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Five Professors.

1. Rev. John BROWN, D.D., Professor of Exegetical Theology. Rev. JAMES HARPER, D.D., Professor of Systematic and Pastoral Theology. Rey. NEIL M.MICHAEL, D.D., Professor of History of Doctrines. Rev. William LINDSAY, D.D., Professor of Sacred Languages and Criticism. Rev. John EADIE, D.D., LL.D., Professor of Hermeneutics and Evidences.

Session 1847-27 Students. BARLAS, GEORGE. Auchtermuchty. BICKERTON, GEORGE, from Edinburgh (Brough

ton Place). Became teacher in Edinburgh. BRUCE, THOMAS, from Newmilns, of which his

father was minister. Probationer. Author

of “Man's Part in the Chorus of Creation." BRUNTON, ALEXANDER. Oban. CARRICK, JOHN. Maybole. CLARKE, ALEXANDER. Letham. COOPER, MAXWELL, from Fala, of which his

father was minister. Died while a student. DONALDSON, JAMES, from Ceres. Probationer.

Went to New York. DRUMMOND, ROBERT SKEIL, A.M., D.D.

Carlisle. GRAHAM, ANDREW. Crossgates. GIBSON, JAMES Y. Melrose. Hutton, JAMES, from Edinburgh (Nicolson

Street). Became a teacher. KENNEDY, THOMAS. Kinross (East). KIRKWOOD, JOHN. Troon. LAMBIE, John. Grangemouth. LEITCH, CHARLES C., from Edinburgh (Nicol.

son Street). Ordained in Glasgow by ministers of the United Presbyterian Presbytery and Dr Wardlaw, as a missionary for India in connection with the London Missionary Society. Studied medicine, and practised as a medical missionary at Neyoor. East Indies. Drowned, while bathing, on 25th August 1854. A “Life and Remains," by the Rev. Dr Smith of Biggar, was published

in 1856. LOGAN, JOHN B., from Duntocher, Probationer.

Associated with Rev. Gilbert Wardlaw,
Helensburgh, in a boarding school. Now

minister in Nova Scotia. MACNAUGHTON, MATTHEW. Newcastle. M'DONALD, ALEXANDER, from Glasgow (Cathe

dral Street). Dead. M`NAB, JOHN. Johnshaven. MILLER, ALEXANDER. Newbigging. MilNE, JOHN. Greenlaw. MORE, JOHN. Alloa. ROME, JAMES L. Hull. SMITH, GABRIEL. Anstruther. THOMSON, CHRISTOPHER IRVING, from Locker.

bie. Died 29th July 1851. WHYTE, ANDREW, A.M. South Ronaldshay.

Session 1848–39 Students,
Barr, Hugh. Kettle.

BELL, THOMAS, from Pittenweem. Went to

New Zealand on account of his health. CAMPBELL, JOHN, from Kilmarnock (King

Street). Attended only one session. Tutor

in Islay. CARRUTHERS, John, from America. Returned

thither. ERSKINE, JAMES M. Burghead. FLEMING, WILLIAM. Kirkcaldy. FORSYTH, HUGH, from St Ninian's. Did not

complete his studies. FRAME, JAMES. Peterhead. FYFE, ROBERT T., from Anderston, Glasgow. Pro

bationer. Sometime missionary in Dundee. GRAY, ROBERT, from Craigdam. Probationer.

Died from fever caught in discharge of mis.

sion work in Greenock. HILL, JAMES. Scone. HUNTER, GEORGE, from Sandwick. Probationer.

