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mouth slightly, and Molineux went in and to cope with the sturdy black. It is threw him.

only necessary to state of Molineux, . 14. Rimmer, in rallying, closed; a trial that he is a very ugly customer. He of strength took place, and both were has gained by practice a quickness of thrown by Lancasterian ingenuity in Rim

hitting, which if not so pleasing to the mer. 15. Rimmer retreated to every part of

ot of eye as that of a Gully, a Belcher, or

eye the ring with Monous close, at nearly

a Crib, is at least as mortifying to the length, and the latter at length got a sto- feelings; and, as has been before obmacher at him and floored him. Rimmer served, it will be a matter of trouble. lay on the ground prostrate, when another some speculation again to find his conscene ensued, which, however, rarely hap. queror. He won the battle with all pens. The antipathy against a man of co- imaginary ease, with only a cut lip, lour being considered a pugilist of first

and two or three other slight hits. It rate, has caused a good many uncharitable declamations, and the ardour of these

is no exaggeration to state, that 15,000 people so illiberally disposed, aided by persons were present.

persons were present. the assistance of those who had taken the A dreadful accident happened early odds, broke the ring in a mouent, and this morning. A house, the corner of surrounded the men in action. Rimmer St Andrew's-street, Seven Dials, fell at this time was, technically speaking, dead down whilst all the inmates were in beat, and in a state of childhood. The their beds. The number is not yet scene which here presented itself would

ascertained, but two persons have been baffle the skill of the first artist. Lords and gentlemen bustled in with sweeps and

already taken out dead, and four or five ploughmen, fighting men and assistants,

shockingly wounded. Those whose who received, indiscriminately, horse-whip

business it is to look to the state of ping; the assembly amounting to at least old houses in various parts of London, ten thousand pedestrians inclosed in the ought to consider what a serious duty spacious ring, and every one at his own is imposed upon them, and how care. game. In this state, which lasted twenty ful they should be not to let any such minutes, those disposed to make their exit old tenements stand. were unable; and at length Crib put him

The body of a young lady, very self in a bustle, and by assistants again beat out the ring. It is an etiquette in

elegantly dressed, was, on Tuesday fighting, that if either of the men in com

morning, about six o'clock, discover. bat leave the ring, in such a case he loses ed floating on the Serpentine River, in the battle, and consequently both men were Hyde Park. A red ribbon was tied again set to, great pains having been taken over her eyes, and she appeared to during this bustle to get Rimmer to stand have been in the water about a fort. on his legs again. The combatants fought night. The body was immediately six other rounds, to the discomfitúre of

conveyed to St Margaret's workhouse, Rimmer, who received about ten other blows, and he at length resigned the com

where a coroner's jury sat, and return.

ed a verdict-Found drowned. The bat, unable to stand.

body remains to be owned. Observations. There need but few An unfortunate accident occurred remarks on the combat ; it was impo- yesterday, about two o'clock, by the litic to match a young novice against a falling of an old house, in Craven-place, professor of terror like the black. The at the back of Wild-court, Wild-street. blow in the third round, followed up by The house was uninhabited, and part the two others in the subsequent round, of the old materials had been sold by doubtless reduced Rimmer to a state the landlord (Mr Thomas) to a Mr of insensibility, and he had no chance. Squires, of Gray's-inn-lane, who em. after of displaying any one requisite ployed workmen to pull down the building. Mr Thomas observed that without delay to the growing evil, its the men were exposing themselves to pressure must soon be severely felt : It much danger in the course of their la. is humbly overtured, that the General bour; but, notwithstanding the warn. Assembly do take this most important ing he gave them to be on their guard, subject under their serious consider. they proceeded very incautiously. The ation, and devise a plan which may, consequence was, that one man was at no distant period, afford relief to.. completely buried in the ruins, and on the present sufferers; and which shall being dug out, was found dead ; and contain in it the means of preventing another man was severely wounded. in some measure the recurrence of si. The dead body was carried to the Red milar evils. That for the purpose of Lion public-house, for a coroner's in- carrying such a plan into execution, a quest to sit upon it.

