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was freed from any apprehensions and also the attack of the enemy's from the junction of the ememy's battery, breast-works, and places, army.

of arms near post Grenier. I'am persuaded this additional Head-quarters, St. Domingo, Portproof of colonel Dessources' military. au-Prince, May 8, 1797. . ability and spirit will meet with his In driving the enemy from their majesty's approbation. That officer ambuscade above post Guerin, speaks in the highest terms of the (Jean Kina's entrenched camp) behaviour of the troops under his under the command of major command, of the officers who com- Clay, of the 40th regiment. manded the columns, and in a par. 66th regiment. -1 rank and file ticular manner of the captains killed; I sergeant wounded. Rodanes, Conegrat, and Mouchet, 69th ditto.--1 rank and file woundof the colonial forces, wbo formed. ed. his advanced guard, and to their in- 3d battalion of Irish brigade...) trepidity and conduct he attributes officer wounded. much of the success of his opera- Total, 1 rank and file killed; I tion.

officer, 1 sergeant, 1 rank and As the troops were assembling file wounded. to proceed to other objects, which On the attack of posts St. Laurent I thought of importance for the

and Boutillier. king's service, I was informed by Dessources' regiment.-1 officer, 3 brigadier-general Churchill, of an rank and file, killed ; 3 rank and attack that had been made at Irois, file killed; 3 rank and file woundwbere, though the enemy had been ed. fortunately repulsed in the assault De Pestre's ditto.-l rank and file upon that post, they still continued killed. to invest it, and to threaten its Detachment of troops from Jeremie. siege. . . .

: -l officer killed; 2 rank and No time was lost in detaching file wounded. the honourable colonel Maitland Jean Kina's corps.-) sergeant killwith a sufficient force to the assist. ed; 4 officers, 4 rank and file ance of that officer. On his arrival, wounded. brigadier-general Churchill inform- Total, 2 officers, 1 sergeant, 4 rank ed him of the repulse of the enemy. and file killed ; 4 officers, 9 rank

I have the honour to inclose to and file wounded. you a return of the killed and At the attack of the enemy's batwounded upon the attack and de. tery, breast-works and places of struction of the enemy's battery arms, near pust Grenier. and breast-works, and of the ord. Chasseurs Royaux.--2 rank and nance and ordnance stores taken file wounded. and destroyed.

De Pestre's regiment.—2 rank and Return of killed and wounded in . file wounded. . bis majesty's British and colonial Chasseurs 'de York.–4 rank and troops, under the command of file wounded. colonel Dessources, on the 16th Chasseurs de Prince of Wales.-1 and 17th of April, 1797, at the officer, 1 sergeant, 5 rank and attack of the enemy's positions file wounded. of St. Laurent and Boutillier, Dessources' regiment.- rank and from wence they were driven ; file killed. 1797.




Total, 1 rank and file killed; 1. Limbers for six-pounders, 2 deofficer, I sergeant, 12 rank and file stroyed. wounded.

side boxes for six-pounders, 8 Names of officers killed and destroyed. wounded.

Two-inch rope coils, 2 destroyed.
Captain Haly, of the $d Irish A proportion of drag washers
brigade, wounded. Major Pocket, and linch pins for nine-pounder
of the Jeremie, killed. Lieutenant and eight-pounder and two-pounder
de la Rue, of Dessources, killed, carriages, taken and carried to post
Ensign Eviere, of Prince of Wales's Fourmier.
chasseurs, wounded. Lieutenants Carriage with limber for nine-
Babin and Campanne, of Jean Ki- pounder, 1 destroyed.
na's corps, wounded. Ensigns Le Cartridges filled for nine-pound-
Pine and L’Artigonave, of ditto, erš, taken and carried to post Gre.

nier, 52.
E. B. LITTLEHALES, (Signed) . W. Spica,
Dep. adj. gen.

Captain-lieutenant, com.
Return of ordnance and ordnance

manding a detachment stores taken and destroyed at the

of royal artillery. attack of the battery and heights

E. B. LITTLEHALES, of post Fezard, on the morning

Dep. adj. gen. of the 17th of April, 1797.

This gazette also contains an acBrass ordnance.

count of the following captures by Two pounder; I taken and car. the ships under the command of ried to post Grenier.

rear-admiral Harvey: the schooner Iron ordnance.

