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insult to injury. He farther stated to Sir given to Sir Thomas' solicitor, and the Thomas, that he had repeatedly applied farther examination was postponed at to Mr Perceval for a situation under go- half-past eleven. vernment; that he had offered to leave Mr Read enquired of the prisoner if he his home, his dear wife, and children, and had any question to ask, or any thing to to meet the dangers and difficulties of the say; but, without taking his hands from world in foreign cliinates; but that lat- his face, where he had placed them during terly Mr Perceval had returned no answers the whole time, he answered “No, sir." to his letters. After the last letter, and He bowed respectfully to the magistrates one or two others of less importance, had when he retired from the bar. been read, Sir Thomas Ploiner signed his Mr Read suggested, that as the prisoner deposition, and retired.

had been searched, and all his money had The next witness examined was Sir been taken away, that a small sum should Thomas's solicitor, who stated, that he be given him for present purposes. The accompanied the police-officer to Fal prisoner was immediately supplied with mouth, and found the prisoner at an inn four pounds by Sir Thomas's solicitor.

there, at breakfast; and on seeing the i prisoner, he said to him, “ I suppose you EXECUTION.-The execution of the

know my business with you ?” to which four mutineers and murderers belong. be answered in the affirmative. He (the ing to the Diana and Growler, sentensolicitor) then asked him to retire into a

ced by a court-martial, on Friday the back parlour with him and the officer, which he did. The deponent desired him

13th instant, on board the Salvador to give up all he had. His answer was, that del Mundo, in Hamoaze, took place he had very little; but on being inform on Saturday, on board the Diana fri. ed by the deponent that he knew every cir- gate, lying in Plymouth Sound. At cumstance of the transaction, he stated, ten o'clock the solemn gun fired on that he had only some foreign money, and board the Salvador, whence the prisome bullion. This, he said, was in his soners proceeded to the Diana, when trunks; which the deponent sent for, and an

and another gun was fired on their being dow produced the contents of them. The foreign money consisted of 10,000 and

boats from all the fleet were ordered odd pounds worth sterling, purchased into

alongside the Diana, for their crews the American funds; and with it were alongside t blank transferable warrants. The bullion to witness the awful scene. A consiwas in a bag, which the deponent, on se- derable time was spent in prayer, and curing, put his seal on. The packet was at half past one p. m. the culprits now, by order of the magistrates, opened. 'were turned off, two at the starboard It consisted of doubloons, 71 in number, and two at the larboard fore yard. one half-doubloon, and other Spanish and

arm ; another gun was then fired on Portuguese money, amounting in all to

to board the Diana, which was repeated about 300). A small dressing-case was next produced by the deponent, which con

by the Salvador. They remained sụs. tained nothing but the usual articles, and a pended one hour and five minutes, few ends of cheques which had been used. when the bodies were taken down,

The magistrates enquired if his person and sent to the hospital for dissection. had been searched, as there were still, 17th.-DAVENPORT SEDLEY.-Poupwards of 5,000l. unaccounted for. Be- pular curiosity, which, it has been justing informed by Sir Thomas's solicitor ly said, is as much awakened to behold that it had not, the prisoner was ordered from the bar for that purpose. On his

the perpetrator of the worst as the return, he wept bitterly. There were

ere performer of the most glorious actions,

perio found in his possession, forty-seven pounds was, on Saturday morning, excited in in Bank of England notes, and some sil- a very considerable degree. The Old ver; which, with, the American stock, Bailey was the scene of attraction. the bullion, and other loose articles, were Thither a great number of persons

proceeded, from various parts of the few instances lately, in Westminster metropolis, anxious to procure a view and Middlesex, the pickpockets have of the celebrated Davenport Sedley, been a little cautious in committing who was there destined to undergo the their depredations in those parts; but sentence of the pillory, which formed their robberies in other quarters have a portion of the punishment awarded been most audacious. him, in consequence of his conviction Wednesday, about one o'clock, the for a conspiracy to defraud the Mar- conduct of a gang of pickpockets, in quis of Headfort.