subscription through the churches and On Tuesday the foundation-stone of universities be recommended, and an the new church in Charlotte-square, application made to Parliament to im. Edinburgh, was laid by the Right pose a small addition to the annual Honourable the Lord Provost and rates; or such other means resorted to Magistrates. A glass case, contain as may suggest themselves to the wise ing several coins, as also the plan of dom of the Assembly, and as may be the building, and other papers, was de- found to meet the general approbation posited in the foundation, and a cop of the contributors." per-plate, on which was the following Several persons were much amused inscription :

with an extraordinary sight, last Fri. • The foundation stone of this day, in the orchard of Mr Goglar, in church was laid on the 14th day of Whapload Drove. A cock was heard May, in the year 1811, in the fifty- to make an unusual noise, and on the first year of the reign of his Majesty, cause being sought into, it was disKing George the Third, by William covered that the bird was maintaining Calder, Esq., Lord Provost of the ci- a fierce conflict with a large snake, ty of Edinburgh.-Robert Reid, Esq., which repeatedly reared itself up and architect.”

darted at his antagonist. The fight This church has been much wanted continued for some minutes, when a for the accommodation of the inhabit. labourer in Mr Goglar's employment ants of the New Town, and will, when interposed, and killed the reptilé. It: complete, be also highly ornamental to was three feet long, but of what is the city.

considered the harmless kind; and the The synod of Angus and Mearns cock had received no injury. have unanimously resolved to transmit A few days since, a person walking to the General Assembly the following over his farm, near the Hazles, in the overture, brought forward by the Rev.' parish of Stanton, Shropshire, obser. Dr Nicoll, minister of Mainsand Strath. ved a large crow strike violently at martine :

something on the ground, and soon “ Whereas, from the great rise in rose with a fine leveret in her claws. the expence of living, the provision for The cries of the little captive, howministers widows is decreased in value ever, soon drew the attention of its pa. far beyond what was contemplated by rent, which actually pursued over two the original founders of the scheme, fields, jumping at the crow, which and has become altogether inadequate could not rise more than six or eight to their support : And, whereas it is feet from the ground, and was at length evident, if a remedy be not applied obliged to drop her prize ; which poor

puss immediately took up in her mouth, were afterwards found nearly a quarand carried in triumph to her hiding ter of a mile from the spot on which place.

they had been at first spread ; others A most miraculous and providential were carried out to sea, and totally escape occurred on Monday last, near lost. This tornado has, we hear, been the paper-mills, at Two Waters, in general in an easterly direction. Hertfordshire, which, it is to be hoped, ROBBERIES AT THE OPERA-HOUSE. will lead to an inquiry into the conduct -Bow-STREET.— Yesterday, a man of those who are intrusted with the was brought before Mr Nares, on a management of the locks and bridges charge of being the person who has upon the Paddington canal.-A post- perpetrated the robberies that have coach, in which were a gentleman and lately been committed at the Opera, three ladies, in going up to the draw. without the least suspicion against him, bridge near that place, found it had he being supposed to be a man of conbeen left half open; the carriage had sequence, from his constant attendance got so far that it was impossible to at public places. Townsend, who atturn, the road being so narrow, and tends at the Opera, pledged himself the declivity great. The driver, find- that the robberies were not committed ing the perilous situation, got from by any known thieves, or even those the box to endeavour to keep the suspected of thieving ; still, however, horses from backing, which he could gentlemen complained of being robbed not accomplish, so that all were instant- in the pit. Ai length it was agreed ly plunged over a precipice near ten by the magistrates, that six persons feet high, by which the carriage was belonging to the office, who were not dashed to pieces, and the horses nar- likely to be known, should attend in rowly saved : one of the ladies was the pit, dressed in a style so as to apa.. much bruised, the others slightly. pear as part of the company, which Such unpardonable neglect in the per- they did last Tuesday : but they did sons who are employed by the com- not see any suspicious character, nor pany, ought to be most heavily pu- any improper conduct whatever in any nished, as an example to others. person. They attended again on Thurs

