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on the bar. A defence had been put This Mr Warren had betrayed the in to this action, stating, that some trust, in delivering up the bond in years ago, Sir Francis Burdett had, question to Sir Francis Burdett before in consequence of a connection with the expiry of the five years, and with a certain lady, granted a bond for out the consent of the other party. 20,0001. to the defender, to be at his His lordship was therefore of opinion, disposal, if a circumstance should arise that before proceeding further, it out of the connection betwixt Sir Fran would be proper to examine this Mr cis and the lady : That this bond Warren upon oath, as to the nature of had been lodged or sequestrated in the this transaction, and as to the way and hands of a respectable gentleman, and manner the bond in question had come the defender had drawn the sum of into and gone out of his possession. 50001. as in part of the amount :- His lordship was about to pronounce That some time afterwards, Sir Fran an interlocutor accordingly, when : cis becoming uneasy about his bond Mr Scott, the defender, rose from for such a large sum lying over, had the bar, and stated, that his counsel, made application to the defender, who Mr Clerk, upon whom he chiefly de: delivered up the bond, and departed pended to state this case to his lord. from the balance of 150001. ; and had ship, had been called away: he hoped, also granted the bond now sued for, however, that his lordship, if he was for the 50001. he hadalready drawn :- inclined to offer an examination of That on this bond being granted, Mr Warren, would allow him (the the understanding was that it should defender) to examine other witnesses, be put into the hands of a Mr War. to prove the nature of the trust which ren, a mutual friend ; and if on the ex. had been created in his person. That piry of five years the child was alive, several respectable gentlemen were in it should be delivered up to the de- readiness to come to Scotland to bear fender ; but if at the expiry of that evidence. And in particular, that he, time the child should be dead, it should the defender, wished to examine Mr be delivered to Sir Francis ; that the Ballenden Ker, to whom Sir Francis bond was accordingly delivered to Mr had confessed the whole particulars Warren, and that that gentleman had of this business ; that he, moreover, betrayed the trust reposed in him, by held in his possession written evidence, delivering the bond to Sir Francis, under Sir Francis's own hand, which who now wished to follow it up with he wished to lay before the court. execution. This was the nature of The Lord Ordinary having expressed the defence stated to this action, and his willingness to continue sitting unwhich the learned counsel for the pur. til all the counsel on both sides should suer said was a false, unfounded fabri- : be disengaged, Mr Clerk was after cation, from beginning to end. His wards heard at considerable length for client, Sir Francis, denied the state- the defendant ; and his lordship apment in toto, and never had since his pointed the defender to put into court marriage any such connection as that a special condescendence of the facts alluded to. :

he averred, and offered to prove, in Here the Lord Ordinary interrupted support of his defence, and the way Mr Jeffrey, by saying, that if the state and manner in which he offered to ment given in the defence was true, prove them. the bond in this case was, by the law * DEATH OF GENERAL Fox.-_Thurs. of Scotland, an undelivered document, day evening died the Right Honourupon which no action could follow. able General Fox, governor of Porte

mouth, colonel of the 10th regiment' ous other implements for house-breakof foot, pay-master of the widows' ing, directed the same as the portman. pensions, &c. &c. &c. This most gal- teau. The officers, learning that the lant and distinguished officer suffered owner of the house was at present in the a long and painful illness, which he rules of the King's Bench-prison, went bore with the utmost fortitude. His the same night to his residence in St appointment of governor of Ports- George's Fields, where they appremouth was some time ago promised to hended a well-known character of the Earl Harcourt, governor of the Royal name of Huffey White, who, but a few Military College, but who is to hold months since, escaped from one of the it only until Plymouth shall become hulks at Woolwich. On the person of vacant. Earl Harcourt is to be suc. White were found 16 guineas and some ceeded at Marlow College by the Ho. Bank of England notes. Yesterday, nourable Lieutenant General Alexan. White, and a man of the house where der Hope ; when General Brownrigg he was taken, were examined before shall have quitted the office of quarter. Mr Read, at Bow-street, when White master-general, to which General Hope was identified as having been convicted will succeed pro forma, and immedi- at the last Summer Assizes at Chester, ately quit it to make room for Colonel for being at large before his sentence Gordon, who is in his turn to be suc- of transportation was expired, and receeded as commissary in chief by Lieu ceived a second sentence of transport tenant-Colonel Drinkwater.

