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sisteth not so much in greetings and | A Homily of S. Ambrose the Bishop. compliments, as in giving of alms and

Book 4 on S. Luke iv. offering of gifts. Honour, saith the

Observe the mercy of the LORD the Apostle, widows, which are widows

SAVIOUR. He did not leave Judæa, indeed. This honour is to be under- either moved by indignation, or stood of a gift. And in another place : offended by guilt, or insulted by Elders are to be honoured with double honour, specially they who labour in wrong : nay, even forgetful of the the word and doctrine of God. And wrong done Him, mindful of His

mercy, He softened the hearts of the by this commandment we

unbelieving people, at one time by dered not to muzzle the mouth of teaching, another time by delivering, the ox that treadeth out the corn; another time by healing. And S. and that the labourer is worthy of his Luke hath very well mentioned first hire.

that a man was delivered from an evil Rý. Reuben. p. cxl.

spirit, and then adds the healing of a

woman. For the LORD came to cure Lesson III.

both sexes; but that ought first to be THE LORD gave commandment: healed which was first created; nor

that, bearing in mind the weak- should the other be passed over, ness, old age, or poverty of their which had sinned rather by fickleness parents, children are to honour them

weakness of mind. by ministering to them of the necesBaries of life. The scribes and Phari

Ry. When they saw. p. cxxxvii. sees, desiring to overturn this most

Lesson II. prudent law of God, and to bring in ungodliness under the name of godli- THE beginning of the Lord's work

of healing on the Sabbath denotes ness, taught wicked children that if that the new creation should begin any one should desire to vow to God, where the old creation had left off, Who is the true Father, those things and it signifies in the very beginning which ought to have been given to that the Son of God was not under their parents, oblation to the LORD the law, but above the law; and that ought to be put before gifts to their the law was not destroyed, but fulfilled. parents.; or that those parents them- For it is not by the law, but by the selves, who saw that these things were WORD, that the world was created, as consecrated to God, would refuse them, we read: By the Word of the LORD lest they should incur the sin of sa

were the heavens made. The law crilege, and so would die of want. then is not destroyed, but fulfilled, And thus it came to pass that the that falling man might be restored. offerings of children, made under the Whence it is the Apostle saith : Put pretence of the temple and of God, ye off the old man, and put ye on the turned to the gain of the priests.

new man, which is created after God. Ry. Jacob lamented. p. cxl.

Ry. Judah said. p. cxxxvii.

Lesson III. Lesson of the Holy Gospel according AND. He rightly began on the Sabto S. Luke.

bath, to shew that He was indeed

the Creator, Who was linking one Lesson I. Chap. iv.

work on to the other, and carrying on AT .

the synagogue, and entered into Just as when a builder has settled to Simon's house. And Simon's wife's renew a house, he does not begin to mother was taken with a great fever. take down the old one from the baseAnd that which follows.'

ment, but from the roof. Therefore



He puts His hand to the place where

Lesson II. He last left off, and next begins with the smaller parts, that he may get at JESUS is wearied by His journey

for thee. We find JESUS to be the larger. Men too can deliver from the evil spirit, but by the word of might, and we find Jesus weak: God; it belongs to Divine power alone in the beginning was the WORD,

strong," and weak. Strong, because to command the resurrection of the and the WORD was with God, and dead. It may well be that our filesh the WORD was God; the same was lay sick with the various fevers of sin, in the beginning with God. Wouldst in the type of that woman, the mother thou see how strong this Son of of Simon and Andrew : and was

God is ? All things were made by heated with the unreasonable allure

Him, and without Him not ments of different passions. I should not call the fever of love less than anything made, and without labour

were they made. What therefore that of heat: so the one inflames the mind, the other the body. Our fever Whom all things were made without

be stronger than Him, by is avarice; our fever is lust; our labour? Wouldst thou know Him to fever is luxury: our fever is ambition;

be weak ? The WORD was made our fever is wrath.

flesh, and dwelt among us.

The Ry. And they drew. p. cxxxviii.

might of CHRIST created thee: the FRIDAY.

weakness of CHRIST re-created thee. Lesson of the Holy Gospel according The might of CHRIST caused that to S. John.

to be which was not: the weakness Lesson I. Chap. iv.

of CHRIST caused that which was not,

He created us in His AT that time : Jesus cometh to a to perish.

city of Samaria, which is called might, He sought us in His weakSychar, near to the parcel of ground ness. that Jacob gave to his son Joseph. Ry. When Joseph. p. cxxxviii. And that which follows. A Homily of S. Augustine the Bishop.

Lesson III.
Tract 15 on S. John.

