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light infantry, and appeared in the was greatly inferior to that of the morning on the heights of Montc. assailants; but the French general baldo, which commanded Corona; was well entrenched. He, there. while the Austrians, who were post. fore, received the summons of Prz. ed there, were vigorously attacked vera with no other reply, than that in front by general Joubert. Per “ he would fight, but not surrenceiving, therefore, their retreat cut der.” The Austrian general atoff, they were, after some resist. tacked the post, but found it imance, thrown into the utmost con- possible to carry it by force. Thus fusion, and almost the whole party baffled in his main design, Provera were either drowned in attempting next turned his attention to another to swim across the Adige, or made post, La'Favorita, which (secondprisoners. In these engagements ed by a sortie from the garrison, (which are denominated by the which he had concerted with French the battle of Rivoli) the Wurmser) he expected to force, conquerors took 13,000 prisoners and by that means make good his and 9 pieces of cannon. .. entrance into Mantua. The design

The column of general Provera, did not escape, however, the pene. ten thousand strong, in the mean tration of Buonapate ; and to pretime continued their march, and vent the junction, he saw no other forced the passage of Anguiari. moins than to surround the column General Guyeux nad rallied and of Provera, and force it to surrenunited all the forces, which were der. He had previously dispatched posted in his vicinity, which, how. general Serrurier to La Favorita, ever, did not exceed 1,500 men; with all the forces that he could with so inadequate a power he was hastily withdraw from the other not able to force the enemy to re- posts of blockade; and he now orcross the river, but he harassed and dered reinforcements from different impeded their march for some time, divisions of his army, who, by the and made nearly 300 prisoners. most rapid movements that are re. As Mantua was the object of gene. corded in history, arrived in time ral Provera, his advances were rato effect their purpose. An hour pid ; and general Augereali, who before day-break, on the morning had collected his forces with the of the 16th, the Austrians attacked design of falling on the column of La Favorita, and general WurmProvera, between Anguiari and Ro- ser, at the same moment, ordered 2 verquier, could only come up with spirited sortie from the garrison, to the rear of his division. After a support the assailants, and divert warm conflict, however, he suc. the attention of the enemy. The ceeded in cutting off the whole of detachment from the garrison, how. the rear guard of the Austrian ever, met withi so discouraging a recolumn, and took 2,000 prisoncrs, ception from the column of genewith 16 pieces of cannon.

ral Victor, one of the detachments Notwithstanding thesc impedi- which had marched during the ments, general Provera arrived on night, that it was compelled to re. the 15th of January, at the head of turn to the fortress without being 6,000 men, at the suburb of St. able to effect a junction with ProGeorge, one of the posts where vera, after leaving the field cover. Mantua was blockaded. The force ed with dead and with prisoners. at this post, under general Miolis, At the same moment Serrurier ad

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vanced in order to block up Pro- pelled to yield, with the loss of 300
vera between this post and St. prisoners. Trent submitted to the
George's. Disorder and terror republicans with little or no resist-
how pervaded the Austrian ranks, ance; and, in pursuing the Aying
and the general solicited a capitu- enemy, the French made at St.
fation. The prisoners who sur Michael 800 prisoners.
rendered amounted to 6,000 in- The fall of Mantua was an inevi.
fantry and 700 cavalry, with 22 table consequence of the defeat
pieces of cannon. Thus perished of the Austrian armies. It surren-
menth great army detached by dered on capitulation, the 2d of
a listrin for the support of its Itid. February. The terms were ho.
in territories, and to avert the durable, as the valour and good
destruction which now seemed to conduct of the veteran Wurmser
impend over the capital itself. and his brave garrison deserved.

he respective divisions of the The garrison were prisoners, but French army continued to harass mirched out with military ho

created and dispersed remnants nours; and the old marechal himAustrian force. The divi- self, and his suite, were excepted

assena repaired, on the from the humiliating condition of icenza, and from thence appearing as prisoners of war-he on pursuit of the enemy, was then upwards of 70 years of

etreated to the other side age. It was asserted, that upwards denies of the Brenta. A de- of 5,000 horses had been devoured from this division, under by the garrison in the course of

ard, canie up with the blockade ; and thus far is cer. Carpenedolo, and, after a tain, that the French found exceedtest, made 800 prisoners. ingly few remaining, on taking

