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hard blow, but it did not knock him way met the deadly blow, it would down. The prisoner at first had been then have been a case of culpable hoblamed for the fault in the furnace; micide only; but, considering the nabut after the death of his brother, it ture of the provocation ; that the imhad been taken down, and it turned pulse which actuated the prisoner was out that he was not to blame.

not instantaneous ; that he had time James Ritchie corroborated the evi- to cool and think before he seized the dence of the preceding witness. fatal weapon—the conduct that follow

Two surgeons concurred in stating, ed could only be attributed to revenge, that the deceased's death was occa- to a foul intention to commit murder, sioned by the blow which he had recei. As to the plea of self-defence, conclu. ved on the head.

ded his lordship, there was not the After the prisoner's declaration was least ground for it, as it had been disread, several witnesses were examined tinctly proved that, before the prison. on his behalf, who all concurred in er seized the tongs, the quarrel with stating, that the deceased was of a him and his brother had ceased, and quarrelsome disposition : that he had therefore, he had no occasion to fear frequently struck the prisoner, with any bodily harm-the only plea which out any blows being returned ; and could be urged with success in a case that they considered the prisoner to of this nature. be a peaceable and quiet member of The jury returned a verdict of culsociety.

pable homicide. Lord Justice Clerk, in summing up This day the Lord Chancellor and the evidence, said, that he could not Mr Perceval had an interview with pretend to know what might be the the King at Windsor. His Majesty, verdict of the jury; but this be con- upon their entrance, delivered himsidered himself bound to say, that if self to the following effect : “I am they brought in a verdict of total ac- glad to see you, my Lord Chancel. quittal, as had been called for by the lor, and I am happy in saying, that counsel for the prisoner, it would be I can see your features almost as well a sorrowful acquittal for the people of as ever I did. I cannot see Mr Perthis country. The case before them ceval so distinctly ; but I observe his was either a case of murder, or of cul- back is to the window." Upon appable homicide of the highest degree. proaching the window, Mr Perceval It was only by a minute examination turned, and a full light falling on his of all the circumstances attending it, face, his Majesty is said to have addthat the nature of the crime could be ed, “ Aye, now I see Mr Perceval's properly ascertained, and it was to features distinctly.” these alone the jury were called to 28th.-On Monday last, an inquest look. [Here his lordship entered in- was held at Benwell colliery, near to a strict analysis of the evidence.) Newcastle, on the body of James HeIt was his duty, continued his lordship, ron, pitman, who was killed in a quarto tell the jury, that by the law of rel by John Walton, on Saturday this country the present was a case of se'nnight. The deceased and Walton murder. The provocation pleaded had assembled along with other pitwas not such as to justify the weapon men to be bound, and in the course of that had been made use of. Had the the afternoon they had been disputing prisoner struck with his fist, or had about their work. Going home tothe deceased, in the scuffle, fallen back wards the evening, and still quarrelupon the furnace tongs, and in either ling, when they came to the door of Walton's house, they had a scuffle, ving taken something, but she denied which lasted till they got into the it. So convinced, however, was he of house, and then Heron getting clear the fact, that he insisted on her being of Walton, snatched up the poker, searched, and for that purpose went to and struck both him and his wife. call the housekeeper. As he was goWalton, enraged, asked his wife for ing into the back room, he observed his bayonet; but it not being in the the young lady stoop down. He then way, she imprudently gave him a large gọt her up stairs into the dining-room, knife, with which,

in his passion, ħe where the housekeeper searched her, stabbed Heron. The jury, after an and reported to the shopman, that she investigation, which lasted from half could not find any thing upon her, ex. past nine in the morning till half past cept the silk she had purchased. He, seven at night, (10 hours) returned a however, persisted that she must have verdict of wilful murder against John something which she had stolen upon Walton, who is committed for trial. her. The housekeeper proceeded, in

On Friday forenoon, while a poor consequence, to search her under her labouring man was assisting in taking clothes, and found a roll of silk. On down one of the old tenements in the this discovery she burst into tears, fell Luckenbooths, Edinburgh, part of on her knees, and entreated for mercy.