Ranger, from Wilmington, bound Nine pounder, 1 destroyed. Eight to Trinidad, laden with lumber and pounder, I destroyed.

slaves, belonging to Massachuset,reStores.

taken from the French to the windFixed ammunition for six pound ward of Mariegalante by the Vaners, equal proportion of case and guard, and sent into St. Pierre's, round, taken and carried to post Martinique; the schooner Nobby, Grenier, rounds 110 destroyed. from Wiscasset, bound to the West

Case shot unfixed for six pound- Indies, laden with lumber and ers, taken and carried to post Gre, slaves, belonging to Massachuset, renier, fifty destroyed.

taken from the French off MarieCole shot unfixed for nine pound galante by the Vanguard, and sent ers, rounds 110 destroyed.

into St. Pierre's, Martinique; the Langridge in bags for nine- schooner Little Mary, from Suripounders, rounds 150 destroyed. nam, bound to Philadelphia, laden

Langridge in bags for eight with coffee, cotton, and sugar, bepounders, rounds 150 destroyed. longing to Philadelphia, retaken

Ammunition for two-pounders, from the French off Mariegalante ** destroyed

by the Vanguard, and sent into St. ..Carriage with limber for eight. Pierre's, Martinique, went on shore; pounder, 1 destroyed.

the ship Hero, from London, laden Carriage for two-pounder, I de- with provisions, retaken from a stroyed.

French privateer off St. Kitt's by · Devie cart for moving guns, I the Lapwing, and sent into St. destroyed.

• Kitt's; the brig Paramaubon, Geo.


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Curd, master, from Surinam, bound the Scipio, and sent into Roseau, to St. Thomas, laden with molasses, Dominica; the schooner Jean Kirsugar, and coffee, belonging to Bal- by, bound to Guadaloupe, in baltimore, retaken from a French pri last, belonging to Antigua, re-capvateer between Tortola and St. tured from the French off Guada. Croix by the Fury, and sent into loupe, by the Scipio, and sent into Tortola; the snow Rebecca, from Roseau, Dominica; the French Demerara, bound to St. Thomas, schooner privateer La Bayonaise, laden with sugar and coffee, re- belonging to Guadaloupe, carrying taken from a French privateer to 2 guns, some swivels, and 36 men, windward of the Virgin Islands by by the Cyane. the Fury, and sent into Tortola, pa- 16. A most melancholy accident pers not found; the sloop General, happened this night, about eleven H. Bloomsbury, master, from Bar- o'clock. As the three Mr. Taylors, badoes, bound to Martinique, laden two of whom are clerks in the office with dry goods and provisions, re- for foreign affairs, the other aid-decaptured from the enemy oft Gua- camp to the duke of York, were daloupe by the Perdrix, and sent to coming to town from Richmond, in Fort Royal, Martinique; the schoon- a small wherry with a sail, which er Phænix, Jacob Perkins, master, they had built for their amusefrom Tobago, bound to St. Tho. ment, the boat overset near Kew, mas, laden with fifty puncheons of by striking against a barge, and all rum, belonging to New York, re. three tumbled overboard. Mr. B. taken from a French privateer to Taylor got on shore unhurt; Mr. the north-east of St. Croix by the Herbert Taylor was brought on Fury, and sent into Tortola; the shore with little signs of life, but ship Lealand, U. Beaumain, master, has since recovered by the means from Guadaloupe, bound to Santa recommended by the humane soCruz, laden with coffee and sugar, ciety; and Mr. William Taylor belonging to Barbadoes, taken to was drowned. The latter had lately windward of St. Croix by the Fa- returned with Mr. Hammond from vourite, and sent into Tortola ; de- Vienna, to whom he acted as setained, having French property; cretary, and was much esteemed by the ship Atlanti, Thomas Stockel, all who had the pleasure of knowmaster, from Teneriffe, laden with ing him. The night was extremely wine and dry goods, re-captured dark and tempestuous. from the enemy thirty-seven leagues 17. This morning at one o'clock south-west by south of Barbuda by a fire broke out at lord St. Helen's the Lapwing, and sent into Basse- house, in Great Russell-street, terre, St. Kitt's; the schooner Ade- Blooinsbury, which consumed the lagarde, Bartolame Table, master, same, and upper part of sir George from Cuba, bound to Porto Rico, Young's house adjoining; the acladen with wax and tortoise-shell, cident is not any other way actaken off Porto Rico by the Are. counted for than, that his lordship, thusa, and sent into Martinique; wbo had been writing, the candle is detained, being Spanish property; supposed to have caught the furnithe ship Scipio, from Guadaloupe, ture of the bed, which providenbound to St. Thomas, in ballast, tially waking him, he instantly abelonging to Liverpool, re-captured larmed his servants, who had scarce from the French off Guadaloupe by time to make their escape at the top

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of the house; the flames were so ra- sion. It has done considerable da. pid, that his lordship had only time mage. to save his jewels and cash; every 29. This day the parliament was article, except his plate, which was prorogued to the 5th day of Sepat the banker's, perished in the tember. See the Public Papers. flames.

