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That this word is not hard is proved | fold. Before those that slandered by those three thousand, and those him as a man that was a sinner, five thousand men, who had one Zacchæus himself stood ; that is, perhouse, one table, and one mind. For severing in the truth of faith, wherein the multitude of them that believed, he had begun, he proved himself not it is said, were of one heart and of only .to be converted from being a one mind. But because we are very sinner, but also to have his conversafar from their virtue, and are scattered tion among the perfect. As the LORD through different houses, at any rate saith : If thou wilt be perfect, go, sell when we come together hither, let us all that thou hast, and give to the take all care to do as they did. For poor: whosoever before his conversion albeit in other things we are poor and hath lived honestly, can upon his conneedy, yet at least when we come in version give all to the poor. hither unto you, receive us with Ry. All thy walls. p. 119. charity, and when I say, Peace be unto

Lesson IX. you, answer, and with thy spirit, not only with voice, but also with heart. BOT whosoever hath taken anything

by fraud, must first restore this Ry. And Jacob. p. 118.

according to the law, and then, what THIRD NOCTURN.

remaineth he may give to the poor.

And so he also, as he keepeth nought Lesson of the Holy Gospel according for himself, disperseth all abroad, to S. Luke.

giveth to the poor: his righteousness Lesson VII. Chap. xix. remaineth for ever. And this is that As on the Festival.

wise folly which the publican gathered A Homily of Venerable Bede the from off the sycamore tree, as it were Priest.

the fruit of life: that is, to restore A little after the former one.

plunder, to leave property, to despise

things seen; to desire even death for A

ND when they saw it they all mur- love of things unseen, to deny self,

mured, saying, That He was gone and though as yet not seeing Him, to to be guest with a man that is a sinner. long to follow the Lord's footsteps. It is manifest that the Jews always

Te Deum. p. 15. hated the salvation of the Gentiles. For it is written; The next Sabbath

DAY OF THE OCTAVE. Day came almost the whole city toge

Everything as on the festival, except ther to hear the word of the LORD. But the Lessons of the Second Nocturn. when the Jews saw the multitudes, they were filled with envy, and spake

SECOND NOCTURN. against those things which were spoken From the First Epistle of S. Felix IV., by Paul. And at another time even

Pope. the faithful themselves contended with

Lesson IV. the Prince of the Apostles, saying:

Of Consecration. Wherefore wentest thou in to men ancircumcised and didst eat with WE read that Moses by the Lord's

command made and hallowed them ?

the Tabernacle, with its table and Rz. My House. p. 119.

altar, with its vessels and utensils for Lesson VIII.

carrying on Divine worship, not only Bon Zacchæus stood and said unto with holy prayers, but also anointed

the LORD: Behold, LORD, the half them, by God's command, with an of my goods I give to the poor; and if unction of holy oil. In what sort I have taken anything from any man these things were done, and how by false accusation I restore him four- these same hallowed things were



touched, borne, lifted, and set down ON THE FEASTS OF THE by none save the priests anointed

BLESSED VIRGIN MARY. with holy unction, consecrated to the

Throughout the year. LORD with hallowed vestments, and by the Levites, is found in those same

Inv. Holy Mary, Virgin Mother of

GOD, intercede for us. Ps. Venite, ordinances which at the LORD's command were written by Moses in the p. 3. law of the LOPD.

HYMN. Quem terra, pontus, sidera. Ry. If they pray. p. 117.

MHE GOD, Whom earth, and sea, and sky,

Adore, and laud, and magnify;
Lesson V.