TORNADO.- About the hour of day, and took their seats in different three o'clock, on Tuesday, the 9th in- parts of the pit. A little before ele. stant, a whirlwind, such as was never ven, Nichols observed a man, who al. before witnessed, perhaps, in this coun- though he had every appearance of a try, arose in Dundalk. It took an gentleman, being dressed in black, a easterly direction, and whirled every large gold watch, chain, and seals, a thing which came in contact with it in- large opera hat under his arm, and to the air. The noise at first was tre- using an opera glass, pursue conduct mendous, and in a short time hay and that he deemed suspicious; he accord. straw were flying in the air, until they ingly followed, and watched him close. appeared to touch the clouds. One ly, and when he was on the left side of cock of hay, in particular, which lay the pit, he saw him feel, and knock his in an exposed situation, was carried hand against some gentlemen's pockets, round several times, and then into the to ascertain if any thing was in them, air, and some of it was seen to continue and suspected that he put his hand there for upwards of ten minutes. The into their pockets ; but if he did, he clothes upon the hedges were whipped was sure he did not take any thing up, and floated in the same way for a out. From that part he went into the considerable time, and some of them avenue in the centre of the pit, com


monly called Fop's Passage, where claimed acquaintance with him, as serNichols followed him, and saw him ving him and his brother with coals, pursue similar conduct. He removed and also as a frequenter of the Opera from thence to the right of the pit, for 20 years past. Mr Harrison rewhere he saw him lean upon the rail, collected him as a frequenter of the feeling a gentleman's pocket who was Opera, so much, that he used to bow sitting close to the rail, put his hand to him, but denied any knowledge of in, and take out something, and put it serving him with coals. Humphreys, into his left-hand inside pocket, and on searching him, found a silver hunt. moved off. Nichols was apprehensive of ing-watch without a maker's name, laying hold of him, fearing he might but with “fast” and “slow" on it; a be mistaken ; but followed him, and double row gold chain, with a slider, beckoned to Humphreys, who was a two large oval gold cornelian seals, short distance from him, and desired one plain, and the other with G. N. him to go to the gentleman and ask engraved on it, and a gold key ; a silhim if he had lost any thing; the gen. ver Opera ticket, No. 42. G., with an tleman answered in the negative. Hum- admission on it for 15 years, from May, phreys went and informed Nichols, 1794.Mr Richardson, of Portman. who desired him to go again to the square, identified the snuff-box as his gentleman, as he was confident the property. The prisoner was commitman he was following had taken some- ted for trial. thing out of his pocket. On Hum. The following melancholy detail phreys applying a second time to the was cast ashore, inclosed in a box, gentleman, he ascertained that his poc near Roschearty, Scotland, and directket had been picked of a large valu. ed « To the Finder.” We fear there able silver-gilt snuff-box. In the mean is no hope of the vessel having escaped. time Nichols had been following his Perhaps a greater instance of presence man to several parts, and in the water. of mind than that evinced, under such closet heobserved him examiningsome. circumstances, by the writer, was scarce. thing. Immediately after Humphreys ly ever known :came up to Nichols, and told him the

