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A friendly feeling having subsisted between Rev. Thomas Gillespie and the Evangelical party in the Church of Scotland, the students of the Relief Church were educated at the University Divinity Halls. In 1795 the subject of theological education was brought before the Relief Synod, and the appointment of a Professor of Theology urged, but the question was delayed. For several years prior to 1822, the care of students had been entrusted to Presbyterial Committees. In 1822 the Rev. William MacIlquham was Moderator of Synod, and in his sermon strongly urged the appointment of a Professor. An overture by the Rev. James Kirkwood of Edinburgh in the same direction was addressed to the Synod, and thereafter sent down to Presbyteries. Various occurrences had rendered the adoption of the measure expedient. A Relief student, in 1820, had been refused enrolment in a Northern theological hall because he was a Dissenter, and an overture was before the General Assembly threatening all students of theology with an examination before Established Presbyteries before entering the Hall. A petition, too, from twenty-five students of the Relief Church had been presented to the Presbytery of Glasgow, asking them to support the Synod's overture. In 1823 the overture was adopted, and it was resolved that a Professor be appointed, and a Committee instructed to draw out the constitution of the intended institute. The Rev. James Thomson, afterwards Dr Thomson, was elected Professor. During 1824 the session was short, but in 1825 the session opened with cheering prospects, a library having been collected, and thirty-nine students being enrolled.*

Dr Lindsay, who was then a senior student, states that “ on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, one hour was given to lectures and one to examinations; on Saturday and Monday, one hour was devoted to hearing discourses. Essays were written every week by the students and examined by the Professor. On Monday afternoon, the students gave an account of the sermons they had heard on Sabbath. Greek was read in the class on Tuesday, and Hebrew on Friday."

Glasgow University Hall had been the place where the largest number of Relief students were previously educated. Yet, to show the appreciation that University had of Mr Thomson's qualities, they conferred the degree of D.D. upon him in 1827, the first honour of the kind they had conferred on a dissenting minister.

WOTHERSPOON, JOHN, from Paisley (Thread

Street). Sometime teacher in Paisley, and PROFESSOR THOMSON'S CLASS.

afterwards superintendent of Glenfield Starch Session 1824.

Works. The Hall was opened for the first time at Paisley

Third-year Students. on the 14th September 1824. There were

ALLAN, WILLIAM, from Glasgow. Arbroath. 19 students in attendances of the first BURNET, WILLIAM, from Glasgow (Calton). year, 3 of the second, wo of the third, and 2 Cupar-Fife. of the fourth.

KING, THOMAS, from Strathaven. Newlands.

LOCHHEAD, WILLIAM, from Glasgow (Dowhill). First-year Students.

Went to Kingston, Canada, then Albany,

New York. LEADBETTER, ALEXANDER, from Glasgow.

M'CHEYNE, WILLIAM, from Burnhead. Kelso. Went to America. LINDSAY, William, D.D., from Irvine. Glas.

TAYLOR, JAMES SMITH, from Edinburgh (Roxgow (Cathedral Street).

burgh Place). Coldstream. SMITH, JAMES, from Glasgow (Calton). Camp

TUDHOPE, ARCHIBALD, from Paisley (Canal

Street). Annan. belton.

TURNBULL, JAMES, from Glasgow (Dowhill). THOMSON, ALEXANDER, A.M., from Paisley

Edinburgh (Roxburgh Place). (Canal Street). Peebles.

YOUNG, ROBERT, from Strathaven.
Second-year Students.

WATSON, JAMES, from Calton. Waterbeck. GOODWIN, JAMES, from Glasgow. Brechin.

Fourth-year Students. STIRLING, JAMES, from Glasgow (East Campbell GLASSFORD, PETER, from Glasgow. Alnwick. Street). Kirriemuir.

RENWICK, ROBERT, from Glasgow. Ayr. * Theological Magazine for 1827, p. 148.

Session 1825. The Hall met on 31st August, and closed on

1 14th October. There were 37 students enrolled-namely, 16 of the first year, 6 of the second, 4 of the third, and 11 of the fourth.

First-year Students-16. ADAM, William, from Anderston. Dumfries.

Went to America. AULD, WILLIAM, from Greenock. Tollcross. BLAIR, ALEXANDER, from Milngavie. Died 2d

August 1836. BROWN, HUGH, from Hutchesontown. Balfron.

Now in America. BROWN, William, from Strathaven. Clack

mannan. EDWARDS, John, D.D., from Campsie. Glas

gow (Greenhead). GIFFEN, JAMES, from Campbelton. Saltcoats. HAMILTON, ALEXANDER, from Strathaven.

