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when he cometh and knocketh, they Hymn (for a Virgin not a Martyr). may open unto him immediately.

Vos ô virginei cum citharis chori. The LORD cometh indeed, when He draweth nigh for judgment; but He YE virgin fheoirs, with harps of gold,

Most cherished of the Lamb's dear knocketh when by the disquiet of sick- fold, ness, He sheweth death to be already Laud with pure voice your Bridegroom's at hand. To Him we open


Name, mediately, if we receive Him with Who from a Virgin's bosom came. love. For to open unto the Judge With filled and shining lamp, to-day that knocketh he willeth not who To join the Bridegroom, and to sing,

A Virgin hasted on her way, trembleth to go forth from the body: Close to His throne, the Virgins' King. he feareth to behold Him as Judge, Seeking her Spouse in heaven above, Whom he remembereth that he hath She spurned earth’s ties, and pledged her despised. But he who is safe, both To God alone, Whom then she found by hope and by works, openeth im- To her in willing troth-plight bound. mediately unto Him That knocketh, That no imaginations vain because with joy he receiveth his Judge. Her modest heart might ever stain, And when the time of speedy death is Her soul withdrew itself within, at hand, he is exceeding glad because And eyes and ears were closed to sin. of the glory of his reward.

Vouchsafe, O CHRIST, that we may tread

The path by which Thy Virgin sped,
Te Deum. p. 15.

And make us live, a holy race,

To Thee alone, in truth and grace.

FATHER, teach us Thy Name to praise,
Inv. The LORD, the King of Virgins, CHRIST, make us follow in Thy ways,
* O come let us worship.

O crown of Virgins; SPIRIT Blest,

Light with Thy flame our frozen breast. Ps. Venite. p. 3.

Amen. Hymn (for a Virgin and Martyr).

Virginis proles, opifexque matris. Ant. O how fair * is the chaste
YHILD, of the Virgin, Maker of Thy generation with glory. Ps. viii. Do-

Virgin-engendered, of the Virgin Son,

mine, Dominus noster: p. 7. Virgin is she, of whom we sing another

Ant. His left hand is under my Victory won.

head, and His right hand doth emDouble the palm of triumph which she brace me. Ps. xix. Cæli enarrant.

beareth, Strove she to vanquish woman's fear of

Ant. Return * return, O Shulamite; death; Quelled now the hand of death and hell return, return, that we may look upon appeareth

thee. Ps. xxiv. Domini est terra. Her feet beneath. Death won no conquest, nor the thousand y. In thy beauty and thy glory. terrors,

Our Kindred of death, fierce torments bravely

Ry. Go forth_and reign. borne,

FATHER. Abs. Hear, O LORD. V. Gave she her blood: that blood the radiance Sir, pray. Ben. The FATHER Eternal. mirrors Of life's new morn.

Of the first Epistle of S. Paul to the When she pleads for us, at her sweet

Corinthians. petition,

Lesson I. Chap. vii. That we may sing with conscience pure of sin,

NOW concerning virgins I have no From debt of guilt O grant us thy remission, commandment of the LORD : yet

peace within.

I give my judgment, as one that hath Glory to thee, O FATHER, Son, and SPIRIT, obtained mercy of the LORD to be Glory co-equal on the throne on high,

faithful. Equal in power, in unity of merit,

I suppose therefore that Eternally. Amen.

this is good for the present distress,

p. 14.

p. 92.

