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be transported thither; Neveribeless, not to be discharged of Payment to Us, our Heirs and Succeffors, of the Duties, Customs and Subsidies which are or ought to be paid or payable for the same. And further, Our Will and Pleasure is, and we do for Us, Our Heirs and Succeffors, ordain, de

clare, and grant unto the said Governor and Company, and their Succeffors, The King's That all, and every the Subjects of Us, Our Heirs, or Succeffors, Subjects in thisColony to

which shall go to inhabit within the said Colony, and every of their Chilenjoy all the dren which thall happen to be born there, or on the Seas in going thither, or Privileges of returning from thence, shall have and enjoy all Liberties and Immunities of free, and na- free and natural Subjects within any the Dominions of Us, Our Heirs or taral subjects.

Succeffors, to all intents, Constructions and Purposes whatsoever, as if they and every of them were born within the Realm of England; And We do authorise and impower the Governor, or in his Absence che Deputy-Governor for the Time being, to appoint Two or more of the said Alistairs

af any of their Courts or Affemblies to be held as aforesaid, to have Power Power to ad- and Authority to administer the Oath of Supremacy and Obedience to all minifter the and every Person and Persons which shall ac any Time or Times hereafter Oath of Su

go or pass into the said Colony of ConneEticut, unto which said Afiftants so premacy Obedience.

to be appointed as aforesaid, We do by these Presents give full Power anal Authority to administer the said Oath accordingly. And We do further of Our especial Grace, certain Knowledge, and mere Motion, give, and grant unto the said Governor and Company of the English Colony of Conneaticut, in New England, in America, and their Succeffors, That it shall and may be lawful to and for the Governor, or Deputy-Governor, and such of the Amftants of the said Company for the Time being as shall be Aflembled in any of the General Courts aforesaid, or in any Courts to be especially

Summoned, or Assembled for that Purpose, or the grearer Part of them, To erect Ju- whereof the Governor, or Deputy-Governor, and Six of the Afiftants to dicatories.

be always, Seven, to Erect, and Make such Judicatories, for the Hearing, and Determining of all Actions, Causes, Matters, and Things happening within the said Colony, or Plantation, and which shall be ir Dispute, and

Depending there, as they shall think Fit, and Convenient, and also from To ordain & Time to Time to Make, Ordain, and Eitablish all Manner of Wholesome, establish laws for settling

and Reasonable Laws, Statutes, Ordinances, Directions, and Instructions, the Forms of not Contrary to the Laws of this Realm, of England, as well for Settling the government, Forms, and Ceremonies of Government, and Magiftracy, Fit, and Necessa

ry for the said Plantation, and the Inbabitants there, as for Naming, and Stiling all-Sorts of Officers, both Superiour and Inferiour, which they shall Find Needful for the Government, and Plantation of the said Colony, and the Distinguishing, and setting forth of the several Duties, Powers, and Limits of every such Office, and Place, and the Forms of such Oaths not being Contrary to the Laws, and Statutes of this Our Realm of England, to be Administred for the Execution of the laid several Offices, and Places a3 also for the Disposing, and Ordering of the Election of such of the said Officers as are to be Annually Chofen, and of such others as shall Succeed in

case of Death, or Removal, and Administring the said Oath to the NewTo impose Elected Officers, and Granting Necessary Commissions, and for Imposicion Fines, Mulats &c.

of Lawful Fines, Mulēts, Imprisonment or other Punishment upon Offenders, and Delinquents according to the Course of other Corporations within this our Kingdom of England, and the fame Laws, Fines, Mulcts, and Executions, to alter, change, revoke, annul, release, or pardon under their Common Seal, as by the said General Affembly, or the major Part of them shall be thought fit, and for the directing, ruling and disposing of all other Matters and Things, whereby Our faid People Inhabitants there, may be so religioudy, peaceably and civilly governed, as their good Life and orderly Conversation may win and invite the Natives of the Country to the Knowlege and Obedience of the Only True GOD, and the Saviour of Mankind, and the Christian Faith, which in Our Royal Intentions, and the Adventurers free Profession, is the only and principal End of this Plantation; willing, commanding and requiring, and by these Presents for us, Our Heirs and

Succeffors, ordaining and appointing, that all such Laws, Statutes and OrLaws to be published. dinances, Instructions, Impofitions and Directions as shall be so made by the