Did not obtain a charge. Agriculturist.

Died 1844. HAMILTON, JAMES, from Strathaven. Largo. JEFFREY, JAMES, from Falkirk. Musselburgh. MacCOLL, ALEXANDER, from Glasgow (Bridge

ton). Berwick. America, 1847. MACFARLANE, JAMES, D.D., from Glasgow

(Bridgeton). Joined the Established Church, and became minister of Duddingston. Mo

derator of the General Assembly in 1865. RUSSELL, JAMES, from Strathaven. Old Kil

patrick. URE, John, from Balfron. Teacher in Balfron. WALDIE, CHARLES, from Kelso. Dalkeith. WALKER, GEORGE, from Falkirk. Port-William. America.

Fourth-year Students—2. BOGUE, GEORGE, from Dunning. Hamilton. PettiGREW, WILLIAM ADAIR, from Glasgow (Bridgeton). Dysart.

Session 1826. 35 students enrolled-namely, 8 of the first year,

14 of the second, 6 of the third, and 7 of the fourth.

8 Students. * BOYD, JAMES, D.D., from Paisley (Canal Street).

Dumbarton. CHALMERS, WILLIAM, from Glasgow (Dowhill).

Went as missionary to Caffraria, where he

died in 1847. CRAIG, JOHN, D.D., from Irvine. Newlands. DURIE, WILLIAM, from Anderston. Earlston. KERR, DANIEL, from Kilbarchan, Ceres. M'EWEN, JAMES, from Anderston. Enlisted as

a soldier. Swan, JOHN, from Paisley (Thread Street).

Bonhill. WATSON, ALEXANDER, from Kilmarnock (King Street). Greenend.

Session 1827. 35 students enrolled-namely, 5 of the first year,

7 of the second, 14 of the third, and 9 of the fourth.

5 Students. EwING, JOHN, from Saltcoats, of which his * The names of the first-year students only are given.

father was minister. Preacher on the list of

occasional supply LINDSAY, WILLIAM, from Clackmannan, of

which his father was minister. Perth (East). M'CREATH, THOMAS, from Ayr. South Shields. REID, ADAM, from Wishawtown. Went to

America after receiving license in 1832. Wilson, John, from Old Kilpatrick. Bells

hill. 1 Student of the third year, not before in the Hall. WHYTE, JOHN, from Calton, originally from Ireland. Went to America.

i Student of the fourth year. LOGAN, RICHARD, from Anderston. Edinburgh

(Roxburgh). Joined the Established Church, and became a minister in Dundee.

Session 1828. 29 students enrolled-namely, 6 of the first year,

5 of the second, 5 of the third, and 13 of the fourth.

6 Students. BORLAND, John, from Hutchesontown. Lanark

and Glasgow. BROOKS, George, from Musselburgh. John

stone. MILLER, JAMES, from Dunse. Clackmannan. MUIRHEAD, JAMES, from St Ninians. Wooler. RAMSAY, ANDREW, from Tollcross. Hawick. VALLANCE, JAMES, from Paisley (First). Leven.

Session 1829. 25 students enrolled-namely, 9 of the first year,

6 of the second, 4 of the third, and 6 of the fourth.

9 Students. Banks, James, from Saltcoats (East). Paisley

(Canal Street). BARR, WILLIAM, from Kilbride (East). Jed

burgh. CALLENDER, - from the Original Seces

sion. Joined the Establishment. CAMPBELL, GEORGE O., from Roberton, of

which his father was minister. Strathaven. Cross, JAMES, from Dalkeith. Langholm. JARVIE, JAMES, from Anderston. Carluke. LINDSAY, ALEXANDER, from Tollcross. Les

mahagow. LUKE, ALEXANDER, from Perth (South). Went

to America. RITCHIE, WILLIAM, from Ayr (Cathcart Street). Berwick..

Session 1830. 26 students enrolled-namely, 5 of the first year,

7 of the second, 9 of the third, 5 of the fourth.

5 Students. JACQUE, GEORGE, from Douglas (Established

Church). Auchterarder. LIVINGSTON, MARTIN Wilson, from Kilsyth,

Musselburgh. MACMICHAEL, NEIL, D.D., from Kilmarnock.

Dunfermline. M'LAY, WALTER, from Milngavie. Strathaven. SMITH, John, from Falkirk. Burnhead, PenSession 1831. 31 students enrolled---namely, 10 of the first


year, 6 of the second, 7 of the third, and 8 of the fourth.

10 Students. BECKETT, WILLIAM, from Paisley (Thread

Street). Rutherglen. BLAIR, ROBERT, from Glasgow (Dowhill).