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I say, that it is good for a man so to ye may attend upon the LORD withbe. Art thou bound unto a wife ? out distraction. seek not to be loosed. Art thou Ry. Full of grace are thy lips : loosed from a wife ? seek not a wife. therefore God hath blessed thee for But and if thou marry, thou hast not ever. V. In thy glory and thy beauty, sinned; and if a virgin marry, she go forth and reign. Therefore. Ben. hath not sinned. Nevertheless such The grace of the Holy Ghost. shall have trouble in the flesh: but I

Lesson III. spare you. But this I say, brethren, the time is short: it remaineth, that | BUT if any man think that he

behaveth himself uncomely toboth they that have wives be as though ward his virgin, if she pass the flower they had none; and they that weep; of her age, and need so require, let as though they wept not; and him do what he will, he sinneth not: they that rejoice as though they let them marry. Nevertheless he rejoiced not; and they that buy, that standeth stedfast in his heart, as though they possessed not; and having no necessity, but hath power they that use this world, as not over his own will, and hath abusing it: for the fashion of this decreed in his heart that he will keep world passeth away.

his virgin, doeth well. So then he For a Martyr. Ry. Come, Bride of that giveth her in marriage doeth CHRIST, receive the crown, which the well; but he that giveth her not in LORD hath prepared for thee for ever: marriage doeth better. The wife is for Whose love thou didst pour forth bound by the law as long as her thy blood; * and thou hast entered husband liveth ; but if her husband with Angels into Paradise. y. Come, be dead, she is at liberty to be married My elect, and I will set thee on My to whom she will; only in the LORD. throne, for the King hath had pleasure But she is happier if she so abide, in thy beauty. And thou.

after my judgment: and I think also For one not a Martyr. Ry. Come, that I have the Spirit of God. My elect, and I will set thee on My

Ry. In thy glory and thy beauty throne; for the King hath had pleasure in thy beauty. y. In thy glory so forth and reign. ¥. Fuil of grace

are thy lips, therefore God hath and thy beauty, go forth and reign. blessed thee for ever. Go. Glory. Go. For. Ben. The Only-Begotten.

Lesson II.

Ant. In Thy glory * and thy beauty BUT I would have you without care- go forth and reign.

Ps. xlv. Erucfulness. He that is unmarried tavit. p. 27. careth for the things that belong to Ant. God hath given her the help the LORD, how he may please the of His countenance : God is in the LORD: but he that is married careth midst of her, therefore shall she not for the things that are of the world, be removed. Ps. xlvi. Deus noster how he may please his wife. There refugium, p. 28. is difference also between a wife and Ant. Many waters * cannot quench & virgin. The unmarried woman love. Ps. xlviii. Magnus Dominus. careth for the things of the LORD, p. 29. that she may be holy both in body Ý. God hath given her the help of and in spirit : but she that is married His countenance. careth for the things of the world, Ry. God is in the midst of her, how she may please her husband. therefore shall she not be removed. And this I speak for your own profit: Our FATHER. Abs. His piety. Ť. not that I may cast a snare upon you, Sir, pray. Ben. GOD the FATHER but for that which is comely, and that Almighty.

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A Sermon of S. Ambrose, Bp.

Lesson VI.
Lesson IV.

Who then can deny that this life
Book 1. concerning Virgins.

hath flowed forth from heaven, SINCE to-day is the birthday of a since we cannot readily find it upon

virgin, the love of purity invites earth, save after that God came down us to say something concerning chas- in these members of the earthly body? tity, lest if we pass it over we may Then the Virgin conceived in her womb, seem to think lightly of that which is and the Word was made flesh, that a principal virtue. For chastity is not flesh might be made God. But some therefore laudable because it is found may say: But neither was Elias found in martyrs, but because it makes entangled in the desires of earthly martyrs; for who by his own human, marriage. For this very cause was intellect can comprehend that which he therefore carried to heaven in a nature has not included in its own chariot, therefore appeared he with laws ? Who, by any natural call, can

the LORD in glory, therefore will he embrace that which is above the cus

come as the forerunner of the LORD'S tom of nature ? Grace brought it

Advent. down from heaven that it might be Ry. The virgins that be her fellows imitated on earth. Nor did this shall bear her company, and shall be martyr unmeetly seek her manner of brought unto the King : * with joy andę life from heaven, who had found for gladness, shall they be brought unto herself a Bridegroom in heaven. Thee. y. In thy glory and thy beauty,

