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OLD Jekyll's ghost in scorching flames,

Condemn'd to fast by day,

Until the

got in his youth,

Be cleans'd and purg'd away.

But soon as night, with sable wing,
Ascends her sable throne,

He quits his dismal prison-house,
And stalks thro' all this town.

To ministers and patriots goes,
For his poor country's service;
Last week at Sandys' feet he stood,

And yesternight at Hervey's.

* John, Lord Hervey, Lord Privy Seal, being out of this post on the change of Administration, went into Opposition, and made several Speeches in the House of Lords against the repeal of the Gin Act.-W.

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But, Oh, how different was his look,
From that which Sands appall'd;
Smiling he op'd the curtains wide,
And thrice on Hervey call'd.

His Lordship at the spectre quak'd,
And trembled in his bed;

And would most surely have turn'd pale,
But that he'd put on red.

66 Thy courtly life is all forgot,”
Thus did the ghost begin ;

"And ev'ry trespass blotted out,

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"This over all your former faults,

"Shall dark oblivion bring;

"O'er ev'ry tale you told the Queen,* "Or whisper'd to the King.

* Lord Hervey had been a particular friend of Queen Caroline, and wrote the Epitaph on her, which is satirized by Pope.

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"This change at once removes all doubts,

"That did mankind perplex;

"Your character will now appear,

"As clearly as your sex.

"For I am sure the Privy Seal

"Could have no weight with thee;

"Since those who have, or have it not, "In the same vote agree.

"This was a glorious turn, indeed,

"Made in your nature's spite;

"For tho' you know you're in the wrong, "I think you're in the right.

"Your head and heart, were form'd for courts,

"But since you 're thence rejected;

"You ought to like the part you act, "Because it is affected.

* Lord Gower.-W.

"Oh, think how popular you'll be, "Enjoy thy new-born fame;

"All men shall sing thy praises forth, "And children lisp thy name.

"Soon Common-sense* convinced, shall all

"His former works deny;

"The Craftsman,* too, repentant turn,

“And give himself the lie.

"Remember when 'gainst Gin you spoke,

"That on your magie tongue,

"Beyond the force or pow'r of gold, "Such strong persuasion hung.

"Bishops who never hearken'd yet, "Were with attention warm'd;

"Nor like deaf adders, turn'd their ears, "When you so sweetly charm'd.

* The two weekly Journals under these titles in which Lord Hervey had often been abused.-W.

"Jacob for keeping Laban's sheep;
"With Laban did agree,

That ev'ry party-colour'd lamb,
"Should be the shepherd's fee.

"Thus was the bench your labour's price,

"Not one behind remain'd;

"And as your speeches' just reward, "The whole py'd herd you gain'd.

" "Twas you made cunning Secker* preach, Against this cursed bill;

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""Twas you made Sherlock + pow'r oppose, "Tho' York continues ill.

* Secker, Bishop of Oxford, afterwards Archbishop of Canterbury.

Secker had been bred a Presbyterian and man-midwife, which sect and profession he had dropt for a season, while he was president of a Free-thinking club; he was converted to the established church by Bishop Talbot, whose relation he had married; and his faith settled by the good Bishop making him Prebend of Durham, from whence he was transplanted by the recommendation of Dr. Bland, and the Queen, who had no aversion to a medley of religions; he succeeded Dr. Clark in the Rectorship of St. James's, afterwards to the Dioceses of Bristol and Oxford: his discourses

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