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Ps. xlvii. Omnes gentes, plaudite.

shame you, but as my beloved sons I Ps. Ixi. Exaudi, Deus. warn you. For though ye have ten


EAR my crying, O GOD : give ear thousand instructors in CHRIST, yet unto my prayer. have ye not many fathers : for in 2 From the ends of the earth will I CHRIST JESUS I have begotten you call upon thee : when my heart is in through the gospel.

heaviness. Ry. When ye stand before kings

3 0 set me up upon the rock that and princes, think not how or what ye is higher than I : for thou hast been shall speak : * for it shall be given my hope, and a strong tower for unto you in that hour what ye shall me against the enemy. speak. ¥. For it is not ye that speak, 4 I will dwell in thy tabernacle for but the ŚPIRIT of your FATHER which ever : and my trust shall be under the speaketh in you. For it shall. Glory. covering of thy wings. For it shall.

5 For thou, O LORD, hast heard my SECOND NOCTURN.

desires : and hast given an heritage

unto those that fear thy Name. Ant. The princes * of the people 6 Thou shalt grant the King a long are joined unto the people of the God life : that his years may endure of Abraham.

throughout all generations.

7 He shall dwell before God for

ever : 0 prepare thy loving mercy and 0 CLAP hands together, all ye faithfulness, that they may preserve

your people: O sing unto God with

him. the voice of melody.

8 So will I alway sing praise unto 2 For the LORD is high, and to be feared : he is the great King upon all

thy Name : that may daily perform the earth.

my vows.

Ant. Thou hast given an heritage, O 3 He shall subdue the people under LORD, to those that fear Thy Name. us : and the nations under our feet. 4 He shall choose out an heritage done; for they shall perceive that it

Ant. They said, * This hath GOD for us : even the worship of Jacob, is His work. whom he loved.

5 God is gone up with a merry Ps. lxiv. Exaudi, Deus. noise : and the LORD with the sound HEAR my voice, O GOD in my of the trump.

prayer : preserve my life from 6 O sing praises, sing praises unto fear of the enemy. our God : 0 sing praises, sing praises 2 Hide me from the gathering tounto our King.

gether of the froward : and from the 7 For God is the King of all the insurrection of wicked doers; earth : sing ye praises with under- 3 Who have whet their tongue like standing.

a sword : and shoot out their arrows, 8 GOD reigneth over the heathen : even bitter words ; God sitteth upon his holy seat. 4 That they may privily shoot at

9 The princes of the people are him that is perfect : suddenly do they joined unto the people of the God of hit him, and fear not. Abraham : for God, which is very

5 They encourage themselves in , high exalted, doth defend the earth, mischief : and commune among them. as it were with a shield.

selves how they may lay snares, and Ant. The princes of the people are say, that no man shall see them. joined unto the people of the God of 6 They imagine wickedness, and Abraham.

practise it ; that they keep secret Ant. Thou hast given an heritage, among themselves, every man in the O LORD, to those that fear Thy Name. deep of his heart.




7 But God shall suddenly shoot at through the midst of heaven, and them with a swift arrow : that they crying with a loud voice, and saying. shall be wounded.

These. Ben. CHRIST give us. 8 Yea, their own tongues shall make them fall : insomuch that whoso

Lesson V. seeth them shall laugh them to scorn. As many, then, as are the gifts 9 And all men that see it shall say,

of the preachers, so many are This hath God done : for they shall the ornaments of the heavens. Hence perceive that it is his work.

again it is written : By the Word 10 The righteous shall rejoice in of the LORD were the heavens made. the LORD, and put his trust in him : For the Word of the LORD is the Son and all they that are true of heart of the FATHER. But, that the work shall be glad.

of the whole TRINITY may be shewn Ant. They said, This hath God to have co-operated in the fabrics of done : for they shall perceive that it the same heavens, it is immediately is his work.

added, touching the Divinity of the y. Thou shalt make them princes them by the SPIRIT of His mouth.

HOLY GHOST: And all the host of over all the earth.

Ry. They shall remember Thy Therefore, the virtue of the heavens Name, O LORD.

is drawn from the SPIRIT: because Our FATHER.

they would not have dared to contra

dict the powers of this world, unless Abs. His pity. ¥. Sir, pray. Ben. the might of the Holy Ghost had God the FATHER.

strengthened them. For we know A Sermon of S. Gregory the Pope.

what the doctors of the Holy Church

were before the Advent of this Lesson IV.

SPIRIT: and we behold the fortitude Hom. 30 on the Gospels. with which they were invested after IT is written, The SPIRIT of the His coming.

