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nourish Him; since she, the Mother At the end of every Psalm is said: of God, is indeed blessed for this Eternal rest : grant unto them, O reason, as made the earthly instrument LORD : to the Incarnation of the Word, but And light perpetual : shine upon yet far more blessed is she, because them. she abode evermore preserving love Ant. I will walk before the LORD in for Him alway.

the land of the living. Te Deum, p. 15.

Ant. Woe is me * that I am con

strained to dwell with Mesech. OFFICE OF THE DEAD.

Ps. cxx. Cum invocarem. This is said, except in Easter-tide,

CHEN I was in trouble I called on the first day of every month, not | WI hindered by a feast of nine lessons, in

upon the LORD: and he heard which case it is said on the first day not so hindered. But, in Advent and

2 Deliver my soul, O LORD, from Lent, on every Monday not so hindered, lying lips : and from a deceitful except in Holy Week. In Choirs it is tongue. said after the office of the day, i.e.,

3 What reward shall be given or Vcspers after Vespers, and Matins done unto thee, thou false tongue: after Lauds of the day, unless the use

even mighty and sharp arrows, with of the churches be different : out of hot burning coals. Choir it is said as occasion serves.

4 Woe is me, that I am constrained

to dwell with Mesech : and to have VESPERS begin at once with the my habitation among the tents of Ant. I will walk * before the LORD Kedar. in the land of the living.

5 My soul hath long dwelt among

them : that are enemies unto peace. Ps. cxvi. Dilexi.

6 I labour for peace, but when I I AM well pleased that the LORD speak unto them thereof : they make

hath heard the voice of my prayer; them ready to battle. 2 That he hath inclined his ear

Eternal rest. unto me : therefore will I call upon Ant. Woe is me, that I am conhim as long as I live.

strained to dwell with Mesech. 3 The snares of death compassed Ant. The LORD shall preserve thee me round about : and the pains of hell from all evil : yea, it is even He that gat hold upon me.

shall keep thy soul. 4 I shall find trouble and heaviness, and I will call upon the Name of the

Ps. cxxi. Levavi oculos. LORD : 0 LORD, I beseech thee, deliver I WILL lift up mine eyes unto the

: from 5 Gracious is the LORD, and right- help. eous : yea, our God is merciful.

2 My help cometh even from the 6 The LORD preserveth the sim- LORD : who hath made heaven and ple : I was in misery, and he helped earth. me.

3 He will not suffer thy foot to be 7 Turn again then unto thy rest, o moved : and he that keepeth thee will my soul : for the LORD hath rewarded not sleep. thee.

4 Behold, he that keepeth Israel : 8 And why ? thou hast delivered shall neither slumber nor sleep. my soul from death : mine eyes from 5 The LORD himself is thy keeper : tears, and my feet from falling. the LORD is thy defence upon thy right

9 I will walk before the LORD : in band; the land of the living.

6 So that the sun shall not burn


thee by day : neither the moon by thou hast magnified thy Name, and night.

thy Word above all things. 7 The LORD shall preserve thee from 3 When I called upon thee, thou all evil : yea, it is even he that shall beardest me : and enduedst my soul keep thy soul.

with much strength. 8 The LORD shall preserve thy going 4 All the kings of the earth shall out, and thy coming in : from this praise thee, O LORD : for they have time forth for evermore.

heard the words of thy mouth. Eternal rest.

5 Yea, they shall sing in the ways Ant. The LORD shall preserve thee of the LORD : that great is the glory from all evil : yea, it is even He that of the LORD. shall keep thy soul.

6 For though the LORD be high, Ant. If Thou, LORD, * wilt be ex- yet hath he respect unto the lowly:as treme to mark what is done amiss, o for the proud, he beholdeth them LORD, who may abide it ?

afar off.

7 Though I walk in the midst of Ps. CXXX. De profundis. trcuble, yet shalt thou refresh me : OUT of the deep hare I called unto thou shalt stretch forth thy hand

thee, O LORD : LORD, hear my upon the furiousness of mine enevoice.

mies, and thy right hand shall save 2 O let thine ears consider well : me. the voice of my complaint.

8 The LORD shall make good his 3 If thou, LORD, wilt he extreme to loving-kindness toward me : yea, thy mark what is done amiss : O Lord, mercy, O Lord, endureth for ever; wbo may abide it?

despise not then the works of thine 4 For there is mercy with thee : own hands. therefore shalt thou be feared.

Eternal rest. 5 I look for the LORD; my soul doth wait for him : in his word is my Thine own hands.

Ant. Despise not then the works of trust. 6 My soul fleeth unto the LORD : saying unto me. R. Blessed are the

Ħ. I heard a voice from heaven, before the morning watch, I say, be dead which die in the LORD. fore the morning watch. 7 O Israel, trust in the LORD, for

Ant. to Magnificat. with the LORD there is mercy : and

All * that the FATHER giveth Me, with him is plenteous redemption.

shall come unto Me: and he that 8 And he shall redeem Israel : from cometh unto Me I will in no wise cast all his sins.

out. Eternal rest.

