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device as they are not able to per- death, to rejoice in the gift of neverform.

ending incorruption ? 12 Therefore shalt thou put them Ry. There is a crown of gold upon to flight: and the strings of thy bow his head, * stamped with the sign of shalt thou make ready against the face holiness, the mark of honour, the reof them.

ward of strength. y. For Thou hast 13 Be thou exalted, LORD, in thine prevented him with the blessings of own strength : so will we sing, and goodness, and hast set a crown of praise thy power.

pure gold upon his head. The sign. Ant. Thou hast set, O LORD, a Ben. The Martyr whose. crown of pure gold upon his head. Ý. His honour is great in Thy sal

Lesson VIII. vation. RY. Glory and great worship shalt BUT the soul kindles at the very

hearing of these things : already Thou lay upon him. Our FATHER. it hath a longing to be where it Abs. The Almighty and merciful God. hopeth to rejoice without end. But y. Sir, pray. Ben. The Evangelical. great rewards may not be won save by

great toils. Whence also Paul, that Lesson of the Holy Gospel according great preacher, saith: No man is to S. Luke.

crowned unless he strive lawfully. Lesson VII. Chap. xiv.

Therefore let the greatness of the reAT that time : Jesus said unto the ward delight the mind, but let not the

multitude: If any man come to conflict of toils affright. Wherefore me, and hate not his father, and the Truth saith unto them that come mother, and wife, and children, and unto Him: If any man come to Me, brethren, and sisters, yea, and his and hate not his father, and mother, own life also, he cannot be my and sisters, yea, and his own life also,

and wife, and children, and brethren, disciple. And that which follows.

he cannot be my disciple. A Homily of S. Gregory the Pope. Ry. This is the true Martyr who

Homily 37. on the Gospels. poured forth his blood for the Name If we consider, dearly beloved bre- of CHRIST: * who feared not the threats thren, what and how great are the of judges, nor sought the dignity of things promised unto us in heaven, earthly glory, but attained to the all that we have upon earth be- | kingdom of heaven. y. The LORD as nought to our soul. For

led the righteous man by right ways, when earthly goods are compared with and shewed him the kingdom of God. heavenly happiness, they become a

Who. Glory. Who. Ben. The King burden, not an aid.

Temporal life of Angels. when compared with eternal life [The following Ry. is said in the should rather be called death than last place on the festivals of the six life. For what is the daily weakness following Martyrs and Bishops, when of corruption, but a sort of lengthening kept with 9 Lessons : SS. Eusebius, out of death ? But what tongue can Marcellus, John, Silverius, Martin, declare, what understanding can com- and Pontianus. prehend, how great are the joys of that Ry. Thou hast prevented him, O Heavenly City : to be among the choirs LORD, with the blessings of goodness : of angels, to stand before the glory of Thou hast set a crown of pure gold the Creator with most blessed spirits, upon his head. y. He asked life of to behold the present countenance of Thee, and Thou gavest him a long God, to see the Light that knoweth no life, even for ever and ever. Thou bound, to be smitten with no fear of hast. Glory. Thou hast.}



Lesson IX.

accused as harmful, while in his conBUT it may well be asked : how is it fession he is praiseworthy: aocused

that we are commanded to hate our as a sorcerer, when he glories in the parents and neighbours after the flesh, name of the LORD, since loving kindwhen we are ordered to love even our

ness is the foundation of all virtues. enemies? And verily the Truth saith RY. The LORD made him. p. 82. concerning a wife : What God hath joined together let

Lesson V.

man put asunder., And Paul saith : Husbands, TRULY in vain is he accused, who

wivesthe is Church. Lo, the disciple preacheth unbelieving with impiety while he is that a wife is to be loved, when the master of the faith. Verily he that is Master saith: If any man hate not accused without a cause must be his wife, he cannot be My disciple. strong and stedfast. Wherefore then Doth the judge declare one thing and is it added : But my heart standeth in the crier proclaim another ? Can we awe of Thy word? To be in awe belove and hate both at the same time? longeth unto weakness, dread, and But if we ponder the force of the fear. But there is a weakness unto commandment, we can do both by salvation, and there is also a fear of right discernment: so that we can the saints. Fear the LORD, all ye hi love wife, and those who are joined saints: and, Blessed is the man that to us by fleshly kindred, and those feareth the LORD. Wherefore blessed ? whom we know, as neighbours, but For he hath great delight in his comthose whom we suffer as adversaries mandments. in the way of God, we must hate, and Ry. Thou gavest him. p. 82. flee from, and so know them not. Te Deum, p. 15.

Lesson VI. 2. OTHER LESSONS FOR ONE MARTYR. LET the martyr therefore be placed

amid perils, while on one side SECOND NOCTURN.

the savage beasts strike terror by From the Exposition by S. Ambrose the red hot irons and the flames of

their roaring, on another the hissing of the Bp. of the 119th Psalm.

the fiery furnace glow; here clank the Lesson IV. Serm, xxi. heavy chains, there stands the bloodPRINCES have persecuted me with stained executioner.

