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« Prosperity to the Trade of Chester.” late hour in the neighbourhood the This table was surmounted with two preceding evening, and it is thought elegant transparencies, representing the the parties must have found their way east and the north gates of the city; into the yard, at low water, through About five o'clock dinner was served the sluice at John's Hill. Incapable up, to which above 200 sat down. of reflection, they had suffered them. The following is a copy of the bill of selves to be so much attracted by the fare :

heat of the kiln, as to seek repose on BILL OF FARE.—Sixteen tureens of tur- its very crown, where, rendered sensetle; 8 boiled turkies ; 3 hams ; 4 dishes of less by the mephitic vapour, they were a-la-mode beef; 5 pigeon pies; 3 saddles retained till death closed their mortal of mutton ; 13 plum-puddings ; 6 dishes

When found, one side of the of muranade pork ; 8 French pies; 4 roast- man wag literally roasted. ed turkies; 8 dishes of rabbits; 3 legs of 15th.-Deal.-A more gallant acmutton; 4 geese; 2 fillets of veal; 10 tion than that recorded in the followdishes of chickens ; 4 dishes of veal surprise ; 3 beef-stake pies ; 3 dishes of sweet- ing letter, has not been fought by a breads ; 6 hares ; 6 venison pasties; 8 dish- merchant ship against the enemy's pries of ducks ; 6 oyster patties ; 6 dishes of vateers this war, or in any preceding mutton caserole ; 6 dishes of pig; 6 lemon one. The Lords of the Admiralty puddings; 8 dishes of haricoed mutton; have, in consequence, been pleased to 4 neats tongues ; 3 dishes of collared veal; express to the committee for managing a round of beef. Removes—Ten haunches of venison ; satisfaction at the gallantry exhibited

the affairs of Lloyd's, their Lordships 10 necks of venison.

Sweet s—Thirty salvers of whips and on this occasion, and their intention to jelly, 20 moulds of jelly, 40 moulds of grant to each of the crew of the Cumblancmange, tarts, cheese-cakes, mince-berland, as a mark of their Lordships' pies, puffs, &c. &c.

favour, a protection from the impress A MESSENGER SHOT!_ It has been for the space of three years. a custom to fly pigeons as conveyances « On Sunday night the ship Cumof news; and Tom Belcher, who is one berland, Barrett master, arrived in the of the first in the fancy, being unable to Downs from Quebec, under a jury attend the late fight, one of his pigeons foremast and bowsprit, having pitchwas sent out of the ring, but it fell a ed her bowsprit and foremast away prey to a cockney sportsman, in pass. in a heavy gale of wind off the Bank's ing over Wimbledon Common. A of Newfoundland. From seven till label, with Silverthorne's name, was eight o'clock on Sunday morning, she tied to the bird's leg.

was attacked by four French lugOn Tuesday morning, the 15th inst. ger privateers, between Dover and when the men employed at the lime- Folkestone, the first of which hailed kiln near St Catherine's, Waterford, to know if he wanted a pilot; Capt. B. went to their work, they found a man having suspicion of her, replied in the and a woman lying dead on the edge negative. Immediately after, another of its eye. The parties were soon re- privateer ordered him to lay back his cognized; the young man having lived mainyard; and the whole of them comin the immediate neighbourhood of menced a fire of musketry, and two of the kiln, and the unhappy woman, who, them ran alongside and boarded the we understand, was the widow of an Cumberland ; previous to which the industrious carpenter, at no great dis- captain had ordered all the ship's crew tance from it. The wretched youth into the cabin, they being armed with was known to have been drinking at a their boarding-pikes. As soon as about



