All in the Day's Work: An Autobiography

Ravenio Books, 13.07.2015
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 This autobiography of the great female journalist and muckraker Ida M. Tarbell includes the following chapters: 

1. My Start in Life 
2. I Decide to Be a Biologist 
3. A Coeducational College of the Eighties 
4. A Start and a Retreat 
5. A Fresh Start—A Second Retreat 
6. I Fall in Love 
7. A First Book—On Nothing Certain a Year 
8. The Napoleon Movement of the Nineties 
9. Good-Bye to France 
10. Rediscovering My Country 
11. A Captain of Industry Seeks My Acquaintance 
12. Muckraker or Historian? 
13. Off With the Old—On With the New 
14. The Golden Rule in Industry 
15. A New Profession 
16. Women and War 
17. After the Armistice 
18. Gambling With Security 
19. Looking Over the Country 
20. Nothing New Under the Sun

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My Start in Life
Decide to Be a Biologist
A Coeducational College of the Eighties
A Start and a Retreat
A Fresh StartA Second Retreat
Fall in Love
A First BookOn Nothing Certain a Year
The Napoleon Movement of the Nineties
A Captain of Industry Seeks My Acquaintance
Muckraker or Historian?
Off With the OldOn With the
The Golden Rule in Industry
A New Profession
Women and
After the Armistice
Gambling With Security

GoodBye to France
Rediscovering My Country
Looking Over the Country
Nothing New Under the

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