Dead. IMRIE, JAMES, A.M. Musselburgh. King, John M., from More battle. Now minis

ter of Knox Church, Toronto. KNOX, ROBERT, from Port-Glasgow. Proba

tioner. Sometime librarian of Stirling's Library, Glasgow. Now living in Port

Glasgow. M'DONALD, WILLIAM. Burnhead. M'GREGOR, DANIEL, from Glasgow (London

Road). Joined the Established Church. M'LAREN, JOHN, from Dennyloanhead. Glas. M‘Nicol, ALEXANDER, from Glasgow (John

Street). Went out as missionary to Australia

under Dr Lang. M'QUEEN, GEORGE, A.M. Milngavie. MATTHEWS, GEORGE D., from Dublin. Stranraer. MORISON, WALTER, A.B., D.D. Ayr. MORRIS, DAVID W., from Buckhaven. Proba

tioner. Now librarian to the United Presbyterian Church, Edinburgh. Author of "Lighthouse Discourses ;' various articles on "Lighthouses,” and articles on the deaths of Aaron and Moses, and “Elijah on Carmel,” in the United Presbyterian

Magazine. PICKEN, JAMES, from Newcastle Did not com

plete his course, and took to literary and editorial work. Resumed and completed his studies. Called to Banff. On occasional

supply in Liverpool. POTTER, JAMES G." Newcastle (St George's). RINTOUL, DAVID, from Perth. Now a farmer

in Perthshire.

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ROBB, ALEXANDER, A.M., D.D., from Aber. MACOWAN, DUNCAN. Ramsey, Isle of Man.

deen (St Nicholas Lane). Went as missionary PATERSON, DAVID. Newcastle (Zion Chapel). to Jamaica, and afterwards to Calabar. OLIVER, ALEXANDER, B. A. Galashiels. Had the degree of D.D. conferred by the RONALDSON, JAMES. Longridge. University of Aberdeen. Author of "The STEEDMAN, JAMES, A.M., from Kilmarnock Gospel to the Africans, being the Life of (King Street). Preacher. Entered as clerk Rev. W. Jameson." Translator of the in a bank, in which position he continued a Bible into #fik.

year, when he died, ist June 1858. Ross, FORBES. Stranraer.

THOMSON, WILLIAM REID. Kirkcaldy. SEATER, THOMAS, from Leith. Died while a THORBURN, JAMES, from Hawick (East Bank). student.

Completed his course ; is now farmer near SHENNAN, ALEXANDER. Houghton-le-Spring. Hawick. Scott, R. B., from Johnshaven. Emigrated to TORRY, DAVID.

Australia. Became minister of a congrega. TULLY, WALTER, from Galashiels. Died while tion there.

a student. STEWART, WILLIAM, from Newcastle. Wark. WILLIAMSON, DAVID. Queensferry. worth.

YOUNG, MUNGO, from Galashiels. Did not TAYLOR, WILLIAM M., A.M., D.D. Kilmaurs. complete his studies. THOMSON, WILLIAM. Leith-Lumsden. WALKER, WILLIAM. Ramsey, Isle of Man.

Session 1850-43 Students. WALLACE, HUGH, from Glasgow (Wellington

Aitken, WILLIAM, from St Andrews. Com. Street). Died 3d June 1849. WHYTE, THOMAS, from Edinburgh (Rose Street).

pleted his course, but never took license.

Teacher in St Andrews. Became proprietor of a large boarding establishment, Tynemouth House, Tynemouth.

ALLISON, DAVID, from Stuartfield, of which his YOUNG, WILLIAM C., from Annan. Went to

father was minister. Probationer. Went Canada, and became minister of Newtown,

to Canada. Now head-master of Alnwick Presbytery of Durham.

Corporation School
Baillie, ZERUB, from Stow. Went as mis.

sionary to Calabar, 1856. Died at Liver. Session 1849—30 Students.

pool, 4th August 1865.

Barrie, WILLIAM G., from Forfar. Ordained AIRD, Hugh, M.A. Brechin.

at Swalwell. Resigned, and joined the ALEXANDER, JOHN. New Deer.

English Presbyterian Church. Now minister ALSTON, G. S., from Tollcross. Taught a at Longframlington.

school at Tollcross, from which he one day BEGBIE, WILLIAM M., from Edinburgh (Rose disappeared, and has never since been heard Street). Licensed. Became proprietor of of.

Circus Place School, Edinburgh. ANDERSON, DAVID, from Pathstruie. Proba- BINNIE, JOHN, from Forfar. Probationer.

tioner. Called to Bathgate. Became farmer Went to London. near Muckart, and afterwards near Dunferm- BLAIR, JAMES LAW, from Lochgelly. Probaline.

tioner. Now on the occasional supply list ANGUS, ROBERT, M.A. Peebles.

at Dollar. BARCLAY, GEORGE, Dunscore.

