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Lesson III.

Why is He called the Saviour of the We will come unto him, and make the world, not to judge the world ? Our abode with him. Ponder, dearly Hast thou no wish to be saved by beloved brethren, what an honour that Him? thou shalt be judged of is, to have God coming into the guest thyself. And why say I, thou chamber of the heart. Certainly if shalt be judged ? Observe what any wealthy or honourable friend He saith : He that believeth on were coming into our house, the Him shall not be judged: But of him whole house would be cleaned with that believeth not, what can you great diligence, lest there should be expect shall be said, but; He is judged. anything to offend the eyes of the In what He addeth, He saith, He is friend as he came in. Wherefore let judged already; judgment hath not him who makes ready his soul for God, yet appeared, and yet judgment is wipe away the foulness of evil deeds. already passed. But see what the Truth saith: We will Ry. Henceforth I call you not come, and will make Our abode with servants, but friends, for ye have him. He cometh into the hearts of known all things that I have wrought some,

and maketh not His abode ; in the midst of you. Alleluia. * Receive because these feel reverence for God ye the Holy Ghost the Comforter: He when pricked in their conscience; but it is, Whom the FATHER shall send you, in time of temptation they forget the Alleluia. y. Ye are My friends, if ye very thing with which they were do whatsoever I command you. pricked, and thus they return to the Receive. Ben. The Divine help. commission of sins, as though they had

Lesson II. never mourned them. Te Deum. p. 15.

THE LORD knoweth them

that are

His : He knoweth who will WHITSUN MONDAY.

continue to the crown, who will

continue to the flame. He knoweth Ý. The SPIRIT of the LORD filleth the wheat in His threshing-floor: He the world. Alleluia. Ry. And That knoweth the chaff also. He knoweth which containeth all things hath the crop : He knoweth also the tares. knowledge of the Voice. Al. Abs. He who believeth not is judged already, Hear, LORD. Ben. The Evangelical Why judged ? Because he hath not lection.

believed on the name of the only Lesson of the Holy Gospel according to Begotten Son of God. For this S. John.

is judgment, because light is Lesson I. Chap. iii.

into the world, and men

than light, AT that time: Jesus said unto Nico- loved darkness

demus : God so loved the world, because their works were evil. My that he gave his only begotten Son, brethren, whose deeds hath the LORD that whosoever believeth on him found to be good ? None. Therefore should not perish, but have everlasting He hath found all deeds evil. How is life. And that which follows.

it then that some have done the truth,

and come unto the light? For this A Homily of S. Augustine the Bishop. also follows: Whoso doeth the truth, Tract 12 on S. John.

cometh to the light. A physician comes to do all he can R]. The Holy Ghost proceeding towards healing the sick. A man from the Throne, invisibly entered the who will not attend to the physician's hearts of the apostles with a new advice causes his own death. The token of hallowing: * that in their Saviour bath come into the world. | mouths all manner of new tongues



many have

should spring up. Al. y. The fire of ! and of the door whereby it enters the God came upon them, not burning, sheepfold. The heathens may then but enlightening, and bestowed upon say: We live a good life. If they do them gifts and graces. That. Glory. not enter by the door, what profit is That. Ben. The King.

that to them of which they boast? Lesson III.

For the use to any one of living a good BUT, He saith, they loved darkness life, is, that eternal life may be given

rather than light. That is where him. For what profit is a good life He laid the stress. For

unto him, unto whom eternal life is not loved their sins, and many have con- given? Therefore they cannot be said fessed their sins ; for he who accuses

to live a good life, who either from his sins, and confesses his sins, is blindness know not, or from pride already acting with God. God also despise, the goal of a good life. For accuses thy sins : and if thou accusest! no man hath a true and certain hope thy sins, thou art joined with God. of everlasting life, unless he knoweth For a man and a sinner are two the Life, which is Christ, and enters different things. When you hear the by the door into the sheepfold. word man, that is what God made: when

Ry. There appeared unto the disyou hear the word sinner, that is what ciples cloven tongues like as of fire,

himself made. Blot out what thou Alleluia : * and the Holy Ghost sat madest, in order that God may save upon each of them. Alleluia. Alleluia. what He made. It behoveth thee to y; And they began to speak with


them hate thine own work in thyself, and other tongues, as the SPIRIT to love the work of God in thee.' For utterance. And the. Ben. The Divine when that which thou thyself hast help.

Lesson II. made begins to displease thee, then thy good works begin, because thou accusest MEN of this kind therefore very thy bad works. The beginning of good

often try to persuade men to lead works is the confession of evil works.

a good life, and not to be Christians. Te Deum. 15.

They wish to go up by another way,

and to plunder and to kill : not like WAITSUN TUESDAY.

the good Shepherd, to preserve and to Ý. The Holy Ghost the Comforter : save. For there have been some philosoAlleluia. Ry. Shall teach you all phers discoursing often with ingenuity things. Alleluia. Our FATHER. Abs. about virtues and vices, distinguishing, His piety. Ben. The Evangelical. defining, drawing the keenest conclu. Lesson of the Holy Gospel according sions of reasoning, filling books, to S. John.

puffing their own wisdom with windy Lesson I. Chap. X.

cheeks, who were bold enough to say

to men: Follow us, keep to our sect, AT : .