Galashiels. Frew, ROBERT, D.D., from Perth (South). St

Ninians. FYFE, William, from Dumfries, of which his

father was minister. Attended only two

sessions. JOHNSTONE, GEORGE, from Glasgow (Dowhill).

Lanark. MACBRIDE, MALCOLM, from Hutchesontown.

Died 14th January 1833, in the 19th year of his age. His was the first death in the ranks

of the Relief Hall. NIVEN, ROBERT, from Glasgow (Dowhill).

Maryhill. STEVEN, JAMES, from Kilbride (East). Died 27th

January 1835. STIRLING, WILLIAM, from Kilsyth. Coatbridge. WARDROPE, WILLIAM, from Beith. Rutherglen.

Session 1832. 29 students enrolled-namely, 8 of the first year,

8 of the second, 6 of the third, and 7 of the fourth.

8 Students. ARNOTT, DAVID LAWSON, from Kilmarnock.

Attended only two sessions. BROWN, ROBERT, from Strathaven. Attended

three sessions. Became a teacher. CALDWELL, JAMES, from Kilmarnock. Biggar. DUNLOP, WILLIAM, from Irvine. Port-William. M‘DOWALI, ANDREW, from Stranraer. Lark

hall. NEILSON, ALEXANDER, from Hutchesontown.

SOMERVILLE, THOMAS, from Hutchesontown.

Wilson, Robert, from Calton. Partick.

Session 1833. 27 students enrolled-namely, 3 of the first year,

10 of the second, 7 of the third, and 7 of the fourth.

3 Students. THOMSON. WYVILLE SMITH. from Edinburgh

(St James' Place), of which his father was

minister. Dumbarton. WYPER, William, from Glasgow(Calton). New

castle and Annan, WYSE, JOHN, from Auchtermuchty. Auchter muchty.

Student of the Second Year. CAMPBELL, COLIN. A missionary student. Or.

dained by the London Missionary Society as missionary to Bellary, East Indies, in March 1835.

Session 1834. 21 students enrolled-namely, 2 of the first year,

4 of the second, 9 of the third, and 6 of the fourth.

2 Students. FAIRLIE, THOMAS, from Edinburgh (College

Street). Did not take license. Was teacher

in Biggar. Died August 1841. STEWART, JAMES, from Bridgeton. Went to America.

Session 1835. 20 students enrolled-namely, 7 of the first year,

2 of the second, 4 of the third, and 7 of the fourth.

7 Students. BATTERSBY, MATTHEW, from Campsie. Hamil.

ton. BLACKWOOD, WILLIAM, from Kilbarchan.

Dumfries. CUMMING, JOHN, from Edinburgh (St James'

Place). Went to Caffraria as a missionary

in 1840. HAMILTON, ROBERT, from Paisley (Canal

Street). Waterbeck. KELLY, JOHN, M.D., from Glasgow (Bridgeton).

Joined the Established Church. MACFARLANE, JOHN, from Edinburgh (College

Street). Hamilton.
Shearer, John, from Campsie. Larkhall.

Session 1836. 18 students enrolled-namely, 5 were of the first

year, 6 of the second, 2 of the third, and 5 of the fourth.

5 Students. ANDERSON, DAVID, from Kilsyth, of which his

father was minister. Ceres. BOGLE, William, from Ruberton. Teacher

in Edinburgh. KERR, JAMES, from Glasgow (Calton). Pitten

weem. Mr Kerr was originally a student of the Established Church, and had finished his course of study, but on joining the Relici,

he attended one year before receiving license. MONTEITH, JAMES, from Blairlogie. Kilmaro

nock. SYMINGTON, JOHN, from Glasgow (Dowhill). Kilmarnock.

Session 1837 25 students enrolled-namely, 12 of the first

year, 5 of the second, 6 of the third, and 2 of the fourth.

12 Students. Alison, GEORGE, from Strathaven (East).

Kilbarchan. BONNAR, JAMES, from Dunfermline. Kilbride. CLUGSTON, WILLIAM W., from Ayr. Licensed,

but had his license withdrawn on account of

plagiarism of sermons. Teacher in Stirling. M'COLL, JOHN, from Glasgow (John Street).

Partick. MAITLAND, ROBERT, from Kilsyth. Attended

two sessions. Died in March 1848. MILLIGAN, ARCHIBALD, from Penpont. Joined

the Established Church. Was minister in

Airdrie. Died in Canada. NISBET, HENRY, LL.D., from Hutchesontown.