“North Sea, April 18, 1811. gentleman had been robbed, and at the On board the Gobiten, from Gesle. same instant the man had got up the “In distress, being near to sink, as stairs, and was getting into the right the brig has sprung a leak two days side of the pit ; Humphreys, however, ago, and the water always increasing, followed him closely, seized him by notwithstanding all our attempts to the collar, and pulled him backwards, preserve it, we have now come very and secured his hands. He then call. near the last moments of our lives; ed out to know if the officers were go- wherefore we beg him or her, who may ing to rob him; the officers replied, find this letter, to inform the public 6 Yes, of a snuff-box, which he had of our misfortune. The brig Gobiten, robbed a gentleman of.” Nichols put Captain Aberg, went from Hull the his hand into his pocket, and took out 14th inst., in order to seek for Gotten. a snuff box, which, on being held up, burg; but having come at the middle a gentleman owned. He was taken to of Dogger, the wind, which previously the watch-house, where, in the course was fair, went easterly, when the brig of the night, he tore his opera hat to got the leak, notwithstanding the sails rags, and threw it out of the window. were shortened in a proper manner.

Mr Harrison, the manager of the We have been obliged to cut the masts, Opera, attended, when the prisoner but all seems in vain. Except Charles John Sehlberg, a passenger, the crew Majesty proceeded through the Little consists of the following, viz. Lind. Park into the Great Park, where the quist, from Gesle ; Schlee, Sjosburg, royal party continued till half past one Holtz, all three from the Swedish Po- o'clock, when they returned to the meranias; A solund, from Sundswall; castle, where there were crowds waitHellberg, from Calmar." G r ing his return. His Majesty continu.


20th. -WINDSOR.-Late on Sun- ed in conversation during the whole day night, it was rumoured about of his ride. His Majesty on his return Windsor, that his Majesty was so much was received by Dr Willis, at the pa-, recovered, that his doctors would al- lace-gate, who conducted him into the low him, after that day, to appear castle. in public, and that he was to ride As soon as his Majesty mounted his on horseback yesterday. This report horse, a signal was given, and the bells brought most of the nobility, persons of the parish church and cathedral of distinction, gentry, and the inhabit- struck up to announce the happy news ants in general, for several milesround, of his Majesty's restoration to the pubinto Windsor yesterday morning, to lic. At the same time, the King's view their venerable and much-beloved own Royal Stafford regiment, and the monarch. Early yesterday morning, Windsor Volunteers, who had been the public expectation was confirmed, drawn out upon the occasion, fired a by the king's equerry in waiting gi. feu de joie. The whole town of Windving orders for his Majesty's saddle- sor, Eton, and its vicinity, was one ge. horse to be got ready. This order neral scene of rejoicing. They also soon spread through the town; and fired in honour of her Majesty's birthfrom this time the visitors, as well as day, which was on Sunday, when her the inhabitants of Windsor and Eton, Majesty completed her 67th year, which flocked to the Castle-yard and Park was observed in a private manner at in great crowds, and some of them Windsor on the same day, by the waited several hours, lest they should Prince Regent and all the royal dukes lose the gratifying opportunity. dining with the Queen and Princesses.

About a quarter past twelve o'clock, THUNDER STORM AT GLASGOW.his Majesty's grooms, on horseback, “ On Tuesday, after a remarkably made their appearance in the Castle, warm and sultry forenoon, this city and yard, with his Majesty's favourite white neighbourhood were visited by a tresaddle horse Adonis. All was anxie- mendous thunder storm, accompanied ty then for the appearance of the king. with very heavy showers of rain and At length the royal pass-word of hail; the hailstones were, in general, "Sharp !" signifying the approach of very large, and some were picked up, the king, which had not been heard about four miles east of Glasgow, for so many months past, was given, which measured from 41 to 5 inches to the no small joy of those who heard in circumference. It commenced about it. His Majesty immediately after two o'clock, and the peals of thunder, came out of the castle, accompanied and flashes of lightning, which were by his daughters, the Princesses Au- the most loud and vivid in our recol. gusta and Sophia, with whom he ap- lection, continued with little intermis. peared in very chearful and pleasant sion for nearly three hours. A dwel. conversation. They were attended by ling-house was struck at Port Dundas, General Gwynne, Colonel Taylor, and where an eight-day clock and some, Lady Collyer. His Majesty mounted other articles were materially injured ; his horse in a very easy manner. His several splintere were forced off the

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