Rz. Ride on, because of the word of go forth, and reign. With. Glory. truth, of meekness, and righteous- With. ness, and thy right hand shall

THIRD NOCTURN. teach thee terrible things. Ý. In

Ant. I am black, * but comely, O ye thy glory and thy beauty, go forth and daughters of Jerusalem : therefore reign. And. Ben. Christ give us. the King hath loved me, and brought Lesson V.

me into His chambers. Ps. xcvi. SHE, soaring above the clouds, the Cantate Domino. p. 53.

atmosphere, the angels, and the Ant. Because of the savour of Thy stars, found the WORD of God in good ointments Thy name is as ointthe very bosom of the FATHER, and ment poured forth : draw us, we will embraced Him with her whole heart. run after Thee. Ps. xcvii. Dominus Who, forsooth, having discovered regnavit. p. 54. such a good, would give it up ? For

Ant. Come, Bride of CHRIST, Thy Name is as ointment poured ceive the crown, which the LORD hath forth, therefore do the virgins love prepared for thee for ever. Ps. xcviii. Thee. Lastly, this is no saying of Cantate Domino. p. 55. mine, They shall neither marry nor

V. God hath chosen her to Himbe given in marriage, but shall be as self. the angels of GOD. Let none then Ry. And made her to dwell in His maryel if they are compared to angels tabernacle. Our FATHER. Abs. The who are betrothed to the LORD of ALMIGHTY.

y. Sir, pray.

Ben. angels.

The Evangelical. RY. Thou hast loved righteousness, Lesson of the Holy Gospel according and hated iniquity, * wherefore God,

to S. Matthew. even thy God, hath anointed thee with the oil of gladness. ¥. Because Lesson VII. Chap. xxv. of the word of truth, of meekness, of AT that time Jesus, spake this kindle.

shall the kingdom of heaven be



likened unto ten virgins ; which took out of His kingdom, all things that their lamps, and went forth to meet offend. Now in the kingdom of beathe bridegroom. And that which titude, in which is that highest of all follows.

peace, there can be no offences whick A Homily of S. Gregory the Great. it were possible to gather together. I have often, beloved brethren,

Ry. At midnight there was a cry

made : admonished you to fly from evil

Behold, the Bridegroom works, to avoid the defilements of cometh, go ye out to meet Him. Ý. the world; but, by to-day's lection in Wise virgins, trim your lamps. Bethe holy Gospel, I am compelled to

hold. Glory. Behold. Ben. The remind you that the good things which King.

Lesson IX. ye do, ye should also hold fast, with great anxiety: to the end that your IN the five senses of the body, each good deeds should not be performed

human creature has its existence. for the sake of any human grace or A doubled five makes ten. And befavour; and that the lust of praise cause the whole multitude of the should not creep in, so that the out faithful is gathered together out of side appearance should have no in- each sex, Holy Church is held forth terior reward. For here, by the to us, under the similitude of ten parable of the Redeemer, we are told virgins. In which, because the evil of ten virgins; all of whom are called are mixed with the good, the revirgins, and yet all were not received probate with the elect, she therefore within the portals of blessedness; be- is well compared to both wise and cause some of them, while from the foolish virgins. For there are, who world they looked for the glory of keeping watch over themselves from chastity, took no oil in their lamps.

external desires, are borne up by hope Ry. This is the wise virgin, whom to spiritual joys; who deny the flesh, received her lamp, took oil with her; while they are pressing forward to the Lord found watching, who having and with their full yearning pant

after the heavenly country: and who, * and when the LORD came, she went in with Him to the wedding. Ý. At eternal rewards, cannot away with midnight there was a cry made, Be human praise. These put not their hold, the Bridegroom cometh, go ye in the recesses of their own hearts.

glory in the talk of men ; but hide it out to meet Him. And. Ben. She, And there are too, who afflict their (or They) whose feast we celebrate.

bodies by abstinence, but by reason of Lesson VIII.