twenty men came on board, the cap: with drink which were given into his tain ordered the ship to be sheered off hands. from the privateers, leaving the French- 18th.-CORONER'S INQUEST.-An men no good retreat, and on the ship inquisition was taken yesterday on the being boarded, the privateers ceased body of Frederick Bede, who was killed firing : in the mean time the ship's in a pugilistic combat with a young company rushed forward, and cleared man of the name of Smithers, in Newthe deck; the greatest part of the ington-fields, on Monday afternoon. It boarders being killed, and the remain- appeared in evidence, that the combat. der jumped overboard. Immediately ants were two clerks in very respectafter, another came alongside, and told able situations, and a quarrel arose in the captain they would give no quarter; consequence of a dispute at cards. on hearing this, the ship's company They retired to combat in the warmth cheered them, and they were boarded of temper, and Bede refused to settle and cleared in like manner. This was the dispute in any other manner. Af. repeated three times afterwards, with ter fighting twenty-five minutes most the like success on the part of the ship's determinedly, Smithers gave his advercrew, and their taking three prisoners, sary a blow under the right ear, which two of whom were wounded, and one knocked him down, and he died in has since died of his wounds. Imme- about 20 minutes. The surgeon gave diately after this, Captain Barrett dis- it as his opinion, that death was rather charged three of his carronades, load- occasioned by the fall than from the ed with round and cannister shot ; the blow ; but death having ensued in an first was seen to carry away the main- illegal act, a verdict of Manslaughter mast of one of the privateers, and the was returned. second carried away the bowsprit of This being the anniversary of her another, and it was supposed destroy- Majesty's birth-day, the guns of the ed many of the men, as they were heard castle of Edinburgh were fired, and to cry out, and the shots were heard the flag displayed. The guns of the to strike the vessel. They then made Leith battery, and the ships of war in off, and the Cumberland proceeded for the roads, were also fired upon the octhe Downs."

casion.-The usual birth-day assembly 17th-WINDSOR.—His Majesty's did not take place, on account of the health is materially improved , he is indisposition of his Majesty. gaining daily. After dinner this day, On Sunday evening and Monday his Majesty, attended by Drs Bail- morning, there was a violent hurricane lie, Heberden, and Willis, walked for at Edinburgh from the west. A num. more than half an hour on the north ber of cans, slates, lamps, and trees, side of the terrace, during the greater were blown down. The canvass roof of part of which time his Majesty was the show of wild beasts on the mound, in conversation with those gentlemen. was blown to pieces. His Majesty felt much refreshed by At a fox hunt, on the 8th instant, the air ; and, upon the whole, derived in the parish of west Kilbride, a young much benefit from the walk. In ad. man fell from a place called the Three dition to this important change, it is Sisters, the highest point of that elesaid his Majesty, within these three vated and precipitous ridge, called Aror four days, has experienced some neil Banks, a height of about 130 feet, faint glimmerings of returning sight, to the bottom, upon a bed of small so that he could perceive some glasses stones ; and, astonishing to tell, was taken up, not only alive, but without affected, passed on him the awful sena broken bone, and walked a distance tence of death. The prisoner immeof about five miles the third day there. diately sunk down, and was taken from after.


the bar in a state of insensibility. He There was lately found in Tyning- was a non-commissioned officer in the hame Sands, near Dunbar, the body royal waggon train, and an excellent of a large wolf. There were several character was given him by several of wounds on its head, and a cut on its his officers, and by two other respectneck, and, from the appearance of the able persons with whom he had lived body, it had not been long dead. It as a servant. The court was uncomwas immediately skinned and stuffed, monly crowded, and seemed to particiand is in good preservation. The co- pate in the feelings of concern for his lour is light dusky yellow, black ridge fate exhibited by the chief magistrate. down the back, and nearly white in 19th.-On Tuesday night, about the belly and breast. It has a sharp eight or nine o'clock, as Mr Rogers, snout, erect ears, strong fore-parts, and a surgeon, of Hampstead, was passing a bushy tail. The length, from the about half-way between Ivy-house and snout to the tip of the tail, is six feet. the five-mile-stone, on the HendonThe legs are shorter than usually de- road, he was stopped by two footpads; scribed. It is conjectured

the creature each of them presented a horse-pistol had been aboard some of the vessels to his breast, and demanded his pocketlately wrecked on the coast. book, watch, and cash. He of course

On Christmas last, an unfortunate surrendered to such a formidable at. man, at Dalnamin, Inverness-shire, tack: The robbers, however, proceedwho had drunk whisky to excess, ined to tie his hands behind him with a consequence of a trifling bet, was car- tarred rope, and then took a worsted ried home a corpse to his own house, ruff off his neck and blindfolded him where his father lay ill. The poor with it, and after rifling his pockets, man was so much affected by the cir- inhumanly pushed him into a ditch, cumstance, that he died the same even where he lay till he heard some pering. A widow and family are left the sons passing, to whom he called for destitute victims, by this act of folly assistance, and they got him out. and intemperance.