BLAIR, WILLIAM, A.M. Dunblane. BARTLETT, GEORGE D., M.A. Now proprietor CAIRNS, DAVID. Stitchel.

of the Boarding School of Southgrove, High- CAMPBELL, HUGH STILLIE. Whitby. gate, Middlesex.


EWING, ROBERT, from Tillicoultry. Went to BOLTON, ROBERT.

Canada. COCHRANE, THOMAS. Attended only a single FISHER, ROBERT. Dubbieside. session.

Gibson, WILLIAM, M.D. Licensed, but beColville, John, from Campbelton. Now came a physician.

Evangelist to the United Presbyterian HAMILTON, ROBERT, from Dennyloanhead. Church.

Probationer. Went to Canada, and became EASTON, STEPHEN, from Norham. Changed minister of Motherwell, Ontario, Canada.

his views of Evangelical doctrines, and LAMBERT, GEORGE, from Dalkeith (East). Or. abandoned theological study.

dained as missionary for Trinidad. Proba. GORRIE, DANIEL, from Kettle, of which his tioner in 1871.

father was minister. Probationer. For M'ARTHUR, GEORGE, A.M. Lynturk. several years editor of Orkney Herald. Now Mair, DAVID, A.M. Killaig. in London as editor. Author of “The Mann, DAVID. Wamphray. Sabbath, a Prize Poem ;" “Orations and MARTIN, WILLIAM, from Strathaven (East). Lectures ;" and a work on Orkney.

Died in Jamaica, 1855. GILLIES, WILLIAM, from Helensburgh. Went MILLER, DUNCAN. Mossbank.

as missionary to Jamaica. Now Travelling Morrison, WILLIAM, A.M., from Glasgow Secretary of the National Bible Society of (Greyfriars). Joined the Established Church. Scotland.

Became minister of Crawford in 1863. Died Hamilton, ALEXANDER, A.M., D.D. Kil suddenly on the streets of Edinburgh, 28th marnock.

December 1869. HARROWER, JAMES. Eyemouth.

MUTER, JAMES, from Stonehouse. Did not HYSLOP, JOHN S. Leven.

complete his studies. KER, JAMES, M.A. Chirnside.

MILL, JAMES STRANGE. Leith (Kirkgate). MACKIE, JOHN, from Hamilton. Went to PARLANE, JAMES, A.M. Hawick. Canada as a preacher,

PATERSON, DANIEL, A.M., from Greenock

(George Square). Now minister of a charge

on the River Conder. PIRRET, DAVID. Sutton. RENWICK, ROBERT, from Hamilton (Brandon

Street). Probationer. Went to Canada. ROBERTSON, ANDREW B. Coldingham. ROBERTSON, WILLIAM, from Glasgow (John

Street). Probationer. Went to Canada,

and became minister of Blandford. Scott, JAMES. Bathgate. SCOTT, WILLIAM. Balerno. SHORTHOUSE, ROBERT, from Liverpool (Mount

Pleasant). Became house-agent. Dead.
URE, THOMAS, from Stirling (Erskine Church).

Became Baptist, and had a charge in Canada.
Professor of Ancient Languages in Oswego

Wallace, Hugh. Kendal.
WHYTE, HENRY L., from Balgedie. Completed

his course, but went to business in Glasgow. WILSON, ANDREW, M.A. Drymen. WILSON, JAMES. Dundee. Wilson, John M. Hexham.

Miller, THOMAS. Perth.
MUIR, JAMES. Falkirk.
Nicol, David. Aberlady.
Polson, John. Tedburgh.
RANKINE, EDWARD. Shiels, Belhelvie.
RIDDELL, GEORGE, from Newcastle. Went to
· Canada. Ordained at Newcastle and New-

town, Presbytery of Ontario Died 1868.
Scort, ROBERT, from Braehead. Went to

Canada, and became minister at Dundas. Scott, THOMAS. Stonehaven. SIDEY, DAVID. Auchtermuchty. TODD, DANIEL, from Coatbridge. Went to

Canada. WADE, GEORGE. Falkirk. WilsON, THOMAS, from Perth (South). Went

to Canada, and became minister of Caledonia. Author of “The Perfection of the Atone

ment." YOUNG, William. Lilliesleaf.

