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posed of them as should seem Sir, mect.

A packet leaving this place toThe jury would now consider, day for England, I embrace the opwhether the allegations in the in- portunity, for the satisfaction of dictment were or were not proved; their lordships, to acquaint them and that was their exclusive pro- that I anchored at St. Kitt's on the vince to determine, [Here his lord. 25th ultimo, when an express boat ship recited the evidence.]

had been sent from the island of The question for the jury would Anguilla, to inform the admiral that be, Whether the prisoner did or the island was attacked by two did not pretend to an influence French men of war, and several which he did not possess, in order to smail vessels, containing four huna obtain the money of this poor wo- dred troops. I felt it iny doty (as the man? In judging of this case, the express-boat returned here with the jury would take the whole of it into loss of her main-mast) to leave the consideration. The main points' service I was ordered on, to endeawere three : Whether he did or did vour to relieve that place. The wind, not misrepresent himself as to his being to the northward, prevented own situation ? whether he did or my getting up there in time to stop did not do what he did with intent them from burning the town ; but to defraud ? and, whether he did I have the pleasure to say, after au not actually obtain this money in action of near two hours, I effec. consequence of false representations? tually relieved that island, by taking If the jury found these facts in the the ship and sinking the brig. affirmative, it would be their duty. The ship proved to be Le Decius, to find the prisoner guilty ; if they mounting twenty-four sis pounddoubted either of these points, theyers, two twelve-ground carronades, should acquit him.

and two brass field pieces, with one The jury withdrew, and remained hundred and thirty-three inen of out of court for above half an hour, her own complement, and two hun. and returned their verdict-Guilty. dred and three troops, .commanded This, although only a misdemeanor, by citoyen André Senis; and the stbjects the prisoner to transporta- brig La Vaillante, mounting four tion for seven years.

twenty-four paunders, with fortyThere is another charge of the five men and ninely troops, cornsame kind against him at the in- manded by citoyen Laboutique.. stance of another person. . The particulars of this action I have

14. The London Gazette an- transınitted to rear-admiral Harvey. bounces the capture of La Musette, for the information of their lord. of 22 guns and 150 men, by his ships. majesty's sloop the Hazard; and of

I am, &c. the Deux Amis, of 14 guns, and

R. BARTON. 18 men, by the Polyphemus and N. B. I am informed that they Apollo. These prizes were brought were picked troops from Victor into Cork.

Hugues, for the sole purpose of ddmiralty-Office, Jan. 14. plundering and destroying the island. Copy of a Letter from Capt, Bar

R. B. ton, of his Majesty's ship Lap Parliament-street, Jan. 16. Dis. wing, to Evan Nepean, Esq.dated patches, of which the following are in Basseterre Roads, Dec, 3, 1796. an extract and eopy, have been this


day received by the right honour- by the cartel ; when the business is able Henry Dundas, one of his ma- finally settled, I shall have the plea. jesty's principal secretaries of state, sure of acquainting you with the from major-general Charles Gra- particulars. ham, commanding bis majesty's Head-Quarters, Martinico, troops in the Leeward Islands in the Sir,

Nov. 13, 1796. absence of lieutenant-general sir . It affords me great satisfaction to Ralph Abercromby, K. B.

have an opportunity of informing Extract of â Letter from Major-Ge- you of the eutire reduction of the

neral Charles Grahain to the Brigands and Chařibs in St. VinRight Honourable Henry Dundas, cent's, which was communicated to dated Head-Quarters, Martinico, me by major.general Hunter short. October 16, 1796.

Jy after I had the honour of address. Our affairs in Grenada wear the ing you on the 1.6th ultimo; a copy most favourable aspect. I may say, of whose letter I herewith transmit, indeed, tranquillity is completely together with the relarn of killed restored, as they enjoy it in the and wounded. most comprehensive sepse; the com I have the honour to he, &c. , munication throughout the island is

CHARLES GRAHAM; perfectly open ; there are some few

· Major-General stragglers, no doubt, in the woods,

St. Vincent's; Oct. 1790. but they never molest even single Sir, passengers, and their number is so When I had the honour of writ. inconsiderable, and their state sb ing to your excellency on the 22d wretched, that they rather deserve of August, I inclosed a copy of the our contempt than merit our re- terms offered to the Chaiibs by gosentment. Fedon has not yet been vernor Seton and myself, in' cousetaken, and opinions are various quence of sir Ralph Abercroinby's with respect to his death or escape; orders and instructions to me upon the former, however, I think most that subject. At the same time I probable, as it is reported a canoe, acquainted you with the plan I had that had been overset, was found adopted in order to reduce the reby a vessel some distance from the maining brigands, and to compel coast, with a compass nailed to the the Charibs to surrender. ,

bottom, which was known to be one I have now the satisfaction to in· that he had had in his possession ; it form you of the total reduction of

is therefore likely he may have been the Brigands and Charibs on this lost, in endeavouring to make bis island. escape.

