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CATION, WILLIAM, from Auchtermuchty (North).

Died while a student. FORRESTER, JAMES. Kinkell. GEMMEL, ALEXANDER. Did not complete his

theological course. Became a teacher. Irvine, John, from Lockerbie. Retired into

private life, after itinerating some time as a

probationer. LAMB, ANDREW. Did not prosecute his theo

logical course, and became a teacher in

Northumberland. M CORMACK, ROBERT, from Ireland. Ordained

at Seaforth, in that country. M‘ILVAIN, HUGH. Maryport. Nicol, ADAM. Died while a student. PRIMROSE, THOMAS, from Grange, of which

his father was minister. Died while a stu

dent. WALLACE, JOHN. Did not complete his course.


calls from Balbeggie, Coupar-Angus, Kirkcaldy, Leith, Limekilns, Stirling, Dunfermline, and Perth. In all, Mr Whyte was called eleven times. The Synod appointed him to Perth, but he himself preferred Dunfermline. A large minority of the congregation there was strongly opposed to him, and applied to the Church courts to prevent his settlement in that congregation. The case in the course of discussion became almost wholly a party question, the members of Synod previously belonging to the General Associate (Antiburgher) Synod taking part with the majority, and the members previously belonging to the Associate (Burgher) Synod taking part with the minority of the congregation. The point on which the dispute between the parties was made to turn was the fact that Mr Whyte had received his license sooner than the authorised time, in order that he might proceed forthwith to America. It was argued by those who were opposed to his settlement in Dunfermline, that on the ground stated, he was not eligible to a pastoral charge at home ; while his supporters adduced precedents from their own records to show that similar cases had previously occurred, and the settlements allowed (a manifest injustice to the students who continued their full time in the Hall), and that the one contended for should also be permitted. So fierce was the contention thence arising, that at one time it threatened to rend the union which had been effected between the two great branches of the Secession only shortly before. The strife was allayed, however, by Mr Whyte withdrawing from the connection, and joining himself to those who had protested against the Union, and declined acceding to it. He was declared to be no longer a member of the Secession Church, and in 1825 he emigrated to America, according to his original intention, and on 6th July was ordained minister of a congregation in Salem, State of New York. He died there, 3d December 1827, in the 33d year of his age. A volume of his sermons, with a

memoir prefixed, was published in 1829. YOUNG, JAMES. Ellon.

Session 1818-18 Students. CARSEWELL, WILLIAM. Eaglesham. DUNAN, JOHN, from Kinclaven. Died while a

student. FORSYTH, JAMES. Auchtermuchty. GRAY, M. HAMILTON, WILLIAM. JOHNSTON, ROBERT. Rosehearty. LIND, John, from Dundee (Bell Street) Died

while a student. MEEK, JAMES, from Muirtown, of which his

father was minister. Adhered while a student to the party protesting against the union of the two great branches of the Secession in 1820, and became a minister in that connection in Carnoustie. Afterwards in the

Free Church. Died 1859. MITCHELL, JAMES. MUIRHEAD, CHARLES. Coupar-Angus. NIVEN, JAMES, from Pathstruie. Did not pro

secute his theological course, and became a

teacher. PRINGLE, WILLIAM, from Perth (North). Emi

grated to America while a probationer, and

became minister of a congregation there. ROBERTSON, ALEXANDER, from Balbeggie. Dil

not prosecute his theological course, and

became a teacher. RUSSELL, JOHN, from Milnathort (Second).

Emigrated to America, while a probationer,

and became minister of a congregation there. STEELE, WILLIAM. Falkirk. STIRLING, JAMES. Aberdeen (George Street). STOBBS, WILLIAM. Ellon. TAYLOR, JAMES, from Perth (North). Relin

quished the study of theology for that of medicine.

Session 1819–28 Students. ARMSTRONG, JOHN, from North Shields, of

which his father was minister. Died while

a probationer. BAIN, JAMES. Kirkcaldy (Union Chapel). CANT, JAMES, from Linlithgow (East). Finished

his theological course, but not licensed,

Subsequently emigrated to America. CARMICHAEL, DUNCAN. DUNCAN, ALEXANDER. Girvan. ECKFORD, JOHN. Newbigging. HAY, STEWART, from Alyth, of which his father

was minister. Died while a student. JOHNSTON, GEORGE, D.D. Ecclefechan. M'CRIE, JAMES, D.D. Old Meldrum.