Session 1851–38 Students. Boyd, THOMAS, B. A. Bishop Auckland. CALDERWOOD, HENRY, LL.D., Professor.

Glasgow (Greyfriars). CAMERON, Robert. Perth (North). CRAWFORD, MATTHEW. Sanquhar. DAVIDSON, PETER. Brechin. DOWNIE, CHARLES B., from Edinburgh (South

College Street). Probationer. Died 30th

March 1864. FULLARTON, ARCHIBALD, from Saltcoats. Joined

the Established Church, and is minister of

Cartsburn (Greenock). GILLIES, JAMES, from Auchtermuchty. Now

living there. GRAY, ANDREW. Kilmaurs. GROSART, ALEXANDER BALLOCH. Kinross. HOGG, JAMES, from Tranent. Died while a stu

dent, ad July 1854, in the 26th year of his


Session 1852—50 Students. AIKMAN, ALEXANDER. Muckart. ALEXANDER, GEORGE B., from Glasgow (Grey

friars). Tutor in Montego Bay Academy. ANGUS, HENRY, A.M. Sunderland. BALDERSTONE, JAMES. Boveedy. BANNATYNE, JOHN, from Glasgow (Regent

Place). Probationer. Went to New Zea

land. BINNIE, ROBERT, from Edinburgh (Broughton

Place). Went to Australia. BLACK, ANDREW. Stratford. BOYD, JOHN S., from Glasgow (Renfield Street).

Went to Australia. BOYD, WILLIAM. Milnathort. CALVERT, WILLIAM, B.A. North Berwick. CAMPBELL, THOMAS. Hartlepool (West). CARMICHAEL, JOHN, from Alloa (First). Be

came merchant in Alloa. CRAIG, JAMES. Blyth. DOCTOR, ALEXANDER, from Lochee. Proba

tioner. Called to Ceres. Now missionary

in Greenock. DUNLOP, ROBERT, from Galston. Engaged for

a time in mission work in Glasgow. Died, of gastric fever, at his brother's house in

Manchester, 28th February 1856. FORRESTER, JAMES. Keith. FYFE, JAMES E. Kilmalcolm. GREGOR, ANDREW, from Forres. Died 11th

June 1862. HALL, WILLIAM, from Ford Drowned at

Hawick while bathing, 1854. HANDYSIDE, WILLIAM, from Edinburgh (Nicol.

son Street). HAY, David. Largo. HAY, JAMES A. R., from Glasgow (Duke Street).

Probationer. Now on occasional supply. HINSHELWOOD, John. Haddington. Now

minister of English Presbyterian Church,

Worcester. HUTTON, WILLIAM. Cumnock. INGLIS, BASIL B., from Stockbridge (Cockburns.

path), of which his father was minister.

Died while a student. JOHNSTONE, ROBERT, from East Kilbride.

Went to Caffraria.
KEATING, JAMES, from Glasgow (London Road).

Now minister in the Irish Presbyterian

INGLIS, David, from Stockbridge, Cockburns.

path, of which his father was minister. Died

before completing his studies. JARVIE, ALEXANDER M. Dunfermline. KINNEAR, DAVID, B. A. Dalbeattie. LAUDER, WILLIAM. Blackhill. LYALL, JAMES, from Portsburgh (Edinburgh).

Probationer. Went to Australia, and be

came minister of Adelaide. MAITLAND, DAVID, from Kilconquhar. Joined

the Established Church. Went to South

America. MACLEAN, DONALD, from Glasgow (Anderston).

Went to Canada. M'EWEN, JAMES, M.A. Hawick. M'LEISH, JAMES. Berwick. MEIKLE, WILLIAM, M.D., from Lilliesleaf.

