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Captain Calder, whose able assistance has greatly contributed to the public service during my command, is the bearer of this, and will more particularly describe to the lords commissioners of the admirally the movenents of the squadron on the 14th, and the present state of it. I am, Sir, &c.

J. JEEVIS. List of the Spanish feet opposed to the British, the 14th of February, 1797. Guns.

Guns. Santissima Trinidad 130

Pelayo . . . 74 Mexicana - 112

San Genaro .

- 74 Principe de Asturias 112 San Ildephonso '. Conception - 112

San J. Nepomuceno
Conde de Regla - 112 . San Fran. de Paula 74
Salvador del Mundo 112 taken. San Ysidro - . 74 taken.
San Josef - - 112 taken. San Antonio
San Nicolas . . 84 taken. San Pablo
Oriente - - 74

San Firmin
Glorioso · - 74

Neptuno - 74
Atlante .


74 Conquestador .. 74

Narne unknown - 74 Soberano .. - . 74

Name unknown .. 74 Firme . . 74. .

J. Jervis. List of killed and wounded in the squadron under the command of admi

ral sir Jihn Jervis, in the action with the Spanish fleet the 14th of February, 1797.

Killed. Wounded.


O. Othcers.




K. &


Ships. Commanders.

(Ad. Sir J. Jervis, K.B.) Victory,

31st Capt. Rt. Calder so o o 0 2 3 0 6
(2d Capt. G. Grey

Vice Ad. Thompson 10 0 0 0

0 1 Capt. T. Foley

1 0 0 1
v.'a. W. Waldegrave 10 o 0 0

o 0.00 07.00 7

7 0 0
{ Capt. J. R. Dacres

7 s Rear Admiral Parker 10 y 10 0.7 00 15 corge Captain J. Irwin Blenheim, C. T. Lenox Frederick, 0 10 0 2 2 40 0 2 61 Namur, Capt. J. H. Wbitshed. 0 2 0 0 0 5 0 0 7

Commodore Nelson Captain, {

1 20 0 3 2 50 0 4 80 , I Capt. R. W. Miller Goliath, Capt. Sir C.H.Knowles 0 0 0 0 0 4 4 0 Excellent, Capt. C. Collingwood 1 8 2 0 0 10 2 0 23 Orion, Capt. Sir J. Saumarez 0 0 0 0 0 7 2 0 0 Colossus, Capt. G. Murray Capt. G. Murray

0 0 0 0 0 4 1 0 5 Egmont, Capt. J. Sutton

0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 Culloden, Capt. T. Troubridge 1 7 2 0 0 39 8 0 57 Irresistible, Capt. G. Martin

0 4 1 0 1 12 1 0 19 Diadem, Capt. G. H. Towry 0 0 0.0 -0 1 0 1 2

3 59 6 5 5 189 21 12 300



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. Officers killed and wounded. Blenheim.-Mr. Edward Libby, acting lieutenant, wounded ; Mr. Pea. cock, boatswain, wounded ; Mr. Joseph Wixen, naster's mate, wounded, since dead. terference of the court of common direct contrary tendency to those council.

Captain.-Major William Norris, marines, killed; Mr. James Godench, midshipman, killed ; commodore Nelson, bruised, but not obliged to quit the deck; Mr. Carrington, boatswain, wounded in boarding the San Nicolas ; Mr. Thomas Lund, midshipman, wounded.

Excellent.—Mr. Peter Peffers, boatswain, killed ; Mr. Edward Augustus Down, master's mate, wounded.

Orion.-Mr. Thomas Mansel, midshipman, wounded.

Culloden.—Mr. G. A. Livingstone, lieutenant of marines, killed. · Irresistible.-Serjeant Watson, marines, killed ;-'Mr, Andrew Thompson, lieutenant, wounded ; Mr. Hugh M‘Kinnon, master's mate, wounded; Mr. William Balfour, midshipman, wounded.


List of killed and wounded on board the Spanish ships, taken by the

squadron under the command of admiral sir John Jervis, K. B. on the

14th of February, 1797. Ships' Names.

Kd wa. San Ysidro Officers

- 4 8 Artillerists, seamen, and soldiers


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29 63

Salvador del Mundo

Officers . . .
Artillerists, seamen, and soldiers

5 37

2 121

[blocks in formation]

Total - - . 603 Note. Among the killed is the general Don Francisco Xavier Winthuysen, chef d'escadre.

