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ing for His coming. For he points

FIRST NOCTURN. out to us this faithful and wise ser

Of the Book of Ecclesiasticus. vant, caring for the welfare and advantage of the people committed Lesson I. Chap. xxxix. to him. And if he hearken to his LORD's word, and be obedient to his HE will seek out the wisdom of all

the ancient, and be occupied in commands, i.e., if by doctrine sound prophecies. He will keep the sayings and in season he strengthen the weak, of the renowned men: and where bind together that which is broken, subtil parables are, he will be there bring back that which has been led also. He will seek out the secrets of astray, and dispense the word of life, grave sentences, and be conversant as the food for eternity, to nourish her in dark parables. He shall serve family; if he be found doing these among great men, and appear bethings, and occupied in them, he shall fore princes : he will travel through receive honour from the LORD, as a strange countries : for he hath tried faithful minister and useful steward, the good and the evil among men. and shall be appointed ruler over all

Ry. Well done. p. 97. His goods, that is he shall be set down in the presence of the glory of GoD;

Lesson II.
for there is nothing besides, that is
better in comparison of this.

E will give his heart to resort

early to the LORD that made Ry. Let your loins. p. 100.

him, and will pray before the Most

High, and will open his mouth in
Lesson IX.

prayer, and make supplication for his BUT if beholding the long suffering sins. When the great LORD will, he

of God, which delayeth for the shall be filled with the spirit of undersake of man's salvation, he begin to standing: he shall pour out wise lord it over his fellow servants, and sentences, and give thanks unto the give himself over to the evil lusts of LORD in his prayer. He shall direct the world, only taking care of things his counsel and knowledge, and in his present, making a god of the belly: secrets shall be meditate. the Lord will come in a day when he

For Doct. Bp. Ry. This is the great looketh not for Him, will cut him off priest. p. 98. from the goods wherein he trusted,

For a Doct. and appoint him his portion with the righteous shall blossom as a lily, * be

not Bp. Ry. The hypocrites in everlasting punishment; shall flourish for ever before the because he looked not for His coming,

LORD. because he obeyed not the command- the LORD, in the courts of the house

. Planted in the house of ments, because he took care for things of our God. He shall flourish. present, because he lived as do the heathen; because, looking not for

Lesson III. judgment, he grieved the household intrusted to him by hunger, thirst, HE shall shew

forth that which he and slaughter.

hath learned, and shall glory in

the law of the covenant of the LORD.
Te Deum. p. 15.

Many shall commend his understand-

ing; and so long as the world en

dureth, it shall not be blotted out; The following Lessons are read on his memorial shall not depart away, the Festivals of Doctors : the Office is and his name shall live from generaof Conf. Bp. or of Conf. not Bp., tion to generation. Nations shall shew according to the quality of the Fes- forth his wisdom, and the congregation tival.

shall declare his praise.


p. 98.

For Doct. Bp. Ry. The LORD | ing were not rain, Moses would never sware. p. 98.

have said, Let my doctrine drop For Doct. not Bp. Ry. He knew as the rain. Truth would never righteousness, and beheld great won- have said by the lips of Isaiah, I will ders, and prevailed with the Most also command the clouds that they figh, * and he is found in the number rain no rain upon it, and that which of the Saints. ¥. This is he who we brought forward a little before : despised the life of this world, and Therefore the drops of the showers are attained to the heavenly kingdom. withholden. And he is found. Glory. And he is For Doct. Bp. Ry. I have laid. found. SECOND NOCTURN.

For Doct. not Bp. Ry. The LORD

loved, p. 99.
From the Book of Morals of S. Gregory

Lesson VI.
Lesson IV.

THUS, while the Hyades.come bring-
Book ix. chap. vi.

ing showers, the sun is led on to

the higher regions of heaven, in that WHO then after the Oriones are when the knowledge of the Doctors

title of the Hyades, saving the Doctors of Holy showers of preaching, the heat of faith

appears, while our minds drink in the Church, who, when the martyrs were increases. And the earth being irritaken away, came at that period to the world's knowledge, when faith now when the light of the sky is fired; in

gated is rendered productive in fruit, shines forth the brighter, and the that we yield the fruit of good works winter of infidelity being forced back, the more plentifully, the brighter we the sun of truth penetrates the hearts burn within our breasts through the of the faithful with his heat? These, Aame of sacred instruction. And while when the storm of persecution was overpast, and the long nights of in- them more and more day by day, it is

heavenly lore is displayed to view by fidelity consummated, then arose to Holy Church when the year now

as if the springtide of interior light opens brighter in the vernal season of were opened upon us, that the new belief.

sun may glow brightly in our souls, For Doct. Bp. Ry. I have found. to us, may daily surpass itself in bril

and being by their words made known For Doct. not Bp. R%. The LORD. liancy. For the end of the world being

close at hand, the knowledge from

above advances, and waxes bigger with Lesson V.