HE, therefore, weak, nourished Now mysteries begin. For JESUS thee also weak, as a hen her is not wearied for nought; not indeed chickens : for to this He likened Himfor nought is the might of God wearied, self. How often, saith He to Jerunot for nought is He wearied by Whom salem, would I have gathered thy the wearied are refreshed: not indeed children together, as a hen gathereth for nought is He wearied by Whose her chickens under her wings, and ye absence we are wearied, by Whose would not! But ye see, my brethren, presence we are strengthened. Never- how a hen becomes weak with her theless, Jesus is wearied, and is chickens. For no other bird knows wearied with His journey, and sitteth; how to be a mother. We see sparrows and sitteth over against the well, and build their nests before our eyes ; sitteth wearied at the sixth hour. All daily we see swallows, storks, and these things mean something; they doves building, which, unless when are intended to point out something; we see them in their nests, we do not they excite our attention; they exhort know to be parents. But a hen so us to knock. May He, therefore, open becomes weak by her chickens, that unto us and unto you, Who was even when she is not followed by her pleased thus to exhort, and to say, chickens, even if thou seest not the Knock, and it shall be opened unto young, thou knowest her to be a you.

mother. Ry. When Jacob saw. p. cxxxviii. Ry. Think on me. p. cxxxix.


For of Him it was foretold : Gird Thee Lesson of the Holy Gospel according with Thy sword upon Thy thigh, o

Thou most mighty, according to Thy to S. John.

worship and renown. Good luck have Lesson I. Chap. viii.

Thou with Thine honour: ride on, AT :

Mount of Olives : and early in meekness, and righteousness. Therethe morning He came again into the fore He brought truth as the Teacher, temple. And that which follows. meekness as the Deliverer, rightA Homily of S. Augustine the Bishop. eousness as the Examiner. In the Tract 33 on S. John.

HOLY GHOST the Prophet foretold Jesus went unto the Mount of things. When he spake, truth was

that He should reign because of these Olives : to the fruitful mount, to the acknowledged; when He moved not mount of unction, to the mount of Himself against His foes, His meekchrism. For where could CHRIST SO meetly teach as in the Mount of suffered the pangs of spite and envy,

ness was exalted. When His enemies Olives? For the name of CARIST is because of two of those qualities, that derived from chrism, and chrism in Greek is unction in Latin; and there-is, His truth and meekness, they put fore He hath nointed us, because we third, namely, His righteousness.

a stumbling-block before Him in the are wrestlers against the devil. And early in the morning He came again

Ry. Jacob lamented. p. cxl. into the temple, and all the people FOURTH SUNDAY IN LENT. came unto Him; and He sat down,

Inv. and Hymn as 1st Sunday in and taught them, and He was not

Lent, p. cxx. taken, because it pleased Him not, as yet, to suffer. But now give heed,

FIRST NOCTURN. and see how the LORD's meekness is

Of the Book of Exodus. tried by His foes.

Lesson I. Chap. iii. Ry. We suffer. p. cxxxix.

Now Moses kept the flock of Jethro Lesson II.

his father in law, the priest of A ND the Scribes and Pharisees Midian: and he led the flock to the

brought unto Him a woman taken backside of the desert, and came to in adnltery; and when they had set the mountain of God, even to Horeb. her in the midst, they say unto Him, And the angel of the LORD appeared Master, this woman was taken in unto him in a flame of fire out of the adultery. Now Moses in the law midst of a bush: and he looked, and, commanded us, that such should be behold, the bush burned with fire, stoned; but what sayest Thou? This and the bush was not consumed. they said, tempting Him, that they And Moses said, I will now turn aside, might have to accuse Him. And and see this great sight, why the bush whence to acouse Him ? Had they is not burnt. And when the LORD ever taken Him in any guiltiness, or saw that he turned aside to see, God could this woman be said in any way called unto him out of the midst of to pertain to Him ?

the bush, and said, Moses, Moses. Ry. Reuben said. p. cxl,

And he said, Here am I. And he

said, Draw not nigh hither: put off Lesson III.

thy shoes from off thy feet, for the LET us understand, brethren, the place whereon thou standest is holy

wondrous meekness which was in ground. Moreover he said, I am the the LORD. They had noted Him to be God of thy Father, the God of Abraexceeding gentle, exceeding meek. ham, the God of Isaac, and the God


of Jacob. And Moses hid his face; | tain. And Moses said unto God, Befor he was afraid to look upon God. hold, when I come unto the children

Ry. The LORD said unto Moses, of Israel, and shall say unto them, The Get thee down into Egypt, and com- | God of your fathers hath sent me mand Pharaoh * that he let My people unto you; and they shall say to me, go: the heart of Pharaoh is här- What is his name? what shall I say dened: he will not let My people go, unto them? And God said unto save by a mighty hand. Ý. The cry of Moses, I AM THAT I AM: and he the children of Israel is come unto said, Thus shalt thou say unto the Me, and I have seen their affliction : children of Israel, I AM hath sent me come now, and I will send thee unto unto you. And God said moreover Pharaoh. That.

unto Moses, Thus shalt thou say unto

the children of Israel, The LORD GOD Lesson II.