ation for life. White admitted the 18th. ROBBERY OF THE GLASGOW truth of this charge, but denied any BANK.—Sunday night last, it was dis- knowledge of the Glasgow Bank robcovered that the office of the Paisley bery. He and the other man were Union Bank Company, Glasgow, had committed for further examination. been entered, by means of false keys, On the 14th inst., Thomas Standen, and robbed of Scotch Bank notes, of Salehurst, near Silver Hill BarBank of England notes, and cash, tothe racks, finished the arduous task, which amount of 20,000l. Suspicion falling for a trifling wager he had undertaken, upon three men, who, for some days of walking 1100 miles in so many sucpreceding, had been seen in Glasgow, cessive hours, going one mile only in Mr Campbell, an officer of the police each hour. This man is nearly 60 years of Edinburgh, and two of the gentle of age, and his performance outdoes men belonging to the bank, set off in that which Captain Barclay, after such pursuit of them, and traced them to great training, performed at NewmarWelling, in Hertfordshire, where they ket. had left a portmanteau, to be forward. SHOCKING SUICIDE.-A coroner's ed to a person in Tottenham-court, inquest sat at the Mary-le-bone poorroad; and from thence to Coventryhouse, three days since, on the body street, where all trace of them was then of Randall Haggerty, a half-pay offilost. Mr Campbell made application cer, who cut his throat from ear to ear. at the Public Office, Bow-street, and The deceased formerly lived in repute Lavender, Vickery, and Adkins, three in East-street, Manchester-square, but of the officers, accompanied by Mr had become somewhat reduced in cirCampbell, went to the house in Tot cumstances. He was committed for tenham-court-road, where the port. want of sureties a short time since, manteau had been directed to, where his wife having sworn her life in danger they found a box containing a number at his hands; and on his release she of pick-locks, skeleton keys, and vari. was missing with the furniture of his apartments, and left him pennyless. ped that the donations from every town In this deplorable situation he applied in the Union will immediately alleviate at Mary-le-bone poorhouse for relief, the distresses of the real sufferers. A. and whilst undergoing interrogatories, mongst the public buildings destroyed he drew a k:ife from his pocket and in the above fire, are the Post-office; severed his windpipe. So intent was Custom-house, Phoenix Insurance Com. the unhappy man on self-destruction, pany, Norris and Company's, and J. that he tore the wound with his hand, Gilman's printing-offices, Union Inand deliberately walked to a chair at surance Office, and Baptist Meetinga few yards distance, where he expired house. . .. ... ilin in ten minutes. Some acts of insani. Saturday night, about nine o'clock, ty, arising from trouble, were proved, as a respectable looking woman was and a verdict to that effect was re. walking in the Borough, near St turned.