Session 1816—13 Students. ALLAN, ROBERT. Tillicoultry. BURNET, JOHN, D.D., from Ireland. Ordained

at Monymore, 1826. BROWN, JAMES. Balbeggie. DOBIE, JOHN. Langholm. DUNCAN, DAVID. Sunderland (Union Chapel). GILFILLAN, JAMES, D.D. Stirling. HAY, JOSEPH. Arbroath (Princes Street). LAWSON, HENRY. South Shields. LIND, ADAM. Whitehill. MORRIS, John. Houghton-le-Spring. RUSSELL, JAMES, from Dunblane (Second).

Emigrated to America while a probationer. West, JOHN, from Ireland. Ordained at New

ton Hamilton in that country. WILSON, JOHN, from Ayton (West), of which

his father was minister. Died while a student.

Session 1817–11 Students. BRUCE, Mr.

M'Dowall, PETER, A.M. Alloa.
M'INTOSH, JAMES. Shiels, Belhelvie.
MIDDLETON, WILLIAM. Emigrated to America.
MILLER, JOHN, Penruddock.
MILLER, John. Emigrated to America while

a probationer. MILLAR, JAMES B., from Glasgow (Wellington

Street). Died while a probationer. A volume of his sermons was published under

the editorship of Dr Mitchell. MONRO, ALEXANDER. Inverness (Queen Street). PATERSON, JOHN. Hartlepool. PETRIE, PETER, from Kirkwall. Joined the

Established Church while a student. Became minister of a chapel-of-ease in Leith; afterwards one of the parochial ministers of Kirkwall. Withdrew from the Established

Church at the Disruption. Minister of

Govan Free Church. Died 1850. RAMSAY, WILLIAM. Crieff. RITCHIE, EBENEZER, from Pitcaim - Grees.

Joined the Synod of Original Seceders, a became a minister in that connection in

Kirkwall ; afterwards at Colmonell. Scott, JOHN. Dunbar (Second). SCOTT, THOMAS. Sunderland. SMITH, JAMES, D.D., from Methven. Emigrated

to America while a probationer. Ordained at Steviacke, Nova Scotia. Afterwards

became Professor of Biblical Literature STEWART, ANDREW, from Craigend. Died

while on trials for license, 1824 Wood, WILLIAM. Lismore. WRIGHT, JOHN, from Newmilns, probationer. YOUNG, JAMES. Tillicoultry.



was appointed Professor of Theology by the Associate (Burgher) Synod, 1747 ; but after conducting the class one session, resigned the office.* The Hall met at Stirling in December.

Session 1748—4 Students. BROWN, JOHN. Haddington. Cock, DANIEL. Greenock (Cartsdyke). M'EWEN, WILLIAM. Dundee (School Wynd). M'Gill, Hugh. Ordained at Clenanees, Ire.

land, 1752.


PROFESSOR FISHER'S Class. The Rev. JAMES FISHER was appointed Profes.

sor of Theology by the Associate Synod, 7th September 1749, and resigned it on account of declining health, 1764. The session began Ist February 1750.

Session 1750—5 Students. BRACKENRIDGE, JOHN. Emigrated to America,

and became minister of a congregation in

PATISON, JOHN. Edinburgh (Bristo Street).
ROBERTSON, JAMES, Newcastle (Blackett

THOMSON, John. Kirkintilloch.

* Dr M‘Kerrow, in his “ History of the Secession," states that Mr Erskine taught the theological class for two sessions. Dr John Brown, in his "Life of Fisher." confirms this statement. Dr Fraser, in his “Life of Rev. E. Erskine," says that “he resigned the Chair of Divinity sometime in 1749." Dr George Brown's MS. history gives the name of John Brackenridge as a student of the first year, under Mr Erskine, for 1749.-EDS.

Session 1751–5 Students. ANDERSON, JOHN. Licensed 1754. GIB, William, probationer. KIDSTON, William. Stow. Knox, WILLIAM. Ordained at Longhachay,

Ireland, 1755. LENY, ROBERT.