Who o'er their threefold fabric reigns,

The Virgin's spotless womb contains.
IN the book of Kings we read how
David, that most devout of kings; And all things in due course is done,

The God, Whose will by moon and sun, enlarged 'the worship of God, and Is borne upon a Maiden's breast, would have built a temple to the By fullest heavenly grace possess'd. LORD, but was forbidden because of How blest that Mother in whose shrine the much blood which he had shed; The great Artificer Divine, and how be collected the funds for it; Whose hand contains the earth and sky, and how also Solomon his son accom- | Vouchsafed, as in Kis ark, to lie ! plislied his desire by the command Blest, in the message Gabriel brought; and help of God, and consecrated the Blest, by the work ibe Spirit wrought';

From whom the Great Desire of earth temple with the altar and the other Took human flesh and human birth. things for the performance of Divine worship. Therefore did Solomon All honour, laud, and glory be,

O JESU, Virgin-born, to Thee! make at that time in the temple a All glory, as is ever meet, crowded festival, and all Israel with To FATHER, and to Paraclete. Amen. him, a very great multitude, from the

FIRST NOCTURN. entering in of Hamath unto the river of Egypt, before the LORD our God, Ant. Blessed art thou *

among seven days and seven days, to wit, women, and blessed is the Fruit of thy fourteen days, and upon the eighth womb. Ps. viii. Domine Dominus day he sent the people away.

nosler, p. 7. Ry. How dreadful. p. 118.

Ant. As the best myrrh * thou

yieldest a pleasant odour, holy Mother Lesson VI.

of God. Ps. xix. Cæli enarrant, Of Consecration. THAT the solemnities of dedications Ant. And the glory of the LORD *

of churches and of priests, should came into the house by the way of the be yearly kept in solemn sort, the gate whose prospect is toward the LORD Himself giveth example, for He east. Ps. xxiv. p. 92. came to the feast of the Dedication of . In thy glory and thy beauty. the Temple with the rest of the people Ry. Go forth, proceed prosperously, who were to celebrate the same, giving and reign. Our FATHER. Abs. Hear, a pattern to all to do the like, as it is LORD.

V. Sir, pray.

Ben. The written : It was at Jerusalem the feast I'ATHER Eternal. of the dedication, and it was winter,

Of the Proverbs of Solomon. and JESUS walked in the temple, in Solomon's porch. But that feasts of Lesson I. Chaps. viii. and ix. dedication should be kept for eight I WISDOM dwell with prudence, and days ye may find by the acts of the find out knowledge of witty indedication of the temple, recorded in ventions. The fear of the LORD is to the book of Kings.

hate evil: pride, and arrogancy, and Ry. And Jacob. p. 118.

the evil way, and the froward mouth

p. 14.

do I hate. Counsel is mine, and builded her house, she hath hewn out sound wisdom: I am understanding; her seven pillars : she hath killed her I have strength. By me kings reign, beasts; she hath mingled her wine ; and princes decree justice. By me she hath also furnished her table. princes rule, and nobles, even all the She hath sent forth her maidens: she judges of the earth. I love them that crieth upon the highest places of the love me :

and those that seek me city, Whoso is simple, let him turn early shall find me.

in hither: as for him that wanteth Rz. Holy 'and immaculate virginity, understanding, she saith to him, with what praises I shall celebrate Come, eat of my bread, and drink of thee, I know not: * for Him Whom the wine which I have mingled. the heavens could not comprehend, Ry. Blessed art thou, Virgin Mary, thou containedst in thy womb. y. who barest the LORD, the Creator of Blessed art thou among women, and the world : * thou gavest birth to Him blessed is the Fruit of thy womb. Who made thee, and eternally reFor.

mainest a Virgin. ¥. Hail Mary, Lesson II.

full of grace: the LORD is with thee.

Thou. Glory. Thou. RICHES and honour are with me; yea, durable riches and righteous

SECOND NOCTURN. ness. My fruit is better than gold,

Ant. In thy glory * and thy beauty, yea, than fine gold; and my revenue than choice silver. I lead in the way reign. Ps. xlv. Eructuvit, p. 27.

go forth, proceed prosperously, and of righteousness, in the midst of the

Ant. God shall give her * the help paths of judgment: that I may cause of His countenance : God is in the those that love me to inherit sub- midst of her, therefore she shall not stance; and I will fill their treasures. be removed. Ps. xlvi. Deus noster The LORD possessed me in the begin. ning of his way, before his works of refugium, p. 28. old. I was set up from everlasting, in thee, O holy Mother of God. Ps.