George's Church, she was attacked by 20th.--EXECUTION.--Yesterday a villain unknown, who, without saya morning, Richard Armitage and Char- ing a word to her, instantly stabbed les Thomas, forforgery, formerly clerks her with a sharp instrument, which, in the Bank of England, suffered pur. from the nature of the wound, appears suant to their sentence, at the debtor's to have been a knife. The unfortudoor of Newgate.--About eight o'. nate woman fell senseless on the ground; clock, Thomas made his appearance on and the villain made off. She was conthe platform first, and seemed duly im- veyed to St Thomas's Hospital, but pressed with the awful fate that await. on her arrival there she died. A co. ed him. He was attended by a Ro: roner's jury has since sat on her body, man Catholic priest, and gave great at- and brought in a verdict of wilful murtention to the clergyman; and in about der against some person or persons un. five minutes afterwards, Armitage was known. brought out, having previously taken A vessel, named the Constellation, his last farewell of his wife and chil. to sail against wind and tide, has just dren in Newgate. He was attended been completed at Bristol. She has in his last moments by the Ordinary of one mast of iron, with an upright Newgate. In a short time after they windlass affixed to the same ; her sails; were tied up they were launched into which are of a peculiar construction, eternity. Armitage had been convict when in motion, can weigh her anchor, ed of uttering a forged dividend war. work three pieces of mechanism, (two rant, and Thomas for forging a receipt projecting from her sides, and one in for money with intent to defraud the the centre) two pumps, and upon ocBank of England. The youthful ap- casion, two sweeps of 24 feet. Her pearance and genteel deportment of canvas is also extended or shortened in these unhappy culprits made a strong an instant, and, if required, the mast, impression on the crowd assembled, with all its appendages, is as quickly which was immense.

lowered. She has neither blocks nor New York, June 6th.-DISTRESS- running rigging, except a fore and aft ING FIRE.-On the evening of the 31st stay and cables. In fact, she is a comult., a fire broke out in the town of plete life, as well as päeket-boat, and Newburyport, which consumed up. calculated to sail upon, as well as bewards of 200 houses, stores, &c. The fore the wind. loss is mentioned at two millions of Previous to the death of the Princess dollars, and hundreds are thrown into Amelia, it had been the wish of his the wide world pennyless. It is ho- Majesty to have a burial place for the royal family ; and after consulting preceding his demise, his grace was with James Wyatt, Esq., the king's considerably better; he was enabled surveyor-general, and several other ar- to walk upon the terrace in front of chitects on the subject, Cardinal Wol. Devonshire-house for at least an hour, sey's tomb-house was fixed upon for and afterwards to eat a hearty dinner. a vault. Since November, 1810, work The first indications of extreme danmen have been busily employed in this ger were repeated vomitings, about building, and it is now in such a state three o'clock on Monday afternoon. of forwardness, that the public may be The whole of the medical attendants enabled to form a just estimation of were then called in, namely, Sir Walthe grandeur and extent of this royal ter Farquhar, Dr Saunders, and Mr sepulchre. It is built after the man- Walker, the prince regent's apothe. ner of the Egyptian vaults, being one cary. About five o'clock, his grace hundred feet in length, thirty feet in being relieved in some degree, but much width, and fourteen in depth. In a exhausted by the convulsed state of his recess, at the end of this vault, is in- frame, he laid himself down on the tended to be deposited the remains chair-bed ; but after remaining twenty of their present majesties; and along minutes, he exclaimed to Mr Walker, the passages are repositaries for the who was in attendance, “I cannot stay future kings of England. On each in bed.” His extremities were then side are erected four tiers, divided getting cold, and it was thought adinto eight compartments, making in visable to call in the assistance of Dr the whole seventy-two depositaries Pemberton, who was then at Harrowfor the royal family and the children on-the-Hill : an express was sent off of the royal blood. It is to commu- for the doctor, who arrived in less than nicate with the choir of St George's an hour and a half. The difficulty of Chapel, and to be built of Bath free- breathing increased about nine o'clock. stone, after the manner of the Gothic A few minutes before ten, Mr Walker order of architecture. Over this spa. bound up the arm, for the purpose of cious tomb will be erected a Chapter- opening a vein. Just as the surgeon house for the Knights of the Garter, was preparing the lancet, the head of arched over with a ceiling of fine wood- the patient fell back, and he expired work. As soon as it is completed, the without a groan in the arms of the body of the Princess Amelia will be duchess. The calmest of the decearemoved into this royal sepulchre. sed's latter moments were passed with


