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sworn of his majesty's privy-coun- 14. His grace the duke of Athol, cil.

sworn of his 'majesty's privy-coun29: Major Henry Davis, of the cil. late 93d foot-major of brigade to 29. Edmund Henry baron the forces in South Britain.

Glentworth-sworn of his majes- Major Lindelthal-deputy- ty's privy-council in the kingdom quarter-master-veneralto the forces of Ireland. ' in Portugal, with the rank of lieu- July 7. Sir John Cox Hippisley, tenant-colonel in the army. Geo. of Warfield-grove, Berks, bart. reWarden, esq.-assistant-commissa; corder of Sudbury, co. Suffolk, perry-general to ihe said forces. mitted to accept, use, and bear, the

May 10. Henry Russell, esq. ducal arms of Wirtemberg knighted, on being appointed one 8. Edmund Henry baron Glento of the judges of the supreme court wortliclerk of the hanaper and of J: dicature' at Fort William in clerk of the crown in his majesty's Bengal.

high court of chancery in Ire27. Sir John Jervis, K. B. adnie land. ral of the blue-baron Jervis, of 11. Walter earl of Ormond and Medford, co. Stafford, and earl of Ossory-sworn of his majesty's Irish St. Vincent.

'privy-Council. - Charles Thompson, esq. 17. Charles earl of Ely, and vice-admiral of the blue, and Wii- Charles marquis of Droghedatiam Parker, esq. rear-admiral of post-masters-general of the kingthe red-baronets.

dum of Ireland. 31. Charles Buggin, esq. of Thet- 25. Hon. Robert Stewart, comford, co. Norfolk, knighteä. monly called lord viscount Castle

June 2. Right hon. Richard earl reagh-keeper of his majesty's sig; Howem-the order of the Garter., net, or privy-seal, of the kingdom

3. Capt. William Maxwell, of of Ireland. the late 93d foot, and capt. Wil 29. Frederick Christian Lentz, liam Gray, of the 2d foot--majors esq.his majesty's consul at Mage of brigade to the forces in South debourg and Stettin. Britain.

Aug. 2. Henry Lawes, earl of - Lieut. col. sir James Fculis, Carhampton-master-general of his bart. of the Mid-Lothian fencible majesty's ordnance in Ireland. cavalry-fort-major and lieutenant 12. General sir Charles Grey, of Edinburghi castle.

K. B.-governor of the island of 8. Jubn Thomas Duckworth, Guernsey. esq.--colonel of his majesty's má 2:). James Ker, esq. barrister at rine forces.

law-judge of the court of vice- Charles lorď viscount Diladmiralty for Lower Canada. lon of the kingitom of Ireland - George Isted, esq. of the constable of the castle, town, and Middle Temple - agent, on the barony of Athione, the half-barony behalf of the public, for the affairs of Moycarnan, co. Roscommon, of the jsland of cape Breton, in and the territory of Brawney, co. North America. We tmeath.

Sept. 5. Major James Hadden, of 14. Charles lord Romney-lord- the royal artillery-adjutant-gene. lieutenant of the county of Kent. ral to the army serving in Portugal,


with the rank of lieutenant-colond military superintendant of hospitals in the army.

in South Britain. : 5. Brevet-major William Doyle, 9. Rev. Johin Buckner, LL. D. of 24th foot-députy. adjutant-ge- -bishop of Chichester. neral to the forces in Canada, with 10. James earl of Lonsdale the rank of lieutenant-colonel in the baron and viscount Lowther, of army. . . .

" Whitehaven, co. Cumberland, with ..14. George Leonard, esq.Su- remainder to the heirs male of sir perintendant to the trade and fish- William Lowther, late of Swilling. eries on the coasts of the provinces ton, co. York, bart. deceased. and islands in - North America, I. Richard earl of Mornington from Gaspee, in the gulph of the in the kingdom of Ireland an river- St. Lawrence, vnto and in English peer, baron Wellesley, of cluding the bay of Passimaquoddy, Wellesley, co. Somerset; and Rocomprising the waters of the bay of bert baron Carrington in the kingFundy, Chignecto, and Minas, the doin of Ireland-baron Carringcoasts of Nova Scotia, and New ton, of Upton, có. Nottingham. ** Brunswick, the islands of St. John - Right hon. Charles Townsand cape Breton, and the Made- hend—baron Bayning, of Foxley, laine islands.