Session 1752–4 Students. CoventRY, GEORGE Stitchel. M'AULEY, JOHN, from Ireland. Ordained 28

minister of the United Congregations Castleblaney and Derrynews, in that country,

1755. SMITH, DAVID. St Andrews. RONALDSON, WILLIAM. Ordained at Scarsa, Ireland, 1759. Session 1753— No new Students.

Session 1754-3 Students. ARCHER, William, from Ireland. Died while

a student, with May 1756. ArnoT, WILLIAM. Kennoway, BELFRAGE, John. Falkirk.

Session 1755—1 Student. MITCHELL, JAMES, called to Dunning, bat sery

a letter to the Presbytery, when met for ordination, March 1770, declining the call ; for which irregular proceeding they passed a vote of censure on him. Callali second time to Dunning, but the call wa set aside by the Presbytery. Called after wards by the United Congregations of Man hara and Andowie, Ireland, and to Aloe but declined the calls, and never obtart another.

Session 1756—3 Students. BENNET, John, probationer, from St Andreas

of which his father was minister. Called be Tough. Retired, after itinerating some tips, as a probationer, to his paternal estate * Gairney Bridge. It was in the house of YLI

Bennet's grand-aunt that the Associate Pres.

bytery first met. Hall, ARCHIBALD. Torphichen. MOIR, ANDREW, B.A. Selkirk.

Session 175712 Students. BENNET, JAMES. Attended only one session. CAMPBELL, Robert. Stirling. CRAIG, JOHN, from Ireland. Ordained at

Coronery. DICK, ALEXANDER. Aberdeen. Erskine, David. Son of Ebenezer Erskine,

and editor of a posthumous volume of his

father's sermons. HARPER, Robert, from Ireland. JOHNSTON, JOHN. Ecclefechan. LISTER, THOMAS. Dundee. Low, John. Biggar. NICOL, ROBERT. Kelso. OLIPHANT, JAMES. Took offence at the criti

cisms made by the Presbytery on his trial discourses for license. Joined the Established Church, and became parochial minister, first of Kilmarnock, and afterwards of

Dumbarton. Author of "Catechisms." SHANKS, ALEXANDER. Jedburgh (Blackfriars).

Waugh, JAMES, from Jedburgh. Sunderland

(Spring Garden Lane). WILSON, GEORGE Lochgelly.

Session 1763–6 Students. DICKSON, THOMAS, from Ireland. Attended

one session. HENDERSON, John. Dunbar. LITTLE, JOSEPH, from Ireland. RIDDOCH, JOHN. Coldstream. Rogers, JOHN. Became first Theological Pro

fessor to the Associate (Burgher) Synod in


Session 1764-No new Students.



pointed Professor of Theology by the Associate Synod, 18th May 1764, and died 12th June 1767.

Session 1765—9 Students. BAILEY, JOHN. Newcastle (Carliol Street). BONAR, LAURENCE. Cupar-Fife (Boston Church). BROWN, JAMES. CLUNIE, JAMES. Dundee (School Wynd). DOWNIE, JAMES. Retired from the list of proba

tioners, and became a probationer in Airdrie. GILFILLAN, MICHAEL. Dunblane. HENRY, WILLIAM, from Ireland. Ordained at

Tassagh, in that country, 1769. SCOTT, JAMES. Musselburgh (Union Chapel). WALKER, DAVID. Pollockshaws.

Session 1766—7 Students. BALLANTYNE, WILLIAM. Dundee (School

Session 1758–6 Students. BEATTIE, JOHN, from Ireland. Ordained at

Newbliss, in that country, 1763. CARLISLE, John. Attended only one session. CHALMERS, JOHN. Attended only one session. FLETCHER, JAMES. Newcastleton. RAMAGE, RICHARD. Attended only one session. WATSON, PETER. Attended two sessions. Lost his reason, and died 1760.

Session 1759—2 Students. EDMUND, THOMAS, from Stirling (First). Or.

dered by the Synod, while a probationer, to proceed to America as a missionary, but refused to comply, and betook himself to the cultivation of his paternal estate, near

Blairlogie. KINLOCH, SAMUEL. Paisley (Abbey Close).

Session 1760—2 Students. KERR, JOSEPH, from Ireland. Ordained at

Ballegony, in that country, 1762. M‘AULEY, JAMES, from Ireland. Ordained at

Castleblaney, in that country, 1765. Died 1818, aged 8o.

Session 1761-1 Student. MOIR, JAMES. Cumbernauld.