Went, under the London Missionary Society,

as missionary to Samoa REID, WILLIAM, from Biggar, latterly Dunferm

line. Newton-Stewart. STEVENSON, THOMAS, from Glasgow (Bridge

ton). Edinburgh.

Session 1840. On the 30th September, the students presented

Professor Thomson with a pair of gold spectacles. 44 students enrolled-namely, 13 of the first year, 9 of the second year, 14 of the third year, and 8 of the fourth year.

'HOMSON, THOMAS D., from Edinburgh (St

James' Place), of which his father was minister. Author of “Religion," and other poems. Joined the Independents after at. tending two sessions. · Ordained at Blackburn, 1840. Translated to Haddington, 1841. Received again into the Relief

Church. Died June 1847. 'HORBURN, JOHN. Aberdeen, Deering, Gate

house. 'URNER, GEORGE, LL.D., from Hutchesontown.

Went to Samoa, as an agent of the London Missionary Society, along with Henry Nisbet. Had the degree of LL.D. conferred on him by the University of Glasgow. Author of “Nineteen Years in Polynesia.” Translator of the Scriptures into the tongue of Samoa.

13 Students. AIKMAN, JOHN LOGAN, D.D., Edinburgh (St

James' Place). DRUMMOND, DAVID, from Leven. Joined the

Established Church. Is now minister at

Houndwood, Berwickshire. GREY, HENRY COWAN, from Ayr. Relinquished

theological study. Banker, Ayr. LOGAN, PETER, from Anderston. MACFARLANE, PETER, B.A. Lanark. MACLEAN, ALLAN, from Anderston. Joined

the Established Church.
MONRO, John. Gardenston.
MORTON, WILLIAM. Kilmaronock.
Scott, ROBERT. Roberton.
SIMPSON, JAMES, from Falkirk. Joined the

Established Church.
Wood, WILLIAM. Campsie.

Session 1838. 5 students enrolled-namely, 13 of the first year,

II of the second, 5 of the third, and 6 of the fourth.

13 Students. SUCHAN, DAVID, from St Ninians. Died 1844. DONALD, JOHN, from Annan or Hutchesontown.

Died 1844. DONALDSON, DAVID. Alnwick. DRUMMOND, JAMES. Cupar. WING, JAMES, from Crieff. Died 1842. KERR, BRYCE. Largo. AMBIE, JAMES, from Paisley. Southend. (ARTIN, JAMES. Beith. IILLER, WILLIAM, from Falkirk. Joined

Established Church. Went to Canada. IUIR, ARCHIBALD, from Strathaven. Largo. LAMAGE, WILLIAM, from Roberton. Kilmar

nock. TEWART, JAMES G., from Anderston. Glas

gow (Calton). 'OUNG, DAVID, from Edinburgh (St James'

Place). Chatton.

Session 1839. 8 students enrolled--namely, 11 of the first year,

14 of the second, 9 of the third, and 4 of the fourth.

Student of the third year. DAVIDSON, JOHN, who had previously attended

three sessions of the United Secession Hall. Dr Thomson died on 25th June 1841. The session of 1841 accordingly was conducted by a Committee. The Revs. William Beckett and George Brooks were appointed to read the lectures of Dr Thomson, and conduct the duties of the chair. Mr Beckett read the lectures, and conducted examinations thereon ; prescribed exercises to the students ; perused and commented on them. Mr Brooks superintended the examinations on the Greek and Hebrew, besides reading and criticising the weekly exercises. A special minute, conveying the thanks of the students to Messrs Beckett and Brooks, was inserted in the records of the Hall at the close of the session.

Session 1841. 44 students enrolled-namely, 10 of the first

year, 12 of the second, 7 of the third, and 15 of the fourth.

10 Students. Cross, ARCHIBALD. West Linton. DICKIE, ANDREW. Colirisburgh. DUNLOP, Hugh, from Irvine. Berwick. GARDNER, ROBERT, from Johnstone (East).


Glasgow (Calton). Hawick. Hogg, John, from Hawick (Allars). Dumfries. LAUGHLAND, JAMES, from Paisley. Missionary

at Campbelton. LAWSON, ROBERT, from Hamilton. Joined the

Established Church. MACFARLANE, ANDREW. Lerwick. MITCHELL, JOHN. Leven.

Student of the fourth year. HANNAH, ADAM, who had attended the Seces

sion Hall for five years.