the Poultry, was so audacious as to ex. About 12 o'clock, Marshal Holds. ceed all we ever heard of. As Mr Tate, worth appeared on the field, attended of Salisbury-Street, in the Strand, by several of his assistants, and ha- was passing there, he took out his ving inspected the preparations, at watch to ascertain the hour, when a half past 12 he gave notice that all fellow instantly inade a snatch and got was in readiness. Mr Davenport Sed. hold of the seals and chain. Mr T. ley immediately made his appearance ; of course resisted; the robber, howhe who had revelled in the company of ever, kept fast hold. Mr T, knocked barons, counts, and marquisses, was him down; notwithstanding he would now accompanied by a few peace offi- not let go the chain. Mr T. knocked cers, and Jack Ketch's deputy, who, him down a second time, the villain like other deputies, has a small share still keeping hold of the chain. A of the profits, and a great share of the man then caine up, said he was a conlabour. Mr Sedley ascended, but so stable, and would take the fellow to metamorphosed, that we do not think the Compter; and another, to appearit possible his most intimate associate ance a gentleman, said he had been a through life would have recognised witness to the infamous transaction, him. Instead of his own hair, which and would attend at the Compter, and he usually wore highly powdered, with they both wept off with him. Mr.T. a peculiar description of tail, tied in followed coolly after. When he came the centre by a small bit of ribbon, to the Compter, he was informed no flowing down his back, he now appear- such persons had been there, and it is ed in a brown bob, which came far over not doubted but they all belonged to his face. His visage appeared as if the same gång. stained, and his eye-brows were evi- The Mausoleum at Windsor, which dently coloured. A loose brown was begun by Cardinal Wolsey, has great-coat covered him to his mid- lately been finished, agreeably to the leg, and white silk stockings and dress directions of his majesty; and the reshoes completed a figure as outre as mains of the late Princess Amelia have ever appeared upon that or any other been removed into it, according to the stage. On some mud being thrown at original intention, in as private a manhim, two boys were taken into custo- ner as possible. The Dean of Wind. dy by order of the marshal. In about sor and two of the canons attended on half an hour after, one of the sheriffs the occasion, ordered his wig to be taken off, which, The African fair one, who has so being done, the populace gave three greatly attracted the notice of the cheers at the sight of his powdered town, hitherto designated by the mishead, and pelted him until it was not nomer of the Hottentot Venus, is sta. distinguishable from a lump of mud. ted to have been baptized on Sunday

19th.PICKPOCKETS.--Since the week last, in the collegiate church at police act has been put in force, in a Manchester, by the name of Sarah



Bartmann. The damsel, it is said, has her's, which contained Spanish, Eng. picked up some cash, and may become lish, and other coins to a considerable a desirable object in the eyes of some amount. Mrs H. had some conver. of our minor fortune-hunters. sation with her cousin Pedro Casner,

Bow-STREET.-On Saturday even- and from his language and manners, ing, between five and six o'clock, a fire she suspected he knew something of con'was discovered in the bed-room of Mrs veying the property away. She in conFrederica Hath, a Spanish lady, in sequence went to consult a gentleman Lower Brook Street, Islington. Mrs who resides a short distance from her. H. was sitting in her drawing-room at During her absence from home, Pedro the time the alarm was given ; she ran Casner got out of a window, and made 'out in the greatest alarm, but by the his escape out of the house. Taun. exertions of the neighbours, the fire ton was sent for again in consequence, was extinguished, after burning the and he went to Mrs H.'s house early on bed and wainscot of the room, &c. . Monday morning. No person there

