Patentable Invention

Lawyers' Co-operative Publishing Company, 1893 - 155 Seiten

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Seite 109 - that whenever any patent is inoperative or invalid, by reason of a defective or insufficient specification, or by reason of the patentee claiming as his own invention or discovery more than he had a right to claim as new, if the error has arisen by inadvertence, accident, or mistake, and without any fraudulent or deceptive intention...
Seite xvii - Any person who has invented or discovered any new and useful art, machine, manufacture, or composition of matter...
Seite xvii - ... not known or used by others in this country before his invention or discovery thereof, and not patented or described in any printed publication in this or any foreign country before his invention or discovery thereof...
Seite 102 - If, in the eye of an ordinary observer, giving such attention as a purchaser usually gives, two designs are substantially the same, if the resemblance is such as to deceive such an observer, and sufficient to induce him to purchase one, supposing it to be the other, the one first patented is infringed by the other.
Seite 149 - ... if the error arose by inadvertence, accident, or mistake, and without any fraudulent or deceptive intention...
Seite 139 - The taking out of a patent which has, as the law requires it to have, a specific claim, is notice to all the world, of the most public and solemn kind, that all those parts of the art, machine, or manufacture set out and described in the specification and not embraced in such specific claim, are not claimed by the patentee, — at least not claimed in and by that patent.
Seite 109 - The Commissioner may, in his discretion, cause several patents to be issued for distinct and separate parts of the thing patented, upon demand of the applicant, and upon payment of the required fee for each division.
Seite xvii - ... thereof, or more than two years prior to his application, and not in public use or on sale in this country for more than two years prior to his application, unless the same is proved to have been abandoned, may, upon payment of the fees required by law, and other due proceeding had, obtain a patent therefor.
Seite 129 - ... the Commissioner shall on the surrender of such patent and the payment of the duty required by law, cause a new patent for the same invention, and in accordance with the corrected specification, to be issued to the patentee...
Seite 98 - Strong, that the acts of Congress authorizing the granting of patents for designs contemplated " not so much utility as appearance, and that, not an abstract impression, or picture, but an aspect given to those objects mentioned in the acts. . . . And the thing invented or produced, for which a patent is given, is that which gives a peculiar or distinctive appearance to the manufacture, or article to which it may be applied, or to which it gives form.

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