22d.-DEATH OF THE DUKE OF DE- the duchess; they had a slight conVONSHIRE.-The indisposition of that versation together. A consultation much-lamented nobleman commenced among the members of the faculty preabout a fortnight ago. Since that sent was afterwards held, on the subperiod his grace has been confined to ject of the disease which caused his his town residence in Piccadilly, in a grace's death; when they appeared fluctuating state of health. The first to be unanimously of opinion, that it attacks were spasms in the chest, which was water on the chest which had comwere succeeded by a difficulty of respi- municated to the heart. ration. They continued, more or less JAMES BELCHER.-This once celeviolent, until his death. During the brated pugilist, and a formidable chamlast week he could not rest in a bed; pion of England, died yesterday, at for five nights he sat up in a chair, his house, the Coach and Horses, which becoming irksome, a chair-bed Frith-street, Soho, in the 31st year of was provided. During the Sunday his age, after a lingering illness of two years, which had reduced him to a was born at Spofforth, in Yorkshire, mere skeleton. The deceased was a and was said, in his youthful days, to descendant of the celebrated pugilist be a remarkably handsome man, and Şlack, of Norwich, whom he far ex- the first person, as a farmer's servant, celled in all the requisites of boxing, in that part of the country, who wore with the exception of strength. white stockings. His constant cus

26th.-On Sunday last, Crib, the ce. tom, from his infancy, was to throw lebrated pugilist, arrived in Aberdeen, large quantities of cold water upon his on a visit to a gentleman there. He is head. The manner he performed this at present in training at Ury, the seat was very singular ; in the most incleof Captain Barclay, preparatory to ment winter, he would go to some the great battle to be fought with Mo- neighbouring pump, and fill his hat lineux, on the 27th September, near with water, and having drunk as much Doncaster. On this match not less as he thought proper, he would put than 50,0001. are already betted ; and his hat on, and the contents would run Crib stakes 100 guineas of his own down his body. His shirt, when wash. money on the issue. Betting, however, ed, he would put on wet, and for the is at present equal. This celebrated last twenty years of his life refused to boxer is at present the champion of lie on a bed; as a substitute for which England, having fought and gained the he used wet straw, on which he used following pitched battles, besides many to lie without any covering but the casual ones, in which he never was beat, clothes he put off ; and during the viz. with George Maddox, Jan. 1805; winter season has many times been Thomas Blake, Feb. 1805 ; Ikey Pig, found frozen to the ground. When May, 1805 ; Richman, the black, Oct. able, he travelled the country as a beg1805 ; James Belcher, 1807 ; Horton, gar. May, 1808 ; Gregson, Oct. 1808 ; TORTOLO, May 16th.-TRIAL AND Belcher, Feb. 1809; and Molineux, EXECUTION OF THE HON. ARTHUR Dec. 1810. Crib is now only thirty WILLIAM HODGE, Esq., FOR THE years of age.

MURDER OF HIS NEGRO SLAVE, TEA.-It will give some idea of the PROSPER.--On the 8th instant, was consumption of tea in this kingdom, executed behind the gaol in this town, when it is known that the following is the Hon. A. W. Hodge, Esq., a prothe amount calculated as sufficient for prietor, and one of the members of his three months only :

Majesty's Council in this island, for Bohea,'. . . . . 300,000 lbs.

the murder of one of his own negroes Congou, and Campoi, ?

of the name of Prosper.

4,500,000 Souchong and Pekoe, 34

The prisoner on his trial being put Singlo and Twankay,' · 850,000 to the bar, pleaded Not Guilty. The Hyson Skin, .... 100,000 first witness called to prove the charge Hyson, . . . . . . 250,000 was 'a free woman of colour, of the

name of Pareen Georges. She stated Including private trade, 6,000,000

that she was in the habit of attending So that we consume twenty-four at Mr Hodge's estate to wash linen; millions of lbs. per annum.

that one day Prosper came to her to ECCENTRIC CHARACTER.-On the borrow six shillings, being the sum 23d ult. died, at Boroughbridge, York. that his master required of him, beshire, aged 83, Francis Bolton, pauper, cause a mango had fallen from a trec, of that place, one of the most eccentric which he (Prosper) was set to watch. characters perhaps ever known. He He told the witness that he must

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