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It must not be permitted to be as did also the members of the fro doubted whether the people of the nate: and the speaker having ri. United States will support the go- fumed his chair, he read the speech : vernment established by their vo- after which, on mo.jon it was or Juntary consent, and appointed by dered to be committed to a comtheir free choice; or whether, by mittee of the whole to.morrow. surrendering themselves to the di Adjourned. rection of foreign and domeftic factions, in opposition to their own government, they will forfeit the Treaty of Definitive Peace concluded honourable fation they have hi. between the French Republic and therto maintained.

the Emperor, King of Hungary and For myself, having never been in Bohemia. different to what concerned the inte. rests of my country; having devot- His majesty, the emperor of the Ro. ed the best part of my life to obtain mans, king of Hungary and Baand support its independence, and hemia, and the French republic, constantly witnessed the patriotisın, willing to consolidate the peace, fidelity, and perseverance of my fel the bases of which were laid down low-citizens on the most trying oc by the preliminaries signed at the casions, it is not for me to helitate, castle of Eckenwald, near Leoben, or abandon a cause in which my in Styria, on 18th of April, 1797, heart has been so long engaged. have named for their plenipoten

Convinced that the conduct of tiaries, to wit:-his majesty (the the government has been just and emperor and kiug), the marquis impartial to foreign nations; that di Gallo, count de Cobenzel, those internal regulations which count de Meerfeldt, and baron have been established by law, for de Degelmann; and the French the preservation of peace, are in republic, Buonaparte, commandtheir nature proper, and that they er in chief of the French army have been fairly executed; nothing in Italy; who, after exchanging will ever be done by me to impair their full and respective powers, the national engagements, to innoe have agreed to the following arvate upon principles which have ticles; been so deliberately and uprighily established; or to surrender in any . There (hall be for the future manner the rights of the govern, and for ever a solid and inviolable ment: to enable me to maintain peace between his majesty the emthis declaration I rely, under God, peror of the Romans, and king of with entire confidence on the firm Hungary and Bohemia, his heirs and and enlightened support of the nae succeíTors, and the French republic. tional legillature, and upon the vir: The contracting parties shall en. tue and patriotism of my fellow- gage their utmost attention to maincitizens.

rain between them and their pollel. JOHN ADAMS. lions a perfect good understanding, Having concluded his speech, af. without permitting henceforth on ter presenting a copy of it to the citiser side, that any act of hostility president of the fenate, and another be committed by land, or sea, to the speaker of the house of re- through any cause, or unde: any presentatives, the president retired, pretext whatever ; and every thing



shall be carefully avoided, that them in as speedy a manner as possi. might impair for the future, the ble to the plenipotentiaries of the union happily established between French republic, and that before the them. No affiftance or prote&tion exchange of the ratifications, that Thall be given, directly or indirectly, when the exchange takes place, the to those wlio might desire to do any plenipotentiaries of both powers prejudice to cither of the contract. may be enabled to agree with reing parties.

spect to all the articles explanatory 11. Immediately after the ex. of, and additional to, the present archange of the ratifications of the ticle, and sign them. present treaty, the contracting par. V. His majesty the emperor, ties Mall cause all the sequestrations king of Hungary and Bohemia, con which have been placed on the pro- sents that the French republic porperty, rights, and revenues of he sess in full sovereignty, The former individuals residing in the respective Venetian islands of the Levan', to territories which are united to them, wit,-Corfui, Zante, Cephalonia, as well as of the public establish- Santa Mavra, Cerigo, and other ments which are situated in those islands depending on them, as well territories, to be taken off They as Butrinto, Larta, Vonissa, and in bind themselves to discharge all general all the former Venetian they may owe which has been lent establishments in Albania, which to them, as funds, by the said indi. are situate lower than the gulf of viduals or public establishments, Londrino. and to pay or reimburse all engage. Vl. The French republic coniments entered into for their advan. sents that his majesty the emperor, tage by each of them.

king of Hungary and Bohenija, [The present article is declared shall possess in full sovereigniy and common to the Cisalpine republic. propriety the country hereafter ex