1, the division of gene- possession of the fortress. redusert also cilme up with the Another immediate consequence

of the Austrians, and, of these victories of Buonaparte

skirmish, mude 900 was the invasion of the papal terrihe Austrians, after tories. The court of Rome could

ed towards Mory and not be expected tv be extremely familed huu here they were as. vourable to the French interests,

neral Murt, who em- bui it had adopted a timid and "" 100 men, and landed wavering plan of policy, consistent Place; goneral Vial, al- it once with its own weakness and

of the light infantiy, hostility to the French. Confident,
Yere march through however, in these latter exertions of
d Over the steepest the Austrians, the pope, it is assert-
Thed their position, ed, had even sent succours into the
O to surrender. Ge. Geld, in the army of Alvinzi, and had
about the same time, strained every nerve for the expul.
edo. The Austrians sion of the invaders. The division ·

themselves deeply of general Victor was, therefore, ; Calliano, and ap- ordered to penetrate to Rome pre

to dispute the en. vious to the surrender of Mantua ; Trent; but the republicans into and the capitulation was scarcely

ssed by the generals signed before Buonapate set off in lal, they were com. persoll, to superintend the opera



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On the 27th, the division o

tear-guard of the Austrians, and,

prisoners. The Austrians, : this, retreated towards Mor

sailed by general Murat

burked with 2003,

at the latter place; goner 50, at the head of the light after a most severe m:11 the snows and over the mountains, turned Where and obliged 450 to surren neral Joubert, about the entered Roveredo. Th had entrenched themselve in the defiles of Calliano, peared disposed to disp! trance of the republ Trent; but, pressed by

tions of this army. The invaders reprieve which was granted him on slept at Imola, the first town with. this occasion. For while the in the papal dominions, on the 1st French commander was advancof February. The resistance of the ing towards Rome, the emperor, papal troops was fecble, and they by exertions almost incredible, was were overpowered with but little reinforcing his discomfited army, or loss on the part of the French. In rather the remnants of it; and the a few days the French proceeded to command was given to the arch. Loretto, and took possession of the duke Charles, whose victorious c2. famous Madonna, which was only reer on the Rhine had inspired the a wooden image: they found also court of Vienna with the warmest in that place a treasure of about hopes of his success, even when three millions of livres. The opposed to so consummate a master whole marche of Ancona submitted of the military art as Buonaparte. with very little show of resistance; In the beginning of March, the and on the 19th Buona parte had French army occupied the banks of his head-quarters at Tolentino. The the Piave and Lavis; and that of the pope, now reduced to the lowest emperor, under the command of extremity, and deprived of his allies the archduke, the opposite shore of by the fortune of war, addressed a the Piave, with its centre behind submissive epistle to the victorious the Cordevoli; and supported on general, in which he solicited ear. its right by the Adige from the side nestly an amicable termination of of Salurne. On the approach of the contest; and dispatched two general Massena on the 10th of ecclesiatics, with full powers to March, however, the Austrians conclude a treaty. By the terms thought proper to evacuate the line of this treaty, his holiness renoun- of Cordevoli, and to march to ced all connexion with the famous Bellurne. On the 12th, the diri. coalition of crowned heads; en. sion of general Serrurier crossed the gaged to disband the troops which Piave at day-break, and the Austrihad been raised for the support of ans immediately evacuated their the war; and to shuthis portsagainst camp of La Campagna. On the all the powers at war with the repub- same day, general Guyeux passed lic. He agreed, without reserve, to the Piave at Ospedaletto ; on the the annexation of Avignon and the 13th, he fell in with the rear-guard county of Venaissin to the French,' of the enemy, and, after a slight and also transferred to the republic contest, took 100 prisoners. The the legations of Bologna, Ferrara, division of Massena, in the mean and Romagna. In conclusion, he time, having arrived at Bellare, consented to pay to the conquerors pursued the Austrians on their rethe sum of 30 millions of livres, treat towards Cadore, completely 20 of them in specie, and the rest hemmed in their rear-guard, and in diamonds and other valuables, took 700 prisoners, among whom with 16,000 horses, as the ransom was the general Lusignan, who come of that reinnant of his dominions of manded their centre division. . which he was still permitted to en. On the 16th, the division of gejoy the precarious possession. . neral Guyeux proceeded from Por

To the exertions of Austria in denove, that of general Bernadotte making fresh preparations, the from Sacile, and that of general pope was probably indebted for the Serrurier from Pasiano, all of them



directing their march towards Val. countered the Austrians, who were vasone. These forces arrived on strongly entrenched at Pufero, dethe banks of the Tagliamento at feated them, and took 100 prisonlo o'clock the same day. The ers and two pieces of cannon. On Austrians were posted on the oppo- the same day, another division ensite side, and seemed deterrnined to tered Trieste. dispute the passage. After some 'On the 24th, the division of getime spent in the necessary prepara. neral Massena was at Tarvis, where tions, the republican troops plun- a strong column of the enemy was. ged into the river, and completely hemmed in between his forces and routed the enemy, after a feeble re- those of general Guyeux. On the sistance, chiefly from the Austrian following day, however, the Au. cavalry. The village of Gradiska strians having received considerable was immediately attacked by gene reinforcements from Clagenfurt, ral Guyeux, and carried, not with the head-quarters of prince Charles, standing the lateness of the hour were encouraged to hazard an enand the darkness of the night-the gagement, and attacked Massena. archduke Charles had barely time After a severe battle (which, as the to effect his escape. In the whole French commander states, was of the day's engagement the Au- fought above the clouds, on a strians lost from 4 to 500 prisoners, height that commands Germany), among whom was one general and the Austrians were defeated with several superior officers; they also considerable loss. Three of their lost 6 pieces of cannon. be general officers and a number of