Session 17626 Students. HALL, WILLIAM. Bathgate. KENNEDY, SAMUEL, from Ireland. MARSHALL, John. Alnwick (Clayport Street). THOMSON, GEORGE, * formerly under Mr A.

Moncrieff. Rathillet. * In Mr Fisher's Hall-Register there is this note :"March 22. 1762.-Five weeks after I was begun to teach came up Mr John Bennet, detained (as he said) by his aunt's indisposition from coming up sooner; and Mr George Thomson, precentor to Mr Thomas Mair, who had been three years attending Mr Alexander Moncrieff, as one of his students, before the Antiburgher party proceeded against Mr Thomas Mair; but ever since their sentence of deposition against Mr Mair, the said Mr Thomson had left them and cleaved to Mr Thomas Mair's ministry, and teaches a school at Milnathort. This Mr Thomson was recommended to me by Mr Swanston."

BRUCE, MICHAEL, from Kinross (First). Died 5th

July 1767, in the 21st year of his age. Author of “Lochleven and other Poems." A new edition of his works, with a life by the author of this work, was published in 1837, out of the profits of which a handsome monument was raised to his memory in Portmoak Churchyard, where he lies interred. A new memoir has been published by the Rev. A.

B. Grosart, Blackburn.
FLETCHER, WILLIAM. Bridge of Teith.
FORSYTH, JOHN. Went as missionary to Nova

M'Gilchrist, JAMES. West Linton.

Session 17679 Students.
FRASER, John. Auchtermuchty.
HAMILTON, JAMES. Called to Leslie and

Dunning. Declined both calls, and never

obtained another. HARPER, JAMES. Ordained at Knockclough.

gorum, Ireland, 1771. HENDERSON, GEORGE. Glasgow (Greyfriars). LAWSON, GEORGE, D.D. Selkirk. LEECHMAN, JOHN. Did not prosecute his

theological course, and became a teacher in Edinburgh. Was teacher of the school in Middleton's Entry, Bristo, in which Sir Walter Scott received part of his early education,


RICHARDSON, WILLIAM. Greenock (Cartsdyke).
WATSON, PATRICK. Did not prosecute his theolo-

gical course, and became a teacher.


PROFESSOR BROWN'S CLASS. The Rev. JOHN BROWN, Haddington, was ap

pointed Professor of Theology by the Associate Synod, 1768, and died in 1787.

Session 1768—13 Students. CARMICHAEL, JAMES, from Perth (South). Or.

dained at Donaghchlony, Ireland, 1771. DICK, ANDREW. Torphichen. DICKSON, ALEXANDER. Berwick (Golden

Square). Edgar, SAMUEL, from Ireland. Became minis

ter of Loughaghry there. FryAR, THOMAS D., from Ireland. Ordained

at Ballynihinch, in that country, 1774. GREIG, DAVID. Lochgelly. LINDSAY, JOHN. Burntshields. MORTON, JOHN. Leslie. PRINGLE, FRANCIS, from Ireland. Afterwards

sent as missionary to America. QUIN, Felix, from Ireland. Ordained at

Monaghan, in that country, 1771. RUTHERFORD, Samuel. Ordained at Newbliss,

Ireland, 1771. SCOTT, John. Shotts. SWANSTON, ANDREW, from Kinross (First), of

which his father was minister. Called by Perth (South), but declined the call, because of scruples he felt respecting his duty to remain in connection with the Secession Church. Resigned his license to the Presbytery of Perth and Dunfermline, from which' he had received it, 1781. Joined a Society of Baptists, but afterwards withdrew from it, and henceforth abstained from joining the communion of any Church ; finding none prosessing the purity he desired. Died 1784, in the 33d year of his age. Two volumes of his sermons and lectures were published after his decease.

Session 1769-4 Students. Bridge, John. Ordained at Castlsoffle, Ire

land. PIRIE, ALEXANDER. Linlithgow. SCOTT, WILLIAM. Cambusnethan. WILLIAMSON, GEORGE. Hawick (East Bank).

Session 1770—-10 Students. HUSBAND, JAMES, D.D. Dunfermline (Queen

Anne Street). JAFFRAY, ROBERT. Kilmarnock (Wellington

Street). JAMIESON, JOHN. Bathgate. KYLE, JOHN. Kinross. RONALD, JOHN, from Tough. Adhered as a

probationer to the Original Associate Synod at the division occasioned by “The Old Light Controversy,"1799, but never obtained

a settlement. RUSSELL, JAMES. Torphichen. SELKIRK, ADAM. Inverkeithing. STURGEON, JOHN, from Ireland ; licensed, 1773. WHITE, Hugh. Irvine (Relief Congregation). YOUNG, JOHN. Kincardine.