III. His majesty the emperor, pressed, to wit, Iftria, Dalmatia, king of Hungary and Bohemia, re- the former Venetian illands of the linquishes, on his own part, and on Adriatic, the mouths of the Cattaro, that of his successors, in favour of the city of Venice, the canals, and the French republic, all his rights the countries comprehended beand titles on the ci-devant Belgic tween the hereditary flares of his provinces, known by the name of majesty the emperor and king, the the Austrian Low Countries. The Adriatic sea, and a line which shall French republic Tall possess there be drawn from the county of Ty. countries for ever, in full sovereign- rol Mall follow the torrent forward ty and propriety, and with all the to Gardola, and cross the lake of territorial possessions which depend Garda as far as Laçissa; from thence on them.

a military line as far as San Giacomo, IV. All the mortgages entered holding out an equal advantage to into before the war on the land of both parties, which mallbe traced by the countries expressed in the pre- engineers named on each side previ. ceding articles, and the contracts of ous to the exchange of the ratificati. which mall be drawn up with the ons of the present treaty. The line usual formalities, shall become the to ascertain the liinits shall cross the charge of the French republic. The Adige al San Giacomo, follow the plenipotentiaries of his majesty the left bank of that river as far as the emperor mall furnish an account of mouth of the White Canal, compre


hending that part of Porto Legnago and the French republic, shall be which is on the right bank of the taken off, without their being ex. Adige, with a circle drawn of 3000 pored in that respect to be molested fathoms. The line shall be carried in their property or persons. Those on by the left bank of the White who for the future may not wish to Canal, the left bank of the Tartaro, continue their residence in these the left bank of the canal called the countries, fall be bound to make a Polisella, until it discharges itse't declaration to that effect, three into the Po, and the left bank of months after the publication of the the Great Po as far as the sea. treaty of definitive peace. They

VII. His majesty the emperor, Mall be allowed the term of three king of Hungary and Bohemia, re- years to sell their moveable and imlinquishes for ever, for himself and moveable poffessions, or to dispose bis fucceffors, in favour of the Cife of them as they think proper. alpine republic, all the rights and X. The countries ceded, acquirtitles arising out of those rights ed, or exchanged by the present which bis said majesty might pre treaty shall encuinber those in whose tend to have on the conntries which poffeflion they shall remain with he possessed before the war, and the mortgages that have been incur. which now constitute a part of the red on the land. Cisalpine republic, which shall pos. XI. The navigation of the part sess them in full sovereignty and pro. of the rivers and canals, serving as priety, with all the territorial posses. linits between the possessions of his sions that depend on them.

majesty the emperor, and those of VIII. His majesty the emperor, the Cisalpive republic, Mall be tree, king of Hungary and Bohemia, ac- without either being able to esta. knowledges the Cisalpine republic blith any toll, or to keep any vessels as an independent power. This re. armed for war; which however public comprehends the former Au. does not exclude the necessary preitrian Lombardy, the countries of cautions for the safety of the fortress Bergamo, of Brescia, and of Cremo. of Porto Legvago. na, the city and fortress of Mantua, XII. Alfales or alienations made, the Mantuan territory, Peschiera, all engagements contracted, whether that part of the former Venetian by the towys, or by the government, ftates to the west and south of tie or the civil and administrative auline described in the 6th article as thorities of the countries formerly the frontier of the Itates of his ma- Venetian, for the maintenance of jesty the emperorin Italy, the coun- the German and French armies, untry of Modena, the principality of til the date of signing the present Maffa and Carnira, and the three treaty, fhall be confirmed and con. legations of Bologna, Ferrara and fidered as valid. Romagna.

XIII. The titles of the domains, IX. In all the countries ceded, ac- anci the archives of the different quired, or exchanged by the present countries ceded or exchanged by treaty, the sequestration placed on the present treaty, shall be given up the property, effects, and revenues in the space of three months, to date of all the inhabitants and proper- from the exchange of the ratificaties of every description, on account tions, to the powers which shali have of the war which has been carried acquired the propriety of them. on between his imperial majesiy The plans and maps of the for


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tresses, towns, and countries which countries which that prince and his the contracting parties acquire by heirs had in Italy, the Brisgau, the present treaty, shall be faithful. which he shall poliefs on the fame ly given up to them. The military conditions as those in virtue of papers and registers taken in the which he possessed the country of actual war from the staffs of the re- Modena. spective armies shall be equally re. XIX. The real and perfonal ftored.