Governor, Deputy-Governor, and Alliftants as aforefaid, and published in Writing under their Common Seal, shall carefully and duly be observed, Laws to be kept, performed, and put in Execution, according to the true Intent and put in ExecuMeaning of the same, and these Our Letters Patents, or the Duplicate, or exemplification thereof, shall be to all and every such Officers, Superiors and Inferiors from Timeto Time, for the putting of the same Orders, Laws,Statutes, Ordinances, Instructions, and Directions in due Execution, against Us, Our Heirs and Succeffors, a sufficient Warrant and Discharge. And We do further for Us, Our Heirs and Succeffors, give and grant unto the faid Governor and Company, and their Successors, by these Presents, That it fhall and may be lawful to, and for the Chief Commanders, Governors and Officers of the said Company for the Time being, who shall be resident in the Parts of New-England hereafter mentioned, and others inhabiting there, by their Leave, Admittance, Appointment, or Direction, from Time to Time, and at all Times hereafter, for their special Defence and Safety, to Afsemble, Martial-Array, and put in warlike Posture the Inhabitants of the said Colony, and to Commisionate, Impower, and Authorize such Per- Power to af

semble, & put son or Persons as they shall think fit, to lead and conduct the said Inhabi

in warlike tants, and to encounter, expulse, repel, and resist by Force of Arms, as Pofture the well by Sea as by Land, and also to kill, flay, and destroy by all fitting Inhabitants. Ways, Enterprizes, and Means whatsoever, all and every such Person or Persons as shall at any Time hereafter Attempt or Enterprize the Destruction, Invasion, Detriment, or Annoyance of the said Inhabitants or Plantation, and to use and exercise the Law Martial in such cases only as Occasion To use the fall require ; and to take or surprize by all Ways and Means whatsoever, Law Martial. all and every such Person and Persons, with their Ships, Armour, Ammunition and other Goods of such as shall in such hoftile Manner Invade, or attempt the Defeating of the said Plantation, or the Hurt of the said Company and Inhabitants, and upon just Causes to invade and destroy the Natives, or other Enemies of the said Colony. Nevertheless, Our Will and Pleasure is, and We do hereby declare unto all Christian Kings, Princes, and States, that if any Persons which fall hereafter be of the said Company Declaration

His Majesty's or Plantation, or any other by appointment of the said Governor and

to all Princes Company for the Time being, shall at any Time or Times hereafter rob or and States, aspoil by Sea or by Land, and do any Hurt, Violence, or unlawful Hoftility gainst such as to any of the Subjects of Us, Our Heirs or Succeffors, or any of the Subjects spoil by Sea of any Prince or State being then in League with Us, Our Heirs or Successors, Land. upon complaint of such Injury done to any such Prince or State, or their Subjects, We, Our Heirs and Successors will make open Proclamation within any Parts of Our Realm of England fit for that Purpose, that the Person or Persons committing any fuch Robbery or Spoil, shall within the Time limited by such Proclamation, make full Restitution or Satisfaction of all such Injuries done or committed, so as the faid Prince, or others so complaining may be fully satisfied and contented; and if the said Person or Persons who shall commit any such Robbery or Spoil fhall not make Satisfaction accordingly, within such Time fo to be limited, that then it fhall and may be lawful for Us, Our Heirs and Succeffors, to put such Person or Persons out of Our Allegiance and Protection, and that it shall and may be lawful and free for all Princes or others tu prosecute with Hoftility such Offenders, and every of them, their, and every of their Procurors, Aiders, Abettors and Counsellors in that Behalf. Provided also, And Our exprefs Will and Pleasure is, and We do by these Presents for

Liberty reUs, Our Heirs, and Succeffors, Ordain and Appoint, that these Presents served for all shall not in any Manner hinder any of Our loving Subjects whatsoever to his Majesty's use and exercise the Trade of Fishing upon the coast of New England, in subjects to fish America, but they and every or any of them shall have full and free Power, upon the coast and Liberty, to continue, and use the said Trade of Fishing upon the said Coast, in any of the Seas thereunto adjoining, or any Arms of the Seas, or Salt Water Rivers where they have been accustomed to fish, and to build

To build and fet up on the wafte Land belonging to the said Colony of Conneclicul, Wharves,&c. · fuch Wharves, Stages, and Work-Houses as shall be necessary for the salting, upon walle

drying, Lands.

