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twelve and the apostle Paul are meant | learn of Me.” Not to build the world, by the twelve thrones, but so many not to create all things visible and as shall come to judge, as they , invisible, not to work miracles in the signify universality: even as so many world, and raise the dead, but, “ For I as shall enter in, are meant by the am meek and lowly of heart." twelve gates. For there are four Ry. These be they. p. 72. quarters to the world, East, West,

Lesson VIII. North, South. These four quarters are oftentimes named in Scripture. WIT thou be great, begin by the


of From these four winds, even as the LORD speaketh in the Gospel,

from structing a great fabric of loftiness, the four winds”, is He to gather His first think of the foundation of huelect: therefore from these four winds mility, and as much as any one desires is the Church called. And after what and prepares to erect any building, sort called ? In the Trinity, in every

the greater the building is to be the place. For it is not called, save by deeper he digs the foundation. And Baptism, in the Name of the FATHER, the building while being erected rises and of the Son, and of the Holy aloft, but he who digs the foundation GHOST. Four then, multiplied by also, the building is brought low be

is pressed deeply down. Therefore, three, are found to be twelve.

fore it is elevated, and the summit is Ry. These are they. p. 71. raised after humiliation. THIRD NOCTURN.

Ry. These are holy men. p. 73. Lesson of the Holy Gospel according

Lesson IX. to S. Matthew.

WHAT is the summit of that Lessom VII. Chap. xi.

building which has to be erected AT

said, I thank thee, O FATHER, is the height of the edifice to rise ? LORD of heaven and earth, because I quickly answer, Even to the sight thou hast hid these things from the of God. Ye see how high it is, what wise and prudent, and hast revealed a thing it is to behold God. He who them unto babes. And that which desires, understands both what I say follows.

and what he hears. We have the A Homily of S. Augustine the

promise of the sight of God, of the Bishop.

very God, of the Most High God.

This is a good thing, to see Him who 10th Sermon on the Word of the LORD. seeth. For they who worship false COME unto Me, all ye that labour. gods easily see them, but they see Wherefore do we all labour, except But to us is promised the sight of the

them who have eyes and see not. because we are mortal men, frail, weak, bearing earthen vessels, which living and seeing God. straiten us in their turn ? But if the

Te Deum. p. 15. vessels of the flesh are straitened, let the room of charity be made large.

FOR EVANGELISTS. Why saith He therefore : " Come

LESSONS. unto Me, all ye that labour,” but in

FIRST NOCTURN. order that ye may not labour ? His promise is indeed ready, because He Here beginneth the Book of Ezekiel called the labourers, and some might

the Prophet. ask to what reward they are called.

Lesson I. Chap. i. "And Ii" saith. He will refresh Now it came to pass in the thirtieth you." "Take My yoke upon you, and year, in the fourth month, in the fifth day of the month, as I was among and the face of a lion, on the right the captives by the river Chebar, that side: and they four had the face of an the heavens were opened, and I saw ox on the left side : they four also had visions of God. In the fifth day of the face of an eagle. Thus were their the month, which was the fifth year faces : and their wings were stretched of king Jehoiachin's captivity, the upward ; two wings of every one were word of the LORD came expressly unto joined one to another, and two covered Ezekiel the priest, son of Buzi, in the their bodies. And they went every land of the Chaldeans by the river one straight forward : whither the Chebar; and the hand of the LORD spirit was to go, they went; and they was there upon him. And I looked, turned not when they went. and, behold, a whirlwind came out of Ry. When ye stand before kings and the north, a great cloud, and a fire princes, think not how.or what ye infolding itself, and a brightness was shall speak: * for it shall be given unto about it, and out of the midst thereof you in that hour what ye shall speak. as the colour of amber, out of the Y. For it is not ye that speak, but the midst of the fire.

SPIRIT of your FATHER which speaketh Rz. Behold, I send you forth as in you. For it shall. Glory. For it sheep into the midst of wolves, saith shall. the LORD. * Be ye therefore wise as

SECOND NOCTURN. serpents, and harmless as doves. y. While ye have the light, believe in From the Exposition of S. Gregory the light, that ye may be the children the Pope on Ezekiel the Prophet. of the light. Be ye.

Lesson IV.
Lesson II.

Hom. 3, Book I. ALSO out of the midst thereof came THE four sacred Living Creatures the likeness of four living crea

which by the spirit of prophecy tures. And this was their appearance; foresee things to come, are described they had the likeness of a man. And in typical story, when it is said: every one had four faces, and every Every one had four faces, and every one had four wings. And their feet one had four wings. What is exwere straight feet; and the sole of pressed by the face save knowledge, their feet was like the sole of a calf's and what by the wings save flight ? foot : and they sparkled like the By the face, doubtless, is every one colour of burnished brass. And they known: and by wings are the bodies had the hands of a man under their of fowls lifted on high. The face, wings on their four sides ; and they therefore, belongeth to faith, the wings four had their faces and their wings. to contemplation. For by faith are Their wings were joined one to an

we known by Almighty God, even as other; they turned not when they He saith Himself of His sheep: I am went; they went every one straight the Good Shepherd, and know My forward.

sheep and am known of Mine. And Ry. Take My yoke upon you, saith again He saith: I know whom I have the LORD, and learn of Me, for I am

chosen. But by contemplation we meek and lowly of heart, saith the are raised above ourselves, as though LORD: * for My yoke is easy, and My

we were lifted in the air.
burden is light. y. And ye shall find Ry. I saw an assembly. p. 70
rest unto your souls. For My.