. the building gave way, by which he A messenger was dispatched to Bowwas so much bruised, that, although street for an officer. Humphreys arrimedical assistance was instantly procum ved in a short time, and proceeded to red, he died in twenty minutes after search her again, and found in her bohe was carried to the Royal Infirmary. som a 21. and a 1 l. bank note; but no. He has left a widow, who is now preg- thing of a suspicious nature. She en. nant, and eight children, the eldest of treated forgiveness in the most pathewhom is about twenty-two years of tic and distressing language, assuring age, and is insane, and the family are them it was her first offence, and that in the most abject poverty. A sub- she was of a respectable family; the scription for their relief

is set on foot. prosecutor, however, told her she was Bow-STREET.- On Friday evening in the custody of an officer, and she a young female of very interesting ap- must go before a magistrate. A most pearance, and from the elegance of her affecting scene then took place : she manners, and style of dress, apparently fainted, and fell on the floor. Humof high rank and fashion, underwent a phreys could not move her till he final examination on a charge of shop- threatened to carry her out. He conlifting. The circumstances of her de. veyed her to the office in a coach, On tection were as follows :

her examination, she said her name On Tuesday afternoon, soon after 4 was Willes, and that she lived in a o'clock, when it was dusk, she went court in Holborn. Humphreys en. to the shop of Mr Geare, silk-mercer, quired there for her, but was informed in Hollywell-street, in the Strand, and no such person lived there. purchased silk to the amount of six- At her examination, on Friday, Mr teen shillings, in payment of which she Nares reprobated her conduct, in gitendered a one-pound Bank of Eng- ving a false name and residence : when land note. As the shopman was turn. she acknowledged the charges in a ing round to get change, he observed flood of tears, and said she had done something move on the

counter, which so to avoid the exposure of her family excited his suspicion ; and giving her and herself. There being nothing, the change, he charged her with ha- however, to bring the charge home but


ordered the defendant to pay the full Highness, accompanied by Lords amount of the plaintiff's demand, to. Moira, Dundas, and Keith, arrived in gether with full costs of suit.

the Palace-yard of St James's in his The Royal Navy Asylum, at Green carriage. The guard of the day was wich, under the patronage of govern. drawn out, with the colours flying, ment, is now nearly finished, and has and the drums and fifes playing. The a very elegant appearance when view. Prince was received with the same hoed from Greenwich Hospital. It is nours as his Majesty would have been. at present calculated to contain 1000 His Royal Highness proceeded up the children, but it is proposed to extend grand staircase, and entered the royal the establishment to 2000.

closet. He took his seat in the front 30th.-A fatal pugilistic contest of the right side, when the service of took place on Wednesday se'nnight, at the day commenced, which was read Rollestone, near Burton-upon-Trent, by the Rev. Mr Pridden, as was the in the county of Stafford. On the litany by the Rev. Mr Hayes. On preceding evening, Charles Beale, a' the Bishop of London (the dean of farmer, from Stretton, and Stringer the chapel,) and the Rev. Mr Holmes Tonks, a basket-maker, of Repton, (the sub-dean) entering the altar to having quarrelled, agreed to meet the read the communion service, they turnnext day at Rollestone, to decide their ed to the royal closet, and made obeidispute. The constable of the parish sance to the Prince, in the same manwas present as stake holder. The com- ner that they would have done if the batants fought with a determination King had been there. The sermon was and courage seldom witnessed, until preached by the Rev. Mr Madley, from the 31st round, when Tonks struck the 4th chapter of the Acts of the Beale a dreadful blow under the ear, Apostles, and 12th verse :-“Neither and death terminated the fight. is there salvation in any other : for.