Pharisees: Verily, Verily I say did not enter through the door: they unto you, He that entereth not by the desired to slay, destroy, and to kill. door into the sheepfold, but climbeth up some other way, the same is a tongues the wonderful works of God,

Rz. The apostles spake in divers thief and a robber. But he that entereth in by the door is the shepherd Alleluia. y. They were all filled with

as the SPIRIT gave them utterance. of the sheep. And that which the Holy Ghost, and began to speak. follows.

As. Glory. As. Ben. The King.
A Homily of S. Augustine the Bishop.
Tract 45 on S. John.

Lesson III. The Lord hath in to-day's lesson WHAT shall I say of them? Llo set before us a parable of His flock, the the


Scriptures; and in that which they | Delight in the LORD, and He will give read, they uttered the name of CHRIST, thee thy heart's desire. There is a they hoped for His coming, and yet kind of pleasure in the heart, to which they knew Him not when He was that heavenly bread is sweet. And here. For they boasted that they further, if the poet might fairly say, themselves were among the Seers, tliat Each man's pleasure draws him on, is, among the wise men: and they not necessity, but pleasure, not comdenied CHRIST, and entered not by the pulsion, but delight: how much more door; wherefore they too, if they forcibly ought we to say that a man is chanced to draw any away, drew them drawn to CHRIST, who delights in truth, not to free them, but to slay and kill. delights in blessedness, delights in Let us pass over these also: and let righteousness, delights in everlasting us see whether those who boast in the life? all which is CHRIST. Or can the name of Christ themselves, do them- bodily senses have their pleasures, and selves enter through the door. For the mind be deprived of pleasures of there are countless persons, who not its own? If the mind hath not only boast themselves to be Seers, but pleasures of its own, why is it said: would fain seem to be enlightened by And the children of men shall put CHRIST : and yet they are heretics. their trust under the shadow of Thy Te Deum. p. 15.

wings : they shall be satisfied with the

plenteousness of Thy house: and Thou EMBER WEDNESDAY.

shalt give them drink of Thy pleasures,

as out of the river: for with Thee is y. They were all filled with the the well of life: and in Thy light HOLY GHOST. Alleluia. Ry. And began shall we see light? to speak. Alleluia. Our FATHER.

The LORD Abs.


The Almighty. Ben.


taught Evangelical.

discipline and wisdom : Alleluia. He Lesson of the Holy Gospel according within them, * and filled their hearts

strengthened the grace of His SPIRIT to S. John.

with understanding, Alleluia. y. Lesson I. Chap. vi.

And suddenly the sound of the HOLY AT that time : Jesus

said unto

: came upon them. And. Ben. multitude of the Jews : No man can come to me, except the FATHER

Lesson II. which hath sent me draw him. And that which follows.

SUPPOSE a lover: and he under

stands what I am saying: suppose A Homily of S. Augustine the Bishop. one longing, suppose one hungering, Tract 26 on S. John.

suppose journeying in this Think not thou art drawn against wilderness and thirsting, and sighing thy will.

The mind is drawn by for the fountain of his eternal country; love also. Nor should we feel any suppose such an one, and he knows alarm, lest an objection should be what I am saying. But if I speak to brought against us, in this gospel a cold person, he knows not what I phrase of the holy Scriptures, by men speak. Such were they who murmured who weigh words and are as far as together. CARIST saith: Whosoever possible from understanding the things the FATHER draweth, cometh unto Me. of God; and lest they should say to us, What is this, Whom the FATHER How can I believe of my own will, draweth : seeing CHRIST Himself if I am drawn? I answer; It is a draws ? Why did He choose to say, little thing to be drawn by the will ; Whom the FATHER draweth ?

If we thou art drawn by pleasure too. What have to be drawn, let us be drawn by means, to be drawn by pleasure ? Him, unto Whom one that loves Him


as we can.

saith: We will run after the savour is drawn by the cord of the heart. If of Thine ointments. But let us then things, which belong to earthly consider, brethren, what He wished delights and pleasures, are shewn to us to understand, and take it in as far those who love them, and draw them

The FATHER draweth unto on, because it is true that each man's the Son those who believe in the Son, pleasure draws him on, does not CHRIST, because they think that He hath God revealed by the FATHER, draw ? For as His FATHER. For God the FATHER what does the soul long after more begat the Son co-equal to Himself; and eagerly than the truth? he who thinks and feels and ponders

Te Deum.


15. in his faith, that He in Whom he believes is equal to the FATHER, that

THURSDAY. man is drawn by the FATHER to the y. The SPIRIT of the LORD Son.

filleth the world. Al. Rz. And That Ry. Go ye into all the world, and which containeth all things hath preach the Gospel: Alleluia: * he that knowledge of the Voice. Al. Our believeth and is baptized shall be FATHER. Abs. Hear. Ben. The saved. * Al. Al. Al. y. In My Name Evangelical. shall they cast out devils, they shall Lesson of the Holy Gospel according speak with new tongues, they shall

to S. Luke.
take up serpents. He. Glory. He.
Ben. The King.