Victory, in Lagos Bay, off Oporto merit my highest appro-
Feb. 16, 1797. bation.

I am,

Your most obedient,
I inclose a letter received from

* Humble servant, captain Marsh, of his majesty's sloop

J. JERVIS. the King's Fisher, whose services Evan Nepean, Esq. .

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King's Fisher, of Oporto, between the 24th of January and

January 28, 1797. 7th of March, 1797.

I beg leave to acquaint you, that La Providence, sloop, in ballast;
on the 23d inst. I fell in with two from Brest to Bourdeaux, sunk.
Spanish privateers; one of which, a' L'Intrepide sloop, in ballast, from
Jagger, mounting one carriage-gun, Brest to Bourdeaux, sunk.
and manned with thirty-eight men, La Jeunee, brig, wine and bran-
I captured, and drove the other on dy, from Bourdeaux to Brest, sent
shore, between Villa Conde and to England.
Vianna ; the latter was a schooner, Le--, brig, empty casks, burnt.
and, I understand from the prison-

Spanish. ers, mounted twelve carriage-guos, La Santa Theresa, brig, empty and was manned with between sixty casks, from St. Andero to Vigo, and seventy men; those vessels bad, burnt. for some time past, infested this St. Jago de Compostella, brig, in coast, and had captured several Eng- ballast, from St. Andero to Vigo, lish merchant vessels. I have the honour to be, sir;

J. B. WARREN, commodore, Your inost obedient,

15. A fire broke out in a maltHumble servant,

kiln at Burwell, near Newmarket, EDWARD MARSH. occupied by M. Barlow and Wedge, Sir J. Jervis, K.B. adm. of the blue, which entirely consumed the same, and commander in chief, &c. &c. with the malting, in which were

4. The London Gazette of 'this 351 coombs of malt and barley, most day announces the capture of the of it damaged ; also a house and L'Approcrate brig, of 14 guns and work-shop, the property of Mrs. 65 men'; and the L'Hirondelle cut- Brown, fellmonger, widow, a house ter, of 6 guns and 45 men, by the of Mrs. Mary Isaackson's, another Stag, captain Yorke.

of Richard Bunting's, a coal-shed of 9. This day the bank began to Mr. Robert Edwards's, and part of issue dollars at 4s. gd, each. There the premises belonging to Mr. Wilis the mint stamp affixed on each, liam Shaw. Fortunately, the wind which consists of the king's head blew from the south-east, which marked on the king of Spain's drove the flames towards the Fen. neck.

Bunting is a great sufferer ; being a 11. The captures in this day's waterman, he had several sunis of London Gazette are, the L'Im- money belonging to Lyrin, all of promptu, and the Le Bonheur, which were lost in the flames, not small vessels, by lieutenant Festing, having time to get any thing out of of the Nimble cutter; and the Le his house.

Voltigeur, French privateer, no guns 17. Court of Common-Council. Vi ada

and 23 men, by captain Talbot, of The lord mayor stated to the the Eurydice. The following list is court, that he had been requested to also given.

convene a common-hall, which he A list of French and Spanish ves- had declined to do until he had

sels captured and destroyed by, taken the opinion of that court
his majesty's squadron under thereon.
the command of commodore Mr. Powel said it was improper
sir John Borlase Warren, K. B. for them to interfere with the livery

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it had been once done before, but circumstances, it appears to me had caused a great dissatisfaction. , highly proper, first to consult the

Mr. Dixon stated his objections court of common-council. They to such a proceeding.

will meet on Friday, the 17th inMr. Waithman desired bis Jord- stant, when your requisition shall ship to state what communication be brought under their considerahe had had with the gentlemen who tion. signed the requisition.

