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are they which were not defiled with whithersoever He goeth. But first women, for they are virgins; these come to Him Whom ye desire to are they which follow the Lamb follow, and learn that He is meek whithersoever He goeth. Not that and lowly of heart. Humbly come to the male sex only doth God to the Humble One, if ye love; promise the grace of continency, and depart not from Him lest ye passing over women, but, seeing fall. woman is part of man, from him

Ry. At midnight. p. 110. taken and made, God in Scripture generally does name the first formed

Lesson IX. as being two in one flesh, so that FOR whoso fears to depart from in the male is signified the woman Him prayeth and saith, Let not also. If then continency is a fol- the foot of pride cast me down. lowing of CHRIST, and virginity has Follow the way that leadeth on high, its destiny in God's kindom, what on the foot of humility. For He have they to do with this world's exalteth those who humbly follow apparel, and adornings, wherewith Him, the Same Who thought no while seeking to please men they scorn to descend to them that were offend GOD?

cast down. Commit His gifts to Him Ry, The virgins. p. 109.

to be preserved for you, treasure up

all your fortitude for Him. For your THIRD NOCTURN.

strength, so far as it is tried, be not, Lesson of the Holy Gospel .according because ye can bear some things, to S. Matthew.

puffed up : so far as it is untried, pray

that ye may not be tempted above Lesson VII. Chap. xix.

that ye are able to bear. AT that time : The Pharisees also

Te Deum. p. 15. came unto Him tempting Him and saying unto Him, Is it lawful for COMMON OF A HOLY WOMAN, a man to put away his wife for every

AND OF A HOLY WOMAN NEITHER cause? And that which follows.

VIRGIN NOR MARTYR. A Homily of S. Augustine. Inv. Let us praise our God * in From the Book of S. Augustine, Bp., the confession of blessed N. concerning Holy Virginity.

Venite. p. 3. Since the whole Church is a virgin

Hymn. Hæc rita mundi gaudia. espoused to one Man, even to CHRIST, honour are those His members worthy And therefore, with Angelic bands, as saith the Apostle, of how great The world and all its boasted good who preserve that in the body which In endless joys for ever stands. the whole keepeth in faith? which Grant then that we, O gracious God, thus imitate the mother of their May follow in the steps she trod; Husband and LORD ; for the Church and freed from every stain of sin, is also both mother and virgin.

As she hath won, may also win. Ry. This is the wise virgin. p. 110.

To Thee, O CHRIST, our loving King,

All glory, praise, and thanks, we bring;
Lesson VIII.

All glory, as is ever meet,

THE married life has its own good.
But virginal purity is the portion

Ants., Pss., & Ý y. of Nocturns as of angels; and incorruptible flesh is į above in Common of V.V. p. 107. a meditation on perpetual incorrup- The Lessons of the 1st Nocturn for a tion. This then do, this then do,'| Martyr are also read with RzRy. as virgins of God, follow the Lamb above : I will thank Thee. p. 110.


For one neither Virgin nor Martyr, done virtuously, but thou excellest as follows.

them all. Favour is deceitful, and Of the Proverbs of Solomon. beauty is vain : but a woman that Lesson I. Chap. xxxi.

feareth the LORD, she shall be praised.

Give her of the fruit of her hands; WH0 can find a virtuous woman? and let her own works praise her in for her is far above rubies.

the gates. The heart of her husband doth safely trust in her, so that he shall have no

Ry. In thy glory. p. 108. need of spoil. She will do him good

SECOND NOCTURN. and not evil all the days of her life. From the book of S. Ambrose the She seeketh wool, and flax, and work

Bishop on Widows. eth willingly with her hands. She is

Lesson IV. like the merchant's ships; she bringeth her food from afar. She riseth I PERCEIVE this field of the Church also while it is yet night, and giveth ibe flower of virginity, now flourishing

to be fertile; now blooming with meat to her household, and a portion wiih the sober tints of widowhood, to her maidens. She considereth a field, and buyeth it: with the fruit of now also abounding with the fruits of her bands she planteth a vineyard. wedlock. For though they differ, yet She girdeth her loins with strength, nevertheless are they all the fruits of and strengtheneth her arms.

one field ; there are not so many lilies

as ears of growing corn, or grains of Rz. Come, My elect. p. 108.

harvest: more ground is being preLesson II.

pared for receiving seed than lies SHE perceiveth that her merchan- fallow after having borne crops. Good

dise is good: her candle goeth not therefore is widowhood: mistress of out by night. She layeth her hands faith, mistress of chastity. to the spindle, and her hands hold Rą. Ride on. p. 109. the distaff. She stretcbeth out her

Lesson V. hand to the poor; yea, she reacheth forth ber bands to the needy. She is WHEREFORE they whoreverenced not afraid of the snow for her house deeds of their gods, decreed penalties

the adulteries and shameless hold: for all her household are clothed with scarlet. She maketh herself agaivst celibacy and widowhood; eager

followers of evil, they would punish coverings of tapestry ; ber clothing is silk and purple. Her husband is

all endeavours to cultivate these known in the gates, when he sitteth virtues, in pretence seeking to secure among the elders of the land. She

fruitfulness, but in truth striving to maketh fine linen, and selleth it; and do away with the intent of chastity.

