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zealous, therefore, dearly beloved, that| A Homily of S. Augustine the Bishop. as the LORD to-day ascended on high

Tract 92 on S. John. in our form, so we may ascend in hope On the day of Pentecost, the HOLY after Him as far as we can, and follow GHOST came down upon a hundred Him in heart. Let us ascend after and twenty men assembled together, Him at once, in desire and in progress, amongst whom were all the apostles, even by means of our sins and passions. who were filled therewith; and when For if each of us strives to subdue they spoke with the tongues of all them to himself, and trains himself nations, many of those who were to stand above them, he frames of present, astonished at such a wonder, them a ladder for himself, whereby he (inasmuch as they saw, when Peter may ascend to higher things. They spake, so great and divine a witness will lift us up, if they be put below us. was given to CHRIST, that He, Who, Ry, Let not. p. ccxx.

slain by them, was counted among the

dead, was proved to be risen again, Lesson VI.

and to be alive) pricked to the heart, We make a ladder for ourselves

of were converted, and obtained pardon our sins, if we tread upon the through that precious blood so sins themselves. For malice cannot wickedly and cruelly shed : redeemed go up to the Author of Good; neither through that very blood wbich they can lust and riot ascend to the Virgin's had shed. Son. Sins, I say, cannot ascend up Rz. I will pray. p. ccxxi. after the Father of holiness. Crimes cannot follow after the righteous, nor

Lesson VIII. weakness and disease after the VOR the blood of CHRIST was in such physician. Therefore, if we desire to wise shed for the remission of all enter into the kingdom of the sins, that it was able to wash away Physician Himself, let us first heal our even the very sin by which it was shed. wounds. Let us regulate and preserve Looking then to this, the LORD said, in ourselves the position of our two They hated Me without a cause. But substances : lest the lower part of our when the COMFORTER is come, He shall nature should plunge down in hell the testify of Me: as though He were soul, which is the nobler portion of saying, They who saw Me hated Me man : but rather let our more glorious and slew Me, but the COMFORTER will nature bring our sanctified body with bear such witness of Me, that He will itself into heaven, through His help, make those who have not seen Me to Who liveth and reigneth for ever and believe. And ye also, He saith, will ever. Amen.

bear witness, because ye have been Ry. CHRIST. p. ccxxi.

with Me from the beginning. The

HOLY SPIRIT will bear witness, and ye THIRD NOCTURN.

also shall bear it: for since ye have Lesson of the Holy Gospel according been with Me from the beginning, ye to S. John.

are able to preach what ye know; and,

in order that ye should not do it just Lesson VII. Chap. xv. yet, the fulness of that SPIRIT is not AT that time : Jesus said unto his present with you.

disciples : When the Comforter Ry. For if I go. p. ccxxyiü. is come, whom I will send unto you from the FATHER, even the Spirit of

Lesson IX. truth, which proceedeth, from the HE, therefore, shall bear witness of FATHER, he shall testify of me. And Me, and ye also shall bear witness; that which follows.

for the love of God shed abroad in your hearts by the Holy Ghost, Which is and denying the only LORD God, and given you, will give you boldness in jour LORD JESUS CHRIST. giving witness. Peter truly still lacked

Ry. After His Passion. p. ccxix. this boldness, when, alarmed at the question of a serving maid, he could

Lesson II. not bear true witness, but contrary to his promise, was compelled by his I WILL therefore put you in remem

brance, though ye once knew this, great fear to deny thrice. That fear how that the LORD, having saved the is not in love : perfect love casteth people out of the land of Egypt, after, out fear. Indeed, before the LORD's wards destroyed them that believed passion, Peter's servile fear

was not. And the angels which kept not questioned by a serving woman; but their first estate, but left their own after the resurrection of the LORD, habitation, he hath reserved in everPeter's free-spirited love was questioned lasting chains under darkness unto the by the Prince of freedom Himself

, and judgment of the great day. Even as therefore, on the first occasion, he was Sodom and Gomorrha, and the cities troubled: on the second calmed. There about them in like manner, giving he denied Him whom he loved; here themselves over to fornication, and he loved Him whom he had denied. going after strange flesh, are set forth But even up to that time his very love for an example, suffering the vengeance was weak and narrow, until the Holy of the eternal fire. Likewise also SPIRIT strengthened and enlarged it.

these filthy dreamers defile the flesh, Te Deum, p. 15.

despise dominion, and speak evil of

dignities. WHITSUN EVE.

