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folves very completely the resinous but could lie for a length of time on base of the bile. I have since found, my left fide, which, from fome dit that the celebrated M. Fourcroy eale in my liver, had not been the had made the faine obfervation be. cafe for many months before. I fore me.

perceive a pain in the back of my « Before I began to take the ni. head, resembling what I have comtric acid, I consulted all the ac. monly felt when taking mercury. counts of it that I could procure, “4th. My gums are a little with a view of learning something tender. I continue the acid as be. of its effects on the human body. fore. I still find a pain in my head, The result of this inquiry was but and about my jaws, like what arises Jittle fatisfactory; for I only found from mercury. I perceive no Symp that it had been given as a diuretic, toms of my liver complaint. in every in fignificant quantities, or " 5th. I have taken the acid; recommended in general terms, and always feel an agreeable kafe where the mineral acids are fuppof- of heat after drinking it. fpic ed to be useful. I did not think more than usual. myfelf warranted to adminifer it to "6th. I continue the acid. I others from imperfect infor- observe my mouth forer to-day, and mation ; but I refolved to take it fpit more. myself; and I thought I was parti « gth. I think I am now fuffi cularly qualhed to determine its ciently oxygenated. I feel my mouch effects, as I had reason, for a long fo troublesome, that I thall take oo time before, to complain of my more acid. liver.

“ From this time my mouth got “In September 1793, 1 began to gradually well, and I found my take the nitric acid. I mixed about health confiderably improved. a dram of the strongest that I could " l now began to suppose, that I procure with a sufficient quantity had discovered a remedy for that of water; and I was happy to find, chronic disease of the liver, which that I could finish that quantity in is fo much more common here than the course of a few hours, without the acute hepatitis. I thought that any disagreeable effects from it. The it might in some refpect be preferafollowing is the journal that I kept ble to mercury, as it did not appear of myself at the time.

to produce the inconveniences that "ilth September, i ft day. Took arise from the ufe of that metal. I at different times about a drain of have given it Gince to a number of ftrong nitric acid, diluted with wa- people, who had taken mercury for ter. Soon after drinking it, I feel hepatic obstructions, without being a sense of warmth in my stomach effectually cured; and I have found and cheft; but I find no disagreed it in many cases produce the most able sensation from it, por any other agreeable confequences. If it were material effect.

proper on this occafion to be more 66 ad. I have taken to-day a con. particular in detailing the cases in fiderable quantity of acid, diluted which I have administered this rewith water, as much as I could eafi. medy, I believe I could make it ly drink during the forenoon. very probable that I have not been

66 3d. I have continued the acid.' deceiving myself. In the acute he. , I feel my gums affected from it, and patitis, I have hardly employed it;

they are somewhat red, and enlarge for where the life of a perfon is in .ed between the teeth. I flept ill; immediate danger, I have thought it my duty to make use of remedies from his head-ach, and he remained that are established.

very well for a few months, as was "I have, with the best effect, oxy- usual to him after mercury. genated several people with the ni. “I have now had a pretty ex. tric acid, who were much reduced tensive experience of the good ef. by tedious intermittents. That fects of the nitric acid in fyphilis ; kind of fever is often connected and I have reason to believe, that it with diseafed liver or spleen. In is not in general less effectual than consequence, I think, of this re- mercury in removing that diseafe in medy, I have seen them recover their all its forms, and in every stage of natural colour from a leaden or bi.. its continuance. I think that in lious hue, and regain their strength some cases it has even superior pow. from a long-continued weakness. ers; for I have succeeded comI believe, if given in a sufficient pletely with the acid, when mercu. quantity, it would be very ufeful in ry, administered both in this counthe fever of this country, which has try and in Europe for years togebeen called bilious, or nervous, or ther, had failed of success. We putrid, and for which mercury ap- appear to be able to carry the depears to be a specific.

gree of oxygenation of the body to “ I have met with two inst-aces a greater length by means of the only in this country, of diabetes. nitric acid, and to continue it longer They were both natives, and in the than we can do by mercury. decline of life. I cured them both “A mass of mercury, in the cirby mercury, after 'many other re- culation, produces many disagreeamedies had been tried. One of these ble effects, that make it often necef. men had a relapse of his disease, fary to give over its use before it has which I removed a second time answered its intention ; but the ni. with the nitric acid. I thought this tric acid may be taken a long time a satisfactory correspondence in without any material injury to the the effects of the two remedies. health ; nor are its effects on the May they not both be useful in mouth, in producing inflammation, that disease?