Marin Padre, (a negro of St. I embrace, with satisfaction, the Lucia) who has commanded the opportunity this affords me, of hav. Brigands and Charibs since the caping the honour to inform you, that ture of the Vigie, and who had a negotiation has been opened, for great influence and authority over .a general exchange of prisoners, both, surrendered on the 20 inwith the commissioners of the stant. French republic at Guadaloupe ; the The number of Brigands who commissary sent here to treat on have surrendered, or have been taken that business, has, in consequence, since the 4th of July, amounts to returned with two hundred ; an 725, the number of Charibs to 4633, equal number of ours are to be sent including women and children.

I have much pleasure in making 6 serjeants, 16 rank and file wound. known to you, for his majesty's in- ed. forination, the zeal, activity, and Major Trench's St. Vincent's humanity which have actuated eve- rangers.--2 rank and file killed ; 2 ry description of officers and sol- serieants, 8 rank and file wounded. diers employed under my command, Total.-3 serjeants, 31 rank and during the whole of the Charib war; file killed; I lieutenant-colonel, 4 and I am happy to say, that not. lieutenants, I ensign, 12 serjeants, 1 withstanding the season of the year, gunner, 66 rank and file wounded. and the fatigue the troops have un

'Officers wounded. dergone, they are in general very Lieutenant-colonel Graham and bealthy.

ensign Towes, of the 2d West India · Inclosed you will receive a 're- regiment. turn of the killed and wounded of . Lieutenant Millar of the 40th rehis majesty's troops siuce the com- giment. mencement of the Charib war. Lieutenants Beausire and RoI have the honour to be, &c. quier, of Lewenstein's chasseurs.

P. Hunter, Maj.-Gen. Lieutenant M.Kenzie, of lieute• To his excellency

nant-colonel Haffey's St. Vincent's Maj.-Gen. Graham.

rangers. Return of the Killed and Wounded

(Signed) of His Majesty's Forces in the W.J. CURREY, Aid-de-camp. Island of St. Vincent, between Whitehall, Jan. 16. A letter, of the 20th of July and 15th of Oc- which the following is an extract, tober, 1796. .

has been received from governor 26th light dragoons.- 1 serjeant, Seton, by his grace the duke of 1 rank and file killed ; 1 rank and Portland, bis majesty's principal sefile wounded.

cretary of state for the home deRoyal artillery.- gunner partment, dated St. Vincent's, Octounded.

tober 12, 1796. 3d foot (or buffs).-4 rank and I have the satisfaction to inform file killed; 2 serjeants, 19 rank and your grace, that tranquillity is on hle wounded.

the eve of being restored to this co40th foot.--4 rank and file kill- lony, owing in a very great measure ed; I lieutenant, 2 rank and file to the unremitted exertions of mawounded.

jor-general Hunter, and to his bu42d foot.- 1 rank and file killed; mane conduct towards the enemy of 3 rank and file wounded..

every description. All the Cha63d foot.- 3 rank and file killed; rib chiefs have surrendered, their I serjeant, 6 rank and file wounded. people are coming in daily, and we

2d West India regiment.-lserhave at this moment about three jeant, 4 rank and file killed; I thousand five hundred in our posa lieutenant-colonel, i ensign, 3 rank session. Nearly all the Brigands, and file wounded.

with their leader, have also surreno Lewenstein's chasseurs.-4 rank dered. and file killed; 2 lieutenants, 1 ser. . By a subsequent letter, from the jeant, 8 rank and file wounded. governor to his grace, dated St.

Lieutenant-colonel Haffey's St. Vincent's, the 16th of November Vincent's rangers.-- serjeant, 8 last, it appears, that the remainder Jank and file killed ; I lieutenant, of the Charibs and Brigands had

surrendered surrendered themselves, and that Admiralty Office, Jan. 17, 1797. the island was in a state of perfect Copy of a Letter from Rear-admi. tranquillity.

ral Harvey, Commander-in-chief 16. The sessions at the Old Bai of his Majesty's Ships and Vessels ley closed, when the recorder pro in the Leeward Islands, to Evan nounced sentence of death on Nepean, Esq. dated on board Thomas Smith, for burglary, aud the Prince of Wales, Fort Royal stealing in the day-time; Nathan Bay, Martinique, November 10, Jacklin, for highway-robbery; Wil 1796. liam Smith, William Green, John : Sir, Milton, George Waring, and Tate I am to acquaint you, for the inCorbet, for burglaries; Thomas forination of their lordships, that Elstone, for returning from trans- his majesty's sloop Fury, on the portation ; and John Bates, for pri. 18th ultimo, captured, between the vately stealing in a dwelling-house islands of St. Thomas and St. Croix, to above the amount of forty shil- a French national schooner, called lings.

