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name of Richard. In consequence of his with complacency on a celebrated story, several of the inhabitants went to achievement, of which he shared the assist the family. They found Madelaine glory of a great brother drinker: they house, with a large knife in her hand, with consumed, without any assistance whatwhich she threatened to kill any one that ever, no less than ten gallons of brandy should approach her. The darkness of the in three days. This man could night, and the terror inspired by so dreadful have gained celebrity, had it not been a sight, paralyzed the courage of these men; for the culpable facility with which they durst not advance and seize her. In marriages are celebrated in Scotland; their presence, Madelaine Albert took from for a more unpolished and rough being her mother's pocket the key of a cup- in his manners never existed. board, opened it, took out the money that was in it, and went out of the house, with- the sessions for the trial of offences

ADMIRALTY SESSIONS.— Yesterday out any of the spectators having the courage to seize her or follow

her. It is supy the jurisdiction of the Admiralty of

committed on the high seas, within posed that she is gone towards Riom or Clermont; the gens-d'armerie are in pur. England, commenced before Sir Wil. suit of her. I have the honour to be, &c. liam Scott, Lord Chief Baron Sir A.

“SARTICES.” Macdonald, and Sir Simon Le Blanc. 23d. - The Regency Bill finally pass- Giuseppi Maini was indicted for the ed the House of Commons this day, wilful murder of Luigi Ferrari, on the was carried up to the House of Lords, 16th of July, 1810. and read a first time.

Several witnesses were examined, THE GRETNA-GREEN PARSON.- the


of whose evidence was as Thursday se'nnight died, at Gretna- follows -The prisoner, the deceased, green, aged 79, Joseph Paisley, the and several other persons, Italians by Gretna-green parson. He was born birth, being taken prisoners of war in at Kirkandrew-upon-Esk, in Cumber- the French service, left Gibraltar on land, and early in life was bound an ap- the 15th of July last, on board the prentice to a tobacconist; which avo- transport the Kingston packet, for cation requiring sobriety and attention, England. On the 16th of July, in ill accorded with the lax disposition of the afternoon, the ship being then at Paisley. He soon left this trade, to sea, the prisoner and some of his comfollow the employment of a fisherman, rades were making soup on deck, in and he was allowed by his contempora- which occupation they were disturbed ries, from his uncommon strength and by the ship's cook, who threw some agility, to be the most expert man in water on the fire and put it out, forthe use of the litter, for the destruc- bidding them at the same time from tion of salmon, and he endured every having fire at that late hour. This kind of fatigue better than


other occasioned considerable discontent aHis conversation never turned

mongst the prisoners, and drew from upon religious subjects; his delight was Maini, in particular, strong expressions in talking of juvenile feats of activity, of displeasure. The deceased, who and about brandy, and the immense previous to this was below deck, came quantities he could have drank of that up, and reproached the prisoner with stimulant without feeling the smallest being a very quarrelsome, riotous feleffects from intoxication. He was ac. low, and that there was no pleasing customed to relate, in the presence of him ; upon which an altercation enconcurring witnesses, that he frequent. sued between them, aggravating words ly swallowed a pint of unadulterated produced blows, and a furious conflict brandy at one draught. He dwelt took place, in which the prisoner bit the side of the deceased with his teeth, ary, 1809. His grace devised all his and the latter seized the other with freehold and copyhold estates to Lord the same weapons by the cheek, which and Lady Yarmouth for their lives, he held for some time, until he produ- and the life of the survivor of them, ced blood. The prisoner before he and after their death to Frances, daughwas released said to the deceased, that ter of the said Lady Yarmouth, then if he would but let go his cheek, they of the age of eleven years, or there. should be brothers, and he would beat abouts, and the children of the said him, the deceased, no more ; their mu- Lady Yarmouth, born or to be born, tual friends interfered and separated and their heirs for ever; and he apthem, and they all went below, the pointed Sir James Montgomery, Bart., quarrel between them being apparent. Edward Bullock Douglas, Esq., and ly settled. As soon, however, as they William Murray, Esq., executors. He got below, the prisoner went to his directed all legacies to be paid within bed, and seized a clasped knife which three months after his decease, and all had been lying thereon the whole annuities to be paid half-yearly; and morning, opened it behind his back, he directed his executors, out of his and in two, three, four, or five minutes, personal estate, to invest in their names as the witnesses severally described the as much stock as would be sufficient transaction, advanced two or three for the payment of the annuities. The paces towards the deceased, and stab- will is witnessed by Mr Marrofield, bed him on the right breast immedi- the duke's solicitor, and two of his ately under the nipple. The deceased clerks. groaned aloud, staggered about ten The probate stamp, the highest on