Session 1771–11 Students. Brown, John. Longridge. Dickson, THOMAS. Ordained at Tarmont, Ire

land. HALL, JAMES, D.D. Cumnock. KERR, JOSEPH, from Ireland. Ordained over the

united congregations of Ballygoney and

Muree in that country. MOORE, ALEXANDER, from Ireland. MURRAY, ANDREW. Tough. PRIMROSE, John. East Calder. RATTRAY, FRANCIS. Licensed 1776; afterwards

suspended. SHORTRED, JOHN. Emigrated to America while

a probationer. SKIRVING, WILLIAM. Did not prosecute his

theological course, and cultivated the estate
of Strathruddie in Fife, acquired by his
wife. Author of a work on agriculture,
Was a candidate for the Professorship of Ag.
riculture in the University of Edinburgh.
Mr Skirving afterwards became secretary to
“ The General Association of the Friends of
the People," or "Scottish Convention," and
an active leader, along with Mr Thomas
Muir and others, in the political party which
came into existence at the end of last cen-
tury in imitation of the Confederation in
France, for which, along with Messrs Muir,
Revs. T. Fische, Palmer, and Gerald, he
was "transported beyond seas.” He died in
Botany Bay while undergoing this sentence.
A monument has been raised in the burying-
ground of the Calton, Edinburgh, to the
memory of the “Political Martyrs," of whom

Mr Skirving was one.
STINSON, DAVID. Ordained in Ireland.

Session 1772—4 Students.
DAVIDSON, JAMES, from Kirkcaldy (Bethelfeld).

Died while a student.
IRVINE, ROBERT. Ordained in Ireland.
MACKIE, JOHN. Dunning.

Session 1773–4 Students.
MAIN, THOMAS. Ordained at Ballerony, Ireland.
THORBURN, JAMES. South Shields.

Session 1774-9 Students. BEUGO, JOHN, Dunning. BLACKHALL, JOHN. Berwick (Golden Square). BROWN, EBENEZER. Inverkeithing. HOLMES, DAVID. Ordained at Ballymorgan,

Ireland. JOHNSTON, JAMES. Rathillet. LONGMOOR, JOSEPH, from Ireland. Ordained at

Killeen, in that country. M«CAIG, Mr. PRINGLE, WILLIAM. Joined the Independents

while a student, and afterwards became minister of a congregation in that connection

in England. WAUGH, ALEXANDER, D.D. Newtown.

Session 1775—2 Students. Orr, JOHN, from Burntshields. Joined the

Northumberland class of Presbyterians while a probationer. Became a minister in that connection in Stamfordham, 1788, and died

there in 1824. Willis, WILLIAM. Greenock (Cartsdyke).

Session 1776-11 Students. BLACK, JAMES. Dundee (School Wynd). ELDER, WILLIAM. Newtown. EWING, JOHN. Died while a student. FORRESTER, JAMES. Bathgate. GRAHAME, Hugh. Called to Dundee and

South Shields ; declined both calls. Proceeded to America as one of the Synod's missionaries, and became minister of a congregation in Cornwallis, Nova Scotia ; afterwards of Stewiacke and Musquodoboit.

Died 1829. GRANT, JOSEPH, from Perth (South). Died

while a student. HALL, William, from Jedburgh (Blackfriars).

Joined the Church of Scotland while a student, and became minister of a congre.

gation in that connection in Tweedmouth. HARPER, Robert. Left off study. HILL, GEORGE Cumbernauld. KENNEDY, JOHN. Ordained in Ireland. SMITH, THOMAS. Ordained at Randalstown, Ireland.

Session 1777–18 Students. AIKMAN, JEDIDIAH. Perth (North). ARNOT, JOHN. BROWN, NATHANIEL. COMRIE, PATRICK. Penicuik. DICKSON, WILLIAM. DICKSON, JAMES. FALLA, JAMES. Died while a student, 1782. HADDIN, WILLIAM. Limekilns. UEPBURN, DAVID. Newburgh. JACK, ROBERT, D.D. Linlithgow. JAFFREY, JOHN. Dalkeith. OLIVER, JAMES. PAISLEY, Robert. Did not prosecute his theo

logical course, and became a teacher in

Edinburgh. PEDDIE, JAMES, D.D. Edinburgh (Bristo Place). SCRIMGEOUR, JAMES. North Berwick. SMITH, JOHN. Newcastle (Carliol Street). THOMSON, JOHN. Ayton. WATSON, WILLIAM. Largs.

