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begun with prayer: certainly not power of interceding, and the right because He had to ask, but for of intreating with God? example's sake: For He gave us a

Ry. The SPIRIT of the LORD filleth pattern for imitation, but did not need the world. * And That which conthe petition of prayer. And as the taineth all things hath knowledge doctors of the law.came together from of the voice. Al. Al. y. For He is every town of Galilee, and Judea, and the Maker of all things, having all Jerusalem, the healing of this

And. paralytic is described amongst the power, foreseeing all things.

Glory. And. Ben. The King. cures of other sick persons. First of all, as we have said before, every one

Lesson III. who is sick, ought to get persons to L EARN, thou who judgest, to for. pray that he may recover his health, give: learn, thou who art sick, to persons by whom the enfeebled frame intreat. If thou doubtest of pardon of our life, and the lame gait of our for thy heavy offences, conduct, may be renewed by the interceders, summon the Church to medicine of the heavenly word. pray for thee, looking upon which, the R%. Ye have not chosen Me, but I LORD may pardon what He would have

denied thee. have chosen you, and ordained you : *

And although we ought that ye should go, and bring forth not to lay aside our trust in the narrafruit, and that your fruit should tion, but ought truly to believe that remain. Al. Al. V. As the FATHER the body of that paralytic man was hath sent Me, even so send I you. of that inner man whose sins were

healed, nevertheless observe the cure That. Ben. The Divine Help.

forgiven. When the Jews allege that

sins can be forgiven by God alone, Lesson II.

they at once confess Him to be God; THERE should be therefore some and by their own judgment they betray

counsellors of the mind, to raise their own faithlessness, in that they the soul of man to higher things, lay stress on the work, and yet deny albeit enfeebled by the weakness of the person. the outward body. By their aid it is

Te Deum. p. 15. easy for him to lift himself up, and

EMBER SATURDAY. to lower himself, that he may be placed before JESUS: fit to be looked

Ý. They were all filled with the on by the countenance of the LORD. HOLY Ghost. Al._Ry. And began to For the LORD hath a regard to lowliness, speak. Al. Our FATHER. Abs. The inasmuch as He regarded the lowliness Almighty. Ben. The Evangelical. of His handmaiden. When He beheld

Lessons as on 4th Thursday in Lent. their faith, He said, Man, thy sins are forgiven thee. Great is the LORD,

Rz. 1. They were all filled. p. ccxliv. Who forgiveth some, for the merits of Ben. The Divine help. others : and, whilst approving some,

Rp. 2. Henceforth. p. ccxliii. Ben. pardons the sins of others. Why, 0 The King of Angels. man, should thine equal not prevail

Te Deum. p. 15. with thee? when a servant has the Easter-tide ends on this day.

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p. cxlii.

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