feet, and fell lifeless into the arms of his, the scale, is 60001. This is independent companions.

of the legacy tax of ten per cent., which The prisoner put in a written de will attach upon the whole, both of fence in English, and denied any ma- the legacies and the annuities ; and the licious intentions towards the deceased, amount of which may be estimated by alleging, that having been eating his the following statement of his codicils, dinner when the scuffle commenced, which were thirty-five in number. he had his knife in one hand, and that

BEQUESTS BY THE CODICILS. when he was thrown down by the de

Annuity. Legacy. ceased, the latter fell upon his knife, Burrel, and thus the accident was produced. Brown, Rt., He called a witness, who had been a Bissot, fellow soldier and a countryman of his Craufurd, Col. Robt.,

10,000 in the French service, to prove that he

Corri, Mrs,
Connor, Miss,

2,000 was of a quiet, peaceable temper, and Craufuru, Lt. Gen. Chas., that the deceased was quite of a con- Douglas, Col.,

10,000 trary disposition.

Douglas, Capt.,


Dicke, Andrew, The jury retired for about half an

5,000 hour, and found the prisoner guilty of Dincon, Chas

. (U. B.)

Dickson, Col. Wm., manslaughter only; and the court sen- Douglas, Edw. Bullock,

100,000 tenced him to pay a fine of one shilling Ditto,

50,000 to the king, and to be imprisoned 12 Ditto, ditto, books, pictures, calender months in Newgate.

&c. Picadilly and Richmond. 24th. - The Duke of Queensberry's Douglas, Major,

10,000 will only received the seal this day.

Darton, Madame,

1,000 The will is dated the 16th of Janu. Elliot, Mrs,

5,000 50,000










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200 500 200 500 200


Annuity. Legacy. one, with benefit of survivorship; if Elizee, Pere,

£5,000 both die under twenty-one, then Lady Fincastle, Lady Susan,


Yarmouth and her youngest son. Fitzpatrick, Gen.,

500 1,000

Weekly allowances to poor persons Goodison, Rd.,

1,000 Gummar, Mich., .

in London, Richmond, and New-MarGordon, Lord Wm.,"

2,000 ket, amounting to 3001. a-year, to be Gordon, Lady Wm.,

10,000 continued, with wages to old Joe, the Hamilton, Lady Ann,


gardener, Hamilton, Roy, F.,

10,000 Haydon, George,

151. 123.

DUBLIN.-On Sunday night last, a Herrenswand,

party of armed ruffians entered the Hamilton, Lady,

1,000 house of Daniel Hurley, of Kilmore, Jackson, Mark, porter,

and forcibly carried away Eleanor James, Haughton, Ketteridge, John,

Hurley, his daughter. By his examiLock Hospital,

nation it

that Michael Ryan, Montgomery, Sir Jas., .

10,000 commonly called Sclug, a notorious Montgomery, Lady Eliz., 10,000 robber, and Timothy and Cornelius Murray, Wm.,

5,000 Ryan, his brothers, were principally Martinville, Madame,


concerned, and the only persons he Negrini, Angelo,

100 Picton, Major-Gen.,


knew. Lieutenant Neville Wayland, Roselli,


of the Ballintemple infantry, having Radford, John,


heard of it soon after, took three yeoWith his horses and carriages, &c.

men with him to the cross-roads near at London and Richmond.