Ant. All our fresh springs shall be from the beginning, or ever the earth lxxxvii. Fundamenta ejus, p. 50. was. When there were no depths, I was brought forth ; when there were His countenance.

V. God shall give her the help of no fountains abounding with water. Before the mountains were settled, therefore shall she not be removed.

Rj. God is in the midst of her, before the hills was I brought forth.

Our FATHER. Abs. His piety. Y. R%. Rejoice with me, all ye that Sir, pray. Ben. God the FATHER. love the LORD, for being little, I pleased the Most High : * and from

From the Letter of S. Cyril of my womb I gave birth to God and Alexandria to Nestorius. man. ¥. All generations shall call

Lesson IV. me blessed, for God hath regarded the THAT the WORD is said to have been


than that He shared in flesh and blood Lesson III.

just as we do. Therefore He made our BLESSED is the man that heareth body His own, and came forth a Man

me, watching daily at my gates, from a woman, without laying aside waiting at the posts of my doors. His Godhead, or His generation from For whoso findeth me findeth life, the FATHER, for even in taking flesh and shall obtain favour of the LORD. He remained what He was before. But he that sinneth against me This it is which the teaching of accuwrongeth his own soul : all they that rate faith everywhere proclaims; this hate me love death. Wisdom bath we find was the belief of the holy



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Fathers, and therefore they did not nament of stainless virginity; she is the hesitate to call the Blessed Virgin spiritual paradise of the Second Adam; Mother of God; not that the nature she is the bridal chamber wherein the of the WORD or His Godhead derived WORD betrothed human flesh to Him. the source of its origin from the holy self. She is that living bush of naVirgin, but because He drew His ture which the flame of divine childsacred body, made perfect with an bearing consumed not; she is truly understanding soul, from her: to that light cloud which bore in her which body the WORD of God was body Him who sitteth upon the Chepersonally united, and is said to have rubim. She is that most pure fleece, been born after the flesh.

moist with heavenly dew, wherewith RY. I was exalted like a cedar in the Shepherd clad the sheep. Libanus, and as a cypress tree in Ry. The LORD desired the daughter Mount Sion : like the best myrrh of Jerusalem adorned with her jewels : I yielded a pleasant odour. y. And * the daughters of Sion saw her, and like cinnamon and aspalathus. I called her blessed, saying, * Thy name yielded.

is as ointment poured forth. y. At From the Treatise of S. Augustine, Thy right hand did stand the Queen the Bishop, on the Creed to the in a vesture of gold, wrought about

with divers colours. The daughters. Catechumens.

Glory. Thy.
Lesson V.
came death, by a

woman life; by Eve destruction,

Ant. Rejoice, O Virgin Mary, * thou by Mary salvation. The one, sinful, alone hast destroyed all heresies followed the deceiver; the other, un- throughout the worli. Ps. xcvi. Canstained, brought forth the SaviOUR. tate Domino..cantate, p. 53. The one readily accepted the cup from Ant. Suffer me * to praise thee, the serpent to drink, and gave it to blessed Virgin : give me strength her husband, whereby they both me against thine enemies. Ps. xcvii. rited death; the other, on whom Dominus regnavit, p. 54. heavenly grace was poured from on

Ant. After childbearing thou high, brought forth that Life, whereby remainedst a Virgin inviolate : Mother the dead flesh might be quickened. of God, intercede for us. Ps. xcviii. Who is it that wrought this, save the Cantate Domino..quia, p. 55. Virgin's Son, the Bridegroom of the virgins ? He Who gave His mother In Advent, and on the Feast of the fruitfulness, but took not from her

Annunciation. virginity.