LORD bath adorned the heavens. R2. Blessed are ye, when men shall The ornaments of the heavens are revile you, and persecute you, and the virtues of preachers. And these shall say all manner of evil against ornaments Paul counts up, saying, you falsely for My sake. Rejoice To one is given by the SPIRIT the and be exceeding glad, for great is word of wisdom; to another, the your reward in heaven. y. When word of knowledge, by the same men shall hate you, and shall separate SPIRIT ; to another, faith, by the you from themselves, and shall cast same SPIRIT; to another, the gift of out your name as evil for the Son healing, by the same SPIRIT; to of Man's sake. Rejoice. Ben. GOD another, the working of wonders ; kindle. to another, prophecy; to another,

Lesson VI. discerning of spirits; to another

, AND truly a damsel who kept the ;

can the interpretation of tongues ; but all weakness and fear of the chief Pastor these worketh that one and the self- of the Church before the coming of same SPIRIT, dividing to every man the SPIRIT. For, affrighted by one according as He will.

word from a woman, he denied the RY. I saw an assembly of men Life. And it is to be borne in mind having glorious apparel, and the that Peter denied Him a prisoner on angel of the LORD spake unto me, earth, Whom the thief confessed hangsaying, * These are the holy men who ing on the cross. But let us now hear became the friends of God. ¥. I what this man, who thus shewed such beheld a mighty angel of God flying fear, became after the descent of the


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Holy Ghost. The magistrates and 12 All the horns of the ungodly also elders are gathered together, and the will I break : and the horns of the apostles are beaten, and commanded righteous shall be exalted. not to speak in the Name of JESUS : Ant. The horns of the righteous Peter answers with great firmness, shall be exalted. Al. We ought to obey God rather than Ant. There is sprung up a light for

the righteous * Al. : and joyful gladRy. These are they that triumphed ness for such as are true hearted. Al. and are the friends of God, who de

Ps. xcvii. Dominus regnavit. spising the commands of princes, have merited eternal rewards. Now THE LORD is King, the earth may they are crowned and receive the be glad thereof : yea, the multipalm. y. These are they which came tude of the isles may be glad thereof. out of great tribulation, and washed

2 Clouds and darkness are round their robes and made them white about him : righteousness and judgein the blood of the Lamb. Now. ment are the habitation of his seat. Glory. Now.

3 There shall go a fire before him :

and burn up his enemies on every THIRD NOCTURN.

side. Ant. The horns of the righteous

4 His lightnings gave shine unto

the world : the earth saw it, and was shall be exalted. Al.

afraid. Ps. lxxv. Confitebimur tibi. 5 The hills melted like wax at the UNTO thee, O Gop, do we give presence of the LORD : at the presence

yea, do give thanks.

6 The heavens have declared his 2 Thy name also is so nigh : and righteousness : and all the people that do thy wondrous works declare.

have seen bis glory. 3 When I receive the congregation :

7 Confounded be all they that wor. I shall judge according unto right.

ship carved images, and that delight in 4 The earth is weak, and all the vain gods : worship him, all ye gods. inhabiters thereof : I bear up the

8 Sion heard of it, and rejoiced : pillars of it.

and the daughters of Judah were glad, 5 I said unto the fools, Deal not so because of thy judgements, O LORD. madly : and to the ungodly, Set not 9 For thou, LORD, art higher than

all that are in the earth : thou art 6 Set not up your horn on high : exalted far above all gods. and speak not with a stiff neck.

10 Oye that love the LORD, see 7 For promotion cometh neither that ye hate the thing which is evil: from the east, nor from the west: nor the LORD preserveth the souls of his yet from the south.


he shall deliver them from 8 And why? God is the Judge : the hand of the ungodly. he putteth down one, and setteth up

11 There is sprung up a light for another.

the righteous : and joyful gladness 9 For in the hand of the LORD there for such as are true-hearted. is a cup, and the wine is red : it is 12 Rejoice in the LORD, ye righteous: full mixed, and he poureth out of the and give thanks for a remembrance same.

of his holiness. 10 As for the dregs thereof : all the Ant. There is sprung up a light for ungodly of the earth shall drink them, the righteous Al. : and joyful gladand suck them out.

ness for such as are true hearted. Al. 11 But I will talk of the God of Ant. They kept

* His testimonies, Jacob : and praise him for ever. and the law that He gave them. Al.

up your horn.

Ps. xcix. Dominus regnavit. A Homily of 8. Jerome the Priest. THE LORD is King, be the people Book 2 on S. Matt. xix.

never so impatient : he sitteth between the cherubims, be the earth WHAT noble trustfulness! Peter

was a fisher, he was not rich, never so unquiet.

he sought his food by his labour 2 The Lord is great in Sion : and and his craft: and yet nevertheless high above all people.

he speaketh confidently : We have 3 They shall give thanks unto thy forsaken all. And since it was not Name : which is great, wonderful, and enough merely to have left so much, holy.

he addeth that which is perfect: And 4 The King's power loveth judge- followed Thee. We have done what ment; thou hast prepared equity : Thou didst command: what reward thou hast executed judgement and therefore wilt Thou bestow upon us ? righteousness in Jacob.