Now the soldier whose term of service delivereth girdles unto the merchant.

has expired, layeth aside his weapons, Rz. Full of grace. p. 108.

and having resigned the post which Lesson III.

be held, the veteran is sent back to STRENGTH and honour are her his country home, that both he himself

clothing; and she shall rejoice in may gain rest from the toils of his wartime to come.

She openeth her mouth like life, and that the hope of future with wisdom; and in ber tongue is repose may make others more ready the law of kindness. She looketh to undergo service. The husbandwell to the ways of her household, man, in like manner, when advancing and eateth not the bread of idleness. in years leaveth the guidance of the Her children arise up, and call her ploughshare to others, and, overborne blessed; her husband also, and he with the labours of youth, the aged praiseth her. Many daughters have fall back upon what thrift hath laid



by. To keep under the youthful A Homily of S. Gregory the Pope. luxuriance of the vine, it is easier to 11th Homily on the Gospels. prune than to train it, and its budding wantonness is cut off by the praning brethren, is therefore compared to

The kingdom of heaven, beloved hook; thus a certain chastity in bear things earthly, to the intent that ing is taught even by vines.

from that which the soul knoweth, it Ry. Thou hast loved. p. 109. may rise to those hidden mysteries

which it knoweth not; that by the Lesson VI.

patterns of things visible, it may soar A it to

with a pension of chastity, and which it is accustomed, it may leam though she have laid aside the arms to be inflamed with love to things to of wedlock, yet nevertheless, she which it is unaccustomed; that by guideth peacefully her household ; the loving that which is known, it and though she be free from bearing may also learn to love that which is her former burdens, yet nevertheless unknown. Behold, the kingdom of thoughtful of damsels about to wed, heaven is likened to treasure hid in a since where there is more care there field, which he who hath found it, is richer fruit, she seeketh to make hideth, and for joy thereof he goeth their marriages happier by the aid of and selleth all that he hath, and her matured experience. Therefore buyeth that field. if the field be given in charge to the Ry. She openeth her mouth with elders rather than to the younger, wisdom, and in her tongue is the law wherefore thinkest thou that it is of kindness: she looketh well to the better to be wedded than to be ways of her household, * and eateth à widow ? Because since the per- not the bread of idleness. . She secutors of the faith were likewise perceiveth that her merchandise is persecutors of widowhood, verily those good: her candle goeth not out by who follow the faith should not night. And. flee from widowhood as a punish

Lesson VIII. ment, but should hold it fast as a prize.

AS S regarding which matter, this is Ry. Favour is deceitful and beauty covered treasure is hidden that it

to be kept in mind : the disis vain. * A woman that feareth the

Learn thence, Lord), she shall be praised. y. Give may be preserved. her of the fruit of her hands, that he keepeth not in safety the and let her own works praise her yearning, of heavenly desires from in the gates. A woman. Glory. A evil spirits, who keepeth them not

from human praise. In this present

life, we are as it were in the way, THIRD NOCTURN.

whereby we are journeying to our

country. But Lesson of the Holy Gospel according thieves, beset our pilgrimage ; he

evil spirits, like to S. Matthew.

must make up his mind to be atLesson VII. Chap. xiii. tacked who openly on his journey AT T that time JESUS spake this carries a treasure. Yet, mind you,

parable to His disciples : The I say this as by no means telling you kingdom of heaven is like unto that our neighbours are not to behold treasure hid in a field, the which, our good works. For it is written, when a man hath found, he hideth, | Let your light so shine before men, and for joy thereof goeth and selleth that they may see your good works, all that he hath, and buyeth that field. and glorify your FATHER which is in And that which follows.

heaven. But what follows ? This,


that in what we do we are not to did the victory, not because of the seek praise from man. For thus, I powerlessness of the sex of the comalthough the work be open, the in- , batants, but because the enemy is tention will abide in secret; so that now also overcome, by those whom whilst we give example to our he overcame. neighbour by good works, we shall

Ry. Ride on, p. 109. nevertheless by our intention, whereby we seek to please God alone, eyer

Lesson V. desire secresy.

BY a woman he conquered, by a Ry. The kingdoms of the earth and woman ho is defeated. This all the glory of the world I despised beforetime was his javelin : this is for the love of my LORD JESUS CHRIST: now made the weapon of his slaughter, * Whom I have seen, Whom I have this instrument appeareth unconquerloved, in Whom I have believed, able. The first woman sinned, and Whom I have desired. ¥. My heart died: this woman died lest she should is inditing of a good matter, I sin. She, puffed up by the hope of a speak of the things which I have worthless promise, broke the laws of made unto the King.

Whom. God: this one despised this present Glory. Whom.

life lest she should forswear her

fidelity henceforth to her Benefactor. Lesson IX.

