bombay. for the Augmentation of the Salaries X. Provided also, and be it further of the Judges of the Courts in West. enacted, That nothing in this act conminster Hall, and also of the Lords of tained shall in any manner affect or exSession, Lords Commissioners of Jus- tend to prevent or restrain the granting ticiary, and Barons of Exchequer in of any pensions under the provisions Scotland ; and for enabling his Ma- of an act passed in the 41st year of the jesty to grant Annuities to Persons in reign of his present majesty, intituled, certain Offices in the said Courts of “ An Act for the better Regulation Westminster Hall, on their Resignation of his Majesty's Prize Courts in the of their respective Offices ;” and of West Indies and America, and for givanother act passed in the 48th year of ing a more speedy and effectual Exehis present majesty, intituled, “ An cution to the Decrees of the Lords Act for enabling his Majesty to grant Commissioners of Appeals,” and of Annuities to the Judges of the Courts another act passed in the 430 year of Session, Justiciary, and Exchequer of his present majesty, intituled, « An in Scotland, upon the Resignation of Act for the Encouragement of Seatheir Offices ;” and of another act, men, and for the better and more efpassed in Ireland in the 40th year of fectual Manning his Majesty's Navy ; the reign of his present majesty, inti. for regulating the Payment of Prize tuled, “ An Act to enable his Majes- Money, and for making Provision for ty to grant Annuities to the Lord the Salaries of the Judges of the Vice High Chancellor, and to the Judges of Admiralty Courts in the Island of the Court of King's Bench, Master of Malta, and in the Bermudas, and Bathe Rolls, Judges of the Courts of hama Islands ;” and also of another Common Pleas and Exchequer, Judge act passed in the 45th year of his preor Commissary of the Court of Prero- sent majesty, intituled, " An Act for gative, the Judge of the Court of Ad- the Encouragement of Seamen, and miralty, the Chairman of the Quarter for the better and more effectually Sessions of the County of Dublin, and Manning of his Majesty's Navy." Asistant Barristers of the several other XI. And be it enacted, That noCounties, on the Resignation of their thing in this act contained shall extend respective Offices ;” and to amend an or be construed to extend to empower act passed in the 36th year of his pre- the said Kegent, in the name and on

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