and a flow of saliva, lo disagreeable " The great resemblance that I as from mercury. . perceived in myself, between the "A man could hardly offer to effects of mercury and of the nitric his fpecies a greater blessing than a acid, made me anxious to know if new remedy against any of the host - the acid would remove the various of diseases that assail us ; but the

symptoms of syphilis. In Septem- reputation of specifics, with the ex. ber 1793, it was administered, at ception of a few instances, has arisen my desire, by my friend Mr. An: only from the weakness of the hu. derson, surgeon of the 77th regi- man mind. Am I too deceiving ment, to a person who had a head. myself, asd attempting to lead ach that came on every night, and others into error ? which had long been suspected to " As the acid that I distil is not arise from lues. He had taken fe- strong, and is of unequal strength at veral courses of mercury on this ac. different times, I am regulated chiefcount, which carried away all the ly by the taste in giving it. I p:it uneafy fymptoms; but they as con- half or three-fourths of a Madeira ftantly returned after a certain pe. glass-full of it in two pints of water, riod. On using the acid for about or I make two pints of water as acid a fortnight, he got perfectly free as it can well be drunk. This quan

tity is finished every twenty-four of the skin, and for all the train of hours, taking about a Madeira glafs- mitery that is attendant on lues. I full only at a time.

have the pleasure to fee, that feve. u I have sometimes removed fy- ral of my friends have begun to use philitic fymptoms with the acid in the nitric acid in fyphiiis, and in five days; more commonly, I think, other diseases. Ao account of their they give way in a fortnight; but experience, which every body will fometimes though seldom,they con- edeem the most respectable authotinue for twenty days without any rily, will make the subject of a apparent relief. I must confess, that future paper. io fome cases I have failed altoge " I hope this flight account will ther; but in those cafes mercury induce medical practitioners to try had long been given to little pure the effect of the nitric acid in fypbipole; the bones were highly dif- lis, a disease which, in shis climate, cafed, and the habit probably of a is so frequently she disgrace of theis peculiar kind. I have cured fyphi- art. Too often the miserable bis with the acid, under a variety of wretch is but worn down fooder farms, where 110 orber remedy had by the very semedies that are calied ever been employed, and for above in for his relief. two years 1 brave seen no relapse in those cases. I bave administered is

die “ Quælitæque nocent artes; ceflere

magiftri, against the primary symptoms of the

- Phyllides Chiron, Amwythaenirs disease, and I have given it for ex

que Melampus ostoses, for carions bones, for noc

**Vsag. GEORG, MI." turnal pains,fos eruptions and ulcess

bingwood EFFECT

LETTER defcri


[From the same Work.]

6 N R. Richard Pearson, of Biro lay before she public a report of the

mingham, has transmitted cases io which it has been given, to many of his friends she follow accompanied with semarks or some ing circular Jener, dated July 1, other remedies that may be em1796, respecting a particular prac. ployed with advagtage in the cure tice it phthifis pulmonalis, which, of consumptions. Being de Grous, he thinks, he has employed with in the recommendation of a new great benefit.