Ry. All the beauty. p. ccxix. From this day till the Feast of Trinity

Lesson III. inclusive, if a feast of mine lessons YET Michael the archangel, when occurs, it is transferred till after that contending with the devil he disfeast.

puted about the body of Moses, durst FIRST NOCTURN.

not bring against him a railing accusa

tion, but said, The LORD rebuke thee. Here beginneth the general Epistle of But these speak evil of those things S. Jude the Apostle.

which they know not; but what they

know naturally, as brute beasts, in Lesson I.

those things they corrupt themselves. JUDE, the

servant of Jesus Christ, Woe unto them!. for they have gone and brother of James, to them that in the way of Cain, and ran greedily are sanctified by God the FATHER, and after the error of Balaam for reward, preserved in JESUS CHRIST, and called : and perished in the gainsaying of Mercy unto you, and peace, and love, Core. These are spots in your feasts be multiplied. Beloved, when I gave of charity, when they feast with you, all diligence to write unto you of the feeding themselves without fear : common salvation, it was needful for clouds they are without water, carried me to write unto you, and exhort you about of winds; trees whose fruit that ye should earnestly contend the withereth, without fruit, twice dead, faith which was once delivered unto plucked up by the roots ; raging the saints. For there are certain waves of the sea, foaming out their men crept in unawares, who were own shame; wandering stars, to whom before of old ordained to this condem-is reserved the blackness of darkness nation, ungodly men, turning the for ever. grace of our God into lasciviousness, Ry. Be Thou exalted. p. ccxx.


Mary, the perfect one who bore our From the Treatise to the Catechumens perfect Head; who was also herself on the Creed,

the clear type of Holy Church. For by S. Augustine the Bishop.

as she, bringing forth her Son, re

mained a Virgin, so the Church also, Lesson IV. Book 4.

at all times, brings forth her members, WHILST holy Mother Church and loses not her virginity. We have

received you in her womb by the taken upon us, by the LORD's help, most sacred sign of the cross; who, as the task of explaining to you the she shall bring forth your brethren clauses of the most holy Creed: that spiritually with great joy, to be the you may instruct your understandings offspring of so great a mother, up to as to what they each contain. Your that time when she is to give them up

hearts are ready, because the enemy to the true light, regenerated by holy hath been shut out from your hearts. washing, feeds in her womb with Ry. Let not. p. ccxx. fitting nourishment those whom she

Lesson VI. bears, and joyfully carries them joyful unto the day of birth. For she is not You have professed that you have rebound by the sentence of Eve, who

nounced him. In which profession bringeth forth her sons in sorrow and ye uttered the phrase, I renounce, mourning, and them too not rejoicing with the attestation, not of men, but but rather weeping: but the Church of angels. Renounce, not only in looses what Eve had bound; that she words, but in conduct: not merely with might, by obedience, restore to life the the sound of the tongue, but also in the offspring which the other by her manner of life; not merely with the disobedience had given over to death. utterance of the lips, but with the

Know that you All the holy rites, which have been, speech of actions. and are still, performed on your

have entered into a contest with &

Let behalf, by the ministry of the servants crafty, old, and inveterate foe. of God in exorcisms, prayers, spiritual him not find his words in you after songs, breathings, sackcloth, bowing your renunciation, let him have no of the necks, humbling of the feet, right in you, to draw you into his the very dread which ought to be service. For thou, O Christian, art purchased at the cost of all feeling of detected and exposed, when thou doest security: all these, as I have said, are

one thing, and professest another: food, which refreshes you in the womb, faithful in name, but shewing somethat your mother may present you to thing else in deed, not keeping truly Christ, born again, and rejoicing in to thy promise : now entering the baptism.