And Jesus said unto them, Verily I 50 magnify the LORD our God : say unto you, That ye which have and fall down before his footstool, for followed Me, in the regeneration when he is holy.

the Son of Man shall sit in the throne 6 Moses and Aaron among his of His glory, ye also shall sit upon priests, and Samuel among such as twelve thrones, judging the twelve call upon his Name : these called tribes of Israel. He said not: Ye upon the LORD, and he heard them.

which have left all; for this did Crates 7 He spake unto them out of the the philosopher, and many others cloudy pillar : for they kept his have despised riches: but, Yo which testimonies, and the law that he gave have followed Me: which is peculiar them.

to the Apostles, and to them that 8 Thou heardest them, O LORD our believed. GoD : thou forgavest them, O GOD, Ry. These be they who, while living and punishedst their own inven- in the flesh, planted the Church in tions.

their own blood ; * they drank of the 90 magnify the LORD our God, LORD's Cup, and became the friends and worship him upon his holy hill : of God. Ý. Their sound is gone out for the LORD qur God is holy. into all lands, and their words into

Ant. They kept His testimonies, the ends of the world. They drank. and the law that He gave them. Al. Ben. He whose feast. . How dear are Thy friends, O

Lesson VIII. God. Ry. How great is the pre-eminence IN the regeneration when the Son of

Man shall sit in the throne of of them.

His glory, (when also the dead shall Our FATHER.

arise incorruptible from corruption) Abs. The Almighty and merciful. ye also shall sit upon the seats of ¥. Sir, pray. Ben. The Evangelical them that judge, condemning the lection.

twelve tribes of Israel: because they

would not believe when you believed. Lesson of the Holy Gospel according and every one that hath forsaken to S. Matthew.

houses, or brethren, or sisters, or

father, or mother, or wife, or children, Lesson VII. Chap. xix.

or lands, for My Name's sake, shall A T that time : Peter said unto receive an hundredfold, and shall

JESUS : Behold, we have forsaken inherit everlasting life. This place all and followed Thee; what shall we agreeth with that saying which the have therefore ? And that which SAVIOUR spake, I came not to send follows.

peace, but a sword. For I am como

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to set a man at variance against his cause their authority upholdeth our father, and the daughter against her weakness. Wherefore are they gates ? mother, and the daughter-in-law Because by them we enter into the against her mother-in-law, and a kingdom of God. For they preach man's foes shall be they of his own unto us, and when by them we enter household. They therefore who for in, we enter in by Christ, for He is the faith of CHRIST, and for the Himself the Door. And as it is said preaching of the Gospel, despise all that Jerusalem had twelve gates, it is the affections, and riches, and plea- also said that Christ is the one gate, sures of the world, these shall receive because Christ is in the twelve gates : an hundredfold, and shall inherit and therefore is the number of the everlasting life.

Apostles twelvefold. The interpretaRy. These are holy men whom the tion of this twelvefold number is a LORD did choose in love unfeigned, great mystery : Ye shall sit, saith He, and gave unto them eternal glory ; upon twelve thrones, judging the twelve by whose doctrine the Church shines, tribes of Israel. as the moon by the sun. y. The

Rz. I saw. p. 70. Saints by faith subdued kingdoms, wrought righteousness. By whose.

Lesson V, Glory be to the FATHER.. By whose. If there be but twelve seats, there is Ben. The King of Angels.

no place where Paul the Apostle Lesson IX.

may sit, and there is no way whereby

he may judge, albeit he himself said TAKING occasion by this

saying that he should judge not men only, in .

, years after the Resurrection, saying, the apostate angels ?. Know ye not, Then shall be restored unto us hundredfold of the things which we The multitude might, then, answer

saith he, that we shall judge angels ? have left, also everlasting life: not him: Wherefore dost thou boast that bearing in mind, that even though in thou shalt judge? Where shalt thou other respects such a repayment might sit ? The LORD spake of twelve be fitting, as regards wives it would thrones to the twelve apostles; one, seem to be shameful, if he who left to wit, Judas, fell, in the place of him one wife for the Lord's sake, should Saint Matthias is ordained, and so is receive an hundred in the time to completed the twelvefold number of come. The sense therefore is this : the thrones. In the first place find He who forsaketh carnal things for the where thou mayest sit, and so mayest SAVIOUR's sake, shall receive spiritual: thou threaten that thou shalt judge. which by comparison, and by their own Let us see what these twelve thrones worth, are as though a hundred were denote. It is a mystery of a certain compared with a small number.

universality, because the Church was Te Deum.

to be spread abroad throughout the OTHER LESSONS FOR whole world : whence this building is APOSTLES.

called to be knit together in CHRIST. SECOND NOCTURN.

Ry. Blessed. p. 70.
From the Exposition of the 87th

Lesson VI.
Psalm by S. Augustine the Bishop.
Lesson IV.

AND therefore, because men shall

come from every quarter to be HER foundations are upon the

holy judged, are there twelve thrones : even hills: the LORD loveth the gates as because they shall enter from every of Sion. Wherefore are the Apostles quarter into the city, are there twelve and Prophets the foundations ? Be- gates. Therefore, not only those


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