Berks; right hon, James Grenville 19. Lieutenant-general Gerard -baron Glastonbury, of Butleigh, Lakej--governor of Dumbarton co. Somerset, with remainder to castle. .


i lieut.-ġen. Rd. Grenville, and his .'-, Major-gen. Patrick Bellew, heirs male; right hon. Thomas of the Ist. foot-guards-lieutenant. Orde Powlett-baron Bolton of governor of Quebec.' '

Bolton-castle, co. York; right bon. 87. John Trevor, 'esq. sworn of sir Gilbert Elliot, of Minto, bart. his majesty's most honourable baron of Minto, co, Roxburgh; sir privy-council...

John Wodehouse, bart.-baron i Rear-admiral sir Horatio Wodehouse, of Kimberley,' co. Nelson-K. B. .. i

Norfolk ; sir John 'Rushout, bart. · 30. Capt. Colin Macdonald, of baron Northwick, of Northwick the 2d. battalion of royals-major park, co. Worcester ; Thomas of brigade to the forces serving in Powis, ésq.-baron of Lilford, co. Portugal. ..

Northampton; Thomas Lister, esq.. -. Capt. lieut. Spicer, of the baron Ribblesdale, of Gisburneroyal artillery-lieutenant-gover- park, in the west riding of Yorknor of Fort Royal, in the island shire; James Drummond, esq.of St. Domingo.

lord Perth, baron Drummond of Oct. 4. Gen. sir Charles Grey, Stob-hall, co. Perth; and Francis K. B. sworn of his majesty's most Humberstone Mackenzie, esq. honourable privy-council ; and lord Seaforth, baron Mackenzie, also as governor of the island of of Kintail, co. Ross. Guernsey.' .

- 14. Captain James Maitland, of ; John Anstruther, esq. major-general Whyte's régiment knighted.. "

-major of brigade to the forces 7. W. Henry Souper, esqde- at St. Domingo. . puty-commissary of musters in the Richard earl of Shannon, K. P. West Indies.

rigut hon. sif John l'arnell, bart. . Lieut.-col. John Sontag chancellor of his majesty's exche.


quer in Ireland, the rigbt hon. viscount Cremorne baron Cre. Thon:as Pelham, chief secretary to morne, of Dawson-grove, co. Mo the lord lieutenant of Ireland, or nagban, with remainder to Richard the chief secretary to the lord lieu- Dawson, esq. nephew of the said tenant for the time being, the Thomas viscount Cremome; Riright hon. John Monck Mason, chard Lord Sunderlin-baron Sudthe right hon. Lodge Morres, derlin, of Baronston, co. Westand the right hon. Robert Stewart, meath, with remainder to his brocommonly called lord viscount ther, Edmund Malone, of Shingles, Castlereagh -- commissioners for co. Westmeath aforesaid, esq. right executing the office of treasurer of hon. James Cuff-baron Tyrawhis majesty's exchequer in Ireland. ley, of Balinrobe, county of Mayo;

17. Adam Duncan, esq. admiral Charles Stanley Monck, esq.-baof the blue-baron Duncan of ron Monck, of Ballytrammon, co. Lundie, in the shire of Perth, and Wexford; Mrs. Grace Toler, wife viscount Duncan of Camper Down. of John Toler, esq. his majesty's

- Richard Onslow, esq. vice-ad. solicitor-general of that kingdommiral of the red-a baronet. baroness Norwood, co. Tipperary,

Nov. 4. Francis baron de Dun- and the dignity of baron Norwood, stanville-baron Basset, of Strat. of Knockalton, co. Tipperary aforeton, co. Cornwall; with remainder said, to the heirs male of her body to Francis Basset, his daughter, by the said John Troler; William by Francis Susannah baroness de Power Keating Trench, esq.-Dunstanville, his wife.

lord Kilconnel, baron Kilconnel, 14. Armor Lowry, viscount Bel- of Garbelly. co. Galway; Charles more, of the kingdom of Ireland - William Bury, esq.-baron Tulliearl Belmore, of the county of Ter- more, or Charleville forest in the inanagh; Henry viscount Conyng- King's County ; sir Geo. Alanson ham-viscount Mount Charles, Winn, bart.-lord Headley, baroa co. Donegal, and earl Conyngham, Allanson and Winn, of Agbadoc, of Mount Charles aforesaid ; co. Kerry; sir John Shore, bart.Francis viscount Landaff earl governor-general of India, baron Landaff, of Thomastown, co. Tip- Teignmouth of Teignmouth; and perary; Richard Hely, lord Do Leonard Trougheas Holmes, clerk noughmore — viscount Donough- baron Holmes, of Kilmallock, co. more, of Knocklofty, co. Tipperary, Limerick. with remainder to the heirs male 20. William Dowdeswell, esq.of Christian Hely, baroness Do- captain-general and governor in noughmore, dec.; Hugh baron chief of the Babama islands in Carleton, chief Justice of his majes. America. . ty's court of common pleas-vis- 25. Thomas Burke, of Marblecount Carleton of Clare, co. Tip- hill, co. Galway, esq.; John Jervis perary; Margaret baroness Oriel, White Jervis, of Balyellis, co. wife of the right hon. John Foster Wexford, esq.; Thomas Mullins, viscountess Ferrard, of Oriel, and of Burnham, county Kerry, esq.; the diguity of viscount Ferrard, of John Edmund Browne, of Palmer Oriel, aforesaid, to the heirs male of ston, co. Mayo, esq. and Anthony her body by the said John Foster; Brabazon, of New Park, co. Mayą, dames lord Caledonviscount Cale- esq.-baronets of the kingdom of Jun, of Caledon, co. Tyrone; Thomas Ireland,