11 Students. BARR, ALEXANDER. Airdrie. SEATTIE, ROBERT, from Dunscore, of which his

father was minister. Now farmer near

Castle-Douglas. BROWN, JOHN, A.M., from Strathaven. Joined

the Established Church. 'INDLAY, THOMAS. Joined the Established

Church.. EMMELL, ROBERT. Cupar. IFFEN, John. Earlston. ENKINS, William, from St Ninians. Did not

receive license. I'GIBBON, James, from Paisley (Canal Street).

Took to business.
I'LEOD, ALEXANDER, D.D. Strathaven.

Student of the third year. KIRKLAND, ARCHIBALD. Became teacher.


BROWN, GEORGE, from Wishaw. Went as mis.

sionary to Caffraria. Withdrew from the

mission. DICKIE, JOHN, from Irvine. Became merchant

in Irvine. Now Plymouth Brother in Kil

marnock. DICKIE, MATTHEW. Cumnock.



Session 1842. Opened at Glasgow on Tuesday 16th August,

under Professor WILLIAM LINDSAY and Professor NEIL MACMICHAEL, A.M., who were appointed to their chairs at a special meeting of Synod on 20 November 1841. 46 students enrolled — namely, 18 of the first year, 10 of the second, il of the third, and 7 of the fourth.

Session 1844. 35 students enrolled-namely, 5 of the first year,

4 of the second, 15 of the third, and il of the fourth.

5 Students. ALISON, ARCHIBALD. Leslie. BARCLAY, DAVID. Leitholm. BROWN, THOMAS, from Glasgow (John Street).

Studied medicine after license. Is now

physician in Dunblane. DRUMMOND, WILLIAM. Whitehaven. LANGWILL, JAMES, from Greenock (Sir Michael · Street). Joined the Established Church.

Minister of Currie.

18 Students. ANDERSON, ROBERT. Kilsyth. BANKS, ALEXANDER, A.M. Braehead. BROWNING, JOHN, from Kilmarnock. Went to

Australia. BURGESS, W. Orme, from Kirkby-Stephen,

England, formerly an Independent." His application twice refused by the Synod before

his admission. Did not receive license. CORDINER, ROBERT. Lesmahagow. DOUGLAS, — , from St James' Place. Duff, DÁVID, A.M., LL.D., from Greenock (Sir

Michael Street). Helensburgh. DUNLOP, JAMES, A.M. Biggar. HARVEY, ALEXANDER, from Glasgow (Calton),

of which his father was minister. Joined the Free Church. Went to New York,

where he died. LEGGATT. William, from Bridgeton. Teacher

in Buchanan's Institute, Glasgow. MACINTOSH, DUNCAN. Dalkeith. M‘LURE, JOHN, from Ayr. Went to Canada. MAIN, WILLIAM. Campbelton, Inverness-shire. MUIR, PETER DONALDSON. Went to Canada. MUIRHEAD, WILLIAM, B.A., from Leith. Went

out as missionary to China in connection with the London Missionary Society; now United

Presbyterian Missionary to China. Nicol, FRANCIS, from Ayr. Joined the Esta

blished Church. ROGER, ALEXANDER. Joined the Free Church. SCLANDERS, ALEXANDER BANKIER, A.M., from

Bridgeton. Bathgate.

Session 1845. ? 27 students enrolled-namely, 9 of the first year,

5 of the second, 3 of the third, and 10 of the fourth.

9 Students. FULLARTON, THOMAS, from Glasgow (Cathedral

Street). Mainsriddell. HENDERSON, JAMES. Duntocher. KECHIE, JOHN. Earlston. M.DONALD, DONALD. Gourock. MITCHELL, ROBERT, Old Kilpatrick. MORTON, ANDREW. Greenock. PORTEOUS, WILLIAM. Spittal. RENNIE, JAMES. Dalkeith. WYSE, GEORGE, from Auchtermachty. Com

pleted his divinity course, but did not go forward to license. Teacher in Allan Park School, Stirling.

Session 1846. 21 students enrolled-namely, 6 of the first year.

8 of the second, 4 of the third, and 3 of the fourth.

Session 1843. 42 students enrolled-namely, 5 of the first year,

17 of the second, il of the third, and 9 of the fourth.

5 Students. BALLANTYNE, JOHN. Earlston. Brown, David, from Kilmarnock. Joined the

Established Church. Was minister of St
Bernard's, Edinburgh, Scoonie, and St
Enoch's, Glasgow.

6 Students. BARR, MATTHEW, from Glasgow (Cathedral

Street). Now in Canada. CLARK, WILLIAM, A.M. Barrhead. M'QUEEN, JAMES, from Stranraer. Received

license. Enlisted as a soldier. Died in

SPROTT, WILLIAM. Alexandria.
TORRANCE, John. Dumfries.

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