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The Doctrine of the Primitive": Church, con-

cerning the Person of CHRIST.

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by beboldeft thou the mote that is in thy brother's eye, and
cenfideref not the beam that is in thine own eye?

Matt. vii. 3.




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T SHALL be cenfured by many persons for I taking this public notice of an anonymous, and especially a periodical publication ; and what I hope to fhew is, indeed, in itself, unworthy of any notice. But a wise man will consider things not so much as they are in themselves, as according to their power of doing good or harm. Now it cannot be denied that the Montbly Review is, in general, a respectable publication of its kind; and from the credit which it has acquired it has considerable, influence; fo that as nothing is exempt from plausible mil-reprelentation, any writer has it in his power, : with this advantage, materially to hurt the credit, and impede the sale of the most valuable: productions.

I am fenfible that a writer best consults his dignity by keeping silence on these occasions, and his regard for truth may be satisfied by correcting in a subsequent edition the errors of a former one. But my object, I hope, is not reputation (I write a great deal too much for that) but the careful investigation, and the most effectual propagation of truth; and for this purpole, I am willing to lay hold of every fair opportunity of bringing it again and again before the public,

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I shall

I shall even rejoice in my own mistakes and oversights, if they should be the means of drawing inore attention to any valuable subject of inquiry. Every person who writes on any side of the question helps to keep up that attention, and by this means the truth will, in the end, be a gainer. This, however, is the first, and it will probably be the last time that (if I be now doing wrong). I fall offend in this way.

- I have not been without similar provocation to take the same method of redress before : but besides that the objects were of less consequence, the now but sure decision of time (notwithstanding the Reviewer had the advantage of the popular c!amour against me) has done me suffiçiemi ja tice:: My Ffistory of the Corruptions of Christianity being in my own opinion, as well as that of jay. Freids,: of more value than most of my olbác: publications, this piece of justice was thought to be due to it in preference to any of the rest; and the knowledge and ability of the prefent Reviewer makes him a much more formidable, and therefore a more respectable antagonist.

The manner in which this review of my work is conducted, must necessarily give a very unfavourable idea of it to those who have no other source of information concerning it. They must think it to be not only full of the grosseft blunders, but even calculated to deceive the reader. It is, moreover, written in a tone that cannot fail to impose upon many. I know that it has done

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