During the time the property in the could give him the least information,

lower part of the house was taken out or even suspicion, what had become of -- for security, Mrs H.'s two children him; however, in conversation he learnt

were taken out, and taken care of by that he had been at school since he had Pedro Casner, a youth about 18 years been in England. Taunton in conseof age, Mrs H.'s cousin, who has resi- quence went among the scholars, and ded with her since she has been in this found one who was still intimate with country. Just as the fire was got un- Pedro Casner, who told him he knew der, Mrs H. enquired for the safety of that Casner visited a female in the a large tin box, which was in her bed- neighbourhood of the City-road, but room, containing 114 dollars, 44 rix- neither knew the name of the street, dollars, and 70 pieces of valuable sil. the house, or the name of the female. 'ver-plate. Every person who had as- However, he accompanied the officer, sisted in getting the fire out, being all and pointed out Trafalgar-Street; and

of the highest respectability, declared Taunton, by perseverance and enquiry, , that they had seen no such thing in learnt there were two houses in the

the room, nor had it been brought street where females reside who saw down stairs. Every possible enquiry company; and the first house he callwas made respecting the box, but no ed at he was so fortunate as to meet trace of it could be found ; and the with the young gentleman in company 'contents being of considerable value, with some girls. On his seeing Tauninformation was sent off with all speed ton enter the room, knowing his perto the public office, Bow-Street, when son, he instantly took a small penknife, *Mr Read dispatched Taunton to make and stabbed himself in the throat. The

enquiries, and to exert himself for the officer seized his hand to wrest the * recovery of the property, which the knife from him, but he so violently officer accordingly did. During that resisted, that both their hands were night and on Sunday, he searched the severely cut before the knife could be servants, their boxes, &c., but could got from Casner, Taunton found annot find any thing of a suspicious na- other knife upon him, which he had ture, in

no doubt, had he used it in stabbing On Sunday evening, after Taunton himself, that it would have proved fawas gone, it was discovered that an- tal. A surgeon was called in, and other writing desk, very much resem. there is every reason to believe that bling her's, had been substituted for the wound Casner inflicted upon hin. self would soon be cured. After Cas- tom, he said that murderers were in ner was properly secured, Taunton the house, committing dreadful acts of searched the house, and found the tin blood on the whole family.-An alarm box and desk containing the whole, of was instantly given, and the doors the above valuable property, except a broke open-when, horrid to relate ! trifle he had expended upon the girls. the master and mistress of the house, He also found a watch, a purse con- and the servant maid, were all found taining three guineas, twelve half-gui- murdered.--Mr and Mrs Williamson neas, twelve-seven-shilling-pieces, &c. were characters highly respected in the In the desk were seventeen dollars, neighbourhood, and for the space of three half-dollars, heighteen half-gui- fifteen years kept the house in the neas, ninety-four seven-shilling-pieces, most orderly manner, notwithstanding and a number of other coins. He had it was the resort of foreigners of every told the girls he was going to return description. At eleven o'clock every to Spain, and would lodge with them night they invariably closed up their for a few days previous to his sailing. house. On Thursday night last Mr

Monday evening he underwent an Williamson adopted his usual plan. examination before Mir Read, when Ten minutes before eleven, Mr Anthe above circumstances were proved derson, a particular friend to Mr and against him; and it is strongly sus. Mrs Williamson, called for a pot of pected, that, although he was cherish. beer at that time. Mrs W. drew the ed and supported in the bosom of his beer, and said to Mr Anderson, “ you own relations, and at their table, he shall not carry the beer home,I will was base enough to set fire to the pre- send it.” During the time she was mises, having previously conveyed away drawing the beer, Mr W. who was the property.

sitting by the fire, said to Mr Ander. · The examination lasted upwards of son, “ You are an officer, there has two hours, after which he was com- been a fellow listening at my door, mitted for farther examination. with a brown coat on; if you should

On the scite of a beautiful little see him, take him into custody, or tell mansion called O. P. Cottage, lately me,” Mr A. answered, “ he certainerected by Mr T: W. Smith, of Win. ly would, for his and his own safety." chester, stood an old house, which was These were the last words Mr Anderformerly said to be haunted. A few son mentioned, and then retired, leav. days ago, as some labourers were dig. 'ing only a lodger in the house. The ging for the foundation of a tenement beer was then sent by the deceased's hard by, they discovered a human ske. servant, and she returned before Mr