Let all things out a cause, but my heart standeth around, on which he looks, be full of in awe of Thy Word. Well does a torments, while he, thinking on the Martyr say this, because unjustly he divine commandments, on that persuffered the agony of persecution; he petual fire, that endless burning of the that committed no robbery, oppressed wicked, the bitterness of that ever-renone by violence, shed no blood, de- newed suffering, his heart standeth in filed the bed of none, who owed nothing awe; lest by yielding before present to the laws, and yet was made to bear destruction he give himself to that a punishment heavier than that of which never endeth: he is troubled in robbers : who spake righteously, and spirit, whilst he beholdeth as in a figure was not hearkened to: who spake that dreadful sword of judgment to words full of salvation and was striven come. In this fearful trustfulness of with : so that he might say: When I | the stedfast man, does not the equal spake unto them, they fought against i confidence of him who desires things me without a cause. Without a cause eternal, and is in awe of things divine, therefore he suffers persecution, who combine for the one result ? is accused without crime : he is Ry. The LORD clothed. p. 82.


hath, but it is very much to deny that Lesson of the Holy Gospel according

which he is.
to S. Matthew.

Ry. This is the true. p. 84.
Lesson VII. Chap. xvi.

Lesson IX.
AT that time - Jesus said unto His THE LORD commanded us when we

disciples : If any man will come after me, let him deny himself, and goods : because whosoever we be, take up his cross, and follow me. when we come to the contest of faith, And that which follows.

we undertake a struggle against the evil

spirits. But the evil spirits possess Homily of St. Gregory the Pope. nothing in this world of their own : Hom. 32 on the Gospels.

naked therefore should we wrestle Because our LORD and Redeemer with the naked. For if one that is came as the New Man into the world, clothed wrestle with one naked, he is He gave the world new command very quickly thrown to the ground, ments. For to our old life bred in because he hath whereby he may be sin He opposed the contrast of His grasped. And what are all earthly new life. For what else knew the old things, save a sort of clothing for the and carnal man, save to keep his own, body? He then that approaches to to steal the goods of others if he could, combat with the devil, let him cast covet them if he could not? But the aside his garments, lest he fall. heavenly Physician applieth medicines

Te Deum, p. 15. suitable for each evil. For as in the science of medicine heat is cured by

3. OTHER HOMILIES FOR ONE MARTYR. cold, and cold by heat: so our LORD

THIRD NOCTURN. opposeth remedies contrary to sins, Lesson of the Holy Gospel according so that to the loose He prescribeth

to S. Matthew. continence, to the grasping liberality,

Lesson VII. Chap. x. to the wrathful meekness, to the proud humility.

AT that time : Jesus said unto his Ry. There is a crown. p. 84.

disciples : There is nothing covered that shall not be revealed; and

hid, that shall not be known. And Lesson VIII.

that which follows. VERILY He propounded new commandments, when He said to His

Homily of S. Hilary the Bishop. followers : Except a man leave all Commentary on S. Matthew x. that he hath, he cannot be my dis- The LORD sets forth the Day of ciple. As if He would plainly say: Judgment, which shall make manifest Ye, who, according to your old life, de- the hidden things of our hearts, and sire the goods of others, now, according bring to light before all men those to your zeal in your new conversation, things which we now esteem to be give away your own. Let us hear what hidden. Therefore He teacheth that He saith in that lesson: If any man the threats, the counsels, the might will come after Me, let him deny him- of our persecutors are not to be self. There it is said that we must feared, for the Day of Judgment will deny our possessions ; here it is said shew that they were nothing but that we must deny ourselves. And vanity. What I tell you in darkperchance it is not hard for a man to ness, that speak ye in the light: leave his goods, but very hard indeed and what ye hear in the ear, that is it for him to leave himself. For preach ye upon the housetops. We it is little to deny that which he do not read that the LORD was wont to preach by night, nor to deliver his COMMON OF MARTYRS IN doctrine in the dark; but every

EASTER-TIDE. word of His is dark to the carnal mind, and His word as night to

Inv. Let the Saints be joyful in the unbelievers.

LORD; * Alleluia. Ry. There is a crown. p. 84.

Ps. Venite, p. 3.

Hymn. (For one Martyr,) Deus Lesson VIII.

tuorum, as p. 78. So then He desires that His own (For many Martyrs,) words should be declared with

Eterna Christi munera, freedom of faith and confession. Therefore He commandeth that the

Et martyrum victorias. things spoken in darkness should CHE eternal gifts of CHRIST the King, be preached in the light, and that

T : secrets committed to the ear should

And while due hymns of praise we pay,

Our thankful hearts cast grief away. be heard upon the housetops, that is,

The terrors of the world despised, should be spoken with loud proclama

The body's torments lightly prized, tion. Continually therefore is the

By one brief space of death and pain knowledge of God to be brought for- Life everlasting they obtain. ward, and the deep secret of gospel To flames the Martyr Saints are haled : doctrine to be made known by the By teeth of savage beasts assailed :

Against them, arm'd with ruthless brand light of apostolic preaching, not fear

And hooks of steel, their torturers stand. ing those who, though they may have

The mangled frame is tortured sore; power over the body, yet have no

The holy life-drops freshly pour: authority over the soul : but rather They stand unmoved amidst the strife, fearing God, Who hath power to cast By grace of everlasting life. both soul and body into hell.

