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10. Copy of a letter from admiral French lugger privateer, mounting

Peyton to Evan Nepean, esq. six carriage-guns, and eight Codated on board the Overyssell, horns, and 54 men, by bis ma9th inst.

jesty's ship Melampus,capt. Moore; SIR,

also La Brunette, pierced for I herewith inclose a copy of a 16 guns, and carrying ten, eight letter I have received from capt. of which were thrown overboard Horton, of his majesty's sloop Fairy, in the chase, by his majesty's ship giving an account of his having Unité. sunk a French lugger, which you London Gazette Extraordinary of will please to lay before their lord

Friday, Oct, 13, 1797.

Admiralty-office, Oct. 13.
I am, &c.

Lieutenant Brodie, of the Rose
J. Peyton. cutter, arrived early this morning

Fairy Sloop, Oct. 8. with a letter from admiral Duncan, , SIR,

commander in chief of his majesty's I have to inform you, that on ships, &c. employed in the North the 5th, at day-break, being off sea, to Evan Nepean,.esq. of which Blancknez, I discovered three lug- the following is a copy, gers to the S. W. and one brig to

Venerable, off the coast the Westward, which proved to be

of Holland, the 12th a prize to them; and, after every

of October, by log effort to cut them off from the land

(Ilth), three P. N. proving unsuccessful, about eleven

Cumperdown E. S. E. A. M. a little to the westward of

eight mibes, wind N. Estaples, I anchored a-breast of

by E.. the brig, one of the luggers having SIR, regained her, and after heaving as I have the pleasure to acquaint close in as I could, and attempting you for the information of the to drive the lugger's crew, soldiers, lords commissioners of the Admiraland people assembled about the brig ty, that at nine o'clock this mornfrom her, as well as having senting I got sight of the Dutch fleet; my boats in twice to see if it was at half past twelve I passed through practicable to board the brig, in their line, and the action commenvain, I was under the necessity of ced, which has been very severe. leaving the brig, though not before The admiral's ship is dismasted. I had the satisfaction to sink the and has struck, as have several lugger, which, from the manner others, and one is on fire. they dismantled her at low water, I shall send captain Fairfax with I conceive to have rendered totally particulars the moment I can spare unserviceable. As the tide flowed. the enemy moved the brig close in I am, sir, your most obedient shore under the batteries, and got

humble servant, her into Boulogne. The lugger

Adam Dunean, appeared to have from 30 to 40 Upon lieutenant Brodie's arrival, men on board ; mounted swivels earl Spencer instantly set off to only.

Kew, to communicate the gratifyJ. SIDNEY HORTON. ing intelligence to the king. His This gazette contains accounts lordship returned between seven of the capture of Le Rayon, a and eight o'clock, and immediately

sent vice

sent the following letter to the lord his majesty's ships, &c. employed mayor.

in the North sea, to Evan Nepean, Admiralty-office, 13th October. esq. secretary of the Admiralty, of Diy Lord,

which the following are copies. I have the satisfaction to inform Venerable, at sen, 13th October, your lordship, that an officer has 1797, off the coast of Holland. arrived from admiral Duncan, with

SIR, . an account of his having fallen in Be pleased to acquaint the lords with the Dutch fleet, off the coast commissioners of the admiralty, of Holland, on Wednesday last, that, judging it of consequence and that after a severe action, the their lord ships should have as early ship having the Dutch admiral on information as possible of the defeat board had been dismasted and had of the Dutch fleet under the comstruck, as had also several others mand of admiral de Winter, I of the enemy's ships.

dispatched the Rose cutter at three When the officer left the admi- P. M. on the 12th (11th) instant, ral, at four .o'clock in the after with a short letter to you immedinoon, he was then preparing to ately after the action was ended. I take possession of the ships which have now further to acquaint you, had struck, and to pursue the re- for their lordships' information, mainder.

that in the night of the 10th instant, I most heartily congratulate your after I had sent away my letter to lordship on this important event, you, of that date, I placed my and have the honour to be, with squadron in such situation as to great regard, my lord,

prevent the enemy from returning Your lordship’s most obedient to the Texel without my falling in and most humble servant, with them. At nine o'clock in the

SPENCER. morning of the 11th I got sight of To the right hon. the

captain Trollope's squadron, with Lord Mayor.

signals flying for an enemy to lee• 14. The ordinary gazette of this ward: l'immediately bore up, and day announces the capture of Les made the signal for a general chase, Amis, a French cutter, four guns, and soon got sight of them, fórınand 18 men, by lieut, Tomlinson, ing in a line on the larboard tack of the Speedwell, lugger; of the to receive us, the wind at N. W. Le Flibustier, of nine guns, and 29 As we approached near I made the men, by capt. Faulkner, of the signal for the squadron to shorten Diana; of the San Noberta, Spar sail, in order to connect them; nish privateer, of four guns, and 42 soon after I saw the land between men, by the Cerberus; and of the Camperdown and Egmont, about brigantine, Le Poisson Volant, let nine miles to leeward of the enemy, ter of marque, four guns, by capt. and finding there was no time to be Roberts, of the La Concorde. lost in making the attack, I made London Gazette Extraordinary of the signal to bear up, break the