the progress of time. NOR are the Holy Doctors im

For Doct. Bp. RX. This is. p. 106. properly denoted by the desig

For Doct. not Bp. Ry. This man. nation of Hyades, for in the Greek tongue rain is called Hyetus, and the Hyades have received their name

THIRD NOCTURN. from the rains, surely because at their Lesson of the Holy Gospel according rising they bring showers. Thus they

to S. Matthew. are well represented by the title of the Hyades, who, brought out into

Lesson VII. Chap. v. the settled frame of Holy Church, as

AT that time : Jesus said unto His it were into the face of heaven, poured disciples: Ye are the salt of the down upon the parched earth of the earth ; but if the salt have lost its human heart the showers of holy savour, wherewith shall it be salted ? preaching. For if the word of preach. And that which follows.

p. 98.

p. 105.

p. 106.

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p. 99.

Hom. of S. Austin Bp. whom, and to do away with whose un

cleanness the LORD sent the apostolic Book I, of the Sermon on the Mount.

salt. And by the world should be unChapter vi. L, 4.

derstood, not heaven and earth, but The LORD sheweth that those are men who are in the world, and who love to be esteemed as having lost their the world, and to enlighten whom the savour, who, seeking abundance of apostles were sent. A city placed temporal good things, or who fearing upon a hill cannot be hid ; that is, a lack thereof, lose those which are built upon such great righteousness; eternal, which can by man be neither which was signified by the very moungiven nor taken away. Therefore, if tain upon which the LORD spoke. the salt have lost its savour, where

Te Deum, p. 15. with shall it be salted ? that is to say, if ye, by whom, so to speak, the people

COMMON OF A CONFESSOR NOT A were to be seasoned, lose the kingdom

BISHOP. of heaven by fear of temporal persecu

All as in Common of Conf. Bp. p.97, tions, who shall rescue you from your error, seeing that God has chosen except that which follows. you to rescue the rest of the world

FIRST NOCTURN. from error?

Of the Book of Wisdom. For Doct. Bp. Ry. The LORD loved.

Lesson I. Chaps. iv. and v. For Doct. not Bp. Rx. This. p. 106. BUT though the righteous be pre

vented with death, yet shall he Lection VIII.

be in rest. For honourable age is not THEREFORE the salt that has lost that which standeth in length of time,

its savour is good for nothing, but nor that is measured by number of to be cast out, and trodden under foot years. But wisdom is the grey hair of men. He is not truly trodden unto men, and an unspotted life is under foot of men, who suffers perse- old age. He pleased God, and was cution, but he who through fear of beloved of him: so that living among persecution becomes as the salt that sinners he was translated. Yea, has lost its savour. For no one can speedily was he taken away, lest that be trodden under foot unless he is wickedness should alter his underundermost, but he is not really under-standing, or deceit beguile his soul. most, who, however much he may For the bewitching of naughtiness suffer in the body on earth, has his doth obscure things that are honest; heart fixed above in heaven.

and the wandering of concupiscence Ry. In the midst of the Church he doth undermine the simple mind. opened his lips, * and the LORD filled He, being made perfect in a short him with the spirit of wisdom and time, fulfilled a long time: for his understanding. y. Joy and exulta- soul pleased the LORD: therefore tion He poured upon him.

And. hasted he to take him away from Glory. And.

among the wicked. Lesson IX.

Rz. Well done. p. 97. YE are the light of the world. As

Lesson II. above He said salt of the earth; THIS the people saw, and undernow He says light of the world ; but stood it not, neither laid they up the earth above mentioned is not to be this in their minds, That his grace and taken as of the earth which we tread mercy is with his saints, and that he with our feet, but of men who live on bath respect unto his chosen. Thus the earth, and of sinners, to preserve the righteous that is dead shall con


demn the ungodly which are living ;

Lesson IV. and youth that is soon perfected the Sermon of S. John Chrysostom. many years and old age of the un

From the Oration on S. Philogonius. righteous. For they shall see the end of the wise, and shall not un- THE day, of blessed N., whose derstand what God in his counsel

festival we celebrate, hath sumhath decreed of him, and to what moned us to declare his good deeds ; end the LORD hath set him in to-day indeed did that blessed one safety. They shall see him, and pass to the life that is calm and free despise him; but GOD shall laugh

from trouble, and land his vessel on them to scorn: and they shall here that shore, where henceforth he could after be a vile carcass, and a re

fear neither shipwreck, nor trouble of

And what marvel proach among the dead for evermore.

mind, nor sorrow. For he shall rend them, and cast them if that place be free from all that down headlong, that they shall be may distress the soul, when Paul, speechless; and he shall shake them speaking to those living in this present from the foundation; and they shall world, saith, Rejoice evermore, pray be utterly laid waste.

without ceasing ?