31st.-QUALIFICATION OF THE RE- there is none other name under HeaGENT.—On Saturday it was communi- ven given among men, whereby we cated at the Lord Chamberlain's office, must be saved." and to those who have the manage- After which the anthem of « God ment of the Chapel Royal, that it was is our hope and strength," was sung. the intention of his Royal Highness At the conclusion of the anthem, the the Prince of Wales to receive the sa- organist struck up a solemn voluntary crament yesterday at the Chapel Royal, on the organ; and at a quarter past St James's, agreeably to the directions two o'clock his Royal Highness deof the bill, to qualify him to take up- scended from the royal closet, followon himself the office of Regent. It ed by the above three noble lords up was signified that it was his Royal the aisle of the chapel; his Royal High. Highness's wish to be received in as ness took his seat under the canopy, private a manner as possible ; however, and the three lords took their seats on it was thought some preparation was the opposite side of the altar. The necessary, and a number of workmen dean, after taking the sacrament himwere employed to affix a crimson velvet self, administered it to his Royal Highcanopy at the left side of the altar, ness, to the three noble lords, and Mr which was always prepared when their Madley, who had preached. At the Majesties were in the habit of attend- conclusion of the service, the dean ing at that chapel to receive the sacra- bowed to his Royal Highness, who ment.

then left the altar; and when he got About twelve o'clock, his Royal into the aisle, he turned and bowed to

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the dean and sub-dean, as did the no- ascertained that the stays and other ble lords. On his Royal Highness's property had been stolen from a shop leaving the chapel to get into his car- in Cranbourn-alley, which had been riage, he was received with the same broken open a short time since ; they military honours as when he entered; in consequence returned to the house, and the yard was nearly filled with when they found the occupier had abspectators, who greeted his Royal scanded : they, however, seized the Highness with acclamations, and cheer- stays, &c., and they have since been ed him with huzzas as he left it, identified as the same stolen from the

On Monday morning, as the cap- shop in Cranbourn-alley. A relative tain of a Dutch vessel, which had of the pretended pastry cook has been wrecked on her passage from Os. since applied to the stay-maker, offer. tend, was enquiring his way in West- ing him a sum of money not to appear minster for the Alien office, he unfor- against his relative, for which he has tunately enquired of some sharpers, been held to bail. who informed him he was too early to On Friday last, a servant girl of obtain a passport, the office not being Lieut. Col. Kent's, at the army depot, open ; and prevailed on him to go with Isle of Wight, poisoned herself by tathem into a public house in Charles- king arsenic. It appeared in evidence street, where they were joined, as usual, she was five months with child, and it by another of their gang; and contri- is thought she only meant to destroy ved by play, and borrowing money, to the child. She told the surgeon who defraud him of 351.

attended her she took it on purpose to On Tuesday, four women and two destroy herself. The jury, after a few men, concerned in the robbery of Mr minutes consideration, returned a vera Read, the jeweller, in Jermyn-street, un- dict of felo-de-se, and she was buried derwent an examination before Mr Col- in the high-road near the barracks. quhoun, at Queen-square office, when A family, consisting of an elderly it appeared in evidence, that a search woman, two smart young females, and warrant had been obtained against a a servant, who lately occupied a house house kept by a man near St Ann's at Richmond-place, Brighton, has sudChurch, which had the appearance of denly disappeared, leaving all their bills a pastry-cook's shop, where it was with between twenty and thirty tradessuspected some of Mr Read's jewel people (some of which are to a consilery-goods had been sold. On search- derable amount) undischarged. They ing, about a hundred pairs of stays went by the name of Hill. were found, also quantities of jean and The following ludicrous circumcalico ; but none of the articles stolen stance occurred on Tuesday week at. from Mr Read's shop. There was Bristol :-A couple of Jews being apvery little appearance of the regular prehended in the act of stealing several trade of a pastry-cook being carried articles from the stable of the White on, but there were strong suspicions of Hart Inn, were hauled into the yard its being used as a receptacle for stolen bytwo stout fellows, whither the whole property. The master of the house fraternity of the currycomb were imstated the stays and other goods to mediately summoned. The long beards be the property of a bankrupt ; with of these disciples were then stuck to which statement the officers executing gether with pitch (their hands being the warrant were satisfied, and did not previously tied behind them ;) and take the man into custody. In a short while thus face to face, a profusion of time after they left the house, they snuff, mixed with hellebore, was admi.

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