Cooper, who escaped some time The general sessions of the peace ago from York Castle, and was retafor the city of Canterbury, were held ken in Hull, has again vanished. The on Monday at the Guildhall, when walls of the court where he was confiJoseph Newson, for feloniously uttere ned are 13 yards high, with iron spikes ing a false and forged check, purport- fixed in every angle. ing to be drawn by John Browne, with On the 26th ult. as Mr Hutton, intent to defraud Messrs Payler and contractor for supplying Dartmoor Co. of the Canterbury Bank, of the prison with butcher's meat, was returnsum of ten guineas, was found guilty; ing from Tavistock-market, in the and, after a charge from the recorder, evening, having dismounted to refresh in which he pointed out to the prison- his horse at a rivulet, it being dark, er, that, notwithstanding the recom- the animal escaped from him, and in mendation to mercy by the prosecu. endeavouring to recover it, Mr Hutton tors, to which he would give every ef. missed his way, and was precipitated fect, the heinousness of his offence in into an old lead shaft, upwards of 68 a commercial country could justify no feet deep, but there being several feet hope of a pardon ; the mayor, sensibly of water in the bottom, his fall was ir some measure broken.' On rising to destroyed in like manner, and, as sup. the surface, Mr Hutton laid hold of posed, because he had endeavoured to one of the cross pieces, on which he check the disorderly conduct of some supported himself ; and he plainly of his parishioners; but, notwithstandheard the passengers conversing on the ing the active measures of Lord Shef. turnpike road; but his efforts to make field, and the rewards offered, no dis. known his situation proving ineffec- covery has yet taken place. Encroachtual, he endeavoured, by means of a ments on that part of Ashdown forest, pair of scissars, to dig holes in the side in the Duke of Dorset's manor, have of the pit, to facilitate his ascension, been continued in an audacious manand had got within a few feet of the ner, supported by the most outragesurface, but the earth giving way, he ous threats. If Mr Bingham had not was again plunged into the dark abyss. been awake, in consequence of indispoHe remained in this dreadful situation sition, he, and his wife and nine childuntil the Friday following, when he ren, would undoubtedly have been smowas discovered by a labourer, who was thered, or burnt in their beds. He hapassing by ; ropes were immediately ving heard a noise, got up, went down procured, by which he was soon re. stairs, and saw a man going from the leased from his perilous situation, and house : he attempted to open a door, is now perfectly recovered.

which he found obstructed by part of In the storm on Saturday se'nnight, the furniture raised against it; he then the Hoylake life-boat, in attempting went round to an outward door, which to succour and relieve the people on he had bolted within just before he board the ship Traveller, driven on went to bed, and found it broken open, shore in the Mersey, was overwhelmed and some furze faggots burning, which by a dreadful sea, and eight out of ten had been brought into the room, and of her crew were unfortunately drown- the furniture placed round them. The ed. The bodies were all found the fire was so rapid, the house being chiefsame day, and carried to their respec- ly of wood, and the smoke so instantive homes. The deceased were all taneously great, that it was with diffinear neighbours, and lived in a small culty any lives were preserved - two of village called the Hoose, near Hoy the children were obliged to be thrown lake, in the most brotherly kindness. out of the window, and two were neare They had always displayed the great. ly suffocated before they were extriest promptitude and alacrity in assist- cated; but no wearing apparel, furni. ing vessels in distress. They have left ture; or other property could be saved. large families totally