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drying, and keeping of their Fish to be taken, or gotten upon that Coast,
any Thing in these Presents contained to the contrary notwithstanding. And

Know Ye further, That We, of Our abundant Grace, certain Knowlege, Grant of the and mere Motion, have given, granted, and confirmed, and by these PreLands within sents for Us, our Heirs and Succeffors, do give, grant, and confirm unto the the limits ex. said Governor and Company, and their Succeffors, all that Part of our Gov.& Com- Dominions in New-England in America, bounden on the East by Narragansetpany,withthe River, commonly called Narrag anset-Bay, where the said River falleth into Commodi the Sea ; and on the North by the Line of the Massachusetts- Plantation ; and ties thereof,

on the South by the Sea ; and in Longitude as the Line of the Massachusetts-
Colony, running
from East to West

, That is to say, From the said Narragan-
fet-Bay on the East, to the South Sea on the West Part, with the Islands there-
unto adjoining, together with all firm Lands, Soils, Grounds, Havens, Ports,
Rivers, Waters, Fishings, Mines, Minerals, precious Stones, Quarries, and
all and singular other Commodities, Jurisdictions, Royalties, Privileges,
Franchises, Preheminences, and Hereditaments whatsoever, within the laid
Tract, Bounds, Lands, and INands aforesaid, or to them or any of them
belonging. To have and to hold the fame unto the faid Governor and Com-

pany, their Successors and Affgns for ever, upon Trust, and for the Use and To be held

Benefit of Themselves and their Affociates, Freemen of the said Colony, in free and

their Heirs and Afligns, to be holden of Us, Our Heirs and Successors, as common Soc- of Our Manor of East-Greenwich, in free and common Soccage, and not in cage. Capite, nor by Knights Service, yielding and paying therefore to Us, Our

Heirs and Succeffors, only the Fifth Part of all the Ore of Gold and Silver
which from Time to Time, and at all Times hereafter, shall be there gotten,
had, or obtained, in Lieu of all Services, Duties and Demands whatsoever,
to be to Us, our Heirs, or Successors therefore, or thereout rendered, made,
or paid. And lastly, We do for Us, our Heirs and Succeffors, grant to the

said Governor and Company, and their Succeffors, by thele Presents, That
The Patent these Our Letters Patents, shall be firm, good and effectual in the Law, to
to have the
most favora-

all Intents, Constructions, and Purposes whatsoever, according to Our true ble Construc- Intent and Meaning herein before declared, as shall be construed, reputed tion for the and adjudged most favourable on the Behalf, and for the best Benefit, and Benefit of the Behoof of the said Governor and Company, and their Successors, although Gov.&Com,

express Mention of the true Yearly Value or Certainty of the Premises, or
of any of them, or of any other Gifts or Grants by Us, or by any of Our
Progenitors, or Predeceffors, heretofore made to the said Governor and
Company of the English Colony of Connecticut, in New-England, in America,
aforesaid, in these Presents is not made, or any Statute, Act, Ordinance,
Provision, Proclamation, or Restriction heretofore had, made, enacted,
ordained, or provided, or any other Matter, Cause, or Thing whatsoever
to the contrary thereof, in any wise notwithstanding. In Witness whereof,
We have caused these Our Letters to be made Patents. Witness Ourself
at Weftminfter, the Three and Twentieth Day of April, in the Fourteenth
Year of our Reign.

By Writ of Privy Seal,



OF Confederation and perpetual Union bea

tween the States of New-Hampshire, Maj-
Jachusetts-Bay, Rhode-Island and Providence

Plantations, Connecticut, New-York, New-
Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland,
Virginia, North-Carolina, South Carolina

and Georgia. ARTICLE I.


HE ftile of this confederacy shall be “ The United Stile of the “ States of America."

Confederacy Art. II. Each state retains its sovereignty, freedom and independence,


and Independ and every power, jurisdiction and right, which is not by this confederacion dence of the exprelly delegated to the United States, in Congress assembled.


States. Art. III. The said states hereby severally enter into a firm league of friendhip with each other, for their common detence, the security of theif Design of the liberties, and their mutual and general welfare, binding themselves to assist on, as it rea each other, against all force offered to, or attacks made upon them, or any gards comof them, on account of religion, sovereignty, trade, or any other pretence mon security whatever.