Redeemer, hear us of Thy love, Ry. This is the true. p. 84.

That, with the Martyr Host above,

Hereafter, of Thine endless grace,
Lesson IX.

Thy servants also may have place. Amen.
FEAR not them which kill the body. The above hymn always ends thus.
No chance therefore which can

FIRST NOCTURN. happen to our bodies is to be feared, neither must we allow any grief for the

Ant. Then shall the righteous men destruction of the flesh: for when it stand * in great confidence against is dissolved by reason of its own them that afflicted them. Alleluia. nature and origin, its substance is

Pss. for one or many Martyrs : spiritual restored to the soul. In Ps. i., Beatus vir, p. 5; Ps. ii., Quare order that they who are strengthened fremuerunt, p. 5; Ps. iii., Domine quid, by such teaching should have bold con- p. 6. fidence in confessing God, He addeth . and Ry. and Ry Ry. to Lessons, as the conditions whereby we are to be in the Common of Apostles in Easterbound : that He will deny before His tide. Father in heaven that man who The Scripture Lessons in Easter-tide denied Him among men upon earth : are from the office of the Season, or, but on the other hand, the man who when there are none such, from the confessed Him before men will be Common of one or many Martyrs, not confessed by Him in heaven, for | in Easter-tide. according as we have been witnesses

SECOND NOCTURN. to His Name among men, so will His testimony profit us with GOD the Ant. Behold how they are reckoned FATHER.

among the sons of God, and their Te Deum, p. 15.

lot is among the Saints. Alleluia.




Pss. for one Martyr, as in Common of life, which beforetime was of one Martyr, p. 80, 81.

known to Him. Pss. for many Martyrs, p. 92. Ps.

Ry. In His servants, Al. XV., Domine, quis habitabit, p. 10; Ps. shall be comforted. Al. xvi., Conserva, p. 10; Ps. xxiv., Do- y. The LORD shall judge His people, mini est terra, p. 92.

and His Saints. GoD shall. V. Ry. and Ry. as in Common of

Lesson VI. Apostles in Easter-tidè, p. 77.

FOR before the advent of CHRIST

the way of life was unknown, on A Sermon of S. Ambrose the Bishop. which the footstep of no risen being

had ventured. But when the LORD Lesson IV. Sermon 22.

rose it was made known, and trodden IT is meet and fitting, brethren, that by the feet of many..

Of whom the after the Easter joy, which we have holy Evangelist saith: Many bodies of celebrated in the church, we should the Saints arose with Him and entered discourse of our gladness with the into the holy city. Whereas, as the holy Martyrs: and should declare the LORD said in His Resurrection : Thou glory of the LORD's Resurrection to hast shewn Me the paths of life, we those who were partakers of the too may now say unto the LORD : LORD's Passion. For those who are Thou hast shewn us the paths of life. companions in contumely ought to be He shewed us the paths of life, Who sharers in joy. Even as the blessed made plain the way to life. For He Apostle saith : As ye are partakers of shewed me the paths of life by teachthe sufferings, so shall ye be also of ing me faith, mercy, righteousness, the resurrection; if we suffer, saith chastity. By these roads salvation is He, we shall also reign with Him. attained. They therefore who endured evils for

Ry. Come forth, 0 ye daughters of CHRisT ought also to be glorified with Jerusalem, and behold the Martyrs CHRIST.

with the crowns, wherewith the LORD Ry. Light perpetual. p. 77. crowned them * in the day of solem

nity and of gladness. Al. y. For He Lesson V.

hath made fast the bars of thy gates, L ET us declare, I say, to the holy and hath blessed thy children within

Martyrs, the grace of the LORD's thee. In. Glory. In. Passover: while we proclaim the opened shrine of His sepulchre, their

THIRD NOCTURN. sepulchres also shall be opened : while we tell of the veins of His dead Body

Ant. Perpetual light shall shine suddenly glowing with life, their upon Thy Saints, O LORD, limbs now cold shall be warmed with eternity of time. Al. the heat of immortality. That will

Pss. for one Martyr, Ps. xl., In raise the Martyrs which raised the Domino confido, p. 9; Ps. xv., Domine, LORD. For since they learned the quis habitabit? p. 10; Ps. xxi., Domine, way of His Passion, they shall learn in virtute tua, p. 15. that of His life also. For it is Pss. for many Martyrs, Ps. xxxiii., written, . in the Psalms: Thou shalt Exultate justi, p. 19; Ps. xxxiv., shew us the path of life. But this is Benedicam, p. 20; Ps. xlvi., Deus said in the Resurrection, in the person noster refugium, p. 28. of the Saviour: that He who after Y. and Ry. and Ry Ry. to Lessons as death returns above from below, Common of Apostles in Easter-tide, begins to take knowledge of the path p. 78.

* and an

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