church to utter prayers, and a little Ry. It is time. p. ccxx.

later shouting indecorously at the thea

tre with the actors. What hast thou to Lesson V.

do with the pomps of the devil, which

thou hast renounced ? YE have also received the Creed, the Ry. CHRIST, going up. p. ccxxi.

safeguard of her that bears you, against the venom of the serpent.

THIRD NOCTURN. In the Revelation of the Apostle John Lesson of the Holy Gospel according it is written, that the dragon stood

to S. John. before the woman, which was ready to be delivered, to devour her child as soon

Lesson VII. Chap. xiv. as she had brought forth. None of you AT that time - Jesus said unto his is ignorant that the dragon is the devil: disciples : If ye love me, keep my or that that woman denotes the Virgin commandments: and I will pray the

For we


FATHER, and he shall give you another | knowledge of Him cannot be in us : Comforter. And that which follows. for thus it is that we bebold our A Homily of S. Augustine the Bishop. conscience within ourselves.

see the face of another: we cannot see Tract 74 on S. John. In that He saith, I will pray the ; our own face: but, on the other hand, FATHER, and He shall give you another not see that of another.

we see our own conscience, and do

But our Paraclete, He shews that He also is a conscience can never exist, save in Paraclete. For Paraclete in Latin means ourselves : but the HOLY SPIRIT can advocate; and it is said of CHRIST : exist even without us. He is indeed We have an Advocate with the Father, given that He may be in us: but He JESUS CHRIST the righteous. For cannot be seen and known by us as He thus He said that the world could not ought to be seen and known, except receive the HOLY SPIRIT, as also it is He be in us. After the promise of the written: The carnal mind is enmity HOLY SPIRIT, lest any one should against God; for it is not subject fancy that the LORD intended to give to the law of God, neither indeed Him as though in His own stead, and can be. As though we

were to

as if not about to be with them Himsay: Unrighteousness cannot be righteousness. For He speaks of the self, He added and said: I will not

leave you orphans, I will come unto world in this place, meaning the lovers

you. Although then the Son of God of this world, which love is not from

as His FATHER's sons, the FATHER ; and therefore the love of adopted us

and willed that should have GOD, which is shed abroad in our hearts by the Holy Ghost, which is as our Father by grace, Him Who given unto us, is contrary to the love He Himself shews a kind of fatherly

was His FATHER by nature, nevertheless of this world, which we strive to affection for us, in saying, I will not diminish and destroy in us.

leave you orphans. Ry. I will pray. p. ccxxi.

Te Deum. p. 15.
Lesson VIII.

Him, because it seeth Him not,

Inv. Alleluia. The SPIRIT of the neither knoweth Him. For worldly LORD hath filled the world: * O come love hath not the invisible eyes, let us worship. Alleluia. Ps. Venite. wherewith the Holy Ghost can be p. 3. seen : Him Who cannot be seen, save HYMN. Jam Christus astra ascenderat. invisibly. Ye, He saith, shall know Him, for He will abide with you, and N°W.CHRIST, ascending whence He came,

starry shall be in you.

He will be in them, The Holy Ghost on men to pour, that He may abide : not, abide, that As God the FATHER's promise bore. He may be; for to be anywhere is the solemn time was drawing nigh, prior in time to abiding. But lest on seven days' sevenfold circles born,

Replete with heavenly mystery, they should fancy that the saying, He That first and blessed Whitsun-morn. shall abide with you, was uttered in the When the third hour shone all around, same sense, as a guest is wont to abide There came a rushing mighty sound, visibly with a man, He explains His and told the Apostles, while in prayer, words, He shall abide with you, by That, as 'twas promised, God was there adding and saying, He shall be in From forth the FATHER's

light it came,

That beautiful and kindly flame: you.

