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nod, and some other creeds from a truly philosophical head, a proMSS; corrections and additions to found knowledge of mankind, and the Chronicle, from Crufius's Tur. peculiar acuteness and felicity in cugræcia; and the epistle of the pro- the delineation of character by a thonotary Theodofius Zygomalas to few masterly strokes.-At KonigsMartín Crufius.—At Leipsic, M. berg, M. J.G. Georgi has publithed S. F. G.Wahl has published “ An- the first volume of “ a geograpbical cient and modern fore and middle and physical Description of the Rui. Asia, being a geographical, phyfi- fian Empire,” which is intended cal, and statistical Defcription and to be completed in three volumes. History of the Persian Empire." M. Georgi resided for a considerable On this work the author has be. time in the various governments of ftowed uncommon industry', in col. the Ruflian empire, and among other lecting information from the classical sources of information bad the op writers of antiquity, the works of portunity of consulting many manu. learned me der js on eastern history scripts, and a number of Ruflian and antiquities, and the accounts of works, which are for the molt part ingenious and well-informed travel- unknown to foreigners. His relers into Persia, which have been spectable talents will enable him, published in this country, as well as from the advantages which he has on the continent. He has, like- poflefled, to furnith his readers with wise, exercited much judgment in an instructive and entertaining work selecting, combining, and arranging relative to that country. The pres * his various materials, to as to present fent volume, as far as it extends, is his readers with the best geographis entitled to that character. - At co-historical description of Persia, Leiplic, M. E. A. W. Zimmer: which has hitherto been produced: maon, counsellor of the court, and we mean as far as the author has professor at Brunswic, &c. has pubproceeded. For the present volume, lished the first volume of “a comalthough of no small magnitude, is parative Essay on France and the only the first of an intended feries United States of North America, on the fame subject.— At Halle, with reference to their Soils, Cliand I.eipfic, professor Manglesdorff mates, Productions, Inhabitants, has published" the ancient History Constitutions, and progreflive Fura of the World, compiled for the Uie nation." The principal objeet of of his own Children, and others this work is, to fliew the diffimilarifrom twelve to fifteen Years old, or ty betwe: n the revolutions of France upwards," in four volumes, which and America, in their causes and is executed with judgment and fpi- coniequences, from a description of rit, and will be found inftrujve, the different countries and their inas well as entertaining, by many habitants. Whatever the readet men not unacquainted with history, may think relpecting the importance as well as by young persons in the of ihe author's design, and the ulcourse of their education. - At timale fuccess of his industrious and Berlin, M. C. L. Woltmann has ingenious researches, from the fpepublished the first volume of “a cimen before os he will conclude, History of the States of Europe;" that they will supply him with a which is employed on the history of large mais of valuable and curious France. The foreign reviewers information, and offer to him many state it to be the work of no common topics of difcufsion which will prove historian, but of one who poffeffes interesting and entertaining - At Weïmar, the laft-mentioned author the trouble of perusing them. His has published a little treatise enti. defcription of the Austrian military tled '“ A general View of Italy," hospitals, which 18 confirined by the which contains more important and testimony of numerous other writ. valuable information, than is often ers, affords a horrible contrast to found dispersed in many bulky von Dr, Wedekind's account of the lumes. It is with pleasure that bis French hospitals, noticed in a prereaders will receive his promise to ceding department of our work. furnish them with a larger work on At Vienna, professor Eckhel has Italy, from materials which he has publified the leventh voluine of his already collected in a tour through very valuable “ Doctrina Nummothat country. — At Aurich, M. rum Veterum, &c.” containing the Tileman Dothias Wiarda, secretary imperial coins from Antoninus Pius to the States of East Friesland, has to the reign of Dioclelian. – At published a copious, authentic, and Magdeburg, M. J. Gurlitt has pubimpartial “ History of East Frief. lithed “ a biographical and literary land," in seven volumes. At Weï. Account of J. Winkelman," which mar, professor A. C. Gaspari