Worcester, July 20. In beginning 11., On Sunday night, and the the repairs of our cathedral on Mon, early part of yesterday morning, day last, the tomb which stood in occurred one of the most tremen- the nave, near the chancel, to comdous storms of thunder, lightning, memorate the interment of king and rain, ever remembered in the John, was proposed to be removed metropolis. The lightning com- 'to a more convenient place; but, to menced about nine o'clock in the the astonishment of the workmen, a evening, and continued without one stone coffin was discovered at the instant's intermission till twelve, il. bottom, level with the floor, which, luminating with its coruscations on carefully examining it, was found every quarter of the heavens with to contain the remains of the king. vivid gleams of scarlet and blue From the great length of time the light. The thunder came on about body had been deposited (so long twelve, and continued till half af. since as the year 1216) nothing but ter three, with incessant peals of the conjectural ideas could be formed loudest and most awful effect, so as to the vestments, &c. Part of the near as seemingly to be bursting di- robe was firm in its texture, but of rectly over head, and accompanied what colour could not be ascer. the whole time with the heaviest tained. What was discovered of and most uninterrupted deluges of the body appeared to be nearly in rain.

the same position as the figure on This very heavy storm appears the top of the tomb-stone, and, to have taken a very wide and ex- from the length of the coffin, mea. tended circuit. In Buckinghamshire, sured fire feet six inches and a half; Berkshire, Hants, &c. its commence- part of a sword was lying by his ment was about nine or ten o'clock left side, which time had much in the evening, and its duration till mouldered; and the leather sheath after day-light. In the metropolis, was nearly in the same state : the by the minutest observation, its fury most perfect part was towards the began a little before midnight, and bottom of the legs and feet, on had ceased at four o'clock. At which appeared a kind of half-boot. Windsor it was extremely and awe. A quantity of a sort of white paste fully heavy; at Harrow on the lay in two or three lamps on and Hill, Highgate, Hampstead, Shoot- below the belly, which it may be er's Hill in Kent, and other elevated supposed had been poured into the situations, it was felt in a manner body on the heart and bowels particularly severe.

being taken out; on breaking a The storm felt here on Sunday piece of this paste, it was mired night and Monday morning passed with the skeletons of maggots and over the continent previous to vie flies, of which vast quantities lay on siting this country. It was felt at and about the body; and on the Lisle on Saturday afternoon, and right cheek of the skull there was a continued till three o'clock on sharp point about half an inch long, Sunday morning without intermis. and some grey hairs appeared under

part ters

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part of the cap, which had fitted the you to a copy of captain Ricketts's beadvery tight, and seemed to have letter. - : been buckled under the chin, part La Magicienne, in Carcasse Bay, of the straps remaining; the robe St. Domingo, April 24, 1797. had the appearance, in some parts, SIR, of having been embroidered, parti I beg leave to inform you, that on cularly on the right knee; no hones Sunday the 23d instant, when douof the fingers were to be found. One bling Cape Tiberoon, in company point ascertained is, that the body with the Regulus and Fortune certainly was deposited here, and schooner, we discovered a six gun not in the more eastern part of the privateer sloop and four schooners church, as was supposed; and the at anchor in this bay, which con. extraordinary circumstance of there vinced me that the posts of Irois being no memorandum or record were attacked. Soon after the alarmof the place of interment in the ar- gun was fired. at the fort. As no chives of the cathedral is now ob. time was to be lost in endeavouring viated. The tomb is to remain sa. to counteract the views of the enecred to the ashes of the king, and my, we stood in and anchored, will no doubt be preserved with when we commenced a heavy canadditional care and attention. The nonade, and had the good fortune, dean and chapter gave orders that in a short time, to drive them into the curiosity of the people should the mountains; their field-pieces, be gratified as far as could be done ammunition, provisions, and vessels consistently with safety; but, the laden with necessaries for carrying concourse from all parts becoming on the siege, fell into our hands. so great, it was deemed proper to The good conduct of every officlose the tomb again on Tuesday cer and sailor belonging to our lit. afternoon. It was observed by the tle squadron manifested itself upon masons, that the coffin was cut out this occasion, as well as upon many of Higley stone; but there was no others, since I have had the honour other top to it than two elm-boards, to command it. I have to regret which were perfectly sound. . the loss of four men killed, and From the London Gazette, July 23. Mr. Morgan, master's mate, and ten

Admiralty-Office, July 22, 1797. men wounded (though not mortalExtract of a letter from vice-ad. ly), who were in the Magicienne's miral sir Hyde Parker, knight, boat when endeavouring to tow out commander in chief of his ma- the privateer. jesty's ships and vessels at Ja-. I have the honour to be, &c. &c. maica, to Evan Nepean, esq.

W. H. RICKETTS. dated June, 11, 1797.

Sir Hyde Parker, knt. viceI have the pleasure to acquaint admiral of the red, &c. you for their lordships' information, Diligence, Nassau, New-Providence, that the Grande Anse is acknow March 13, 1797. : ledged to be saved by a spirited and SIR, well-timed attack made by captain "I beg leave to inform you, that Ricketts, of his majesty's ship La having cleared the Bahama Straits Magicienne, upon the enemy's the 3d of this month, the following transports of provisions and ammu- day, ten leagues S.W. of the Pan of nition in Carcasse Bay, for the par Motonozas, we fell in with and ticulars of which I beg leave to refer took, after an action of three quara


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