To fill, with fervour of His word,
Ry. For if I go. p. ccxxviii.

The spirits faithful to their LORD.
Lesson IX.

Breathed on by God the HOLY GHOST,

breasts, which He hath filled, rejoice, , of diverse voice.

THEREFORE He is invisibly seen. And Of His wondrous deeds they boast

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ús, foi

And to the men of every race,

men into love of Himself, so that when Barbarian, Latin, and the Greek,

the fiery tongues appeared without, While wondering eyes upon them gaze, In each one's dialect they speak.

their hearts were made to flame with. Then Jewry, trusting not the sign,

in; because, whilst they received And by malicious hate enticed,

God in the fiery vision, they burned Reproaches, as but full of wine,

happily with love. For that HOLY The holy messengers of CHRIST,

Ghost is Himself love; whence also
But Peter hastes with mighty deeds
Of power miraculous to téach,

John saith: GOD is love. Whoso
And with the words of Joel pleads

therefore desires GOD with all his Against the falsehood of their speech. soul, already possesseth God Whom To God the FATHER, God the Son,

he loveth. For no one could love God, And God the SPIRIT, praise be done; And CHRIST the LORD upon us pour

unless he possessed Him Whom he The SPIRIT's gift for evermore. Amen.

loved. NOCTURN.

Ry. When the day of Pentecost was Ant. And suddenly there came a fully come, they were all with one accord sound * from heaven, as of a rushing in one place. Alleluia. And suddenly mighty wind. Al. Al. Ps. xlviii., there came a sound from heaven: Magnus Dominus. p. 29.

Alleluia. * As of a rushing mighty wind, Ant. Stablish the thing, O God, * and it filled all the house. Alleluia. which hou hast wrought

Alleluia. y. When therefore the disci. Thy temple's sake at Jerusalem. Al. ples were gathered together for fear of Al. Ps. lxviii. Exurgat Deus. p. 38.

the Jews, suddenly there came upon Ant. Send forth Thy SPIRIT, * them a sound from heaven, as of a. and they shall be created : and Thou Ben. The Divine help. shalt renew the face of the earth. Al.

Lesson II. Al. Ps. civ. Benedic. p. 57. y. The SPIRIT of the Lord filleth BUT behold, if any of you should be

asked if he love God, he makes the world. Alleluia. Ry. And That

answer with full boldness and a confi. which containeth all things hath dent mind: I do love Him. You have knowledge of the voice. Alleluia. Our FATHER. Abs. Hear, LORD. Y: lesson what the Truth saith: If

heard in the very beginning of the Sir, pray. Ben. The Evangelical

man love Me, he will keep My lection.

words. Therefore the evidence of Lesson of the Holy Gospel according action is the proof of love. Thus the to S. John.

same John saith in his epistle : He Lesson I. Chap. xiv.

that saith, I love God, and keepeth AT that time ; Jesus said unto His not his commandments, is a liar: for

disciples : If a man love me, he we truly love God, and keep His will keep my words : and my FATHER commandments, if we restrain ourwill love him, and we will come unto selves from our pleasure. For whohim, and make our abode with him. soever continues to waste his time in And that which follows.

unlawful desires, certainly does not A Homily of S. Gregory the Pope.

love God, because he contradicts Him Hom. 30 on the Gospels.

and His will. I wish, dearly beloved brethren, to Ry. They were all filled with the go briefly through the words of the Holy Ghost, and began to speak with Gospel lesson, that I may be afterwards other tongues, as the SPIRIT gave them able to dwell at greater length on the utterance ; and the multitude came consideration of so great a festival. together, saying, Alleluia. y. The For to day the Holy Ghost came with Apostles spake in divers tongues the a sudden sound upon the disciples, wonderful works of God. And. Glory. and transformed the minds of carnal And. Ben. The King.

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