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Art. IV. The better to secure and perpetuate mutual friendship and intercourse among the people of the different states in this union, the free Social and

mutual intera inhabitants of each of these states, paupers, vagabonds, and fugitives from course among juftice excepted, shall be entitled to all privileges and immunities of free the States. citizens in the several states, and the people of each state shall have free ingress and regrefs to and from any other state, and shall enjoy therein all the privileges of trade and commerce, subject to the same duties, impofitions and restrictions as the inhabitants thereof respectively, provided that fuch restriction shall not excend so far as to prevent the removal of propera ty imporced into any state, to any other state of which the owner is an inhabitant ; provided also that no imposition, duties or restriction shall be laid by any state, on the property of the united states, or either of them.

If any person guilty of, or charged with treason; felony, or other high misdemeanor in any state, shall flee from justice, and be found in any of the united states, he shall upon demand of the Governor, or executive power, of the state from which he fleet, be delivered up and removed to the Hate having jurisdiction of his offence.

Full faith and credit shall be given in each of these states to the records, acts and judicial proceedings of the courts and magiftrates of every other ftate.

Manner of ART. V. For the more convenient management of the general inte

constituting rests of the United States, delegates shall be annually appointed in such the Congress manner as the legiNature of each state shall direct, to meet in Congress on of the States,

with the quathe firft Monday in November, in every year, with a power reserved to

lifications & each state, to recal iss delegates, or any of them, at any time within the

privileges of year, and to send others in their stead, for the remainder of the year: the Delegates


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No state shall be represented in congress by less than two, nor by more
than seven members ; and no person shall be capable of being a delegate
for more than three years, in any term of fix years ; nor Thall any person
being a delegate, be capable of holding any office under the united states,
for which he, or another for his benefit receives any falary, fees or emo-
lument of any kind.

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Each state shall maintain its own delegates in a meeting of the states, and
While they act as members of the committee of the states.

In determining questions in the united states, in congress assembled, each ftate shall have one vote.

: FREEDOM of speech and debate in congress shall not be impeached or
questioned in any court, or place out of congress, and the members of con-
gress shall be protected in their persons from arrests and imprisonments, du-
ring the time of their going to and from, and attendance on congress, except

for treason, felony, or breach of the peace.
Restraints Art. VI. No state without the consent of the united states in congress
tapon the se- affembled, shall send any embaffy to, or receive any embassy from, or enter
parate States. into any conference, agreement, alliance or treaty with any king, prince

or state ; nor shall any person holding any office of profit or trust under the
united states, or any of them, accept of any present, emolument, office or
title of any kind whatever from any king, prince or foreign state ; nor shall
the united states in congress assembled, or any of them, grant any title of

No two or more states shall enter into any treaty, confederation or al-
liance whatever between them, without the consent of the united states in
congress affembled, specifying accurately the purposes for which the same
is to be entered into, and how long it shall continue.

No state shall lay any impofts or duties, which may interfere with any ftipulations in treaties, entered into by the united states in congress affeinbled, with any king, prince or state, in pursuance of any treacies already proposed by congress, to the courts of France and Spain.

No vefsels of war shall be kept up in time of peace by any state, except such number only, as shall be deemed necessary by the united states in congress assembled, for the defence of such state, or its trade; nor shall any body of forces be kept up by any state, in time of peace, except such number only, as in the judgment of the united states, in congress assembled, shall be deemed requisite to garrison the forts necessary for the defence of such fate ; but every state shall always keep up a well regulated and disciplined milicia, sufficiently armed and accoutred, and shall provide and constantly have ready for use, in public stores, a due number of field pieces and tents, and a proper quantity of arms, ammunition and camp equipage.

No state shall engage in any war without the consent of the united states in congress assembled, unless such state be actually invaded by enemies, or shall have received certain advice of a resolution being formed by some nation of Indians to invade such state, and the danger is so imminent as not to admit of a delay, till the united states in congrefs assembled can be consulted: nor shall any state grant commissions to any ships or vessels of war, nor letters of marque or reprisal, except it be after a declaration of war by the united states in congress assembled, and then only against the kingdom or ftate and the subjects thereof, against which war has been so declared, and under such regulations as shall be established by the united states in congress assembled, unlels such state be infested by pirates, in which cafe veffels of war may be fitted out for that occafion, and kept so long as the danger


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