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Satan, the “enemy

gutta serena, a disease of the Saturn (Gr. Kronos), the Titan eyes, P.L. iii. 25

who ruled the universe before Sericana, part of China and Jove (Zeus) deposed him

Tibet Satiirn, used by M. for the Gr. Setia, a town of Latium, famous

Kronos, chief of the Titanic for wine

dynasty that preceded Zeus Severn, named from Sabrina, satyr, a hybrid monster with drowned in it

goat's feet, in Greek myth- sewer, a butler or steward who ology. The satyrs suggested arranged the meats on the the traditional type of Satan table, P.L. ix. 38 in art and legend

Sibma, a town in Moab scales, one of the signs of the sideral, of the stars, P.L. X. 693

Zodiac, between Virgo and Sidonian, Phænician, as Sidon Scorpio. In P.L. iv. 997 M. was one of the chief Phænialludes to the classical belief cian towns that the fates of earthly silly, simple, p. 388 combatants were weighed in Silo, Shiloh, where was the scales by the gods

sanctuary of God Scipio, conqueror of Hannibal Siloa, a pool with a spring flowScorpion, one of the signs of ing into it, just outside Jeruthe Zodiac

salem, and near the temple scull, shoal, P.L. vii. 402

silvan, Silvanus, a Roman deity Scylla, the straits of Messina of the fields and forests

were supposed to have on Simeon, Luke ii. 25 one side Scylla, a devouring Sinean, Chinese monster, and on the other Sinai, a mountain or mountain Charybdis, a whirlpool

range on a peninsula between secular, lasting for a whole age, the Gulfs of Suez and AkaS.A. 1707

bah; here were given the secure, careless, confident, P.L. Tables of the Law to Moses

Sion, one of the hills of JeruSeleucia, a city on the Tigris, salem, where the temple stood

built by Seleucus, one of Siren, a name used in ancient Alexander's generals

astronomy, of beings who Semele, a woman beloved of sat each in one of the nine

Zeus in Greek mythology, by infolded spheres,” making whom she became mother of melody Bacchus

sirocco, a hot wind from the seneshal, steward of the house- S.-E. hold, P.L. ix. 38

Sieraliona, Sierra Leone Sennaar, Shinar, a part of Sittim, a camping-place of the Babylonia

Israelites hard by Jericho sentence, opinion, P.L. ii. 51 sleight, trick, P.L. ix. 92 Seon, Sihon, King of the Amor- slightly, slightingly, contemptuites

ously, P. R. ii. 198 Septentrion, northern (Lat.), Socrates, the Greek philosopher P.R. iv. 31

and teacher, was put to death seraphim, a high order of on a false charge of blascelestial beings

phemy and corrupting the Serapis, an Egyptain god

youth Serbonian bog, Lake Sirbonis sock, soccus, the boot of the

in Egypt, between Mount ancient actor, p. 402 Casius and Damietta, where Sofala, on E. coast of Africa a part of the Persian army Sogdiana, N.-E. province of the perished in 350 B.C.

ancient Persian empire serene: “drop serene seems Soldan, Sultan

to be a literal translation of Solomon, 1 Kings xi. 4

vi. 541

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sooth, true, C. 823

hence malefactors were cast Sophi, or Sophy, Shah, P.L. X. down 433

Tarsus, chief city of Cilicia sord, sward, P.L. xi. 433

Tartarus," the Vit," Hades spet, a variant of spit, C. 132 Tauric pool, sea of Azov, so spring, growth, P.L. ix. 218

called from the Tauric Cherstarve, perish, P.L. ii. 600

sonese or Crimea statist, statesman, P.R. iv. Tauris, Tabriz, in N. Persia 354

Taurus, the Bull, one of the Stoa or Colonnade, a place in signs of the Zodiac

Athens where Zeno taught ted, to spread out hay for the stub, stump or stubble, P.R. i. making, P.L. ix. 450 339

teem, breed, S.A. 1703 Stygian, of Styx !

Telassar, a city of the chilStyx, River of Hate, one of the dren of Eden,” where prerivers of the infernal regions cisely is unknown in Greek mythology

Temir, i.e. Timar or Tambersublime, uplifted, P.L. X. 536 laine, whose capital sublimed, uplifted, P.L. i. 235 Samarcand success, result, P.L. ü. 9

tempering, mixing, P.L. vii. 15 succint, girt up, P.L. ii. 643 Teradon, a city near the mouth summed, a technical term in of the Tigris

falconry, of full plumage, Tethys, daughter of Uranus and P.R. i. 14

Ge (Heaven and Earth), and supplanted, rown off his feet, wife of Oceanus; a sea-deity P.L. X. 513

tetrarch, lord of a fourth part, Sus, Tunis

in allusion to the four eleSusa, treasure city and winter ments, P.R. iv. 201

residence of the Persian kings Teucrigena, Brutus the Trojan (Shushan in the Bible)

led a colony to Britain, acSusiana, a province of the cording to the legend

ancient Persian empire Ternate, one of the Moluccas or suspense (adj.), full of suspense, Spice Islands P.L. ii. 418

Thammus, a god supposed to swage, assuage, P.L. i. 556

have been slain by a boar on Sylvan, Sylvanus, Roman Lebanon, and to die and re

deity of the fields and forests vive each year. The Greeks synod, assembly, P.L. ii. 391 identified him with Adonis; Syene, a place on the Nile, by he was mourned in a yearly

the first cataract; and a festival by the women of Roman frontier station

Lebanon Syrinx, a mythical nymph be- Thamyris, blind Thracian loved by the god Pan

bard Syrtis, a gulf and quicksand in than, then, S.A. 158 N. Africa

Theban monster, the Sphinx.

