Iron: An Illustrated Weekly Journal for Iron and Steel Manufacturers, Metallurgists, Mine Proprietors, Engineers, Shipbuilders, Scientists, Capitalists ..., Band 39

Perry Fairfax Nursey
Knight and Lacey, 1843

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Seite 456 - FUEL, its Combustion and Economy ; consisting of an Abridgment of A Treatise on the Combustion of Coal and the Prevention of Smoke." By CW WILLIAMS, AICE With extensive additions on Recent Practice in the Combustion and Economy of Fuel— Coal, Coke, Wood, Peat, Petroleum, &c.
Seite 157 - Dec. 17. -For a new preparation or manufacture of a certain material produced from a vegetable substance, and the application thereof to the purposes of affording light, and for other uses.
Seite 443 - Arch, especially how the pressure varies as the angles become oblique. 4. On the construction of Retaining and Wharf Walls, with examples of failure and the causes. 5. A description of the Canal of the Helder (Holland), or of any foreign engineering works of a similar kind and importance. 6. The modes of Irrigation in use in Northern Italy ; of Drainage adopted in the Lowlands of the United Kingdom : or works of a similar nature in Holland or in other countries.
Seite 165 - Treasury" shall mean the Lord High Treasurer for the Time being, or the Commissioners of Her Majesty's Treasury of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland for the Time being, or any Three or more of them ; and the...
Seite 457 - Secondly, the application of distinct pipes or tubes, by which the air is conducted to the gases at the bridge and flame-bed, in whatever situation they may be placed, where such pipes or tubes are the means of bringing such air to the gas, independently of the air in the ash-pit...
Seite 253 - PRACTICAL GEODESY, Comprising Chain Surveying, the Use of Surveying Instruments, together with Levelling, and Trigonometrical, Mining, and Maritime Surveying. Adapted to the use of...
Seite 407 - Act incorporated therewith, for the purpose of publishing any bye-law or penalty, or shall obliterate any of the letters or figures thereon, he shall forfeit for every such offence a sum not exceeding five pounds, and shall defray the expenses attending the restoration of such board.
Seite 332 - SIR : I beg you will be pleased to acquaint my lords commissioners of the admiralty with the following particulars relative to the proceedings of the Confederate States ships-of-war Alabama, her reported tender Tuscaloosa, and the Georgia, which have recently arrived at the Cape of Good Hope.
Seite 253 - Act; and the balance, if any, shall be carried to the Consolidated Fund of the United Kingdom, and be paid accordingly into the receipt of Her Majesty's Exchequer at Westminster ; and the Commissioners of the Treasury may regulate the manner in which such fees are to be received, and in which they are to...
Seite 165 - Articles of Manufacture, and, if the Lords of the said Committee see fit, an Assistant Registrar and other necessary Officers and Servants ; and such Registrar, Assistant Registrar, Officers, and Servants shall hold their Offices during the Pleasure of the Lords of the said Committee; and such Registrar shall have a Seal of Office; and the Commissioners of Her Majesty's Treasury may from Time to Time fix the Salary or other Remuneration of such Registrar, Assistant Registrar, and other Officers and...

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