Maynificat. S. Luke i. Ant. If Thou, Lord, wilt be extreme My soul doth magnify the LORD : to mark what is done amiss, O LORD,

and my spirit hath rejoiced in who may abide it?

God my Saviour. Ant. Despise not then * the works For he hath regarded : the lowliness of Thine own hands.

of his hand-maiden.

For behold, from henceforth : all Ps. cxxxviii. Confitebor tibi. generations shall call me blessed. I

WILL give thanks unto thee, O For he that is mighty hath magni.

LORD, with my whole heart : even fied me : and holy is his Name. before the gods will I sing praise unto And his mercy is on them that fear thee.

him : throughout all generations. 2 I will worship toward thy holy He hath shewed strength with his temple, and praise thy Name, because arm : he hath scattered the proud in of thy loving-kindness and truth : for the imagination of their hearts.

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He hath put down the mighty | as for the way of the ungodly, he from their seat : and hath exalted the turneth it upside down. humble and meek.

10 The LORD thy God, O Sion, He hath filled the hungry with good shall be King forevermore

: and things : and the rich he hath sent throughout all generations. empty away.

At the end of the Psalm, Eternal He remembering his mercy hath rest : grant unto them, O LORD. holpen his servant Israel : as he pro- And light perpetual : shine upon mised to our forefathers, Abraham and them. his seed, for ever.

Then, y. From the gates of hell. Eternal rest.

Ry. Deliver their souls, O LORD. Ý. prayers following are said kneel. May they rest in peace. R¥. Amen. ing, and so likewise at Lauds. Our Ý. 'LORD, hear my prayer. Ry. And FATHER, in silence. . y. And lead us let my crying come unto Thée. Ý. not into temptation. Ry. But deliver The LORD be with you. Ry. And with us from evil.

thy spirit. The following Psalm, Lauda, anima

Collect. mea, at Vespers, as De profundis, at the end of Lauds, is not said on aat GOD, Who among apostolic priests

hast raised up Thy. servants to Souls' Day, nor on the day of a death the dignity of the episcopate (or or burial. At other times it is always priesthood), mercifully grant them a said.

share in their blessed companionship Ps. cxlvi.

for ever.

God, Who art the giver of pardon, and PRAISE the LORD, O my soul :

while I live will I praise the the lover of human salvation : we pray LORD); yea, as long as I have any Thy mercy, that, Blessed Mary, ever being, I will sing praises unto my Thou 'wouldst grant to all the bre

Virgin, and all Thy Saints interceding, GOD.

2 O put not your trust in princes, thren, neighbours, and benefactors of wor in any child of man : for there is our congregation, to attain the fellowno help in them.

ship of everlasting blessedness. 3 For when the breath of man

God, the Creator and Redeemer of goeth forth he shall turn again to his all the faithful, grant to the souls of earth : and then all his thoughts Thy servants and handmaidens reperish.

mission of all their sins: that the 4 Blessed is he that hath the God. pardon they have always desired, by of Jacob for his help: and whose hope pious supplications, may be obtained. is in the LORD his God.

Who livest and reignest to ages of 5 Who made heaven and earth, the ages. Ry. Amen. sea, and all that therein is : who But on All Souls' Day, when this keepeth his promise for ever:

last prayer is said alone, it is ended 6 Who helpeth them to right that thus : Who livest and reignest with suffer wrong : who feedeth the God the FATHER in the unity of the hungry.

HOLY SPIRIT, GOD, throughout all 7 The LORD looseth men out of ages. prison : the LORD giveth sight to the blind.

ON THE DAY OF A BURIAL. 8 The LORD helpeth them that are

Collect. fallen : the LORD careth for the ABSOLVE; we beseech, Thee, o righteous.

LORD, the soul of Thy servant 9 The LORD careth for the strangers ; [or handmaid] N., that, dead to be defendeth the fatherless and widow: the world, it may live unto Thee :

and that which he hath committed by land of peace and light, and wouldst frailty of the flesh in his human con- call him to the companionship of Thy versation, wipe away by the grace of Saints. Through our LORD. Thy most merciful lovingkindness. Through our LORD.



WE beseech Thee, O Lord, of Thy

pity, have mercy on the soul of GOD, who art the LORD of Mercies, Tby handmaid N.: and as Thou hast

grant to the souls of Thy servants freed her from the contagion of morand handmaidens, the anniversary of tality, so be Thou pleased to give her whose burial we commemorate, a a portion and an inheritance among place of refreshment, the quiet of Thine elect. Through our LORD. beatitude, and the glory of light. ¥. Eternal rest grant unto them, O Through our LORD.

LORD. Ry. And light perpetual shine If the Anniversary of one only, it is upon them. y. May they rest in said in the singular number.