Ant. 3. The Angel of the LORD * RY. Who is she, that looketh forth brought tidings unto Mary, and she as the sun, and comely as Jerusalem ? conceived of the Holy Ghost. Ps. * The daughters of Sion saw her, and xcviii. Cantate Domino..quia, p. 55. blessed her; yea, the queens, and [Ant. 1. O daughter, blessed art thou they praised' her. ¥. As the days of the Most High GOD * above all the of the spring, the blossoms of roses, women upon the earth. and the lilies of the valleys compassed Ant. 2. Thou art our sister, be thou her about. The daughters.

the mother of thousands of millions :* A Sermon of S. Proclus, the Bishop, and let thy seed possess the gate of

them which hate thee. on the Nativity of the LORD.

Ant. 3. I will bless her, and give Lesson VI. thee a Son also of her ; *

yea, I will HOLY Mary, the Mother of God, is bless her, and she shall be a mother

the pure treasure, beauty, and or- of nations.]


Let us

Ý. GOD chose her, and elected

Lesson VIII. her. Ry. He made her to dwell in His BUT if the Flesh of the WORD

of GOD born after the flesh is tabernacle.

held to be extraneous to, and to have Our FATHER. Abs. God loose us. no connection with, the flesh of His . Sir, pray•

Ben. The Evange- Virgin Mother, then it is in vain that lical.

the womb that bare Him and the paps Lesson of the holy Gospel according blessed. But what says the Apostle ?

which He had sucked are pronounced to S. Luke. At that time: As Jesus spake unto God sent forth His son, made of a

woman, made under the law. Nor are the multitude, a certain woman of the they to be listened to, who think we company lifted up her voice, and said should read, Born of a woman, made unto Him, Blessed is the womb that under the law, but made of a woman, bare Thee. And that which follows.

because being conceived in the Virgin's Lesson VII.

womb He derived His Flesh, not A Homily of Ven. Bede, Priest. from nothing. nor from any other Book IV. Chap. 49, on S. Luke xi.

source than the flesh of His Mother,

for otherwise, if He had not His origin THIS woman is shewn toebehors from man, He could not with truth

great devotion and faith; for when be called the Son of Man. the Scribes and Pharisees were at therefore, having said these things once tempting and blaspheming the Lord, she recognises with such sin against Eutyches, raise our voice with

the Catholic Church, of which this cerity His Incarnation, and confesses it before them all with such boldness, mind too, from the midst of the crowd,

woman was a type ; let us raise our as at once to put to confusion the and say to our Saviour, "Blessed is calumnies of the chief men then the womb that bear Thee, and the present, and the unbelief of future heretics. For as at that time the Jews paps which Thou hast sucked," for blasphemed the work of the Holy verily that Mother was blessed who, Spirit and denied the LORD to be the (as a certain one saith) brought forth truo Son of God, consubstantial with for ever the heavens and the earth.

in child-birth the King Who sustains the FATHER, so afterwards the heretics denied that the ever-Virgin Mary did,

Ry. All generations shall call me by virtue of the HOLY SPIRIT, yield the blessed : * for He that is mighty hath substance of her flesh to the only- magnified me, and holy is His Name. begotten Son of God, about to be born 7. And His mercy is on them that with human members, and so affirmed fear Him, throughout all generations. that we ought not to confess that He For. Glory. For. is the true Son of Man, consubstantial

Lesson IX. with His Mother.

YEA, rather blessed are they that Rz. Happy art thou, sacred Virgin hear the word of God and keep it. Mary, and worthy of all praise, for Well does the SAVIOUR of the world from thee hath arisen the Sun of assent to the witness of the woman, Righteousness, CHRIST our God. Ý. not asserting her alone blessed, who Pray for the people, interpose for the merited to give bodily birth to the clergy, intercede forconsecratedwomen, Word of God, but also all whose aim let all feel thy help who celebrate thy it is to conceive that same Word holy Festival. For. Ben. She whose spiritually by the hearing of faith, anà, feast we celebrate, the Virgin of by keeping to good works, to bring virgins, herself intercede for us to Him forth either in their own or their the LORD.

neighbour's hearts, and, as it were, to

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