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The interpretation of the Divine name contained in the following pages, was proposed, in part, in a paper entitled, “The Antediluvian Theocracy,” contributed by the writer to the Journal of Sacred Literature, January, 1854. The idea of republishing this article, which the writer had entertained, was relinquished, in order that the subject of the Divine name might be treated with somewhat greater fulness than the design of the article allowed. This course was rendered desirable both by the importance of the subject, and in order that certain objections might be met, which had been urged against the view of the Divine name given in the Journal of Sacred Literature, as modified by Mr. Alexander Mac Whorter, and reproduced by him in the American Bibliotheca Sacra, January, 1857, in an article entitled, “ Jehovah considered as a Memorial Name," and in a volume entitled, Yahveh Christ, or the Memorial Name, Boston, 1857, (but with the omission, in both of these productions, of an acknowledgment of the source whence the ideas on which they were based were derived. The

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