When Edipus guessed the Tantalus condemned to riddle, she died

remain throat-deep in a lake, | Thebes, a city in Bæotia (N. with fruit-trees over-hanging; Greece), scene of a mythical but so often as he caught at struggle, and of the Greek the fruit, the trees receded, tragedies of dipus and the and when he stooped to drink, Seven Heroes the water fled away from his Thebes, a famous city in Egypt lips

(distinct from Thebes in Taprobane, Ceylon

Greece) Tarpeian Rock, front of the Thebez, a village near Neapolis,

Capitoline Hill, where stood and bearing its ancient name the temple of Jupiter. From as Tubas: wrongly connected but probably some cabalistic Triton, a river in Libya





iv. 363

with Elijah the Tishbite in Turnus, the rival and foe of P.R. ii. 313. For the allu- Æneas, who married his besion see 1 Kings xix. 5

trothed bride Lavinia; deThemis, goddess of justice and scribed in Virgil's Æneid right

Tuscan artist, Galileo, P.L. i. thereafter, according, P.R. ii. 321

288 Thermodoontea puella, Eliza- Twins, Gemini, a sign of the

beth, as an “Amazon” (Ther- Zodiac, called Spartan in modon, a river in the land of allusion to Castor and Pollux the Amazons)

Typhoean, of Typhoeus Thisbite, Elijah the Tishbite Typhon Thrascias, the N.N.-W. wind Typhon (P.L.), a monster who Thyestes, before whom was set rebelled against Zeus

the flesh of his sons at a ban- Typhon (P.R.), or Set, brother quet

of Osiris, who murdered him. Thyrsis, the typical rustic maid He is regarded as evil perin pastoral poetry

sonified tiar, tiara, diadem, P.L. iii. 625 Tidore, one of the Moluccas or Uncouth, unknown, P.L. ii. 407,

Spice Islands Tigris, a river of Mesopotamia, Unexpressive, inexpressible, p. supposed to be that which

388 watered Eden

unfumed, not burnt for sweet timelessly, untimely, p. 380 scent, P.L. V. 349 tine, kindle, P.L. X. 1075

unobnoxious, not exposed to tire, drag, tear (techn. term in anything, in vulnerable by it, falconry), P.L. vi. 605

P.L. vi. 404 Tiresias, an ancient Greek seer, unoriginal, primeval, P.L. X. who was blind

477 Titans, in Greek mythology, unprevented, unforestalled, P.L.

were the beings who ruled the universe before the dynasty | unweeting, unwitting, P.R. i. of Zeus, who warred upon 126 them and overthrew them. Ur, a great town in Chaldea They are often confused with | Urania, Muse of the heavens, the giants. In P.L. i. 510 patroness of astronomy; used of the eldest of the given a new meaning by M. brood, whom M. says gave

P.L. vii. I place to Saturn, q.u.

Urchin, hedgehog, supposed to Tobias. See Asmodeus

have a malign influence, C. Tobit's son, Tobias. See As- 845 modeus

Uriel, “ Light of God' Tophet, in the valley of Hinnom Urim, light' “lights,” Trebisond, Trapezus, a Greek was kept within the breastcity on the Black Sea

plate of the High Priest, Trinacrian, Sicilian, title

for purposes of divination. taken from the three pro- What it was no man knows; montories of Sicily

symbol or charm, jewel, or Triton, a sea-deity, son of scarabæus, or the like

Poseidon (Neptune) and Urim and Thummim, talisman Amphitrite

worn on the breastplate of Troy, a town in N.-W. of Asia the High Priest, by which in

Minor; scene of the famous some manner unknown the siege by the Greeks dated will of God was supposed 1184 B.C., sung of by Homer to be made manifest. See Turm, a troop of horse (Lat. Exod. xxviii. 30,

I Sam. turma), P.R. iv. 66

xxviii. 6

iii. 231





Uther's son, King Arthur what, why (a Latinism), P.L. ii.
Uzzean, of Uz, probably Arabia 329
Deserta. See Job i. 6

whilere, whilom, of old, p. 412

whist, hushed, p. 387 Valdarno, the vale of the river Wilderness, of Judæa, Luke iv. I

Arno, where Florence lies won, dwell, P.L. vii. 457 Vallombrosa, a beautiful valley worm, used of all serpent kind, near Florence

P.R. i. 312 van, wing, P.L. ii. 927 Vant-brace, arm-mail, S.A. 1121 Xerxes, King of Persia, who invapour, heat, P.L. xii. 635

vaded Greece and was deVenus, Roman goddess of love feated at Salamis, 480 B.C., Vertumnus, Roman deity and Plataea, 479.

associated with the growth of bridged the Hellespont; and

plants from blossom to fruit his first bridge being carried Vesta, goddess of the hearth, away by a storm, ordered the

apparently used by M. as a sea to be scourged and cast personification of domestic fetters into it

retirement, p. 403 Villatic, belonging to a farm or yeanling, new-born, P.L. iii. 434

country house, S.A. 1695 Virgin, Virgo, a constellation zenith, the part of the sky volant, flying, P.L. xi. 561

directly above the head Vulcan, Roman god of fire and Zephyr, Zephyrus, the west smithcraft


sone, the magic girdle or cestus wanton, capricious, P.L. iv. 316 of Venus. For the allusion, welkin, sky, P.L. ii. 538

see Chapman's Iliad, xiv. 160 well-couched, well-hidden, P.R. Zophiel, a cherub

i. 97


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