has supplies us with some new anecdotes published the first volume of “a of his early life, and accurate parcomplete Manual of inodern Geo. ticulars respecting some doubiful graphy,"which is represented to be circumstances in it..At Nurenan excellent performance, and suf- berg, M. Fran, von Paula Schrank ficiently full to satisfy every reader, has published the first volume of excepting the geographer by profef. “ Accounts of the Lives and Writsion. The volume before us con- ings of celebrated Men of Letters," tains particular descriptions of the which is executed with judgment circles of Austria, Bavaria, Suabia, and accuracy. It is intended, in and Franconia, preceded by a his- fome measure, to be a continuation tory of geography, as much of of Niceron's Memoirs of Men of Letastronomy as concerns our globe, ters.—At Erlangen, Dr. Fred. Adam and the natural history of the earth. Georg has publithed "a Monument -At Budiisin and Zittaw, M. C. for my Father : the Life of J. Mich. Theoph. Frohberger has published Georg, late Director of the Royal "Letters on Herrnhut, and the Prussian Regency at Bayreuth, &c. Evangelical Brotherhood,"contain- in which we are presented with ing a well-written account of the a striking inftance of the power of history of Herrnhut; of its topo- talent to raise itself, by perlevering graphy, with the manners, &c. of industry, from the lowest condition, the inhabitants; of the constitution amidst the most difficult circumof the united brethren; of their stances. At Hamburgh have apcolonies and miffions in different peared “ Anecdotes of the private parts of the world, &c.; to which Life of the Empress Catharine II. are prefixed some observations on Paul I. and his Fainily," extracted the life and character of Zinzendorf, from the papers of a young Polish the founder of the Moravian feet.- officer, who served several years in At Leipfic, M. F. C. Laukhard has the corps commanded by the prepublified “ Adventures and Ob- fent emperor, when grand duke; fervations during the Campaign which are written with a degree of against France," which will abun frankness and apparent impartiality, dantly compensate the reader for that renders them highly interetting, and engages the reader's confidence Classical,Critical, Polite, andMifcele in their authenticity, -" The laneous Literature. In this number Shade of Catharine Il. in the Ely are “ Açutopayouş Kuusidan, &c.” fian Fields," with the fictitious im- corrected on the authority of a valo. print of Kamichatca, consists of able Manuscript of the tenth Cen. three dialogues between Catharine tury, by P. Soveroizi. To which and Peter the Great, Louis XVI. are added critical Remarks, Greek and Frederic II. They are drawn Scholia, Indexes, and Notes of the up in an interesting and pleasing learned," in 2 vols. published at manner, and contain many just and Leipfic. The principal value of striking observations on the charac. this edicion of Ariftophanes confifts ters and conduct of the respective in its being a copy from the MS. personages introduced. "M. J. mentioned in the title-page, which C. Hurtner's Account of the British is said to be the most correct and Einbassy through China and a Part complete existing. It supplies seof Tartáry,"published at Berlin, was veral chasms, and re&ifies several drawn up by that gentlemanwhile he passages: but the greatest advantage attended the embassy in the capacity derived from it is the correction of of tutor to Sir George Staunton's the metre, particularly in the chos fon, for the entertainment of his con- rusles, The editor's remarks are fidential friends, and without any in- curfory and trivial. At the same tention of permitting it to be sent place have appeared “Strabonis Re. into the world, tiil the theft of a ruin Geographicarum Libri XVII, copy of what the author had sent to Græca ad Opi. Cod. Manuf, recenGermany, the contents of which fuit, Var. Lect. Adnotationibufque were announced for publication in illustravit, Xylandri Verfionem a Hamburgh newspaper,rendered it emendavit jo, Phil.Siebenkees,Prof. expedient to take that step. It is Altorfinus," tom. I. The late the production of an accurate and professor Siebenkees's learning and sagacious observer, and confirms industry must have contributed to fome of the most wonderful Itate. render this edition of Strabo valua. ments in Sir George's narrative, ble to the classical scholar. The while it presents the reader with in- best manuscripts, however, which genious and curious observations on he had the opportunity of consulttopics but fightly, if at all noticed ing, were marked by numerous cor, in that work.–At the same place, ruptions and defe&ts. This volume M. Fred. Schultz has published vol. contains the first three books. At