A. left the house. After this, it is 27th.-OTHER DREADFUL, MUR- supposed the lodger, John Turner, DERS. Three fresh murders were went to bed. Mr Anderson lives next committed on Thursday night, at No. door but one to the deceased; between 81, New Gravel-lane, not two mi. twenty and thirty minutes after he left nutes walk from the former scene the King's Arms, he intended to go of blood in Ratcliffe-Highway ! !- for another pot of beer; as soon as he Between eleven and twelve o'clock got out of his house, he heard a noise, the neighbours were alarmed by a when he saw the lodger lowering him. cry of murder, from a person in his self down into the street, by the sheets shirt, who was seen descending from a being tied together, and which were two pair of stairs window by the sheets fastened to the post of the bedstead. of his bed. On his reaching the bot. Mr Anderson then ran into the house


for his sword and staff, and proceeded lodged in the house." I went to bed to the spot. The watchman caught about five minutesbefore eleven o'clock. the lodger in his arms, when Mr An. I had not been in bed more than five derson, a butcher with an axe, and a or ten minutes before heard the cry man with a poker, broke the cellar- " We shall be all murdered," which flap open. They all then entered, and I suppose was the cry of the woman began to look round the bar-cellar; servant. I went down stairs, and saw on coming to the staircase, they saw one of the villains rifling Mrs WilliamMr Williamson lying on his back, son's pockets. I immediately ran up with his legs upon the stairs, his head stairs, took off the sheets from my bed, downwards; by his side was an iron fastened them together, and lashed instrument, similar to a stone-mason's them to the bed-posts : I called to the crow, about three feet long, in diame- watchman to give the alarm ; I was ter three quarters of an inch, it was hanging out of the front window by much stained with blood. Mr W, the sheets; the watchman received me had received a wound on the head, his in his arms, naked as I was ; a great throat was dreadfully cut, and his right mob had then assembled opposite the leg also was broke by a blow, and his door ; as soon as I got upon my legs, hand severely cut, From these marks the door was forced open : I entered, of violence, it is supposed Mr W. made and found the bodies lying as described. great resistance, being a very powerful There was nobody lodged in the house man. While Mr Anderson was view- but myself, except a grand-daughter ing the body, with petrified feelings, of Mrs Williamson. I have lived in the party heard a voice saying, “Where the house about eight months, and duis the old man ?" The words proceed- ring that time I have found them the ed from the persons who had entered most peaceable people that could keep in at the front door. At these words a public house. The man whom I the party in the cellar proceeded into saw rifling Mrs Williamson's pocket, the sitting-room, where they saw Mrs as far as I could see by the light in Williamson lying on her left side ; her 'the room, was about six feet in height, skull was fractured, and her throat dressed in a genteel style, with a long cut, bleeding most profusely; near to dark loose coat on. I said nothing to Mrs Williamson was the servant wo. him ; but, terrified, I ran up stairs, man, lying on her back, supposed to and made my escape as already menhave been in the act of laying the fire for tioned. When I was down stairs, I the following morning, as her feet were heard two or three very great sighs ; found under the grate; her skull was and when I was first alarmed, I heard more dreadfully fractured than that of distinctly the wordsm" We shall all her mistress-her throat most inhu- be murdered.”_Turner further de. manly cut to the neck bone.—The poses, that when he went up to bed house was searched, and it was dis- there was no person in the house but covered that the murderers had made the family and himself; and Mrs Wiltheir escape through the back window liamson at that time was on the stairs, which leads to the London Dock Com- taking up a silver punch-ladle and a pany's premises. The shutters were watch, which was to be raffled for on marked with blood, and the window Monday next, into her bed room, for left open ; the murderers had jump- sccurity. ed about eight feet into the vacant - The grand-daughter alluded to in space at the back of Mr Williamson's Turner's evidence was so affected, that house.

the magistrates asked her but few Deposition of John Turner, who questions.

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