What excuse then can men hope to THE treasure is heavenly desire : find, if they be effeminate, and sloth

but the field wherein the treasure ful, and what pardon, when women is hid, the discipline of heavenly bare themselves in so mighty and exercises. Which field he verily manly a fashion, when so nobly they buyeth by the sale of all that he hath, girded themselves for the battle of who renouncing the pleasures of the godliness? flesh, treadeth under foot his earthly Ry. Thou hast loved. p. 109. desires by the safeguard of heavenly discipline: so that already nought

Lesson VI. that charmeth the flesh doth he allow; SHE had a body powerless, and nought that slayeth the carnal life

to all the doth his spirit shrink from in horror. sex, nevertheless grace by its coming Te Deum. p. 15.

did hide the powerlessness of it all. For nought plainly is stronger than

one who hath taken great care to have 2. OTHER LESSONS FOR A MARTYR

the fear of GOD rooted in the heart;

whether it be flames, whether it be SECOND NOCTURN.

the sword, whether it be wild beasts, A Sermon of S. John Chrysostom.

or whatever else it might be that the

foe threateneth, such an one despiseth Lesson IV.

them all as a thing of nought; and 67th Sermon.

that was what this blessed one also On various passages in the New did. Testament.

Ry. Favour is deceitful. p. 114. ABOVE all memorial days I love

those of the Martyrs, I love COMMON OF THE DEDICATION them and embrace them; all of them

OF A CHURCH. indeed, but chiefly those which set forth the conflicts of women. For Inv. Holiness becometh the House the weaker the vessel, the greater the of God: * Christ her Bridegroom let grace; the greater the grace, the us worship within her. Ps. Venite, nobler the triumph, the more splen- \ p. 3.


Hymn. Beata urbs Hierusalem. the house of the LORD, because the LESSED City, Heav'nly Salem,

glory of the LORD had filled the LORD'S B Vision dear of Peace and Love,

house. And when all the children of Who, of living stones upbuilded,

Israel saw how the fire came down, Art the joy of Heav'n above,

and the glory of the LORD upon the And, with angel cohorts circled, As a bride to earth dost move!

house, they bowed themselves with

their faces to the ground upon the From celestial realms descending, Ready for the nuptial bed,

pavement, and worshipped, and praised To his presence, decked with jewels, the Lord, saying, For he is good ; for By her LORD shall she be led :

his mercy endureth for ever. Then All her streets and all ber bulwarks,

the king and all the people offered Of pure gold are fashioned.

sacrifices before the LORD. And king Bright with pearls her portal glitters ! Solomon offered a sacrifice of twenty

It is open evermore;
And, by virtue of His merits,

and two thousand oxen, and an Thither faithful souls may soar,

hundred and twenty thousand sheep : Who for CHRIST's dear Name, in this world so the king and all the people dedicated Pain and tribulation bore.

the house of GOD. Many a blow and biting sculpture

Rz. At the dedication of the temple Polish'd well those stones elect, In their places now compacted

the people sang praise: * and made By the Heavenly Architect,

sweet melody with their lips. Ry. The Who therewith hath willid for ever

LORD's house is established in the top That His Palace should be deck'd.

of the mountains : and all nations Laud and honour to the FATHER;

shall flow unto it. And. Ben. The Laud and honour to the Son;

Laud and hour to the SPIRIT;
Ever Three, and ever Onė:

Lesson II.
Consubstantial, Co-eternal,
While unending ages run. Amen. AND the priests waited on their

offices: the Levites also with in. FIRST NOCTURN.

struments of musick of the LORD, Ant. Lift up your heads, 0 ye

which David the king had made to gates, and be ye lift up, ye everlasting praise the LORD, because his mercy doors. Ps. xxiv. Domini est terra,

endureth for ever, when David praised

by their ministry; and the priests Ant. The LORD * shall be my God, sounded trumpets before them, and and this stone shall be called the all Israel stood. Moreover Solomon House of God. Ps. xlvi. Deus noster hallowed the middle of the court that refugium, p. 28.

was before the house of the LORD: Ant. And Moses * built an Altar to for there be offered burnt offerings, the LORD God. Ps. xlviii. Magnus and the fat of the peace offerings, Dominus, p. 29.

because the brasen altar which Solomon y. Holiness becometh Thy House,

had made was not able to receive the O LORD. Ry. For ever. Our FATHER. burnt offerings, and the meat offerAbs. Hear, LORD.

ings, and the fat. Also at the same

V. Sir, pray. Time Solomon kept the feast seven Ben. The FATHER Eternal.

days, and all Israel with him, a very Of the 2nd Book of Chronicles.

great congregation, from the entering Lesson I. Chap. vii.

in of Hamath unto the river of Egypt. Now when Solomon had made an And in the eighth day, they made a

end of praying, the fire came solemn assembly: for they kept the down from heaven, and consumed the dedication of the altar seven days, and burnt offering and the sacrifices; and the feast seven days. the glory of the LORD filled the house. Ry. The LORD's house is established And the priests could not enter into in the top of the mountains, and


p. 92.

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