I. part I. of “New Travels through the same place, Dr. J. Severinus · Italy," which, notwithstanding the Vater has publifhed " Animadver,

number of similar productions, will fiones et Lectiones ad Ariftotelis * fupply the reader with much infor. Lib. tres Rhet. &c. with Correcmation and amusement. It was tions of the Text, &c.; to which is written in continuation of “the added an Appendix, by Fr. Aug. Livonian's Journey from Riga to Wolf." The known learning and Warsaw, &c." announced in our celebrity of the annotators cannot last volume.

fail of rendering this work an acThe last articles which we have ceptable present to the admirers of to insert in our catalogue of the Aristotle.--At Nuremberg, M. j. productions of Germany for the Wolfgang Müller has published year 1797, belong to the head of "A Commentary qq two obfcure


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mathematical Passages in Plato dark ages to our own times. The Works, one of which occurs in the volume before us contains the au. Thæ'es, the other in the Meno,” thor's first period, extending from which he is said to have elucidated about the year 1100 to 1450; and in a very happy and satisfactory reflects.great credit on his diligence manner. At Leiplic, Dr. J. Séveand accuracy of investigation, and rinus Vater has published " A He- on the talents which he possesses for brew Grammar, with a Criticisin on advancing the interests of polite lithe Methods of Danz and Meiner terature. With lois services in the , in the Preface.” On this work the cause of biblical and theological German reviewers remark, that it learning, our readers are nor unac. contains many new, excellent, and quainted.--At Werinar, M. C. A. striking observations; and that they Böttiger has published 6. Grecian cannot recommend a better to any Paintings on Vases, with archæolo. one who would study the Hebrew gical and artistical Illustrations of thoroughly-At Altenberg, profes- the original Prints," vol. I. This for J. Fred. Degen has published work is the production of an author " An Account of German Transla. diftinguished by that learning, fa.' tions of the Greek Writers,” vol. 1. gacity, and taste, wbich must render A-K, on a sinilar plan, and with his labours in the department to the same diligence which he disco which he has in the preleur instance vered in his History of the Translac devoted thein, highly acceptable to tions of the Latin Claics, publith scholars and artists. The dearness ed in the vear 1795.- t Frank, of fir William Hamilton's wellfort, M. P. L. de Beauclaire has known collections suggested the published the second and third idea of the work betore us, in volumes of his “ Series of Galli. which the prints are stricken off cisms, or Idioms of the French from the original plates, and accomLanguage:" a work 'first noticed panied with a new commentary by by us in this department of our our author. To the articles already Register for the year 1794. The enumerated we add the titles of the third volume is rendered particular following: “ The Works of C. M. ly curious by the introduction of a Wieland, complete," vols. XX.neological dictionary, or vocabulary XXIII. both inclusive, published of new words, or terms recently in. at Leipfic; “ Letters to a Lady, on vented, and brought into use lince the Arts, by Jul. Fred. Baron Rack. the French revolution; with many witz," parts 1. and II. publidhed at expressions and modes of speech Dresden ; “ The Torso, a periodi. now in fashion.--At Gottingen, cal Publication, dedicated to ancient professor Eichhorn has published and modern Art, by C. Bach and F. the first volume of a work entitled C. Benkowitz," vol. I, published at a“ General History of the Culture Breslaw; “ The corporeal World and Literature of mudern Europe," displayed in 360 Figures in Copperfrom which the elegant scholar may plate, with Explanations in French promise himself much genuine en- and German, calculated to teach tertainment. The object of the au. Children the Names, Qualities, and thor is to trace the progress of let. Uses of such Things as coine before ters, science, and the fine arts, their their Eyes, by J. H. Meynier," gradual migrations, and local revo- publisied at Augsburg; “ Mineral lucians, &c. from the middle of the Waters, a Poem, in four Cantos, by



· Valerius William Neubeck, M.D.” cation. It is flattering to receive

publified at Breslaw ; " Elements the editor's testimony to the merit of a Theory of the Art of Acting, of that species of our domestic litera. with the Analysis of a comic and ture, that “the mildest pbilosophy, tragic Part, Shakspeare's Falstaff the greatest fimplicity, and the mon and Hainlet, by the Chamberlain judicious manner of convering inVon Einsiedel, of Weimar," pub- ftruction, diftinguilbes those oumelined at Leipfic; “ New Travels rous literary productions."-AtGeround my Room," publilhed at Deva, the celebrated Bertrand BarBrunswick; “History of Families, rère has published a work entitled by Augustus de Fontaine; “ Family “ On our Scheine of Government,

of the Haldenis,” in 2 vols. pub &c." which contains an ingenious ·lished at Berlin; “ Wilhelmina, a illustration of the principles of the

History, by J. F. Junger," in 2 republican government in France, vols. published at the same place; and an artful well-written eulogium and" The Emigrants, a Novel,” in on its merits. But independently 4 vols. published at Brunswick of the partiality which muft be . The first work, in point of order, allowed to have guided the author's which ciainis our notice among the pen, and the particular application literary productions of Switzerland, of his sentiments, many of his reis a volume of “ Select Sermons, by marks on government, civil liberty, J. G. Fisch, fecond Preacher at public institutions, and political Aaraw,” publislied at that place. economy, are highly deserving of atThese Sermons have been sent by tention. - At Zurich, M.C. U. D. the author into the world, in justi. von E. has published two volumes of fication of himself against a malig. “Archives of political Economy and nant caluinny, that he did not Legislation,"containing extracts of preach the truths of Christianity. what he deemed most valuable in From the fpecimens which they af- the various little tracts on the a. ford us of his pulpit discourses we bove-mentioned subjects, published can easily conceive, that his services between the years 1774 and 1795, do not meet with the approbation of digested under their respective heads, fanatics, or of those who strictly in alphabetical order. Useful as we conform their religious principles to acknowledge the author's design to fyftematic creeds and confeflions of be, we wish that he may not ini faith. But to sober rational Chris- some measure defeat it, by rendertians they must prove acceptable and ing his work {too voluninous. In edifying. As compositions they the volumes before us, consisting reflect credit on M. Fisch's abili. nearly of a thousand pages, he has tes; and the sentiments which per. not exhausted the letter A. -At the vade them are such as do honour to fame place, the same author has Christianity, by representing it to be published “Annals of political E. a yoke that is easy, and a burthen conomy, Vol. I. for the year 1795;" that is light. At Lausanne, a little which is conducted on a similar piece has been published entitled plan, and consists of extracts from * A Manual of practical Philofo- treatises published since the year phy, &c.” which consists, chiefiy, 1794, together with corrections and of extracts, essays, and moral max. additions to the Archives.-At Laujms, selected from English publica- fanne, M. Brez has published an intions relating to the subject of edu, teresting and well-written “ Hifto.

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