Session 1778-5 Students. BOYLE, ADAM. Ordained at Boveedy, Ireland. CARRUTHERS, David. Queensferry. GIBSON, JOHN. Ordained at Sligo, Ireland. M'FARLANE, JAMES. Dunfermline (Queen

Anne Street). MASON, THOMAS. Sunderland (Spring Garden Lane).

Session 1779—3 Students. DICKSON, JAMES. Eaglesham. Hall, ROBERT, A.M. Kelso. TAYLOR, WILLIAM. Renton.

Session 1780–11 Students. CALDERHEAD, ALEXANDER. Horndean. DICK, JOHN, D.D. Slateford. IIALL, John, from Jedburgh (Blackfriars).

Finished his theological course, but not

licensed. HARVEY, JAMES. Newbigging. HOULSTON, ANDREW. Emigrated to America

while a probationer. JARDINE, JOHN. Langholm. OSBURNE, JAMES. Called to Kilpatrick, but

the call was not sustained, and not receiving another, he withdrew from the list of probationers, and became a teacher in Glasgow.

PATERSON, DAVID, from Stow. Emigrated to

America while a probationer, and became

minister of a congregation in Nova Scotia. REID, WILLIAM. SHIRRA, ROBERT. Yetholm. WADDEL, JAMES. Died while a probationer.

Session 1781–4 Students. AUCHINCLOSS, John. Liff. DEWAR, JAMES. Fenwick. M'MILLAN, JAMES. MUIRHEAD, William. Ordained at Loughaghry, in Ireland.

Session 1782—6 Students. AITCHESON, THOMAS. Leith (Kirkgate). BLYTH, JAMES. Fala. Bridge, John, from Ireland. Ordained at

Clenanees, in that country, 1787. CONNEL, PATRICK. Bathgate. LILLY, JOHN, from Haddington. Died while a

probationer, 31st October 1794. RIDDEL, JOHN, from Ireland.

Session 1783-9 Students. BLACK, ALEXANDER. Musselburgh (Union

Chapel). BOTHWELL, DAVID. CAMPBELL, CHARLES. Ordained at Macosquin,

Ireland. CURRAN, HENRY, from Ireland. Left off study. EDMUND, ROBERT, from Glasgow (Greyfriars).

Died while on trials for license. STEIN, JAMES, from Ireland. Ordained at

Ballygoney, in that country. WALKER, GAVIN. Did not prosecute his theologi

cal course, and became a teacher in Glasgow. WARWICK, ROBERT, from Ireland. Wood, ARCHIBALD. Kilpatrick Craigs.

Session 1784-9 Students. BLACK, BENONI. Haddington. BROWN, LEWIS, from Ireland. Ordained at

Six-Mile-Cross in that country. DOUGLAS, ANDREW, from Jedburgh (Black

friars). Did not prosecute his theological

course, and became a teacher, FULLERTON, ARCHIBALD. MAXWELL, ANDREW. Ordained at Ardstraw,

Ireland. MEARS, GEORGE, from Ireland. MUTER, HUGH, from Dalkeith. Withdrew

from the list of probationers. Studied

medicine, and became a surgeon, SMART, JOHN, D.D. Stirling. WILSON, DAVID. Cumnock.

Session 1785-11 Students. BEATTIE, WILLIAM, from Ireland. Ordained

at Kingsmill, in that country. CALDWELL, ANDREW, from Ireland. Ordained

in Dublin. CANT, JAMES, from Perth (South). Joined the

Established Church while a probationer,

and became parochial teacher of Dron. COOPER, John. "Balfron. HAY, GEORGE. Ordained at Donaghchloney, in

Ireland. KIDSTON, WILLIAM, D.D. Kennoway. M'AULEY, GEORGE, from Ireland. Ordained

at Richhill, in that country. M'AULEY, WILLIAM, from Ireland. MARSHALL, JOHN, from Ireland. Ordained at

Coothill, in that country.

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