that very abstinence are on the look But we must first inquire what is out for human applause, the kingdom of heaven, or why

Te Deum. p. 15. it should be compared to ten virgins; which virgins are also divided into OTHER LESSONS FOR VIRGINS. the wise and the foolish. For, if it

For a V. M. or M. only, the Lessons is certain concerning the kingdom of of the 1st Nocturn are read as follows. heaven, that none of the reprobate

Of the book of Ecclesiasticus. have admission there, why should it be compared to the foolish as well as

Lesson I. Ecclus. li. to the wise ? But we must understand I WILL thank thee, O LORD and that often, in Holy Writ, the Church King, and praise thee, O God, my of the present time is called the SAVIOUR. I do give praise unto Thy kingdom of heaven: concerning which, Name; for Thou art my defender and in another place, the LORD saith; helper, and hast preserved my body The Son of Man shall send His from destruction, and from the snare angels, and they shall gather together of the slanderous tongue, and from




the lips that forge lies, and hast been they fill, is the interest they excite. mine helper against mine adversaries: They are the flower of the Church's and hast delivered me according to growth, the charm and ornament of the multitude of thy mercies and spiritual grace, a happy nature, a greatness of thy Name from the perfect and inviolate work of praise teeth of them that were ready to and honour, an image of God fashioned devour me, and out of the hands of after the LORD's sanctity, the more such as sought after my life, and famous portion of the flock of CHRIST. from the manifold afflictions which I Through them doth rejoice, in them had; from the choking of fire on doth richly flourish, the glorious fruitevery side, and from the midst of the fulness of mother Church, and as her fire which I kindled not; from the numerous virginity multiplies, depth of the belly of hell, from an grows the mother's joy. To these we unclean tongue, and from lying words. speak, these we exhort, in affection Ry. Come, Bride. p. 108.

rather than by authority, not that we Lesson II.

who are last and least, and very conan accusation to the king from scious of unworthiness, would claim a

an unrighteous tongue my soul liberty of censure, but because the drew near even unto death, my life growing interest which we feel is was near to the hell beneath. They attended by an increase of fear of the compassed me on every side, and assaults of Satan. there was no man to help me; I

Ry. Ride on. p. 109. looked for the succour of men, but

Lesson V. there was none. Then thought I upon thy mercy, O Lord, and upon IT is not a vain caution, nor

groundless fear, that turns its thy acts of old; how Thou deliverest regard unto the way of salvation, and such as wait for Thee, and savest guards the LORD's living precepts, to them out of the hands of the enemies. the end that they who have dedicated Ry. Full of grace. p. 108.

themselves to Christ, and, drawing Lesson III.

back from carnal desires, vow themTHEN lifted I up my supplication selves to God in flesh and spirit, may

from the earth, and prayed for complete this work of theirs which is deliverance from death. I called upon destined to high reward and aim the LORD, the FATHER of my LORD, more at adornment, or to please any that he would not leave me in the save their LORD, from Whom they days of my trouble, and in the time look for the reward of their virginity, of the proud, when there was no help. as He Himself hath said, All men I will praise thy name continually, cannot receive this saying, save they and will sing praise with thanks to whom it is given. For there are giving; and so my prayer was heard : some eunuchs which were so born for thou savedst me from destruction, from their mother's womb; and there and deliveredst me from the evil time: are some eunuchs which were made therefore will I give thanks, and praise eunuchs of men; and there be euThee, and bless thy name, O LORD. nuchs which have made themselves Ry. In thy glory. p. 108.

eunuchs for the kingdom of heaven's


Ry. Thou hast loved righteousness. From the Book of S. Cyprian, Bp. M. on the discipline and dress of Virgins.

Lesson VI.
Lesson IV. Chap. ii.

AGAIN, in these words of the Angel OUR present discourse is to virgins; the condition of virginity is held

proportioned to the high place forth and virginity is preached. These

p. 109.

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