Lacken, in hopes that they might meet Rettig, Fred., Robertson, Cath.,

the party on their return. In about Ranault, Countess D.,

5,000 half an hour, hearing the noise of the Sims, Christopher, a foot

horses coming at a great rate, he divi. man,


ded his littl

party two at each side of Ditto,


the road, and desired they should on Sam, a footman,

200 Somerset, Duchess,


no account fire until they were fired at. Shellis, Janet,

On their coming up, (consisting of five Sal Pietro, M.,


horses and about six or seven men), Sidmouth, Lord.,

5,000 he advanced and desired them, in the Sharp, Col. Matthew,

10,000 St George's Hospital,


king's name, to stop and surrender Thomas, Col.,


10,000 themselves, which they instantly anWoodford, Captain, 5,000 swered with three shots at the

yeomen: Wraxall, Mr,

1,000 one of the foremost presented a bright Wraxall, Mrs,

1,000 blunderbuss at Lieutenant Wayland, Walker, Martha,

51. 53. Veitch, Mr,


so near that the flash threw light on Yarmouth, Earl,

50,000 his face, but fortunately burned priYarmouth, Lady,

50,000 ming only, or his head would have been Ditto,

50,000 blown to atoms. Several shots were and houses in Piccadilly

fired on both sides, but the yeomen's and Richmond, and stables in Brick-street, to her

with more effect, for one of the ruffians Ladyship’s separate use,

dropped off his horse ; the others made Lady Yarmouth's daughter, 50,000 their escape, the lieutenant and his Lord Yarmouth's youngest

party being on foot, and it being about son,

one o'clock in the morning. This The residue of personal estate to wretch, though mortally wounded, Lady Yarmouth's daughter and Lord got on his knee, and swore he would Yarmouth's youngest son, at twenty- have a yeoman's life, but was unable


to present his blunderbuss, his arm 26th.-On Thursday, a party of being broken. He would not tell his the Wexford militia, consisting of a name, and desired he might be thrown corporal and four men, on their return into a ditch, and the dirt thrown over after escorting a deserter from Clonhim, and nothing said about it. He mel to Fermoy, were attacked in their died soon after, and the body was con- way to Cloghean by a multitude of veyed to Dundrum. He proved to country people, some of whom were be Edmund Ryan, of Donohill, flax- provided with fire-arms, and the redresser, a deserter from Sir Thomas mainder furnished with cudgels, stones, Fitzgerald's regiment, and one of the &c. They instantly demanded the most determined wicked fellows in the arms from the military, and proceeded country.

to enforce their order with all their Vast crowds came to view the body force, when the soldiery were at length on Monday, which was permitted, in obliged, in self-defence, to fire on their hopes it might have a proper effect on assailants, of whom three were mortal. the people. Lord Hawarden, who was ly wounded. at Mr William Cooper's, at Cashel, Early on Monday morning, the hobeing sent to early that day, came nourable Mr Verson's game-keeper, out, and took a party of the Ballintem- accompanied by two assistants, surpriple cavalry, with Mr William Cooper, sed a gang of poachers in one of the a magistrate, and scoured the country, woods of Stainbro' Park, Yorkshire, as far as Cappagh, after the runaways, shooting pheasants. The villains imuntil a late hour that night, and also mediately fired upon them, and woundthe next day, but without success. ed the three-the game-keeper in his The friends of the deceased having ap. hand, the landlord of the inn at Slainplied to his lordship for the body, he bro' dangerously in the back, and the said he would give it up if the girl was third man in the arm (so that it has sent home by Wednesday; which not been found necessary to amputate it), being done, his lordship brought out and then escaped, a guard of the Fermanagh from

Cashel, A most daring attempt was made and had the body conveyed to Cashel, by a party of country people at Clonand buried near the jail.