Inv. The King, to Whom all things GOD, Who among Apostolic Priests, live, * O come let us worship. Ps. &c., as above.


At the end : Eternal rest grant unto

them, O LORD: * and light perpetual BENEFACTORS,

shine upon them. is said the Collect :

This Invitatory is said only on All GOD, Who art the giver, &c., as Souls' Day, and on the day of a burial : above.

on which days are said the three FOR FATHER AND MOTHER.

Nocturns following, with doubled Anti

phons. At other times is said only one Collect.

Nocturn, with Lauds, in this order : O GOD, who didst command us to on Monday and Thursday, Nocturn 1. ;

honour our father and mother : on Tuesday and Friday, Nocturn 2.; graciously have mercy on the souls of on Wednesday and Saturday, Nocmy father and mother, and forgive turn 3. their sins: and cause me to see them

FIRST NOCTURN. in the joy of eternal glory. Through


If for many, it is said : the souls of After every Psalm in the Office is our parents; and us is substituted for said, instead of Glory be, &c., Eternal

rest grant unto them, O LORD: and If for a father only: the soul of my,

light perpetual shine upon them.

Ant. Make Thy way plain, * O or our father.

LORD, before my face. If for a mother only: the soul of my,

Verba mea auribus. or our mother. FOR A MAN DEPARTED.

PONDER my words, O LORD : con

sider my meditation. Collect.

2 O hearken thou unto the voice INCLINE Thine ear, LORD, to of my calling, my King, and my

our prayers who humbly entreat GOD : for unto thee will I make my Thy mercy: that Thou wouldst grant prayer. to Thy servant N., whom Thou hast 3 My voice shalt thou hear becalled from this world, a place in the times, O LORD : early in the morning


Ps. V.


will I direct my prayer unto thee, and but, LORD, how long wilt thou punish will look up.

me? 4 For thou art the God that hast 4 Turn thee, O LORD, and deliver no pleasure in wickedness : neither my soul : 0 save me for thy mercy's shall any evil dwell with thee.

sake. 5 Such as be foolish shall not stand 5 For in death no man remembereth in thy sight : for thou hatest all them thee : and who will give thee thanks in that work vanity.

the pit ? 6 Thou shalt destroy them that 6 I am weary of my groaning : speak leasing : the LORD.

will abhor every night wash I my bed : and water both the bloodthirsty and deceitful my couch with my tears,

7 My beauty is gone for very trouble : 7 But as for me, I will come into and worn away because of all mine thine house, even upon the multi- enemies. tude of thy mercy : and in thy fear 8 Away from me, all ye that work will I worship toward thy holy vanity : for the LORD hath heard the temple.

voice of my weeping. 8 Lead me, O LORD, in thy righte. 9 The Lord hath heard my petition : ousness, because of mine enemies : the LORD will receive my prayer. make thy way plain before my face. 10 All mine enemies shall be con

9 For there is no faithfulness in founded, and sore vexed : they shall be his mouth : their inward parts are turned back, and put to shame sudvery wickedness.

denly. 10 Theirtbroat is an open sepulchre: Ant. Turn Thee, O LORD, and dethey flatter with their tongue.

liver my soul : in death no man re11 Destroy thou them, O GOD; let membereth Thee. them perish through their own imagi- Ant. Lest * he devour my soul like nations : cast them out in the multi- a lion, while there is none to help. tude of their ungodliness ; for they have rebelled against thee.

Ps. vii. Domine, Deus meus. 12 And let all them that put their O LORD my God, in thee have I put trust in thee rejoice : they shall ever my trust : save me from all them be giving of thanks, because thou that persecute me, and deliver me; defendest them; they that love thy 2 Lest he devour my soul, like & Name shall be joyful in thee; lion, and tear it in pieces : while

13 For thou, LORD, wilt give thy there is none to help, blessing unto the righteous : and with 3 O LORD my God, if I have done thy favourable kindness wilt thou any such thing : or if there be any defend him as with a shield.

wickedness in my hands ; Ant. Make Thy way plain, O LORD,

4 If I have rewarded evil unto him before my face.

that dealt friendly with me : yea, I Ant. Turn Thee, * O LORD, and have delivered him that without any deliver my soul : for in death no man

cause is mine enemy; remembereth Thee.

5 Then let mine enemy persecute

my soul, and take me : yea, let him Ps. vi. Domine, ne in furore. tread my life down upon the earth, O LORD, rebuke me not in thine and lay mine honour in the dust.

indignation : neither chasten me 6 Stand up, O LORD, in thy wrath, in thy displeasure.

and lift up thyself, because of the 2 Have mercy upon me, O LORD, for indignation of mine enemies; arise I am weak : 0 LORD, heal me, for my up for me in the judgment that thou bones are vexed.

hast commanded. 3 My soul also is sore troubled : 7 And so shall the congregation of

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