Probationer. Became proprietor of Lochhead Hydropathic Establishment, Aberdeen.

Dead. MESTON, ALEXANDER, from Craigdam. Died

in May 1855. Miller, ALEXANDER B., from Edinburgh

(College Street). Now in business in Glasgow.

M'DONALD, ROBERT, from Galston. Now

a teacher in Galston. M'INNES, Robert M. Ayr. M'LEAN, DANIEL, A.M., from Glasgow (Grey

friars). Went as missionary to Jamaica.

Now minister in Lanark. MILLER, HENRY, A.M. Carlisle. MOFFAT, ANDREW, from Leith. NIVEN, Hugh L. Forfar. PATERSON, ROBERT S. Burray. PETTIGREW, JOHN. Holm, Orkney. ROBERTSON, ALEXANDER, from' Midcalder.

Probationer. Now living in Edinburgh as

occasional preacher. Scott, JAMES HENDERSON. Bonkle. SMITH, DAVID, from Paisley (Abbey Close).

Died while a student. SOGA, Tyo, from Caffraria Missionary in

Caffreland. Died 12th August 1871. SQUAIR, JOHN. Wigtown. STOBBS, ŠIMON S. Ardrossan. TAIT, JAMES, from Auchtergaven. Preacher.

Called to Walker, but declined the call.

Became editor of Kelso Chronicle. Taylor, John, from Kirkintilloch. Became

teacher in Edinburgh. TAYLOR, William, from Dalkeith (East). Pro

bationer. Teacher in Greenock. WATSON, WILLIAM W., from Glasgow (Lon

don Road). Teacher, Wishaw. WATSON, WILLIAM, A.M. Forres. WILSON, JAMES, from Tarbolton. Joined the

Established Church, after attending two ses

sions at the Hall, and died soon after. Wilson, John. Paisley. Wilson, WILLIAM, from Edinburgh (Lothian

Road). Now on occasional supply list. WRIGHT, PETER. Forfar.

s ionary to the United Presbyterian Church

of America in Egypt. JACK, ALEXANDER B., from Dunbar, of which

his father was minister. Did not complete his studies. Went to America, and became

a minister there. JAMES, JOHN S., from Glasgow (London Road).

Wolverhampton. JOHNSTON, DAVID, from St Andrews. Joined

the Established Church, and is now minister

of Harray and Birsay, Orkney. JOHNSTON, GEORGE, from Lochmaben. Now

living at Waterside, Terregles, near Dum.

fries, in enfeebled health. LIND, ADAM, from Craigdam. Now manager

of the Peninsular and Oriental Navigation

Company at Hong-Kong, China. M'EWAN, THOMAS. Edinburgh (Hope Park). M'LUCKIE, JOHN M. Uddingstone. M'OWAN, JAMES, A.M. Bannockburn. MEIKLEHAM, John P., from Grange, of which

his father is minister, and now teacher at

Pluscarden, near Elgin. Muir, Robert, M.A. Holm of Balfron. SALMOND, WILLIAM, B.A. North Shields. SCOTT, JAMES, from Partick (West). Went to

Australia. SHOOLBRED, WILLIAMSON, from Dunfermline

(Queen Anne Street). Went out as the first United Presbyterian Missionary to Raj.

pootana, India, 1860. SPENCE, ALEXANDER D., from Stromness. Did

not complete his course. Now a teacher in

Dollar Institution. STARK, John. Duntocher. STORRAR, DAVID Y., M.A., from Edenshead.

Lives there privately, in delicate health, THOM, JOHN JAMES, from Edinburgh (Broughton

Place). THOMSON, ROBERT, from Edinburgh (Broughton

Place). A teacher in Edinburgh. WHITEFIELD, PETER, M.A., from Biggar.

Probationer. Dead. WHITEFIELD, WILLIAM, M.A. Dunbar. WILSON, Joun, Ph.D. Glasgow (Mitchell Church).