Lesson I. Chap. ix.
Lesson III.

AT that time: JESUS called his

twelve disciples together, and ARIUS believed the Son to be a


them power and authority over creature : the FATHER did not all devils, and to cure diseases. And draw him: because he doth not that which follows. rightly think of the FATHER, who doth not believe the Son to be equal. A Homily of S. Ambrose the Bishop. What sayest thou, O Arius ? What

Book 6 on S. Luke 9. sayest

thou, O heretic ? What What kind of man he ought to be speakest thou? What is CHRIST? who preaches the Kingdom of God, is

answers, Very God, but set down in the gospel precepts : that him whom Very God made. The without staff, without scrip, without FATHER hath not drawn thee: for sandals, without bread, without thou hast not understood the FATHER, money, that is, seeking no help of Whose Son thou deniest. Thou art earthly succour, and relying on faith, thinking of something else, which is he should, just in proportion as he hath not the Son; and thou art neither less desire for temporal things, have drawn by the FATHER, nor to the Son. more confidence that he will be proFor the Son is one thing, and that vided with them. And they who like of which thou speakest is another. can refer all these matters to this intenPhotinus saith : Christ is only a man, tion, that the passage seems only and is not God also. Whoso believeth designed to form a spiritual habit of this, the FATHER hath not drawn him. mind, which appears to have stripped Whom hath the FATHER drawn? Him the body of a kind of garment: by not who saith : Thou art the CHRIST, the merely casting away power, and Son of the living God. Thou shewest despising riches, but abandoning the green bough to

& sheep: thou allurements of the flesh itself. And drawest it. Nuts are offered to a boy: first of all a general precept of peace he is drawn: and that which runs, and firmness is given to them, that they is drawn, is drawn by its affections, is should bring peace with them, retain drawn without violence to the body, steadfastness, observe the laws and the

Not, he


Let us

ties of hospitality, counting it unfit for

Lesson III. a preacher of the kingdom of heaven to gad about from house to house, and BUT as the form of this command

deserves reverence in its literal to alter the laws of inviolable

meaning of the sacred tie of hospitality, hospitality.

so a heavenly meaning smiles on us Ry. The fire of God came, not in mystery. For in choosing a house, burning, but enlightening: not con- a worthy host is sought for. suming, but shining: and found the then see if it be not the Church, which hearts of the disciples pure shrines, * is pointed out for our preference, and and bestowed on them gifts of graces. CHRIST. For what worthier house Al. Al. y. The grace of Godhead can there be for the Apostles to enter pouring down upon them, found them in and preach, than Holy Church ? or united in love, and shone upon them. what host seems to be far preferable And. Ben. The Divine.

to all others, save CHRIST, Who was

wont to wash the feet of His guests, Lesson II.

and Who suffers not any whom He BUT; that the rights of hospitality receives into

His house to dwell there they are further commanded, when they may have been by their former not received, to shake off the dust, life, nevertheless vouchsafes to purify and to go forth from the city.

Here- them for the remainder of their by we are taught that there is no progress? He alone then it is, Whom small reward for hospitality : in that no one ought to abandon, no one to we are not merely to bring peace to change; and it is well said to Him : our hosts, but also, if any sins of LORD, to Whom shall we go? for Thou earthly frailty cloud them, these are to hast the words of eternal life ; and we be removed, when they admit the believe. footsteps of the apostolic preachers.

Te Deum. p. 15. And it is not without reason that, according to Matthew, a rule is laid

EMBER FRIDAY. down that the apostles must choose

y. The Holy Ghost the COMFORTER. the house into which they are to

Al. Ry. Shall teach you all things. enter: in order that there should be Al. Our FATHER. no reason for changing their dwelling, Ben. The Evangelical.

Abs. His piety. and breaking the tie of hospitality. But the same caution is not enjoined Lesson of the Holy Gospel according upon the host: lest hospitality should

to S. Luke. be diminished by making selection of

Lesson I. Chap. v. a guest. RZ. The Holy Ghost filled all the ! AT that time : It came to pass on a

certain day, as He was teaching, house where the Apostles were sitting: that there were Pharisees and doctors and there appeared unto them cloven of the law sitting by, which were come tongues like as of fire, and It sat upon out of every town of Galilee, and each of them: * and they were filled Judæa, and Jerusalem: and the power with the Holy Ghost, and began to of the LORD was present to heal speak with other tongues, as the SPIRIT them. And that which follows. gave them utterance. Al. Al. Y. When the disciples were gathered

A Homily of S. Ambrose the Bishop. together for fear of the Jews: suddenly

Book 5 on S. Luke v. there came a sound from Heaven The healing of this paralytic is upon them.

And. Glory. And. neither unmeaning, nor unimportant, Ben. The King.

wherein the LORD is said to have

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