unprovided for. The extreme distress of Mr Bingham's 21st.--LEWES.The atrocious dis- family is, for the present, in some deposition which had manifested itself gree relieved by the kind reception of some time ago in the northern part of it into different houses in the neighthe parish of Mayersfield, on the borders bourhood. Lord Sheffield soon visit. of Ashdown forest, by threatening let. ed the spot; and there can be no ters, and the burning of buildings and doubt, that the same public spirit and stacks, has burst out afresh with dou- activity which have been manifested on ble violence ; and on Thursday morn- like occasions by that noble lord, will ing last, about one o'clock, the par- be exerted on the present. sonage adjoining Mayersfield church- A small island of the Danube, called

ed, where the curate, the Rev. Mr Engel, near Pichment, has exhibited Bingham, resided, was burnt down. the phenomenon of a floating island. Last year Mr Bingham's stables were In the memory of the oldest persons it

had remained stationary until May last, affairs, to sell a small part of his property. when the rapidity and pressure of the His daughter, Madelaine Albert, of a viostream are supposed to have detached lent character, of suspected morals, and its bottom; its inclination is uniform. unfortunately accustomed to abuse her faly to the right bank of the river, but ther and mother, reproached her father in its motion is not perceptible. Since this sale, and ended by imperiously de

language the most violent on account of May it has made a progress of about manding a part of the sum which he had eight miles ; and, what is not the least received. The father refused, mentionsingular, has, from the eager and una- ing to her, at the same time, the state of bated curiosity of the Germans, made his affairs ; she insisted, and abused him the fortunes of three persons, who ob- outrageously. The father, vexed and aftained a temporary proprietorship of fronted at the insolence of his daughter, it.

gave her several blows on the shoulders, 22d.—EDINBURGH.-On Wednes- ed and went to bed. A quarter of an hour

and ordered her to go to bed. She obeyday night, about ten o'clock a most bru- after, she seized an axe, and advanced tal outrage was committed in a dancing- without noise towards the fire-side, where school, kept in the Roman Eagle Lodge her father, mother, and three brothers and of this city. A party of fellows, up- sisters were warming themselves. She wards of twenty in number, armed with aimed a blow with the axe at her father's bludgeons, made a forcible entrance of the cries of her family, she repeated

head, laid open his skull, and, in spite and, without provocation, knocked down and beat the scholars indiscric stroke ; any one of the wounds would have

her blows. He was killed by the first minately. Some of the young men, been sufficient to deprive this unfortuwho had courage to offer resistance, nate man of life. They were so deep, were seriously cut and bruised. that the monster must have been possess

A serjeant of the 24th light dra- ed of extraordinary strength to produce goons was tried on Tuesday, at the them. She then threw herself on her moNorwich Quarter Sessions, for having ther, without being softened by her prayreceived a small sum from a recruit who

ers and sighs, struck her five times with had enlisted, to discharge him, with- two young sisters, one eleven, the other

the hatchet, and laid her at her feet. Her out acquainting his officer. The ser- three years old, met with no greater merjeant was convicted, and sentenced to cy. She struck the eldest both on the receive 300 lashes, and be degraded to head and neck, but did not kill her, be

cause the poor creature crept under the PARIS.—The Bulletin of the Allier bed. These numerous crimes did not sacontains the following letter, address- tiate the tigress. She seized her youngest ed; on the 14th inst., by the sub-pre. her in her arms, and threw her, alive as she

sister, who held her mother's body, took fect of Gannat to the prefect of the

Wi.s, into a well. department of the Allier.

« Of all this family, a lxother, 13 years "M. Prefect, I know not how to give old, survived by a kind of miracle. He was you the narration of a frightful crime, com- so fortunate as to creep behind a trunk, mitted on the 15th ult. in the commune to open the door, and to make his escape, of Biozat. My pen seems to recoil at tra- calling for assistance. Madelaine Albert cing details so horrible. A young woman, added to so much atrocity the refinement years of


has just murdered her fa- of hypocrisy. She called to her brother, ther , her mother, her brother, and two sis- requested him to return, and promised to

do him no harm. In a voice, the most "On the 13th December, Amable Al. mild and calm, she endeavoured to prevail bert, of the commune of Biozat, a re. on the boy to return to the house; but he spectable man, poor and with a large fa- was too much terrified, he ran away, and anily, was obliged, by the bad state of his took shelter in the house of a man of the


the ranks.



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