Lesson V.
Lesson III.

EVERY one, therefore, hath four As for the likeness of their faces,

faces : because if thou inquirest they four had the face of a man, what Matthew thinketh concerning the LORD'S Incarnation, verily he every city and place whither He Himthinketh that which Mark, Luke, and self would come. And that which John also think. If thou askest what follows. John thinketh ; this without doubt is what Luke, Mark, and Matthew think.

A Homily of S. Gregory the Pope. If thou askest what Mark thinketh ;

Hom. 17 on the Gospels. this is what Matthew, John, and Luke Our LORD and SAVIOUR, beloved think. If thou asketh what Luke brethren, sometimes teaches us by thinketh ; this also John, Matthew, words, sometimes by works. Because and Mark think. Every one hath four His acts themselves are precepts : for faces: because the knowledge of faith, while He doeth somewhat in silence, whereby they are known of God, is at that which we ought to do becomes one and the selfsame time in each known. Therefore, behold, He sendeth one, and in the four. Whatsoever forth disciples to preach two by two: therefore thou findest in the one, that because two are the commandments also thou shalt know to be in all four of charity, namely, the love of GOD together.

and of one's neighbour: and between Ry. Blessed are ye. p. 70.

fewer than two there cannot be chą.

rity. For no one is said to have Lesson VI.

charity separately to himself: but AND every one had four wings ; dilection tends toward another, in

because all of them together order that charity may exist. with one accord preach the Son of Ry. These be they. p. 72. GOD Almighty,

our LORD

JESUS CHRIST: and lifting up the eyes of

Lesson VIII. their mind to His Godhead, they THEREFORE the LORD sendeth speed upon the wings of contempla- forth disciples two by two to tion. The faces of the Evangelists, preach: for as much as He silently therefore, have respect unto the intimates to us, that whoso hath not LORD'S Humanity, their wings unto charity toward another, must in no His Godhead : because they fix their wise assume the office of a preacher. gaze upon Him, Whom in bodily And it is well said that He sent them form they behold: but while they before His face into every city and proclaim Him to be uncircumscribed place whither He Himself would and bodiless by reason of His God- come. For the LORD follows His head, they are, as it were, lifted on preachers; because preaching comes high in the air by the wings of contem- first, and the LORD then comes to the plation. Because then the one faith of little dwelling of our mind when the His Incarnation is in all, and like word of exhortation has gone before : contemplation of His Godhead is in and by this, truth is received into the each, it is now rightly said, Every mind. one had four faces, and every one had Ry. These are holy men. four wings.

Lesson IX. Ry. These are they. p. 71.

HENCE, of these same preachers THIRD NOCTURN.

Isaiah saith: Prepare ye the Lesson of the Holy Gospel according way of the LORD, make straight a to S. Luke.

highway for our God. Hence saith

the Psalmist: Make ye a path for Lesson VII. Chap. 10. Him, who ascended above the setting AT that time : The Lord appointed of the sun. For the LORD ascended

other seventy also, and sent them above the setting of the sun : because, two and two before His face, into whence He lay dead in His Passion,

p. 73.



p. 15.

thence in rising again He manifested Pss. xix., Cæli enarrant; xxxiv., BeneHis greater glory. Above the setting dicam Domino ; and xlv., Eructavit : sun, that is, He ascended, because by as pp. 66, 67. rising He bruised death, which He V. O ye souls of the righteous, bad undergone. For Him, therefore, rejoice in the LORD. Al. who ascended above the setting of the Ry. The Lord hath chosen you for sun we make a path; when we preach an heritage to Himself. Al. His glory to your minds, that He The Lessons in each Nocturn, as Himself coming after may shine on set down in the proper Office of the them by the presence of His love. day. Te Deum.

Rz. i. Blessed is the man that



great delight in His commandments. TIDE.

Al. Al. Al. y. Riches and plenteous

ness shall be in his house, and his Inv. The LORD the King of Apostles: righteousness remaineth for ever. He. * O_come let us worship. Alleluia. Ry. ii. Your sorrow, Al. * shall be Ps. Venite. p. 3.

turned into joy. Al. Al. y. The Hymn. Tristes erant Apostoli.

world shall rejoice, and ye shall have

sorrow, but your sorrow. Shall. H' Apostles' hearts were full of pain,

Ry. iii. Right dear in the sight of That LORD His servants' wicked train the LORD, Al. * is the death of His With bitter scorn had dared arraign. Saints. Al. y. The LORD keepeth With gentle voice the Angel gave

all their bones: so that not one of The women tidings at the Grave;

them is broken. Is. Glory. Is.
“Forthwith your Master shall ye see:
He goes before to Galilee."