Session 1854--44 Students. BALMER, STEPHEN, from Morebattie. Went to

BROWN, JAMES. Paisley.
BIRREL, WILLIAM. Portknockie.
CLARK, ANDREW. Gatehouse.
CHRISTIE, JOHN, from Glasgow (Regent Place).
COUTIE, GEORGE, from Edinburgh (Nicolson

Street). Principal of the Northern Institute,
Liverpool. Author of “Men of the Time,"

etc. DAVIDSON, JAMES M., from Edenshead. Went

to New Zealand, and became a minister

there. DAVIDSON, WILLIAM, from Craigdam. Minis.

ter at Kooringa, South Australia. DOBIE, WILLIAM, from Langholm, of which his

father was minister. Studied medicine, and

became a physician. EADIE, WILLIAM, from Muckart. FINLAYSON, THOMAS C., from Glasgow (John

Street). Now Independent minister in


Session 1853 --40 Students. ADIE, William, from New Leeds. Now

teacher at Whitehill, New Deer, ANDERSON, ROBERT. Ceres. BAILLIE, ANDREW. Ollaberry. BERRY, JAMES. Buchlyvie. BLACK, GEORGE. Walker. BROWN, JAMES, A.M. Creetown. Cairns, w. Hewitson, from Edinburgh

(Broughton Place). Rector of Dumfries

Academy. Died in 1872.
COPLAND, JAMES, A.M., Ph.D., M.D., from

Edinburgh (Rose Street). Probationer.
New Zealand (Tuapeka, Otago). Editor

of “The Evangelist." Craig, William, from Strathaven (East). Be

came a medical student. Doctor in Edin

burgh. DAVIDSON, THOMAS, from Carluke. Died while

a student. Dodds, THOMAS. Crook. DOWNIE, THOMAS, from Edinburgh (College

Street). Settled at Antigonish, Nova

Scotia. Now in Jamaica. DUNCANSON, PETER C. West Calder. GILMOUR, ALEXANDER, from Alloa (First).

Attended one session. Now one of the

masters of Edinburgh Academy. GRAHAM, GEORGE Stornoway. HAY, ALEXANDER, A.M. Leitholm. HAY, DAVID. Dundee. HENRY, JAMES. Stuartfield. HOGG, JOHN, D.D., from Tranent. Now mis

FORBES, THOMAS, from Whitehill, Grange.

Joined the Established Church. FORSYTH, THOMAS. Gorebridge. FRASER, WILLIAM. Fala. HAY, WILLIAM W., from Dennyloanhead.

joined the Established Church. HOWATT, Hugh T. Broughty-Ferry. KAY, JOHN SIMPSON, from Edinburgh (Ports

burgh). Now at Palermo. MACEWEN, Joseph, from Kirkcudbright. Be.

came a teacher. MACGILCHRIST, John, from Edinburgh (Rose

Street), of which his father was minister.

Not licensed. Now in London. MACKAY, ANDREW DUNCAN, from Leith (North).

Died 25th June 1859. MACKENZIE, MALCOLM, from Glasgow (Montrose

Street). Went to Canada in 1860. MAcNeil, JOHN. South Shields. MACSWAINE, JOHN. Auchtermuchty. M'CAULL, JAMES, M.D., from Edinburgh. Pro

bationer. Settled as a medical man in

Leven. Dead. M‘EWEN, CHARLES, from Dundee (Wishart

Church. Probationer. Dead. M'KERROW, JAMES, B.A. Aberdeen (St Nicholas

Lane). MALLOCH, DAVID. Largo. MARSHALL, DAVID, A.M. East Calder. MILLAR, ANDREW, from Perth (South). Com

pleted his studies, but did not take license. Now mathematical master, High School,

Dundee. MURRAY, WILLIAM RIGBY. Ardrossan. RENTON, DAVID, from Edinburgh (Rose Street).

Probationer. Went to New Zealand, and

became minister there. ROBERTSON, GILBERT, from Newcastle (Blackett

Street). Proprietor of Percy Street Academy,

ROBSON, JOHN, from Glasgow (Wellington

Street), of which his father was minister.
Went to Rajpootana as a United Presby-
terian missionary. Author of a lecture on
Rajpootana, and of various papers in maga-

zines. Rosie, THOMAS, from Edinburgh (Nicolson

Street). Went to India as minister at Bom

bay. Dead. Ross, John M., from Kilmarnock (King Street).