deralaw Bay, to take possession of the 25th.-A horrid murder was com- American ship Romulus, on the night mitted in the night of Tuesday se'ns of the 8th instant. They assembled night, near Causheen, county of Clare, at about ten in the evening, to the on James O'Brien : the deceased, in amount of between two and three huncompany with his son, returning to- dered, and commenced a firing of muswards home, was fired at by some un- ketry, which they kept up at intervals known assassin, who lay in conceal- for three hours; when, finding a steady ment for him, near his own dwelling, resistance from the crew and guard of when the unfortunate man received the yeomanry, which had been put on the contents of a loaded musket, and in- vessel on her first going ashore, they stantly fell ; but the murderers not retired. The shot they fired appeared being satisfied that he was dispatched, to be cut from square bars of lead and having heard him utter some sen- about half an inch in diameter. One tences, they immediately approached of these miscreants dropped, and was him (the son having departed for as- carried away by his companions. sistance), and with savage brutality, 27th.-- EDINBURGH.--High COURT before they retired, nearly severed the OF JUSTICIARY.--On Monday came head from the body.

on the trial of James MArra, iron


slitter, late in the employment of prisoner had walked up and down the Messrs Caddel and Company, Cra- place about two minutes, with his hand mond, accused of the murder of Alex. in his vest pockets, he approached the ander M‘Arra, his own brother, on deceased, and said—“Sandy, you have the 10th day of November last.

struck me ; now,

G-dd-n it, you'll Richard 'Rennie, clerk to Messrs account for it.” On saying this, he Caddell and Company, deposed that, went and brought a large pair of furon the evening of the 10th of Novem- nace tongs which were lying in the ber last, while passing the slit-mill at place, with which he drove at the deCramond, he heard a noise, as of quar- ceased, who was still sitting on the relling; and, on going into the work, bench, and hit him in the belly. On he found the prisoner challenging this the deceased attempted to get up, Thomas M'Arra, his brother, for al. but he was driven back by a second lowing one of the furnaces to go push ; on which Aitkenson rushed forwrong. Thomas having gone out, re- ward, and while attempting to prevent turned again with the deceased, Alex. farther mischief, the prisoner drew in ander M Arra, when the prisoner ask. the tongs to shorten his hold, and ed Alexander whose fault it was that struck the deceased with them on the the furnace had gone wrong ?-To face. The tongs being taken from the this Alexander replied, that it was no prisoner, he attempted to strike his other person's fault but his, meaning brother with his fist, but this was prethe prisoner. On this the deceased vented ; and the deceased having got immediately sat down on a bench, very weak, he fell to the ground,

tearwhile the prisoner continued bawling ing, in his fall, the breast of the priout in a great passion, against both his sorter's coat, which he had laid hold brothers, respecting the furnace. The of towards the end of the struggle. deceased then said to the prisoner, that, After lying on the ground about 15 if he were not his brother, he would minutes, the deceased was carried to turn him out of the place ; and, some his father's house, where he died on time after, in consequence of the noise the fourth day thereafter. Being inand bawling continuing, the decea- terrogated by Mr Jeffrey, for the prised rose up to turn the prisoner out at soner, witness stated, that the prisoner the door, as witness supposed; but he and the deceased were both in liquor was prevented from doing this by Ca- at the time of the accident ; that they leb Aitkenson, one of the workmen, were both a little quarrelsome, but the who was present. The deceased, how- deceased was more so than the prisoner. ever, got up a second time, and on go- Caleb Akenson, referred to by the ing towards his brother, who was still preceding witness, corroborated his making a great noise, he struck him testimony: he also stated, that after with his open hand, his other being in observing it was a shame for brothers his breast, which knocked off the pri- to be quarrelling in the manner they soner's hat, and caused his teeth to did, the prisoner told the deceased bleed a little. The deceased then sat that he was a rascal and a villain, and

down again, when Aitkenson put on almost immediately thereafter, in about - his hat, and observed that it was a the


of a minute, ran for the furshame for two brothers to quarrel in nace tongs, with which the mortal that manner. Witness thought, in blow was inflicted. Being examined consequence, that there would have

on the part of the prisoner, witness been no more of the matter, but in this stated, that the blow given to the prihe was disappointed ; for, after the soner by the deceased seemed to be a

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