medicine, to have my own evi" Having, for the last two years, dence supported by the concurrent prescribed the vapour of vitriolic teftimonies of other practitioners, æther to patients labouring under I take the liberty of calling your phthisis pulmonalis, and having, attention to this subject, and of subboth in hospital and private prac. mitting to your notice my method tice, experienced the best effects of using this application, which is from its use in this frequent and for- fimply this: I direct the patient midable disease, I am preparing to to pour one or two tea-Spoonfuls of pure vitriolic æther, or of ærher imdays, or at most a week, and occa. pregnated with cicuta in the man- fionally thaking them together, a ner hereafter described, into a tea- very saturated tincture is obtained, cup or wine-glass, and afterwards to which may be inhaled in the same hokl the same up to the mouth, and manner, and in the same doses, as draw in the vapour that arises from the pure æther. My proportions it with the breath, until the æther are a scruple or half a dram of the is evaporated. This is repeated powdered leaves to every ounce of three, four, or five times in the ærher. The narcotic particles of course of the day, for a month or the cicuta, conveyed in this manfix weeks, more or leis according to ner, along with the æther, to the circuintances. The first effects of disealed lungs, act as a topical apthis application are, an agreeable plication with the best effect; hence sensation of coolness in the chett, æther, thus impregnated, succeeds an abartment of the dyspnea and in moft instances better than when cough, and after ten minutes or a it is employed alone. The only quarter ot an hour, easier expecto unpleasant circunstance attending sation. The ultinate cffects, pro- the inhalation of this æthereat tinc. vided other proper measures be not ture of cicuta, is a flight degree of neglected, for this is not to super- fickness and giddinels, which, howfede the use of other medicines, but ever, soon go off. to be employed in conjunction with “ It cannot be expected that I them, are, a removal of the local in- should here point out every sympHammation, a cleansing and healing tom, or set of symptoms, which inof the ulcerated lungs, and a fup- dicate or forbid the use of this appremion of the hectic fever. To plication : I shall only remark, that affert that all these beneficial conse. it appears to be best suited to the quences will flow from its applica. florid, or what is commonly term. tion in every species and degree of ed the scrophulous consumption, phthisis pulmonalis, would be ad. Where the pulmonic affection is opting the language of quacks, and complicated with the inelenteric infulting the understanding of every obstruction, or diseases of the other one experienced in the profession : viscera, or a droplical condition, it but to say that some of these good affords but transitory relief: and in effects are likely to result from its the very last stage of the disorder, use in most instances, and most of the proper time of using it is past. them in a great number of instances, “ Should you be induced, fir, is afferting only what an experi. by this address to make trial of the ence of two years, in a situation vapour of vitriolic æther, impregwhere the opportunities of making naied with cicuta, in phthisical trial of ic have been very frequent, cases, I shall be glad to be favour. has fully confirmed.


ed with your remarks and observa. 6. The falutary operation of the tions upon it, whether in its favour æther applied to the lungs in the or not. All communications on this form of vapour, I have found to be subject are requested to be sent begreatly promoted by several volatile fore the ift of January next, as af Tubtances that are soluble in it, but ter that time the treatise will be by none more fo than the cicuta. printed. By macerating a sufficient quantity “ (Signed)

of the dried leaves of this plant in " RICHARD PEARSON, M.D. , æther, for the space of three or four " Birmingham, 11 July 1796."

CURIOUS Curious Fact in the History of the common MOLE, by ARTAUR

BRUCE, Esq. &c.

{From the Third Volume of the TRANSACTIONS of the LINNEAN


"THAT the mole does, in com- the 4th or 5th of June, 10 o'clock

mon with other quadrupeds P. M. he and another respectable and man, posseis that spirit of curio- person, lord Airly's butler, law at a fity which prompts to emigration, small dittaoce upon the smooth wa

and even to transmarine expeditions, ter some animal paưdling to, and , I found out last summer from the not far distant from the island. best authenticated facts.

:'. They soon, too soon! closed with this “ In visiting the Loch of Clunie, feeble passenger, and found it to be which I often did, I observed in it a our common mole, led by a most small island at the distance of 180 astonishing instinct from the nearest yards from the nearest land, measur. point of land (the castle hill) to take ed to be so upon the ice. Upon the possession of this desert ifland. It ifland, lord Airly, the proprietor, was at this time for about the space has a castle and a small shrubbery. af two years quite free from any I observed frequently the appear- fubterraneous inhabitant: but the ance of fresh mole-casts, or hills. I mole lias for more than a year past - for some time took it to be the wa. made its appearance again, and its ter-mouse, and one day asked the operations I was witness to. gardener if it was so? No, he said, “In the history of this animal I it was the mole ; and that he had do not at present recollecti any caught one or two lately. But that fact so striking; especially when we five or fix years ago he had caught consider the great depth of the wa. two in traps; and for two years af. ter, both in summer and winterter this he had observed none. But from fix to ten, fifteen, and some about four years ago, coming alhore places as deep as thirty or forty in a summer's evening in the dusk, feet, all round the island.”

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