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Possess'd of posts and power at home,
Oh! why should mighty Holly roam,

And leave Old England weeping? 'Twas-truth to say-because afraid, Had others gone, or had he staid,

He was not sure of keeping.

This slipp❜ry tenure calls him forth,
At more expense then quell'd the north,
So late in life to travel;

At mighty feasts, of mighty things,
With princes set, expecting kings
To talk and plots unravel.

Not Gallic plots, for Gallia now,
As Holly thinks, is forc'd to bow

By his superior knowledge;

Alas! in politics how mad!

And yet no blockhead when a lad

At Westminster, or College.

a fire in it :" presently after I said, "I'll not stay here, this room has been washed to day." I believe we made him take a double dose of Gascoign's Powder when he went home.

For these high meals his foreign praise,
What mighty sums did some folks raise,
And what is more amazing,

My lady, too, as well as he,

Must go in triumph over sea,

To set the world a gazing.

Happy, if their own private store,
Acquir'd by wiser folks before,

These projects only troubled;

But ours, they'll measure by his sense,

Compute our wealth by his


And then our tribute's doubled.

New treaties from these feasts shall spring, New Princes gain'd, perhaps a king,

More schemes for Europe's quiet;

Hence daily new demands may rise,
New quotas, loans, and subsidies,
Sharp sauce to German diet.

Thus the young 'squire his wealth bestows On home-spun feasts and tawdry clothes,

On horses, hounds and harlot;

Until mamma to mend his taste

Sends him to cross the Alps in haste
With some bear-leading varlet.

Thus tutor❜d, Numps grows worse and worse,
False taste acquires―(what greater curse ?)
Brings home a race of vipers;

And, on his new refinements bent,
In twice five years th' estate is spent,
On panders, pimps, and pipers.






May 1743.


TH' impartial and by-standing Muse,
A narrow party scorns to chuse,

Nor links herself with faction;

Inspir'd by Truth, she tells her thoughts,
She sees men's virtues and their faults,

And judges still by action.

* Henry, the last Viscount Lonsdale, of the first creation, was made constable of the Tower, and Lord Privy Seal, which he resigned without going into opposition: he was of very conscientious and disinterested honour; a great disputer, a great refiner, and a great genius.-W.


The wav'ring Patriot's foul disgrace,
Who chang'd his principles for place,
As willing she discloses,

As the court wretch, who now depriv'd
Of Post (and smiles by which he liv'd),
From that one cause opposes.


Be but uninfluenc'd, she will raise,
Eternal trophies to your praise,

From death she will preserve ye;
But if you're guilty, dread her pen,
Oh, dread to live the scorn of men,

Like Doddington* and Hervey.†

* Mr. Cumberland observes, when on a visit at Fulham, in the adjoining parish of Hammersmith lived Mr. Doddington in a splendid Villa, which, by the rule of contraries, he was pleased to call La Trappe; and his inmates


+ Lord Hervey was Vice-Chamberlain and Lord Privy Seal to George II., well known by his eloquence, writings, and duel with Mr. Pultney, and the satires of Pope.-W.

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