L'Elize, carrying ten guns and fifJohn Cunningham, for man- ty-six men, from Cape François slaughter, was ordered to be impri- going to St. Thomas, which cap soned one year in Newgate, and tain Evans sent into Tortola. fined is.

I am, Sir, &c. &c.
Elizabeth Waring, for receiving

HENRY HARVEY. stolen goods, to be transported for 17. The Irish loan of 300,000l. fourteen years.

was taken by Messrs. Robarts, Cure Launcelot Knowles to be trans- tis, and Co. bankers of London, ported for seven years : as were on the following terms : also Thomas Bull, Ann Rochford, For every 1001. subscribed, George Morgan, W. Nowland, 100l. Os. Od. Irish 5 per cents. · Mary Cordell, Eliz. Ogle, Eliz. 41. 15s. Od. annuity, for 13 Lewis, W. Wyatt, George Bird, years. Thomas Spencer, Elias Nathan, G. The interest to commence from Bursbich, and James Dempsey. the 25th of September, 1796, payo

Four were ordered to be impri- able at the bank of England. soned for two years, four for one This day the following melan. year, and five for six months. choly intelligence arrived from Ame

Ann Williams, Charles Harris, rica. George Barber, and Mary Lums Savannah, Nov. 29. On Saturdale, who had been capitally con- day the 26th instant, this city exhi. victed at former sessions, were put bited a scene of desolation and disto the bar, and offered his majesty's 'tress, probably more awfully calapardon, upon condition of being mitous than any previously experitransported to New South Wales enced in America. for the term of their natural lives; Between six and seven o'clock in which the three first accepted with the evening, a small bake-house, thanks, but the latter absolutely re. belonging to a Mr. Gromet, in fusing she was ordered to a con- Market-square, was discovered to demned cell.

be on fire. The citizens, together · The sessions were then adjourned with the officers and crews of the

to Wednesday the 15th of February vessels in the harbour, were soon · next,

convened; but, unfortunately, no


immediate and decisive measures square, and thence in a south-eastwere adopted, by which the fire erly direction, the inhibitants were could be stopped at its beginning. enabled, by favour of the wind, to The fortunate escape from this de. Save their houses, and limit the constructive element which the city for flagration. On the other hand, by many years past experienced, had the time it had extended on the bay, greatly lulled the vigilance of its nearly to Abercorn-street, the proinhabitants, and prevented suit. digious quantity of heat already able preparations for such a cala- produced in the centre of the city mity.

began to draw in a current of air The period when such precau- from the east, and enabled some of tion and the united efforts of active the most active inhabitants and seaexertion could have been used, was, men to save a few houses in that however, of very short duration. . quarter, after having been in ima,

The season, for two months pre- minent danger. vious to this incident, had been dry; Between twelve and one, the rage the night was cold, and a light of the fire abated, and few other breeze from N. N. W. was soon houses from this tine took fire. increased by the effect of the fire. The exhausted suíferers, of both The covering of the buildings being sexes, had now to remain exposed of wood, were from the above cir. to the inclemency of a coldt frosty cumstances rendered highly coin- night, and to witness the distressing bustible. Several of the adjoining spectacle of their numerous dwellhouses were soon affected, and then ings, covered with volumes of almost instantly in flames: the wind smoke and flame, tumbling into now became strong, and whirled ruins. into the air, with agitated violence, Thus was this little city, soon large fakes - of burning shingles, after emerging from the ravages of boards, and other light substances, our revolutionary war, and which which alighting at a distance added had lately promised a considerable confusion to the other terrors of the figure among the commercial cities conflagration. .

of our sister-states, almost destroyed The use of water was now ren- in a single night. The number of dered totally vain, its common ex- houses (exclusive of other buildtinguishing power seemed to be lost. ingy) which are burned, is said to Torrents of fames rolled from house be nearly 300, but of this (together to house, with a destructive rapidity, with an estimate of property dewhich bid defiance to all human stroyed) a more particular statement controul, and individual exertions than we can now furnishi, is expeciwere from this time principally ed shortly to be offered to the pubpointed towards the securing of. lic. We can now only say, that private property.

two-thirds of the city appear in The direction of the fire being ruins, in a direction from the cornow committed io the wind, its ner of Market-square, along the raze was abated only when, by its bay to Abercorn-street, thence in extending to the common, it found a south-east direction, taking the no further object, where with to feed whole centre of the city to the ib tury.

south and east commons; a few On the north side of Market- houses quite in the south-east part 1797

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