Ry. The LORD made him honour. Ry. The righteous. p. 102.

able, and guarded him from his eneLesson III.

mies, and kept him safe from those

that lay in wait, and gave him THEY shall be in sorrow, and their eternal glory. V. The Lord led the

. when they cast up the accounts of him the kingdom of God. And.

just man by right paths, and shewed their sins, they shall come with fear: and their own iniquities shall

Lesson V. convince them to their face. Then BUT if in this life, where disease, shall the righteous man stand in great untimely deaths, railings, backboldness before the face of such as bitings, envyings, strifes, wrath, inhave afflicted him, and made no ordinate affections, countless snares, account of his labours. When they daily anxieties, are to be found: where see it, they shall be troubled with a continued succession of ills brings terrible fear, and shall be amazed at innumerable sorrows on every side : if the strangeness of his salvation, so here Paul said that it was possible to far beyond all that they looked for. rejoice evermore, if any one would lift And they repenting and groaning for up his head but a little above the anguish of spirit shall say within waves of this troublesome world, and themselves, This was he, whom we order his life aright: much more shall had sometimes in derision, and a pro- we be able to enjoy that blessing after verb of reproach: we fools accounted we have departed hence, when all his life madness, and his end to be these hindrances have been removed : without honour: how is he numbered ill-health, disease, occasion of sin; among the children of God, and his lot when there shall no longer be that is among the saints !

harsh distinction between mine and Ry. He knew righteousness. p, 103. thine, which brings upon us whatever

ills we suffer in this present life, and SECOND NOCTURN.

is the source of innumerable wars. y. The mouth of the righteous is

Ry. The LORD loved. p. 99. exercised in wisdom. Ry. And his

Lesson VI. tongue will be talking of judgment. WHEREFORE I above all things

am glad in the happiness of Sir, pray. Ben. God the FATHER. this Saint, because albeit he is taken

away, and hath left this city, which is gird the loins when we repress the ours, yet nevertheless he is gathered luxury of the flesh by continence. into another city, to wit, that of God: But it is of small profit to do no evil, and though he hath departed from unless we also study to labour exthis church, he hath attained unto ceedingly in good works, and so next that, which is of the firstborn, whose it is added: And your lights burning names are written in heaven: and in your hands. We hold burning though he hath left feast days here, he lights in our hands when we shew hath passed to the solemnities of the unto our neighbours by our good angels. And of a truth what that works, the example of our light. city above may be, what that church, Of which good works, indeed, the what that solemnity, hear Paul say- LORD saith : Let your light so shine ing: Ye are come to the city of the before men, that they may see your Living God, the heavenly Jerusalem, good works, and glorify your FATHER to the church of the firstborn, whose which is in heaven. names are written in heaven, and to

Ry. This is he who worked great an innumerable company of angels. righteousness before God, and with

Ry. This man did according to all his whole heart praised the LORD: * that God commanded him, and He may be intercede for the sins of all said unto him, Enter thou into My the people. y. This is a man withrest : for thee have I seen righteous out blame, a true worshipper of God, before Me in this generation. Ý. This abstaining from every evil work, and is he who despised the life of this abiding in his innocence. May he. world, and attained to the heavenly Ben. He whose feast. kingdom. For. Glory. For.

Lesson VIII.

BUT two things are commanded, ¥. The law of his God is in his

to gird up our loins, and to mouth. Ry. And his footsteps shall

hold our lamps; that there may

be the pureness not slide. Our FATHER. Abs. The

of chastity in Almighty. Ý. Sir, pray. Ben. The our body, and the light of truth in

our works. For the one without Evangelical.

the other can in no wise please Lesson of the Holy Gospel according our Redeemer, if, for example, he to S. Luke.

who does good works forsake not AT T that time : Jesus said unto His the pollutions of riotous living, or if

disciples : Let your loins be he who excels in chastity does not girded about, and your lights burn. exercise himself in good works. For ing. And that which follows.

chastity is of no avail without good A Homily of S. Gregory the Pope.

works, and good works without chas

tity are nothing worth. But for one 13th Hom. on the Gospels. who practises both, whoever he be, it The lesson from the Holy Gospel, is also necessary that he journey on in dearly beloved brethren, which has hope towards the heavenly country, been read to you, is plain. But lest and not keep himself pure from sin the plain should perchance seem to merely for the sake of his good reputaany to be a mountain, we will briefly tion in this world. go through it, in such a manner as to

Ry. Let your loins. p. 100. make the explanation intelligible to those that know it not, and yet not

Lesson IX. burdensome to those who already A ND ye yourselves like unto men understand it. The LORD saith, Let that wait for their lord, when he your loins be girded about. For we will return from the wedding; that

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