Abandoned the study of theology. Now one of the masters of the High School, Edin

burgh. Scott, ŤAMES G. Berwick-on-Tweed. Suaw, William, from Greenock (Sir Michael

Street). Probationer. Now a merchant in

Greenock. STEELE, THOMAS B., from Tranent. Went to

India with Mr Shoolbred, and died, before beginning work, at Erinpura, 19th Feb.

ruary 1860. Swan, THOMAS. Muirton. THORBURN, JOHN, from Edinburgh (Broughton

Place). Left for Canada, in order to complete

his studies under Rev. Dr Taylor, Toronto. WILLIAMSON, DAVID, from Glasgow (Erskine

Church). Joined the Established Church. Was at Bombay. Now minister of For. gandenny.

Session 1855–34 Students. Baillie, John, from Stow. Missionary at

Calabar. Died 10th May 1864.

BROWN, ARCHIBALD, from Kilmarnock (King

Street). Probationer. Now minister at

Mono, Canada Presbyterian Church. CHRISTIE, JAMES, B.A. Otterburn. CRAIG, JAMES. Burra Isles. DAWSON, JOHN. Kirkcowan. DICKIE, JOHN D. Selkirk. FINLAYSON, W. G., from Edinburgh (Broughton

Place). Teacher in Edinburgh. FRASER, W. G. Sutton. FRISKEN, CHARLES. Mount Pleasant. GIBSON, WILLIAM, from Edinburgh (Ports

burgh). Joined the Established Church,

and became minister of Auchterarder. GIRDWOOD, William. Penicuik. HARVEY, JOHN MITCHELL, M.A. Alloa. HUTCHISON, JOHN, B.A. Renfrew. JOHNSTONE, ROBERT, LL.B. Arbroath. LAURIE, JOHN, from Glasgow (Erskine Church).

Died, 1856. LEITH, WILLIAM. Airth. MANSON, GILBERT H. L., from Edinburgh

(Lothian Road). Died while a student. Miller, WILLIAM. Falkirk. MURDOCH, ALEXANDER, from Glasgow (Wel

lington Street). Teacher in Glasgow. PATERSON, JOHN, from Dunse (West). Be

came a teacher. PATERSON, JOHN. Whitehill. Ross, DONALD, sen. Inverness, Ross, DONALD, jun. Lismore. SAMUEL, GEORGE, Swalwell. Scott, Ernest F. Towlaw. SEDGEWICK, THOMAS, from Dundee. Went to

Nova Scotia. Shields, ANDREW, M.D., from Edinburgh

(Lothian Road). Medical missionary in

Rajpootana, India. SMALL, ROBERT. Southend. STEVENSON, HUGH. Melrose. STOBBS, ALEXANDER, from Stromness, of which

his father was minister. Abandoned study

on account of illness. TAYLOR, ROBERT M., from Glasgow (Montrose

Street). Probationer. Went as missionary to Canada in 1861, and remained a year. Returned to this country on account of his health. Librarian of Brown Library, Glas

gow. THOMSON, JOHN, from Glasgow (John Street).

Now in Edinburgh.
THOMSON, WILLIAM C., from Glasgow (Gordon

Street). Went as missionary to Calabar.
Resigned his connection with the mission.

Studied medicine.

Session 1856–55 Students. AITKEN, WILLIAM, A.M. Lynturk. ALEXANDER, ROBERT. Buckhaven. ANDERSON, JAMES. Dunbar. BOWMAN, ANDREW, from Glasgow (Cathedral

Street). CALLANDER, JAMES, from Moniaive. Went to

Bahia, Brazil, as tutor. Returned, and was a probationer for some time. Now studying

medicine in Glasgow. CARMICHAEL, ANDREW Wood. Linlithgow. CHALMERS, JOHN A., from Glasgow (Cathedral

Street). Went to Caffraria as a missionary. CONNOR, CHARLES, from Airdrie (Well Wynd).

Called to Sixtowns, Ireland. Declined the call, and went to New Zealand.

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