I am, gentlemen, His lordship then read the fol. - Your most humble servant, lowing papers:

BROOK WATSON, mayor. To Brook Watson, Esq. lord mayor Addressed to Joseph Jackson, of the city of London.

apothecary, and 42 other My lord,

liverymen who signed the We, the undersigned liverymen, requisition. . in behalf of ourselves and the livery To the right honourable the lord at large, request your lordship io mayor of the ciiy of London. convene a common-hall, within My lord, eight days from the date hereof, to We, the liverymen who signed consider a motion then to be made, the requisition to your lordship, re6. That an humble address and pe- questing a common-hall to be contition be presented to his majesty, veved for the purpose of consider. upon the present alarming state of ing a motion, “ That an humble public affairs, and praying him to address and petition be presented to dismiss his present ministers from his majesty, upon the present alarm. his councils for ever, as the first step ing state of public affairs, &c." towards a speedy, honourable, and have received your lordship's anpermanent peace.”

swer thereto, whereby you decline · Signed by 43 liverymen ] ! to call a common-ball until you

He then read the answer, and the have submitted the propriety of protest of the livery, which are as calling the same to a court of cunifollow:

mon-council, which will be holden Mansion-House, March 13, 1797. on Friday next. Gentlemen,

Having taken the same into copI duly received on the evening sideration, beg leave to suggest to of the 10th instant, the requisition your lordship, that we conceive whereby you desire ne to convene any interference of the court of a common-hall, and within eight coinmon-council with our rights days from that date, to take into and franchises as liverymen, will be consideration a motion then to be unconstitutional, and that it will be made, “ That an bumble address highly derogatory to the cliaracter and petition be presented to his of a chief magistrate of this city, majesty, upon the present alarming (elected by the liverymen at large) state of public affairs, and praying to submit a requisition of his conhim to distniss his present minis- stituents for a common-hall to the fers from his councils for ever, as opinion or controul of a court of the first step towards obtaining a common-council, (elected by citispeedy, honourable, and permanent zens, freemen, and householders.) peace.” In answer to this your re. We do therefore, on behalf of our quest, I think it my duty to say, selves and the livery at large, 80that, under a full consideration of all lemnly protest against any such in.


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passed by the livery, the more espeFirst, Because a common hall is cially when such of their deliberaconstituted by the lord mayor, alder- tions and resolves have taken place men, and livery of London, in com- 'subsequent to the resolutions at mon hall assembled, the livery being common hall, thereby intending to the sole known constituents of the counteract the opinion of the livery chief magistrate, sheriffs, and other' at large. great officers of the city.

Lastly, For the above and many Second, Because the court of other forcible reasons, we again recommon council are not known to quest your lordship to convene a us as liverymen, but are merely re- common hall without having representatives of the citizens freemea course to the opinion of the court householders, several of whom are of common council, protesting, as not in themselves of the livery, we have before and still do protest, therefore cannot, according to the against any such interference. But known laws and custom of the city,' if your lordship shall still persist in interfere with the livery' without a taking the opinion of that court gross and manifest violation of their upon this occasion (which we hope rights and privileges.

and trust you will not), then we Third, Because the right of calling shall feel the rights of the livery common halls (other than for the violated, and they thereby compelled express purpose of chusing officers) to meet for redress of grievances as is vested in the chief magistrate. warranted by the existing laws of And when important and alarming the country. circumstances have occurred to signed by order of the liverymen make it necessary or prudent to take who signed the requisition. into consideration circumstances pe JOSEPH JACKSON, chairman. culiar to the times, such right hath London, March 14, 1797. Dot been exercised by the chief Mr. Waithman then, rose. He magistrate as an absolute right in said the objections stated in that hin, but when requested by a re- paper were so strong against having spectable number of the livery to their requisition submitted to the convene a common hall, it hath decision of that court, that little rebeen (with very few exceptions) mained for him to state. That court granted as of right and justice. had no right whatever to judge of

Fourth, Because the present times the propriety of convening the are as alarming and big with im- livery; they were two distinct and portant events as any that occur in separate bodies. The chief magie the history of our country. We strate was elected by the livery, and therefore deemed it proper to apply could not, without the grossest into your lordship in the usual form sult to the livery, take the opinion to convene a common ball; but we of any other body of men. It was can by no means consent to our pretended that they were their rerequisition for that measure being presentatives; it was no such thing ; submitted to the opinion of a body they represented the citizens houseof meo unknown to us in that cha- holders. Many of the livery did racter, who, in their close delibera- not reside in the city, therefore had tions, have for the last three or four no share in electing them. He unyears agreed to the resolutions of a derstood there was a private coun

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