Monday, Oct. 16, 1797. ' . enemy's line, and engage them to Admiralty-office, Oct. 16.- Capt. leeward, each ship her opponent, Fairfax, of the Venerable, arrived by which I got between them and early this morning with dispatches the land whither they were fast apfrom Adam Duncan, esq. admiral proaching. My signals were ubeyof the blue, commander in chief of ed with great promptitude, and

(K 3)

vice-admiral Onslow, in the Mo- appeared actuated with the truly narch, bore down on the enemy's British spirit, at least those that I rear in the most gallant manner, had an opportunity of seeing. his division following his example, One of the enemy's ships caught and the action commenced about fire in the action, and drove very forty minutes past 12 o'clock. near the Venerable ; but I have The Venerable soon got through the pleasure to say it was exthe enemy's line, and I began a tinguished, and she is one of the close action, with my division, on ships in our possession. The squatheir van, which lasted near two dron has suffered much in their hours and a half, when I observed masts, yards, and rigging, and all the masts of the Dutch admiral's many of them have lost a number of ship to go by the board; she was, men ; however, in no proportion to however, defended for some time that of the enemy. The carnage in a most gallant manner; but be- on board the two ships that borc ing overpressed by numbers, her the admirals' flags has been beyond colours were struck, and admiral all description; they have had no de Winter was soon brought on less than 250 men killed and board the Venerable. On looking wounded on board of each ship. around me, I observed the ship And here I have to lament the loss bearing the vice-adıniral's flag was of captain Burgess, of his majesty's also dismasted, and had surrender ship the Ardent, who brought that ed to vice-admiral Onslow; and ship into action in the most gallant that many others had likewise and masterly manner, but was un. struck. Finding we were in nine fortunately killed soon after. How. fathoms water, and not farther than ever, the ship continued the action five miles from the land, my at- close, until quite disabled. The tention was so much taken up in public have lost a good and gallant getting the heads of the disabled officer in captain Burgess, and I ships off shore, that I was not able with others, a sincere friend. to distinguish the number of ships Captain Trollope's exertions and captured; and the wind having active good conduct in keeping been constantly on the land since, sight of the enemy's fleet until I we have unavoidably been much came up, have been truly meritodispersed, so that I have not been. rious, and, I trust, will meet a able to gain an exact account of just reward. them; but we have taken possession I send this by capt. Fairfax, by of eight or nine; more of them whose able advice I profited much had struck, but taking advantage during the action, and who will of the night, and being so near give their lordships any further their own coast, they succeeded in particulars they may wish to know, getting off, and some of them were As most of the ships of the squa, seen going into the Texel the next dron are much disabled, and sevemorning.

ral of the prizes dismasted, I shall It is with the greatest pleasure make the best of my way with them and satisfaction I make known to to the Nore. their lordships the very gallant be- I herewith transmit you a list of haviour of vice-admiral Onslow, killed and wounded on board such the captains, officers, seamen, and of the squadron as I have been marines of the squadron, who all able to collect; a list of the ene


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my's fleet opposed to my squadron, Belliqueux. Lieutenant Robert
and my line of battle on the day of Webster. Mr. James Milne,
I am, sir,

master's mate.
Your most obedient, ' Officers wounded.
humble servant, Venerable. Lieutenants Clay and

Adam DUNCAN, Douglas, lieutenant Chambers of A list of the killed and wounded on the marines, Mr. Stewart, mid. board the ships of admiral Dun- shipman, Mr. Brown, pilot, can's squadron in an action with Monarch. Lieutenant Retalick, the Dutch on Ilth of October, lieutenant Smith of the marines, 1797.

Mr. George Massie, Mr. BenjaVenerable. 13 seamen, 2 marines, min Clement, Mr. Daniel Sher.

killed; 6 officers, 52 seamen, 4 win, Mr. Charles Slade, midship

marines, wounded. - Total 77. men. Mr. John Chimley, Monarch. 2 officers, 34 seamen, master's mate.

killed ; 9 officers, 79 seamen, 12 Bedford. Lieutenant Keenor.

marines, wounded. — Total 136. Powerful. Lieutenant Jennings, Bedford. 2 midshipmen, 26 sea- Mr, Mel. Janes, boatswain, Mr.

men, 2 marines, killed; I lieu- Daniel Rogers, midshipman, tenant, 37 seamen, 3 marines, lieutenant Walker of the ma. wounded. - Total 71. !

rines. . Powerful. 8 seamen, 2 marines, Isis. Lieutenant Charles Pea of

killed; 4 officers, 74 seainen and the marines, Mr. Simon Frazer

marines, wounded. - Total 88. and Mr. John Walker, midshipIsis. I seaman, 1 marine, killed; men. 3 officers, 18 seamen, wounded. Ardent. Lieutenant James Rose, Total 23.

lieutenant John Sobriel, captain Ardent, 2 officers, 33 seamen, 6 Cuthbert of marines, Mr. John marines, killed; 8 officers, 85 Tracy, master's mate, Mr. Joby seamen, 11 marines, 3 boys, Airey, master's mate, Mr. T. wounded. - Total 143.