And while with fear and joy they pressed
To tell these tidings to the rest,

Ant. Behold how they are reckoned * Their LORD, their living LORD, they meet,

among the sons of God, and their lot And see His Form, and kiss His Feet,

is among the Saints. Th' Eleven, when they hear, with speed To Galilee forthwith proceed:

Pss. xlvii., Omnes gentes;lxi., Exaudi, That there they may behold once more

Deus, deprecationem ; lxiv., Exaudi, The LORD's dear Face, as oft afore. Deus orationem : p. 69. We pray Thee, King, with glory deck'd, Ý. Light perpetual shall shine upon In this our Paschal joy protect, From all that Death would fain effect,

Thy Saints, O LORD, * and an eternity

of time. Al. Thy ransom'd flock, Thine own elect.

Ry. And length of days. Al.
To Thee Who, dead, again dost live,
All glory, LORD, Thy people give;

Ry. iv. Light perpetual shall shine All glory, as is ever meet,

upon Thy Saints, O LORD,

* and an To FATHER and to PARACLETE. Amen.

eternity of time. Al. Al. y. EverThus end all Hymns of this metre till lasting joy shall be upon their heads : the Ascension, exclusive. But from they shall obtain joy and gladness. Ascension till Whitsuntide is said:


Ry. v. With great power the Apostles All glory, LORD, to Thee we pay, Ascending o'er the stars to-day;

gave a testimony of the Resurrection All glory, as is ever meet.


They were filled with the Holy Ghost, FIRST NOCTURN.

and spake with boldness the word of

God. A testimony. Ant. Then shall the righteous man Ry. vi. These are the young lambs stand * in great confidence against which preached the Gospel. Al. Now them that afflicted him. Alleluia. thev have come to the fountains,


* and rage together : and why do the The pleasures of the world he spurn'd, From sin's pernicious lures he turn'd;

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are filled with glory. Al. Al. In the O FATHER, that we ask be done sight of the Lamb they are clothed

Through JESUS CHRIST Thine Only Son,

Who, with the HOLY GHOST and Thee, with white raiment, and palms are in

Shall live and reign eternally. Amen. their hands. And. Glory. And.

Ant. In the law of the LORD

was Ant. Light perpetual shall shine his delight, both day and night. upon Thy Saints, O LORD * and an eternity of time. Al.

Ps. i. Beatus vir, qui non abiit. Pss. lxxv., Confitebimur, p. 71 ; xcvii, Dominus regnavit, acis., Do! BLESSED is the man that hath

not walked in the counsel of the minus regnavit, p. 72.

angodly, nor stood in the way of ¥. Everlasting joy shall be upon sinners: and hath not sat in the seat their heads. Al.

of the scornful. Ry. They shall obtain joy and glad- 2 But his delight is in the law of ness. Al.

the LORD : and in his law will be Ry. vii. I am the true Vine; ye exercise himself day and night. are the branches. * He that abideth

3 And he shall be like a tree planted in Me, and I in him, the same bringeth by the waterside : that will bring forth forth much fruit. Al. Al. y. As the his fruit in due season. FATHER hath loved Me, so have I

4 His leaf also shall not wither : loved you. He.

and look, whatsoever he doeth, it

shall prosper. Rz. viii. Her Nazarites are become

5 As for the ungodly, it is not so glorious. Al. They have given their

with them : but they are like the splendour to God. Al.

And are become purer than milk. Al. Al. V. from the face of the earth.

chaff, which the wind scattereth away They are whiter than snow, they are purer than milk, they are more beauti- | be able to stand in the judgement :

6 Therefore the ungodly shall not ful than the sapphire. And. Glory. neither the sinners in the congregaAnd.

tion of the righteous.

7 But the LORD knoweth the way of COMMON OF ONE MARTYR.

the righteous ; and the way of the Not in Easter-tide.

ungodly shall perish. Inv. The LORD, the King of Martyrs

Ant. In the law of the LORD was O come let us worship.

his delight, both by day and by night.

Ant. Preaching the law of the LORD Hymn.-Deus, tuorum militum.

* he was set upon His holy hill. O

GOD, Thy soldiers' Crown and Guard,
And their exceeding great reward,

Ps. ii. Quare fremuerunt gentes ?
From all transgressions set us free,
Who sing Thy Martyr's victory.

WHY do the heathen so furiously

people imagine a vain thing? He knew their joys imbued with gall,

2 The kings of the earth stand up, And thus he reach'd Thy Heavenly Hall. and the rulers take counsel together : For Thee thro' many a woe he ran,

against the LORD, and against his In many a fight he play'd the man;

Anointed. For Thee his blood he dar'd to pour,

3 Let us break their bonds asunder: And thence hath joy for evermore.

and cast away their cords from us. We therefore pray Thee, full of love,

4 He that dwelleth in heaven shall Regard us from Thy Throne above: On this Thy Martyr's triumph-day,

laugh them to scorn : the LORD shall Wash ev'ry stain of sin away.

have them in derision.

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