The energy and activity of Buo. men were taken prisoners, and naparte left no time to his spirited the emperor's cuirassiers, who had antagonist to rally and collect his just arrived from the Rhine, were forces; but on the 18th, a part of almost annihilated. the French army took possession of In the mean time, general Guy. Palmanova, while general Massena eux drove the column which he advanced to Osopa and Gemona, had defeated at Pufero, as far as and pushed his advanced guard into Austrian Chinse, a post well fortithe defiles.

fied, but which was carried by as. On the following day, general sault, after an obstinate engageSerrurier blockaded the town of ment. The Austrian column, perGradiska, which was taken on the ceiving the Chinse taken, precipi. 20th, with 5,000 prisoners, the cated its march, and fell into the flower of prince Charles's army. middle of Massena's division, who,

In the mean time, the division of after a slight contest, made the Massena advanced to the bridge of whole of them prisoners. Thirty Casasola, drove the enemy from pieces of cannon, 400 waggons their entrenchments by the force loaded with the enemy's baggage, of the bayonet, and took 600 pri- 5,000 prisoners, among whom soners. On the 21st, the French were 4 generals, fell into the hands entered Goritz, where they found of the conquerors by the event of tour hospitals, containing 1,500 of this day. the sick and wounded, with all the While uninterrupted success thus magazines of the enemy, which the attended the operations of the main archduke bad not time to remove, army, the left wing, or the diviOn the 23d, general Guyeux en- sions of the Tyrol, as those of Jou


bert, Baraguay D'Hilliers, and they were too much discouraged
Delmas were termed, were advanc- to make a formidable resistance ;
ing from the Adige, the Lavis, and after losing 200 prisoners and two
the Brenta, in order to form a junç- pieces of cannon, they abando poned
tion with the commander in chief. Clagenfurt, 'the capital of Caria.
In their progress, they surrounded hia, which the French entered the
a corps of the enemy on the blin's sime evening, Thus, the Austrians
of the Lavis; and, after an obsti. were already, in the course of this
nate contest, took 4,000 prisoners short campaign, driven trom the
and 3 pieces of cannon, leaving Venetian states, from the liigher
2,000 of the Austrians dead on the 2nd lower Carniola, from Carin:
field. The Au-trians, under gene. thia, and from the whole of the
ral Laudon, after this, retired to Tyrolese, with the loss of 20,000
the right bank of the Adige, where men as prisoners of war, indepen.
they were again attacked, and again dent of those taken before the arch-
defeated, on the 22d of March, by duke assumed the con mand.
general Joubert, who took 600 pri- In the midst of this career of
soners. The army of the Tyrol victory,Buonaparte addressed a lti-
then entered Boczen: but Joubert ter containing overtures of peace
did not rest there ; after leaving a to his brave but unfortunate ad-
sufficient force to pursue the flying verstry. If we except an unjust
army under Laudon, he marched censure on the English nation,
direct to Clauzen. The enemy which it contains, it is certainly
availed themselves of the position, not less remarkable for elevation
and put themselves in the best state of sentiment and excellence of
of defence. The action was some composition, than for the polite
time doubtful, but yictory at length and even modest terms in which it
declared in favour of the French, is couched. Whatever may be the
and 1,500 Austrianslaid down their character of the writer, the letter
arms as prisoners of war. General deserves to be transmitted to poste.
Joubert, immediately after this, ritv, and we flatter ourselves that
took possession of Brixen.

our readers will be gratified by its
Buona parte allowed scarcely a insertion-
moment's rest to his army, wbile
he found an enemy in the field The General in Chief of the Army of
to oppose him; and to the rapi Italy, to His Royal Highness M.
dity of his movements no incon Prince Charles.
siderable share of his success nust 11tb Germinal, 5th year of the
be attributed. After the battles of Republic ( Marcb 3i).
Tarvis and La Chinse, three divi. M. general in chief,
șions of his army passed the defiies Brave soldiers make war, and
which lead from the Venetian states desire peace. Has not the war
into Germany, and encamped at lasted for six years? Have we not
Wilbach, on the banks of the killed men and committed evils
Drave. 'On the 29th of March, enough against suffering humanity?
general Massena advanced upon Such are the exclamations used on
Clagenfurt, which had been the all sides. Europe, who had taken
head-quarters of prince Charles. up arms against the French repub-
At about a league from the place lic, has laid them down. Your na.
he encountered the enemy; but ţion alone remains į and yet blood

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