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was the first to repay the Saviour ye also may have fellowship with us, the death which He vouchsafed to and truly our fellowship is with the endure for us. And. Glory. And. FATHER, and with His Son JESUS

CHRIST. And these things write we Lesson IX.

unto you, that your joy may be full. that the Zachariah is meant who have heard of him, and declare unto was slain by Joash king of Judah, you, that God is light, and in Him is between the temple and the altar, as no darkness at all. is mentioned in the second Book of the Chronicles. But it is to be ob- blessed John, who leaned upon the

Ry. Greatly to be honoured is served that this Zachariah was not the bosom of the LORD at the last Supper. son of Barachiah, but of Jehoiada the priest, wherefore also the Scripture mended His Virgin Mother on the

To whom, a virgin, CHRIST comsays, Joash the king remembered not Cross. y. He, a Virgin, was chosen by the kindness which Jehoiada his father the LORD and beloved above the rest. had done to him. Whilst therefore

To whom. we have the name Zachariah, and the

Lesson II. place of his death agrees, we inquire why he is called the son of Bara- IF we say that we have fellowship chiah, and not of Jehoiada. Bara

with Him, and walk in darkness, chiah, then, means, in our tongue, we lie, and do not the truth: but if Blessed of the LORD, and thus the we walk in the light, as He is in the righteousness of Jehoiada is denoted light, we have fellowship one with by his Hebrew name. In the Gospel another, and the blood of JESUS used by the Nazarenes we find the CHRIST His Son cleanseth us from all son of Jehoiada instead of son of sin. If we say that we have no sin, Barachiah.

we deceive ourselves, and the truth is

not in us. Te Deum, p. 15.

If we confess our sins, He

is faithful and just to forgive us our FEAST OF S. JOHN, APOSTLE AND

sins, and to cleanse us from all EVANGELIST.

unrighteousness. If we say that we

have not sinned, we make Him a liar, Double of the 2nd. Class. and His word is not in us. Inv., Hymn, Ants., Pss., and Ýy. of

Ry. This is the disciple who testified Nocturns of Common of Apostles, of these things * and wrote these p. (66.)

things, and we know that his testiFIRST NOCTURN.

mony is true. ¥. He drank of the Here beginneth the 1st Epistle of stream of the Gospel from the sacred S. John the Apostle.

fountain of the LORD's Breast. And. Lesson I. Chap. i.

Lesson III. Chap. ii. THAT which was from the begin. My little children, these things

ning, which we have heard, which write I unto you, that ye sin we have seen with our eyes, which we not. And if any man sin, we have an have looked upon, and our hands have advocate with the FATHER, JESUS handled, of the Word of life ; (for Christ the righteous : and He is the the life was manifested, and we have propitiation for our sins : and not for seen it, and bear witness, and shew ours only, but also for the sins of the unto you that eternal life, which was whole world. And hereby we do know with the FATHER, and was manifested that we know Him, if we keep His comunto us ;) that which we have seen mandments. He that saith, I know and heard declare we unto you, that Him, and keepeth not His command




ments, is a liar, and the truth is not | Trajan had succeeded, he founded in him. But whoso keepeth His word, and governed all the churches of Asia. in him verily is the love of God per- And, worn out with old age, he died fected: hereby know we that we are in in the 68th year after our LORD'S Him. He that saith he abideth in Him Passion, and was buried at Ephesus. ought himself also so to walk, even as Ry. And Jesus loved him, for the He walked.

prerogative of especial purity made Ry. This is the most blessed Evan- him worthy of fuller love: who, gelist and Apostle John * who because chosen a virgin, remains ever virgin. he loved most, was most honoured by W. And when dying on the Cross, the his LORD. . This is that disciple LORD commended His Virgin Mother whom Jesus loved, and who leaned to His virgin disciple. Who. upon the Breast of the LORD in the

Lesson VI. last Supper. Who. Glory. Who.

(From the Commentary of S. Jerome SECOND NOCTURN.

on Galatians.) From the Book of S. Jerome the Priest BLESSED John the Evangelist, on Ecclesiastical writers.

when he lived at Ephesus in Lesson IV.

extreme old age, and could scarcely JOHN the Apostle, whom Jesus loved even be carried by his disciples to the

most, the son of Zebedee, the church, and could then not make any brother of James the Apostle, whom long discourse, used to exhort the

other words than Herod beheaded after the Passion of people in

these : the LORD, last of all the Evangelists,

Little children, love wrote his gospel on the request of the and the brethren who were present,

another. At length the disciples, Bishops of Asia against Cerinthus and wearied of always hearing the same other heretics, but principally against the teaching of the Ebionites, who thing, said, Master, why dost thou affirmed that CHRIST did not exist always teach us this? He answered, before Mary; whence it is that he so Because it is the command of the

and the answer is worthy of John, strongly teaches the Divinity of the LORD: and if ye perform it, it suffices. LORD. Ry. Him that overcometh will I

Ry. In the midst of the Church he make a pillar in My Temple, saith the opened his mouth : * and the LORD LORD, * and I will write upon him filled him with the spirit of wisdom My Name, and the name of the city and understanding. W. He treasured New Jerusalem. Ý. To him that up in him glory and exultation. And. overcometh will I give to eat of the Glory. And. Tree of life, which is in the midst of

THIRD NOCTURN. the Paradise of My God. And.