Leopard, midshipman, Mr. John Agincourt. None killed or wound Taylor, captain's clerk, slightly, ed.

Mr. George Killiar, inidshipman, Belliqueux. 2 officers, 29 seamen, slightly.

3 marines, killed; 3 officers, 63 Belliqueux. Lieutenant Robert seamen, 12 marines, wounded. England, slightly; captain James - Total 103.

Cassel of marines, slightly ; Mr. Lancaster. 3 seamen killed ; 2 of. James Scott, .nidshipman.

ficers, 13 seanien, 3 marines, Lancaster. Lieutenant Morgan, wounded. — Total 21.

- lieutenant Sandys of the maTriumph. 25 seamen, 3 marines, rines.

I boy, killed; 5 ufficers, 50 sea- Triumph. Captain Essington, men and marines, wounded. - slightly in the arm; Ms. ChapTotal S4.

man, first lieutenant, slightly in Officers killed.

the head; Mr. Trollope, third Monarch. Mr. J. P. Tindall and lieutenant, slightly in the foot;

Mr. Moyle Finlay, midship Mr. Read, master, slightly bruisa men.

ed; Mr. Jones, midshipman, Ardent. Captain Burgess, Mr. slightly in the face. Michael Dunn, master.

ADAM Duncan. (K 4)


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List and disposition of the Dutch Hercules, capt. Van Rysoort, 64

fleet on the 11th of October, guns, 450 men. Taken.

Brutus, rear-admiral Bloys, 74 gius,

550 men. Vice-admiral Reyntjes, commander. Beschermer, capt. Hinxtt, 56 guns, Cerberus, captain Jacobson, 68 350 men. guns, 450 men.

Gelykheid (the Equality), capt. Delft, capt. Verdoon, 56 guns, Ruysen, 68 guns, 450 men. 375 men, Taken.

Jupiter, vice-admiral Reyntjes and Ambuscade, captain-lieut. Huys,

rear-admiral Meuses, 74 guns, 32 guns, 270 men. Taken.
.: 580 men. Taken.

Ajax brig, lieut. Arkenbout, 18 Alkmaar, capt. Kraft, 56 guns, guns, 350 men. Taken.

Haa-je (Aviso), lieut. Hartenfeld, Haarlem, capt. Wiggerts, 68 guns, 6 guns, 35 men. 450 men. Taken.

Adam DUNCAN Munnikkendam, capt. Lancaster, N. B. Another line-of-battle

44 guns, 270 men. Taken. ship, reported to be taken, name Helder, capt. Dumisnilde L'Ees- unknown. trille, 32 guns, 250 men.

Dispositiou of the squadron, in the Daphne brig, lieutenant Fredericks, order of battle, on the 11th of, 18 guns, 98 men.

October, 1797.

Larboard, or lee division. Admiral de Winter, commander Richard Onslow, esq. vice-admiral in chief. .'

of the red, commander. Wassenaar, capt. Holland, 64 guns, ļ. Russel, Henry Trollope, capt. : 450 men. Taken.

74 guns, 590 men. Batavier, captain Souters, 56 guns, 2. Director, William Bligh, capt. 350 men.

i 64 guns, 491 men. Vryheid, (the Liberty), admiral de 3. Montague, John Knight, capt. · Winter, Van Rossem, 74 guns, 74 guns, 590 men. 550 men. Takén.

4. Veteran, George Gregory, capt. States-General, rear-admiral Story, 64 guns, 191 men. 74 guns, 550 men.

5. Monarch, vice-admiral Onslow, Leyden, 'capt. Musquetier, 68 guns, Edward O'Bryen, capt. 74 guns, 459 men.

399 men. Mars, capt. Kolff, 44 guns, 400 6. l'owerful, William O'Bryen Drumen.

ry, capt. 74 guns, 590 mer. Waaksaamheid, captain-lieutenant 7. Monmouth, James Walker, capt.

Nicrop, 24 guns, 150 men. 64 guns, 491 men. Minerva, capt. Eilbracht, 24 guns, 8. Agincourt, John Williamson, 150 men.

capt. 64 guns, 491 men. Galatea brig, lieutenant Rivery, 18

Repeaters. guns, 98 men.

Beaulieu frigate - cutters, Kose, Atalanta brig, lieutenant Plets, 18 King George, Active, Diligentguns, 98 men.

Speculator lugger.
Rear. ,

Starboard or weather division.
Rear-admiral Bloys, commander. Adam Duncan, esq. admiral of the
Admiral Devries, capt. Zegers, 68 blue, and commander in chief,
guns, 450 men. Taken.

&c. &c. &c.

9. Triumph,

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