property, not alienated, of their roy. XIV. Thetwo contracting pow. al highoeftes the archduke Charles ers, alike animated with the desire , and the archduchess Christina, Gtu. of doing away every thing that are in the countries ceded to the might tend to injure tlie good un. French republic, shall be restored to derstanding which now happily sub. them under the condition of selling sists between them, bind themselves them within the space of three in the most solemn manner to con. years. tribute with all their power to the The same measure shall be ob maintenance of internal tranquillity served with respect to the real and in their respective states.

personal property of his royal highXV. A treaty of commerce esta ness the archduke Ferdinand, in the blished on equitable grounds, and territory of the Cisalpine republic on such as may give to his majesty XX. A congress still be held at the emperor, and to the French re. Rastadt, solely composed of the ples public, advantages equal to those nipotentiaries of the Germanic em. enjoyed by the most favoured na. pire, and the French republic, for tions in their respective dominions, concluding peace between these two shail be forthwith concluded. In powers. This congress fliall be the mean time, all the communica. opened one month after the signing tions and commercial relations thall of the present treaty, or sooner if be re-established in the state in possible. which they were before the war. XXI. All the prisoners of war

XVI. No inhabitant of all the made on either side, and the hoftcountries occupied by the Austrian ages. carried off, or given, during and French armies, shall be liable to the war, who may not have been be prosecuted or affected, whether yet restored, shall be so within forty in his person or property, on ac- days, to date from the signing of the count of his political opinions, or present treaty. his civil, military, or commercial XXII. The contributions, deli. conduct during the war which has veries, furnishings, and whatever been carried on between the two asistances of war have taken place powers.

in the respective states of the conXVII. His majesty the emperor tracting powers, fall cease from shall not, conformably to the princi. the day of the exchange of the ratiple of neutrality, receive into any of fications of the present treaty, his ports during the course of the XXIII. His majesty the empepresent war more than fix veftels ror, king of Hungary and Bohemia, armed for war belonging to any and the French republic, shall preone of the belligerent powers. I serve between them the same cere

XVIII. His majesty the emperor mony, with respect to rank, and binds himself to cede to the duke other etiquettes, which was conof Modena, as an indemuity for the stantly observed before the war.

His faid majesty and the Cisal Louis, Count de Cobenzel; pine republic shall have between Count deMeBRFELDT, Major. them the same ceremony of eti General; quette as that which was customary Baron de DeGELMANN. between his majesty and the repub The executive directory ratifies. lic of Venice.

and figns the present treaty of peace XXIV. The present treaty shall with his majesty the emperor, king be ratified by his majesty the emof Hungary and Bohemia, negotiated peror, king of Hungary and Bone in the name of the French republic mia, and the French republic, with. by citizen Buonaparte, commander in the space of thirty days, to date in chief of the army of Italy, invest. from this day, or sooner'if possible, ed with powers by the executive and the acts of ratification in due directory, and charged with its inform shall be exchanged at Rain structions to that effect. tadt.

Done at the national palace of Done and signed at Campo the executive directory the

Formio, near Udine, on the 5th Brumaire(October26th), 17th October, 1797.

in the 6th year of the (Signed)

French republic, one and BUONAPARTE; .

indivisible. Marquis di GALLO;

Public Adr passed in the First Session of A&t for granting certain duties of

the Eighteenth Parliament of Great customs ou goods, wares, and merBritain.

chandise imported to, and exported

fron, or brought and carried coast. November 2, 1796. wise within Great Britain, except Land and malt bills.

wine and coal when brought or carNov. 12.

ried coastwise. A&t for granting annuities to fa Aet for additional duties on stagetisfy certain navy, vi&tualling, trans. coaches. " port, and exchequer bills.

A&t for additional duties on dir. Dec. 23.

tilleries in Scotland. A&t for raising the sum of eigh. Act for altering the rates of posto teen millions by way of annui. age for conveyance of letters in ties,

England and Scotland. Act to indemnify such persons as A&t for more effectually fecuring have omitted to qualify themselves the stamp duties on indentures, for offices and employments. leases, bonds, and other deeds.

Act to continue leveral acts of A& for extending the time limit. the 35th and 36th of his present ed by an actof this reslion, for deliver. majesty, respecting the admillion of ing in navy, victualling, and trans. certain articles of merchandise in port and exchequer bills. neutral fhips.

Dec. 30. . Dec. 28.

A& for allowing further time for A&t for additional duties on auc- the payment of instalments on the tions, bricks, cocoa nuts, Britith and loan. foreign {pirits, and teas.

A&t for the more speedy payment

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