Lesson from the Holy Gospel accord-
Lesson V.

ing to S. John.
the fourteenth year, when, after Lesson VII. Chap. xxi.

Nero, the second persecution was excited by Domitian, he was banished AT that time : Jesus saith_unto to the isle of Patmos, and wrote the turning about, seeth the disciple

Peter, Follow Me. Then Peter, Apocalypse, which has been interpreted whom Jesus loved following. by Justin Martyr and by Irenæus. that which follows.

And When Domitian was put to death, and his acts were rescinded by the A Homily of S. Augustine the Bishop. senate on account of their severity,

Tr. 124 on S. John. he returned, Nerva being Emperor, Two different states of life have to Ephesus: and remaining there till been received by the Church, both



commended to her by her Divine | and in the world to come it hath no Master. The one is a life of faith, the end. Hence it is said to the first: other of sight: one is passed in a Follow Me. But of the second : If I season of journeying, the other in an will that he tarry till I come, what is eternal abode; one in labour: the that to thee? follow thou Me. What other in rest; one on the way; the doth it mean? So far as I understand other at home; one in the toil of or grasp its meaning, it is, Do thou action; the other in the reward of follow Me in the imitation of My contemplation. The one has to refuse temporal sufferings; let him await evil and work good : the other has no My return with never-ending happievil to refuse, but has only the enjoy- ness. ment of great good. One is a war

Te Deum, p. 15. with the enemy: the other å reign without opposition.

FEAST OF THE HOLY INNOCENTS. Ry. In that day I will raise up thee

Double of the Second Class. My servant, and will set thee for a

Inv. sign before Me. Because I have

The LORD, the King of Marchosen thee, saith the LORD God. tyrs * O come let us worship. Ps. V. Be thou faithful unto death, and I

xcv. p. 4, will give thee a crown of life. Because. Hymn. Hymnum canentes Martyrum. Lesson VIII.

THE Hymn for conquering Martyrs raise,

The Victor Innocents we praise:
IN ,

needy; in the other, none needy But Heaven with joy received to-day. are found. The one forgives another's World without end, and hymn His grace:

Whose Angels see the FATHER's face trespasses, in order that her own And while they chant unceasing lays, may be forgiven her: the other suffers | The hymn for conquering Martyrs raise. nothing which she has to forgive, nor Fear not, O little flock and blest, does aught for which she has to ask The lion that your life oppressed i forgiveness. The one is scourged by To heavenly pastures ever new evils, lest she should be lifted up by Who, dwelling now on Sion's hili

The heavenly Shepherd leadeth you; prosperity; the other is free from all The Lamb's dear footsteps follow still: evil, in such fulness of grace, that By tyrant there no more distressed, without any temptation of pride she Fear not, O little flock and blest ! should cleave to the highest good. And every tear is wiped away Ry. This is that John who leaned Death hath no power to hurt you more,

By your dear FATHER's hands for aye; on the Bosom of the LORD at supper. Whose own is life's eternal store. * Blessed Apostle to whom the secrets Who sow their seed, and, sowing, weep, of the LORD are revealed. ¥. He What time they shine in heavenly day, drank of the stream of the Gospel | And every tear is wiped away. from the sacred Fountain of the LORD'S

Ants., Pss., ¥ ¥. of Nocturns, of the Breast. Blessed. Glory. Blessed.

Common of many Martyrs (p. 91) exLesson IX.

cept the 2nd Ant. of the 3rd Nocturn, THEREFORE the one is good, which is said, as here given. though it embrace suffering; the

FIRST NOCTURN. other is better by reason of its felicity.

From Jeremiah the Prophet.
The first is signified by the apostle
Peter, the second by John. The

Lesson I. Chap. xxxi. whole course of the first extends to the THUS saith the LORD; A voice was


heard in Ramah, lamentation, and nated; the fulfilment of the second is bitter weeping; Rahel weeping for her postponed till the end of this world, children refused to be comforted for

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her children, because they were not. the highway, even the way which thou Thus saith the LORD; Refrain thy wentest: turn again, O virgin of Israel, voice from weeping, and thine eyes turn again to these thy cities. How from tears; for thy work shall be long wilt thou go about, O thou backrewarded, saith the LORD; and they sliding daughter ? for the LORD hath shall come again from the land of the created a new thing in the earth, a enemy. And there is hope in thine woman shall compass a man. Thus end, saith the LORD, that thy children saith the LORD of hosts, the God of shall come again to their own border. Israel; As yet they shall use this

Ry. I beheld a hundred and forty speech in the land of Judah and in and four thousand which were re- the cities thereof, when I shall bring deemed from the earth: these are they again their captivity; the LORD bless which were not defiled with women, * thee, Ohabitation of justice, and for they are virgins ; therefore they mountain of holiness. reign with God and the Lamb of God Ry. They worshipped Him that with them. Ý. These are they that liveth for ever and ever, and cast came out of great tribulation, and their crowns before the throne, and have washed their robes, and made worshipped Him that liveth for ever them white in the Blood of the Lamb. and ever. And. Glory. And. For. Lesson II.