of your fathers, the God of Abraham, , I seen the affliction of my people Jacob, hath sent me unto you: this is which are in Egypt, and have heard my name for ever, and this is my their cry by reason of their task- memorial unto all generations. masters; for I know their sorrows; Ry. I will sing unto the LORD, for He and I am come down to deliver them hath triumphed gloriously; the horse out of the hand of he Egyptians, and his rider hath He thrown into the and to bring them up out of that sea. The LORD is my strength and land unto a good land and a large, my song, and is become my salvation. unto a land flowing with milk and Ý. The LORD is a Man of war, the honey; unto the place of the Ca- LORD is His name. The LORD. Glory. naanites, and the Hittites, and the The LORD. Amorites, and the Perizzites, and the Hivites, and the Jebusites. Now

SECOND NOCTURN. therefore, behold, the cry of the

A Sermon of S. Basil the Great. children of Israel is come unto me: and I have also seen the oppression

Lesson IV. wherewith the Egyptians oppress

Homily 1 on Fasting. them. Come now therefore, and IWE know that Moses ascended will send thee unto Pharaoh, that into the mount by fasting: for thou mayest bring forth my people otherwise he would not have dared to the children of Israel out of Egypt. come unto the smoking summit, and

Ry. Moses stood before Pharaoh, to enter the cloud, except strengthened and said: Thus saith the LORD : * let by fasting. During his fast he obMy people go, that they may sacrifice tained the commandments, written on to me in the wilderness. y. The tables by the finger of God; so too, LORD God of the Hebrews hath sent on the top of the mountain, fasting me to thee, saying. Let.

was the means of giving the law; but

at its foot gluttony led the people Lesson III.

into idolatry, and polluted them. The AND Moses said unto God, Who am people sat down, he saith, to eat and

I, that I should go unto Pharaoh, drink, and rose up to play. and that I should bring forth the drunken bout of the people made null children of Israel out of Egypt? And and void the perseverance of forty he said, Certainly I will be with thee ; days, wherein the servant of God had and this shall be a token unto thee, continued in fasting and prayer. For that I have sent thee: When thou hast those tables which fasting received, brought forth the people out of Egypt, written with the finger of GOD, ye shall serve God upon this moun- | drunkenness broke. For the holy



prophet thought it not meet that a strength in wars, teaches' calm in people filled with wine should receive peace : hallows the Nazarite, perfects the law from GOD.

the priest. For it is not lawful to R. Thy way is in the sea, and Thy approach the sacrifice without fasting: paths in the great waters. * Thou not merely in our mystical and true leddest Thy people like sheep, by the worship of God, but not even in that hand of Moses and Aaron. Ý. Thou wherein a typical sacrifice was offered didst bring them through the Red Sea, by the law. Fasting made Elias the and didst carry them through the abun beholder of a great vision; for after dance of waters. Thou leddest. he had purged his soul by a fast of

forty days, he attained in the cave to Lesson V.

behold God, so far as IN one moment of time, through Moses, receiving the law a second

gluttony, that people which had time, a second time entered upon a been taught the wonders of God by fast: the Ninevites, had not they and the greatest miracles, fell most shame- their cattle fasted, would never have fully into the idolatry of Egypt. If escaped threatened ruin. Whose therefore, thou comparest the two members were those that perished in facts together, it is easy to see that the desert? were they not of those fasting leads to God, and that dainties who desired flesh ? ruin salvation. What defiled Esau, RY. Moses the servant of the LORD and made him his brother's servant ? fasted forty days and forty nights : Was it not one meal, for which he sold that he might merit to receive the his birthright? Was it not prayer during law of the LORD. Ý. Moses went up a fast, which bestowed Samuel on his to the LORD in mount Sinai, and was mother? What made the mighty there forty days and forty nights. Samson unconquerable? Was it not the That. Glory. That. fast wherewith he was conceived in his mother's womb? Fasting con.

THIRD NOCTURN. ceived him, fasting nursed him, fast- Lesson of the Holy Gospel according ing made him

And this

to S. John. indeed the angel enjoined on his Lessom VII. Chap. vi. mother : warning her that she should not touch anything that came of the AT that time: Jesus went over the

sea of Galilee, which is the sea of vine, either wine or strong drink. Tiberias. And a great multitude folFasting begets prophets, strengthens lowed Him, because they saw His the strong, and renders them robust. miracles which He did on them that

Ry. As for them that pursued Thy were diseased. And that which folpeople, O LORD, Thou didst cast them lows. into the deep: * and Thou broughtest A Homily of 8. Augustine the Bishop. forth Israel by a pillar of cloud. y. Thou leddest Thy people like sheep,

Tract 24 on S. John. by the hand of Moses and Aaron.

The miracles which

our LORD JESUS CHRIST wrought, are verily Lesson VI.

divine works, and teach the mind of FASTING maketh wise lawgivers, man by visible means to comprehend

it is the best safeguard of the God. Because He, indeed, is not of soul, the sure ally of the body, the such substance as can be seen with bulwark of brave men, weapons for the eyes : and His miracles whereby the athletes, and training for the com- He ruleth all the world, and governeth batants. Further, this repels tempta- the whole creation, become of no actions, arms for piety, dwells with count by reason of their continuance; soberness, works temperance, brings so that hardly any one deigns to con

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