23. Lieut.

82. Lieut. col. Rich. Mark Dick. Dorsetshire, William Richards ens, of 35th foot--adjutant general the younger, of Smedmore. to the forces serving in the West Essex, William Manby, of Strate Indies; capt. Henry Cuyler, of ford. . 30th foot-deputy-adjutant-general Gloucestershire, William Tindall, to the said forces, with the rank of of North Cerney.. major in the army; brigadier-gen. Herefordshire, John Barneby, of Duncan Cameron-quarter-master Brockhampton, esq. ... general to the said forces ; major Hertfordshire, sir John Saunders Binson Bonbam, of 69th foot-de. Sebright, of Beechwood, bart. puty quarter-master-general to the Kent, George Grote, of Beckensaid forces, with the rank of lieu- ham. tenant-colonel.

Leicestershire, Samuel BraceGeo. Smith, gent.-deputy com- bridge Abney, of Lindley. missary of musters in South Britain. Lincolnshire, John Cracroft, of

Dec. 9. Dame Ann Crofton Hackthorne. baroness Crofton of Mote, co. Rose Monmouthshire, Thos. Houghcommon.

ton, of Pontypool. 12. Lieut-gen. sir Ralph Aber- Norfolk, Joseph Wyndnom, of cromby, K. B. — commander-in- Hersham, esq. chief of his majesty's forces in Ire. Northamptonshire, sir William land.

Langham, of Catsbrook, bart. Robert earl of Roden-one of Northumberland, Matthew Bell, his majesty's most honourable privy of Wolsington. counsellors.

Nottinghamshire, John Galley 19. Gen. Staates Long Morris— Knight, of Warsop. governor of Quebec.

Oxfordshire, James Jones, of 30. John Knightly, of Fawley, Atwell. Northamptonshire-a baronet. Rutlandshire, Thomas Hunt, of


Shropshire, William Tayleur, of SHERIFFS appointed for the Year Bantingsdale. 1797.

Somersetshire, Samuel Day, of

Chartolhouse. Bedfordshire, John Higgins, the Southampton, John Compton, of elder, of Turvey.

Minstead, esq. Berks, Bartholomew Tipping, of Staffordshire, Sir R. Lawley, of Wooley.

Canwell, bart. Bucks, John Sullivan, of Rich- Suffolk, Chaloner Archdeckne, ings Park.

of Glemham. Cambridge and Huntingdonshire, Surry, Robert Taylor, of Ember William Waller, of Chesterton. Court.

Cheshire, John Leche, of Stret. Sussex, Charles Scrase Dickins, ton.

of Brighthelmstone. Cumberland, Hugh Parkin of Warwickshire, Robert Knight, Skirsgill.

of Barrells, esg. Derbyshire, Charles Hurt, of Wiltshire, sir John Methuen Wirksworth.

Poore, of Rushall, bart.' Devonshire, John Seal, of Mount Worcestershire, Muses Harper, , Boon.

of Astley, esq.


Yorkshire, Sir John Ramsden, of Carnarvon, Sir Ed. Price Lloyd, Byram, bart.

of Panlyglass, bart.

Denbighshire, Robert Hesketh,
Brecon, John Macnamara, of of Gwrych..
Llangoed Castle.

• Flint, Jolin Ed. Maddocks, of
2 Cardigan, James Nath. Taylor, Vrno Jw.
of Stradmore.

| Merioneth, Bell Lloyd, of Cro-
Carmarthen, David Saunders, of gen.

Montgomery, Robert Knight, of
Glamorgan, Robert Nous, of of Gwernygoe, esq.

Peinbroke, Abraham Leach, of

SHERIFF appointed by his Royal - Radnor, Percival Lewis, of Highness the Prince of Wales, Downton, esq.

. for the Year 1797.
Anglesey, Richard Jones, of Cornwall, William Slade Gully,
Trosley Mariam, esgo...

of Trevenen, esq.

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