SECOND NOCTURN. I HAVE surely heard Ephraim be- A Sermon of S. Augustine the Bishop. moaning himself thus; Thou hast

Lesson IV. chastised me, and I was chastised, as

Sermon 10 on the Saints. a bullock unaccustomed to the yoke : turn thou me, and I shall be turned ; TO-day, beloved brethren, we celefor thou art the Lord my God. Surely who, as we learn from the Gospel,

brate the birthday of those infants after that I was turned, I repented ;

I and after that I was instructed, i were slain by the cruel king Herod. smote upon my thigh: I was ashamed, And therefore the earth must rejoice yea, even confounded, because I did for these heavenly soldiers, she that bear the reproach of my youth. Is was the parent of so much virtue. Ephraim my dear son? is he a plea- done such a kindness to these blessed

For see: the enemy never could have sant child ? for since I spake against him, I do earnestly remember him little ones by good will as he did by still: therefore my bowels are troubled hatred. For, as the holy feast of this for him ; I will surely have mercy iniquity abounded against these in

day manifests, by how much the more upon him, saith the LORD.

Ry. I heard under the Altar of God fants, by so much the more the grace the voices of them that were slain, of God was mighty in them. that said, Why dost Thou not

Ry. They have poured forth the avenge our blood ? And they received blood of the just like water in the an answer from the LORD, Wait yet a

midst of Jerusalem, * and there was little while until the number of your

no man to bury them. Ý. The dead brethren be fulfilled. Ý. I saw under bodies of Thý servants have they the altar the souls of them that were given unto the beasts of the land. slain for the word of God, and for the

And. testimony that they kept, and they

Lesson V. cried with a loud voice, saying. Whý. BLESSED art thou, o Bethlehem,

in the land of Judah, because Lesson III.

thou didst suffer the cruelty of Herod SET thee up waymarks, make thee in the destruction of the infants, and

high heaps: set thine heart toward didst at one time send such a white


robed multitude as an offering to God. I bring thee word. And that which We rightly celebrate the birthday of follows. those, whose birthday to eternal life was more blessed than that which A Homily of S. Jerome the Priest. their mothers gave them to the

Book I., Comment. S. Matthew ii. troubles of this world. For they attained the dignity of eternal life

When he took the young child and before they had any knowledge of the His Mother, to pass into Egypt, he present world.

took Him by night, and in darkness : Ry. These are the saints who suffered for He left the night of ignorance to

those unbelievers from whom He for Thee, O LORD: avenge them * because they cry unto Thee every day. departed. But when He returns to X. Avenge, o LORD, the blood of Judæa, neither night nor darkness Thine elect which is poured forth. is set down in the Gospel; for, at

the end of the world the Jews will Because.

be enlightened, receiving the faith, Lesson VI.

as CHRIST Himself, returning from THE precious death of other martyrs Egypt. merited its praise in their con

Ry. They sang a new song before the fessions : the death of these had its throne of God and of the LAMB ;* and only value in its completion. In the the earth echoed with their voices. very beginning of life He introduced Ý. These are they which were rethem into glory, Who ended for them deemed from among men, and were the calamities of the present world. the first fruits to God and the LAMB. The wickedness of Herod tore them and in their mouth was found no from the breasts of their mothers to guile. And. Ben. They whose feast. be the flower of martyrs. They were like buds in the midst of the cold of

Lesson VIII. unbelief, which were nipped by the frost of persecution.

THAT it might be fulfilled which Ry. These are they which have not

was spoken of the LORD by the defiled their garments, they shall prophet, saying, Out of Egypt have I walk with Me in white, for they are the genuineness of the Hebrew books

called my Son. Let those who deny worthy. ¥. These are they which are not defiled with women, for they are say where this prophecy is read in the

seventy translators.

And since they virgins. They. Glory. They.

cannot find it, we will tell them that In the 3rd Nocturn, instead of the it is written in the prophet Hosea, as 2nd Ant. is said :

the copies which we have lately pubAnt. These are they which came

lished will prove. out of great tribulation, and have Ry. I saw under the Altar of God washed their robes, and made them the souls of them which were slain white in the Blood of the LAMB. for the Word of God and for the Ps. xxxiv. Benedicam Domino. testimony which they kept, and they

cried with a loud voice, Avenge, Lesson of the Holy Gospel according O LORD, the blood of Thy saints to S. Matthew.

which is poured forth. y. Under Lesson VII. Chap. ii. the Throne of God all the saints cry AT that time: The Angel of the out. Avenge,

LORD appeared to Joseph in a If it be Sunday, Glory. Avenge. And dream, saying, Arise, and take the after the 9th Lesson, omitting the 9th young Child and His Mother, and flee RZ., Te Deum. On other days as into Egypt, and be thou there until follows.

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