The Intuition Handbook: Access Your Hidden Powers and Transform Your Life

Pavilion Books, 2003 - 320 Seiten
Pump up your "psychic muscles" and let your inner voice lead you to love, success and happiness! Backed by solid scientific research, this groundbreaking program shows that intuition, like skills in athletics, art and academics, can be developed through a serious and structured course of practical exercises. Beginning with a detailed discussion of intuition--what it is, how it works, and how it can be applied to everyday life--you'll acquire a mastery of your inner voice and determine how to discern its subtle messages. Among the topics covered are Seeing with the Inner Eye, Hearing with the Inner Voice, Meeting Your Guardian Angel, and The Psychic Telephone, each accompanied by a series of exercises that will harness and strengthen your hidden powers. Also discussed is the importance of body language, which when properly understood tells a fascinating story that can have a positive and powerful impact on your life.

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